My Jay Chous

Out of nowhere I miss the young Jay Chou, not really out of nowhere, I just saw Jay at 金曲獎 Golden Melody Awards.   Every time I just so happen to see him live, and I haven’t been following him at all, these years, I will still pause and skip a beat, the skipping a beat, the daze and amaze as close to bumping into an ex, still all fine and, out of nowhere the butterflies are back in tummy.   We do have a muscle memory of love, I suppose.

I had days of looping Jay Chou nonstop, Jay Chous I still know the words, every one of them since 2000, 那些年。

NiangZi is my very first Jay Chou, as loopy as I am, I am dumbfounded this very moment listening to the song, and why on earth could I retain every minute detail, not exactly unwanted, but I did not know the memory still exist.  The car, the boy, the air freshener in his car and his cologne.  I was so soo soooooo floored and impressed and taken away by the song, and the boy who looped the song never upstaged the cool and swoonworthy that instant, to me.  I still can’t shake my soft spot for Jay’s ‘Chinese wind wuxiapop’ since, just nothing compares to this particular song.

A love ballad, a tattoo in music of his RL romance.  Imo, he’s since shut out that part of himself, probably unconsciously.  It has never been the same.

This song just never ceases to amaze me.   This song is Jay’s then, now and forever.  Nobody can be close to doing it justice.  This is my vote of best and most original lyrics by 方文山/Vincent Fang.

This gets my vote for the other best 方文山 lyrics.  Maybe his very best.  I should make a mental note to play it in the hottest days of summer for the chills down my spine.  林志炫 has recently sang a technically perfect rendition, but Jay’s slightly broken and off kilter vibe suits the song and lyrics and the ASFADHFAGSDFSHFJLLL story is it telling more.

I can’t explain why this song just sticks when most of everything Jay did after 2003 is not too memorable to me.  The movie 海洋天堂 Ocean Heaven failed to connect with me except of this song, which reminds me so much, too much of 1L of Tears’ theme.  Maybe that’s why.


13 thoughts on “My Jay Chous

  1. I don’t consider myself a Jay Chou fan
    but undeniably he has many classic songs which are etched into the memories of our generation. My personal favourite is 黑色幽默, ktv 必点!

    1. I was listening to Jay the album nonstop, but it never caught legs into rabid fangirling, I haven’t listened his albums in entirety for years.

      But he still has that magnetism of a superstar oozing from his every pore when he’s on stage.

  2. ah Jay… Karaoke-ed with some friends the other day and we found ourselves really missing old Jay. or I suppose one could call him young Jay. =( really sad that each project is worse the last.

    1. Every time I karaoke, I still must grab the control first thing and picked a dozen Jay, must, not that I can sing them, and when it popped up on the k-queue, and no one dares to ruin it, we would just sit and put it on singalong and listen.

  3. Cute girl is a classic fav for me because it’s so relaxing but ge qian is also enduring. I almost always catch myself singing along with him everytime! (and i can’t help it!) I like say goodbye again for some reason too. (N i don’t know why..) Perhaps is just the way he strains the melody…lol LOVE.

    Time to hit the k bar!haha

    1. now playing Ge Qian and Simple Love He has1 this innate genius sense of musicality, his easy precision with rhythm I do not think any musician in the sino world is close.

  4. NiangZi was my first Jay Zhou too!!! Still remember watching the MV for the first time and I was amazed. Up til today I still love his first album the best.

    1. Nth in Sinopop comes close to the debut of JayChou for me! I also love his first album the most…but what amazed me then was he followed it up with not 1 but at least 2, or 3 albums I can still find half the song amazing and such a short period of time.

  5. I stumbled upon Jay rather late in the game so I’m not really familiar with his early stuff. I was pretty much obsessed with some of his songs + couple of albums though and used to play them on a loop. Even if I did not understand a word, LOL! His last few albums have been really meh and unmemorable. It feels like something got lost on the way….

    1. His first…3 albums are still his best work. It’s a depressing result of the sinopop industry not really having much respect for music/musician. He was the goldenboy who can churn out a money making record every half a year, that is why he’s stuck in the runt of repeating himself ad nauseum because that is the bread and butter, and not encouraged really at all to grow.

  6. You’re so lucky. You saw Jay Chou live! I became a fan while watching “Secret”. Once in a while I listen to his music (piano and his songs), just from YouTube. I like the songs in this post too. Thanks for this post.

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