He must be weeping inside


Lord, why am I always reduced to one sobbing mess watching ANY video concerning my forever strongest bromantic ship RedWhite?!?!?!

Loverboy is popping up EVERYWHERE as Mulan is about to be ‘on satellite’ in August ie nationwide broadcast.  I’m holding my watch till then because I want him on my tele in HD 😀

We start the program with my derp introducing himself, ‘Hi I’m Yuan Hong’ ie circle (yuan) of red (hong) that is why he’s holding that A4 piece of paper with a red circle drawn by a kindergartener (I bet it is him, and it’s his brilliant idea <_<) He said he’s very good at sports like basketball (again another red ball of a thing) but he’s actually an actor.  This is his 10th year in the industry, been in numerous roles in periods, but it’s not until BBJX in 2011, as Prince13, did he become a household name.  After some highlights and talking bits of show, the program proper starts at ~2:30.

MC:  ‘To Our Youth’ (the ZW movie adapt is a recent hit) is the talk of town lately and the following handsome guy is an important part of our youth (being in so many popular fantasy periods), and I’m sure the most important person in his life is a guy *huh*

Mr MC is also an alumni of YH (and HG)’s alma mater, he said the duo were the ones filling out his admission papers for him the newbie.  YH, ‘Oh then it must be HG who was doing the writing and made booboos on your forms HAHA!’…

MC: What is your typical character throughout the 10 years?

YH: A dandy!?…It’s less of an effort to play these characters.  What?!  Who is letting out an ‘huh?’  What is that about?

Some lady:  Effortless means you are just being yourself, huh?

YH: You can interpret it as such…muahaha!!!

MC: ….lets chat more about what has change during these 10 years in the industry, starting with some ‘multiple choice questions’ Today a few of YH’s friends have told us some anecdotes allowing us to know YH better in RL.  We have 4 keywords from these stories and we’ll let YH pick 3 of them.

The 4 things are: 1. Ground beetle/slang for twat (土鱉) 2. Underpants  3. Hollered at 4. Fans

YH:  These are all from good friends of mine?

MC: Which one first?

Some lady:  Twat!  MC:  You have no say!  let the guy pick it himself.

YH: I will listen to the pretty lady and lets go with twat.

[Hu Ge on the phone *how I’m not surprised*]:  We were noobs at college, on the first day of orientation, the instant I set my eyes on him, all my self-confidence left me in a puff.  I know I have no game.  That is because for my entire life, since very young, I have thought of myself as unbeatably good looking.  But as soon as I saw him, my heart is shattered.  OMFG! (*grasp*How handsome is this guy!)

Caption on screen:  But YH said you are very country bumpkin when he first met you?

HG:  HE SAID I WAS UNCOOL??!?!  HE was the one who is the definition of twat *and my Loverboy is in tears, laughing his pretty ass off the seat*.  OK his aura is very…unadulterated, you know?  It’s the kind of handsome that is…kosher.

YH: *can’t contain his face all glowing in smiles* I want to listen to the part when he is laughing his ass off right after he said stuff like I am too handsome or something, can you replay that??

[HG’s snarky muahhahahahahahhhaaaaaaaaaaa]

MC:  Did that really happen?

YH: [The first time YH saw HG, HG was in his costume fr a drama, that’s why]  It was pretty dark then, and it was on the ground floor of our dorm, someone introduced us, telling me, ‘this is your roommate, he is your classmate’  He was wearing a cap, in a green military uniform, remember, it was 2001, nobody wore that kind of uniform from the 70s.  That was why I thought he’s a twat and he thought I was one too.

MC: Next.

YH:  Lets go with something less saucy, ‘hollered at’.

MC: This is from Yan YiDan (the singersongwriter behind BBJX)

Yan:  We did not know each other back then, we were at the studio recording the songs for BBJX with HuGe in Beijing,  HG said he had a Bro who would like to visit him at the studio.  It took him 3.5 hrs finding our studio after we texted him the address.  I was keeping in touch with him on the phone, giving him the directions, but he is so hopeless an idiot with directions, even though I did not know him that well, I still could not help but hollered at him, ‘do you have any sense of direction AT ALL?!!?!?’  Do you know where exactly you are?  Can you tell north from east from south from west?!  Haven’t I told you this and this and this and that?!’  I called and yelled at him like this thrice and still he could not find our location.

