Chen Xiao Pimping

Well well well.

The two of you reading this must’ve sniffed it a mile away.  And this is where I’ve been, down the rabbit hole.

[credit on pics and gifs, everything stolen from baidu or weibo, thanks to the original posters!!!]

Sports a badboy grin and be gorgeous with whipped cream.

And can smile all cute and sweet while showing me such a horrible old scar from work

Or cosplay just because you are bored and a long time silliest fanboy as my favorite most interesting prettiest character in Inuyasha.


So, where was I?

I went ahead, and spent hours watching an onslaught of ChenXiao in YZ’s crap.  A bit sad to report the gorgeous and Next It Boy has no watchable drama to show.  This is one sneaky trap for me to fall into his fandom.  You do not need to physically stick your nose into dung to know shit…stinks and therefore there really is no point in treating any YZ’s sick jokes as dramas, nor engagingly watch them unless you want your brain to implode.  That is where lovely fan-cuts of CX only scenes come in.  Since almost every drama CX has done is YZ, the drama proper is all wretched, prompting darling fangirls to have enough of it and produce 1080 CX cuts for the enjoyment of all.   I’ve watched everything available, and I have no regret.  This is Loverboy catching my eye in LoCH08 all over again. LOCH08 is a cute fanfic, some delirious fangirl/boy of the YangKang+MuNianChi ship kinda writing at best.  Revamp a character that is flat and uninteresting and EVIL, turning him into a gorgeous beacon of angsty fucked up hotmanchild of show.  Better yet, make me care for a disgusting scumbag against my will.  So yeah, I would fall for any cutepie who would bring your A+ game even when you are in crap and your character should die in a hot fire, and Be Very Pretty.

What is working for this young guy,  I could even see a brighter future for him than Loverboy, is he is a graduate at Central Academy of Drama, which is still the hardest reputable institution of the craft to get in with a concentration in Chinese Opera (I’ve read).  He was a National athlete, a high jumper recognized as National Tier 2.  *But how on earth is his body now floppy with a tummy but no muscle mass?!  Maybe it’s curse of being in my manrem (look at Loverboy <_<)?!!?!*  These all play to his advantage in wuxia which I’m still stubbornly obsessed, holding out the hope I would live to see ONE adaptation worthy of its original masterpiece.

Why wuxia casting usually…sucks is because it requires as much acting and physical skills.   These are period super heroes we are talking about, and all the wuxia still has to be humanly convincing yet out of this world kickass.  You can bring a classically trained wuxia master like JetLi into the picture…but he would never be a competent actor, nor a Jacky Chan. They may work for a lot of people in their dazzling moves, but where’s the beef?  I’d rather have an actor who can fake it.   Chen Xiao is distractingly breathtaking in his expressive wuxia dance even when the directing and cinematography and everything else SUCK DONKEY BALLS.   At 26, he is at the perfect age to be every wuxia hero, still young, fresh and pretty enough to be every manboy, looking like a younger Nic Tse without the egomaniac pompous and grease, and a much much better nuanced actor.  His Yang Guo should be the best there will ever be for the role, I know I’ve said it in every mention of ChenXiao.

And it is not one work that he’s not scene stealing in. He is the only watchable thing in most of  his work, being consistently a league above most if not all of his costars. That shows me talent, and a scary focus and determination and drive.

And it takes balls to leave such a powerful management as HuaYi Brothers from the get-go.  He started out with a bit role in Detective Dee, ie he’s in a Movie, swimming with nothing but AAA-listers and to leave that behind and join YZ, it’s madness and some may argue it is better to be a minion under the biggest conglomerate in the industry, but shrewdness to maximize work and exposure at a young age, even in disgusting crap…and better roles and project will follow once you’ve made enough noise.  He knows how the game is played, and we are talking about a 22 yo fresh opera school grad then.  *lesigh* and this will be forever my pity for Loverboy.  He could’ve gone places in his 20s.  Again, if TR had the resources to do a RoCH2010 Loverboy, with his YangKang looks would’ve been DA BOMB as Yang Guo  and with his skills and the role, he would’ve been an even huger HXM, one who can act for one.

A strip of silver hair, and tell me this is not the later Yang Guo.  You be the judge:

Have a Swordsman Lin PingZhi MV

And various gifs of his dramas:


His Lin Ping Zhi, the best of all LPZ

68327ff0f736afc35e2c55e0b219ebc4b645128bI think this is Hao Kun fr Spell of the Fragrance and it’s stinky and awful the drama.  He plays a loyal puppy.

14436009c93d70cfd5c0c088f9dcd100bba12bfeGuo Xiao Tian in Happy Mother-in-law, Pretty Daughter-in-law.  UNIFORM!!!


b6b956da81cb39db62d1c6eed1160924aa1830f6 d743b63533fa828bebfb5a5efd1f4134960a5a34    e66d06e93901213fcc08e36254e736d12e2e95d6


c6495e82b2b7d0a2f89b3a22cbef76094a369ab8   fc56d30735fae6cd13b894c60fb30f2443a70f81 d866b751f8198618a74bd0234aed2e738ad4e682

Bai Shao Qun from The Bounty hunter

ie The Douche I can’t look away *lesigh* and my vote for CX’s best performance to date

芈琰 in Qin Empire 2

RL with Yang Rong.  See that little devilish smirk saying he’s not experienced in kissing and thanks to good coaching and YR pouts at him implying she’s  very experienced.  Letting him off too easy.  That Grin.  Gets. Me. Every. Time.


