This is a bunch of nonsense.  This is what dorgasm is.  I have 40 mins.  And I just need to show the world I’m a nutcase.

First a very silly discourse:  Let me show my fruitloop superstitious taitai/師奶/C-lai side and present you this above magic koi (romaji for 戀, ha!)  pic that has gone viral and has been retweeted like crazy for good luck at weibo *urm…because I had 5 RL gfs yapping it worked in big and small ways for a day+ now… and I had stuff fried more frequently by my touch last few days, which happens, the last straw being my dear little laptop with stuff and dramaz I am meaning to watch, gbs and gbs of them, but most depressingly my fresh ep3 in the middle of a dl of a certain Kdrama that is not terribly appealing to the usual C kdrama crowd *blasphemy of abhoring hopelesssly horrible taste for some opinions of UNFFORCE being fug or anything negative about his hair.  Critical symptom of too much brain-eating fart devoured. I deskflippingly digress!*  Hours and weeks of enjoyment of life feared gone and how can one bear the thought to part with UNFFFFUUHHHMMMM!Force gifs I stole fr Tumblr… and my very AFDGKHGJGFHFADGDFSFKLLLLLLASDFADHGF lickable wallie?!:

So imagine how hard I cry real tears over it.   But yup, it is magically resolved, it is voodoo, after I retweeted some fishies within an hour of troubleshooting and, my nerd of a hubs helps too and I lub him more than C!M!S! today.  So as the stereotype of superstitious C-lais goes, I need to be frivolously greedy, and here are my petty little C-lai pipedreams from the bottom of my heart upon finishing ep3 of Swords/Blades and Flowers/Petals or as my motherandfather would allow me to say: Shitloads of BAMFs Fking PWN/P0RN!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 心.言.絲。 Heart、Words、Threads of Silk 絲絲縷縷, etymological radicals for 戀 。  言, the rational put to words, mnemonically, the word is made up of 䇂bitter/fault/sin, from the mouth, words hastily spoken is a sin. speech like twisted threads.  Matters of the heart, the continuous yearning, distraction, confusion, the rai·sons d’être intangibly entangled in fine ‘threads of silk’. 絲縷 denotes 不断的情思 coined from 鲁迅 (Lu Xun)’s own preface of his most seminal work 《呐喊》. Straight from the Csub of a line that basically mark the flailing of my heart and never be still.  It took me away from staring, thus droolzing then licking screen of UNFFFORCE’s face and got me hot and bothered, still. Google leads me to this definition of 戀: 想念不忘 (a longing unforgettable),爱慕不舍 (a love can’t live without),不忍舍弃 (a distraction can’t bear to abandon) ,不想分开 (a desire inseverable).  A riddle of so many words unspoken, but so much is said by a glance. KEEP IT COMING!  Feelings is entangled in threads of silk and swearing and jibberish in love indeed!
  • UNFFFFFFORCE, congratulations on your cute bundle of joy.  As a failing fanahjumma very short on time are you still on RM?!  That is precious time spent away from your newborn.  And now now, there will be diapers to buy and babyfood to pay for, nannies and college funds… how about you go across the pond and like sashay in every C wuxia/period flick from now till forevermore. Amen. You alone walking down any Qin/Han/Tang/Song/Yuan/Ming street in this hair can undo so many wrongs.  So many. Fr Tumblr:
  • Better yet, please PD and writer, from a fellow fan of C historicals of yore when the landscape is not disgustingly lucrative but quite about a government’s pride and glory of an art form and things that do not pay fuck, (but things were cheap back then), please also love me some C wuxia novels, too, I am begging on all fours.
  • Because, you see, Gu Long is a BAMF who wrote nothing but mantras to be F!BAMFs, and he named them A Dot of Red in Middle Kingdom, Blown Snow of the West Gate,  Rotten Red Snow, Leaf of Lone Fortress, Little Phoenix on Land, Flower UnCut, twin of Little Fishie, You Paint the Town Red with killer move Flying Daggers, Full House of Flowers, the likes.  ALL of them, ample fodder to employ your brute stroke of artistry that is so yum it alone is burning my eyeballs the good way and have abundance fun breathing life to every one of them and their own theme music, and the kicker?  All these funnynamebrokenheroes could be played by UNFFFFFORCE just rehashing what he’s doing here.
  • Because C’periods’/LetsGangRapeWuxia by illiterate mental carpfaces are drowning my motherland for a while now and it’s getting worse, with no end in sight and peeps have nothing better to do but take up hobby (which in itself is earning legitimate writers fame and thus dough) to snark the shit out of shit.  What about we forget about the whole snerking business and go back to simply watching Dramas mainlanders?!?!?!?!  There are honestly NO watchable wuxia for decade(s).  The watchable ones were when I was still learning algebra and styrofoam mountains were COOL.   The upcoming definitive definition of BAMF is this following visual of a sad joke, an UFO? Is it a man? A woman? A tranny? or 2? Esp the one flying in the sky is the angstiest hero of all JinYong and please for the love of mankind and Korea’s pride (you owe us!) do something about KimKiBum in Cperiods, even utter PoSs: Yeah, we could all use plenty of 100+ proof Maotai KKB. 
  • (Fake)Wuxia anything = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.  But what if you bring ART, CARE and HEART to quench?  You can change that part of the dire world, too and be very profitable on the side.
  • Can I just have ONE watchable (and thus glorious) GuLong?  Like you go collaborate with WKW and have UNFFFORCE with C!M!S! and the TonyLeungs and ChangChen and Wang Qingxiang and Ziyi Zhang and Song HyeKyo (who has a face born for many GuLong ‘heroines’) and let myBinnie have a bit role in one most glorious wuxia orgasm so I can die happy.  Mr. WKW, let me name your next challenge:  mashup GuLong and bring us your Ashes of Time of the Grandmasters, their Days of Being Wild, in the Mood for Wuxia.  And you can retire, if you want to, that is.