MC:  I was afraid Yan YiDan would say how come this guy is so tall but is brainless?

YH: At that time, I’ve just moved to Beijing, I had no idea where things are.  I lived almost entirely in SH 10 years before that.

some lady:  There is a saying if you have no sense of direction, you are not a rational person, you are quite emotional…like a girl.

YH *laser beaming that woman* Says WHO?!

YH: I’m actually leaning more towards rational.

MC:  Which one should we pick next? Underpants or Fans?

some lady:  I think if we do not pick Underpants, everyone present would not be able to take the load off our minds.

YH:  Then lets go with undies so you can unload the load.

MC: lets see who is the one exposing the story behind underpants.

[It is Hu Ge, again, duh]

HG: That was our first time working on set for a drama.  We were at Dalian filming Dandelion. That was our first time stepping out of college, you can not even imagine what we did.  We have to spend 2, 3 months on set, therefore we washed our underpants 20 at a time.   We did not wash them for 20 days and would wash all 20 of them at one go…Later we used disposable ones, too lazy to wash them panties.

YH: It usually takes ~60 days filming a drama.

YH: If I change them every 3 days I do not need to wash any if I have 20 sth pairs.


YH:  BUT we changed them daily, that was why we washed 20 pairs of them at a time. (and he went on and on and on explaining the whole not washing underpants logic…argh!) …And we only have to wash underpants 3 times, right?

MC:  While we are on the topic concerning HG, anyone who knows YH would know they are the best of friends for all these years, classmates and roomates.  There are a lot of examples in the entertainment business like ChenKun was the one introducing Huang XiaoMing to a lot of work.  Even from our alma mater Ren Quan helped out Li BingBing…YH’s first work was through HuGe.

YH: My very first job, even my first drama was through HuGe, the first management company I signed with was ALSO through HuGe.

[YH and HG knew each other for 12 years.  They even performed on the theater stage for the first time together.  We have gone above and beyond, getting our hands on the clip of YH and HG on their first theater stage.]


A SUPER YOUNG YH:  Hello, my name is Yuan Ding (his original name).  In 我为歌狂/Crazy for a Song, I am YeFeng.  I hope you will like it.  Thank you.

A SUPER YOUNG HG:  Um, hello, I’m Hu Ge. 古,月 Hu, Ge as in singing. *歌 also means song, ie the play they did is literally I AM CRAZY FOR GE (HuGE!) yup, did not make that up. Did not. *   My name is quite unique because everyone has to call me ‘Bigbro’/哥/Ge.  (hold on, that boy in the back, move forward a bit, do not hide in the back)

Reporter:  The comic was quite a success and now you are working on the play, are you stressed about it.

YH (and his ladyclassmate fr Shanghai Theater Academy): we strive in stress!


*OK done guffawing?!*

Ladies:  hahaha they look like Ken Chu and ZaiZai hahaha was that under the influence of Meteor Garden?!

YH:  *laughing his head off and must be having the most painful headache in life*

MC: Let me ask you ladies, and be very honest, looking at them through the lens way back when, who was more handsome?

Ladies: YH!!!!

MC:  You were so handsome back then *I agree~  He’s more handsome than all of F4 combine back then, no bias, none.*


MC:  You were so much more handsome back then compared to now!

YH: WHERE the hell did you get that clip?!?!!  I have NEVER seen it before, NEVER!

MC:  Let me get this straight, did HuGe have plastic surgery *RAGEE what kind of insensitive retard are you, don’t you know what tragedy happend to HG?!  I just love Loverboy more (yes I just did) when his face is clearly showing a glimpse of WTFFFFFFFFFF! through all the laughing and smiles and he keeps saying no, no, no!*

Ladies:  It’s the hair…blablabla…it’s so dated.  Now I know why you called each other twats.  That is so true.  Your aura is not as pure and innocent as back then.  *what the heck is wrong with y’all with all the dissing now!!! RAWRRRR*

YH:  You know, that was 2001.  In 2001, THAT is very cool, we were so very super cool!

YH: We were so cool walking down the street looking like that.  And very stylish and chic, YOU KNOW?! 