I’m eating socks and crows and whatnots for anticipating YZ’s Goong the movie, so ridiculous I’m looking into whether it’s going to be shown in my woods, and it’s getting  more and more out of hand with every leak.   A gorgeous new trailer is just out today focusing on the love triangle.   It would be shoujo-fying Prince13 and he would be rolling in his grave.  I’m very ok with  CX playing my Loverboy’s Prince13, that’s how much I’m smitten by the boy, and it is blasphemy but I can look the other way and enjoy a fluffy and pretty period chickflick :

Yet, somehow I’m moved by the romance.  But of course the leads do not bug me at all.  And I am already shipping the OTP.

Is this GORGEOUS or what?

See, I’ve said YZ is nothing but the shrewdest shameless businessman of a carpface cockroach.  He has been deliberately spinning outrageous insulting monstrosities he calls drama, but it’s actually a guilty ‘pleasure’ de-stressing pastime where we all can snark the hell out and beat it to death.  It is not the same playing field with movies, peeps have to move their butts and pay a meal’s worth of dough and sit squarely in a theater not doing much else and this has no flashy ridiculous CGIs, no A lister at all.  But the team behind it, except YZ is actually very solid, seems like he’s bringing up his profit margin by doing careful calculations to not fck it up like his usual monkey business, playing with the big sharks.  And I’m more cautiously optimistic when he’s playing the smaller role of a scriptwriter and just keeping himself busy spinning silly RL shipping shenanigans.  It does look pretteh and with the right texture and feel of a decent period piece, with all the swoonworthy shoujo tropes you can squeeze in a ‘Qing imperial intrigue/romance’.  Plus there is no walking plastic faces bugging me.  It has princes and our dear old gf Candy reincarnated as a Qing heroine along with  the token bad backstabbing (literally) bestie.  I can watch that in a heartbeat.


8 thoughts on “Chen Xiao Pimping

  1. Hihi, I am back:) I searched all over Beijing but cannot find your Loverboy or anybody handsome at all:( Nevermind there is next year, lol. Hey, I found out that our wordpress is banned in China.

    Welcome to the CX fangirling club:P .I watched all those craps just for him, all the fast fwd I did, my poor hands, haha…In the end I don’t know any of the storyline except CX’s parts. Somemore his parts are so little and such lousy characters. I am looking fwd to see him in YZG. When I read the novel I fangirl Ling gege & MJ but for the drama it’ll definitely be LBY. He looks good & attractive in ancient costume but normal in modern clothings. Pls leave YMM in a yr or 2 time bcos I’ll to see petals/snow falling and aquarium swimming all the time:P

    1. WB~~! ^^ How’s your trip?! I can’t believe there is no handsome boys in BJ, that is a bit of a downer *hugs*

      OHHHH I have no idea you are his fangirl! I didn’t know there is a club, where do I sign up?! I thought normal folks should not be watching YZ at all for fear our brains would be eaten out.
      I think other than CX and YR, everyone else either do not have a period face (Angelababy) or super fug wrinkly uncles faking as handsome heroes (the other 2 main leads) so like every CX drama, I’ll have to trust my old friend the FF button.

      YMM is such a cunning weasel, I have a sick feeling IF RoCH is a go, he would tie CX down with a long time contract to squeeze every drop out of him…but still no matter what the strings attached, do a YangGuo, and make the best out of it, hit it HUGE, and money can do the talking, buying out contracts, dumping YMM… I hope.

  2. I think Jet Li was cute during his prime days :D. When people say ‘Li Hong Chu’ only Jet Li face comes in my mind. He nailed it in Tai Chi master and Fong Sai Yuk actingwise, he could go from all cutie goofy smilley to lethally upset killer convincingly in a blink and he showed a lot of charisma as the serious young sifu Wong Fei Hung. Maybe I am weird but based on these movies I feel Jet Li was not such a bad actor, even good sometimes. But I guess it was during his prime :p (reminds me Hong kong makers produced some good wuxia movies with great OST during late 80’s/90’s)

    1. imo JetLi is a horrible miscast for LHC. It is the very young ChowYunFat for me. LHC needs that air of deliquent drunkard who is actually up to no harm BUT easily mistaken by his looks and appearance. JL just looks too squarepants.

      I think he’s serviceable but those are from the absolute golden era, so frankly he has a lot of help. And a lot of the golden era HK wuxia are more on a decent tight story, a lot of amazing action and tonnes of heart. tbh, none of them blockbusters push any acting envelopes for anyone, they are just basically selling star charisma and that JetLi has.

  3. when CX smiles he looks like Nic tse 😀 and he doesn’t sound like a bad kisser too heeh

    But Lie Jie remains my fav LPZ :p

    1. I am not a fan of LJ although technically he’s lovely.

      BECAUSE what is missing in so many LPZ rendition is that boyish naivete at the very beginning and LJ (and others prior) just can’t shake off that greasiness.

    1. He’s not at ‘loverboy’ status yet ;), he is super countrybumpkin derpy (屌丝) in RL, PLUS NO drama watchable to flail me irreversibly. So only riding on pretty and can act. We’ll see

      his acid tongue CN fangirls call him 艹宝 or 穷屌or 晓贱人 (he seems quite 矯情 tbvh) hahaha all horrible nicks for one’s bias.

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