6 thoughts on “心.言.絲

  1. You know what chingu, the grin on my face now is wide enough to crack my jaw. Love the way you fangirl like a boss. So, I take it you are enjoying The Blade and Petal? Are you done with ep 4 yet? It kept haunting me and only a dose of Heartless City (with soju) was able to ‘banish it’.

    My UTW…. sigh. He’s my Binnie and Lover Boy all rolled into one. And he isn’t even pretty, LOL! UNFFForce indeed. I’ve always loved him as an actor, ever since I first clapped eyes on him in Mawang, but there seems to be something more to him now, something that only time and experience can give. Bring it on, baby!

    Choi Min Soo ain’t that bad either….. XD

    1. Utter Utter love. I babbled this after 3. After 4 I’m dumbfounded but still I didn’t know how much I’m in madmadmadmaddddlove, till last night, when I closed my eyes dead tired, and I had flashback of ENTIRE scenes, sceneSSSS of e4, haunting me, stirring my inerds the bestbestbest way.

    2. AND UNNNFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFORCEEEEE!! GOSH Y U SO HOT. He has always been hot and captivating on screen, except that travesty that is QSnoreduck <-Seriously new revelation how mehh that was when u can make UTW boring, in a sageuk, when he can do THIS.

      He got me at hello in Rebirth, still his best work to date for me. I can see more thought is poured into the construction of Mawang, but somehow I didn't feel it as raw and organic as R. BUT THIS IS STH I DIDNT IMAGINE. HOW CAN HE BE HOTTER EVERY SECOND IN BAP HOWWWW??!?!??!

      1. Ouch! Don’t mention the excuse of a drama that was QSD, I’m pretending it did not happen. They got UNFFForce (I love your moniker for him, hehe) and then did not let him ACT!? How utterly asanine was that?

        I don’t think I’ve ever found him particularly hot (like, I want to do naughty things to him hot ;P). Mesmerizing, captivating, breathtaking, burn the screen intese, funny, adorakable, sweet…. etc ad nauseam – yes. *g*

        Yup, Resurrection is his best work in a drama so far (he was even better in Handphone, imo), though I loved Mawang as a whole more. Now this, this is something totally on it’s own level. Brrr… I got shivers just thinking about it. I think I have to re-watch ep 4 today.

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