Seriously we have no costume design, we have no costumer, the budget for a play is peanuts.  We have to grab students from our school, those studying to be stylist, costume designers to help us out and they will get our outfits at QiPu Lu *I was there! haha it’s a garment district blocks of wholesalers, go get your silkscarfs there!*  And we went on stage just like that.  That was my first play.  That was the first time I signed autographs.  After our performance, there would be members from the audience rushing backstage asking for our autographs.  That must also be HG’s first time signing autographs.

MC:  HuGe looked more composed on stage, you are fidgety and tense.

Lady: Yes.  HG is always in center stage and a step in front.  He seems like the lead singer and YH is the backup.

YH:  Yes!  I was there just to round up the roster.

MC:  That’s your first step.  And many of your next steps were through HuGe, right?  I want to ask YH, these 10 years, is Hu Ge your most important person you are indebted to?

YH:  Right, right.   Yes.

MC:  Let us continue the story.  After signing the same management, working in dramas, Hu Ge was so popular those 2 years.  But he had a tragic accident, he has to stop working on the drama you were filming then, Legend of Condor Hero.  The whole crew stopped working.  YH was also playing a very important role as Yang Kang.  When you heard of the news on set, what was it like?

YH:  I was shooting when I heard the news, after a take, an actor on set told me.

MC:  How did you take it in?  Did it set in as true right away?

YH: I did not believe it at that moment.  Then, I called them and all their cellphones wereturned off, that was when I realized what might have happened.

MC: Did you visit HG at the hospital?

YH:  The next day….The next day.  I couldn’t continue work that day, I just lost it.  I could not act at all.  The producer told us to finish the filming during the day and called off the evening shoot.  And I went to see him the next morning.  Someone told me not to show any emotion, because it would depress him.  I was preparing myself to not show anything no matter what I saw, but I could not contain it. And this bro of mine is too smart, he can tell everything from a look of your eyes.  You can’t hide anything from him.  Actually he was the one joking with me, he said, ‘I’m going to Hong Kong tomorrow, do you think the customs will let me in with all these bandages on me?!’

MC:  But his injuries had long term effect on him, and the drama could not continue…

YH:  Nobody knows for sure back then, not even the doctors.

MC: While HG was in recovery all the actors had to stop working on the drama.  How long did you stop work?

YH: A year.  Almost a year.

MC:  Stopped acting completely.  What was it like?

YH:  No one knew when we could restart.  The doctor said the recovery could take as little as 3 months.  That is no big deal, lets wait for 3 months, yo!  Right?  Our biggest wish was to finish the drama, we MUST finish it.  There was this fire in us, with that in mind, everything just seemed like the most natural thing to do.  After 3 months, it was another 3 months.  So that was half a year.  It was another 3 months after that.  You know, I was a newcomer back then, it was impossible to take up a last minute project, there was no work lined up for me.  I could not pick up a job immediately during that 3 months, there was nothing.

Lady:  But you were a newcomer, a year without work, deep down could you really be unfazed?  Were you a bit sad or scared?

YH: It was ok for me.  Especially back then.  If it happened now, I would be nervous, maybe because I’m getting old, youth is a fleeting short-lived thing. Ha!  I did not have this concept then.

MC:  Let me ask you bluntly.  YH, HG was much more popular than you back then.  That was a very crucial period for you.  From what I’ve heard, HG was extremely grateful.  This is what he had to say:  *grab your boxes of tissues*

HG:  Couldn’t help it…maybe because when he saw me for the first time after the accident, I was no longer the same old me.  He must be taking it very hard.  I could see it from his sparkling huge eyes, I could see myself in them.  He must be weeping inside.  But he has to pretend to be calm and collected in front of me.  Not acting for a whole year, for an actor, especially during that period in career when we were still on shaky grounds, stressors in real life, and to wait (for me) a year.  That could not be easy.  Actually I had lost confident in myself.

Hu Ge: Back on the set, I would have moments so lost I did not know whether or not I should even come back.  When I was feeling helpless/hopeless, my eyes would wander around and fall on this person.  Because he understands you completely.  And, even though he might not say much, just standing there, you can sense perhaps, this is an anchor to lean on. 

*OHMYFREAKINGGOSH, I am so not the only one thinking HG is the writer/autobiographer behind 80% of the bromantic fanfic out there between these 2*

*OK girls, lets take a moment….and breathe.

Mascara all cleaned up?!  Sniffing under control? *


16:40 mark

YH:  In RL, we NEVER talk in such elaborate flowery prose.

MC:  Sure…  Sure~! *my foot!*

YH: This Bro of mine, whenever he’s on a show, he’s like he’s shot something in his veins!  And changed into a whole different person.

*MC, the lady, and us all are going yeah~right. OH REALLY?*

*And you know, when you are blushing and trying to pretend not being a thing and you chatter on but actually revealing way more…yup oh my Lil Red Loverboy*

YH:  We were living so close to each other.  After he’s back from Hong Kong we hanged out all the time and chatted, and watched movies together, just like that.

Lady:  Did you tell him not to worry?  From what I read, his face was badly injured in need of reconstructive surgeries.  Did you comfort him?

YH: I am quite good with my tongue, normally.  But when I’m facing this type of situation my tongue is tied.  I did not know what to say at all.

Lady:  At least you were by his side, maybe that was what he needed most, to have someone by his side.

MC: You were the one spending the most time with him, right?

YH:  Probably, amongst guys.  HAHA!  *what the heck ar you HAHa-ing  about now ‘oh btw it is amongst EVERYBODY but I did not show it out loud?!?!’*  I must keep up a strong front, to give him confidence.

MC: That was quite a year for both of you.  HuGe grew up a lot that year, YH, you also went through a lot of thinking yourself and made some major decisions in your life after.

YH:  I could not speak for HuGe, but that year helped me tremendously.  I had the time to stop and delve into many sorting things out in life .  After that year, all of us have matured a lot.

MC:  After a growth, life usually throws us another harsher test.  YH went through 2 major events.  Lets ask our ladyhost to do a heart to heart with YH.

YH: *shakes hand with ladyMC* Why so serious?

Ladyhost:  Tbh, when I saw you in that clip, being so young, you are truly more handsome than any one of the F4.  *nodnodnodnodnodnodnodnodnod*  *and my lil Red Flower is laughing like a blossom in the sun! so cute!*  Did you ever have the thought deep down, you should be someone who would make it big, make a big noise at a very young age?

YH: No, not at all.

Lady:  But in 2005, you actually worked on a CCTV historical production Prince’s Education.  It was crowded with a lot of well known veterans like Chen GuoBao…etc.  You must have thought, I should say the idea that you could make a big smash with this production must’ve crossed your mind.

YH: Yes, yes it did cross my mind.  I was a proud young boy. It was my Year4 in the Academy, the first time I was involved in such a major production and I am the lead, guy1.  The ensemble is so dazzling and the script is so good.  I had thought things would not be the same once this drama was out.

LadyMC: But this drama…wasted 2 years of your time.  Could I say so?

YH: You could.  After we finished filming, we, all the actors were waiting for it to broadcast, we were all thinking it would garner positive praises, not just the young’uns, the veterans as well.  And we waited and waited.  It was not shown until 2008, yes we filmed it in 2005.  (How was the reception?) It was still ok.  But it was much worst than expectations.

LadyMC:  During the 2 years when the drama was shelved, didn’t you feel like you missed out on a great opportunity?

YH:  Yes, it was a bummer.   I kept hearing it was going through the censors in CCTV or period piece was not allowed lately… no matter what it was always it would be out soon, soon.  But it was still not out.  Just like LoCH, keep hearing we would start soon, but no one knows exactly when.  It was to the point I had almost forgotten about this drama.

LadyMC:  Did you feel a tinge of frustration?  Up till that point, you got help in all the smooth sailing, and this is a chance you have earned all by yourself, and it was such a golden opportunity for you to shoot to major stardom, but instead it dragged on for 2 years, and it was not as embraced by the audience.

YH:  Right after wrapping up, I was in a high.  IF it was out right after and the reception was just lukewarm, it would be a major blow.  But because 2 years has passed and it was against another CCTV mega production  闯关东/Chuang Guandong *an acclaimed hit* (it did not hit me as hard)

LadyMC:  A lot of dramas got buried back then.  If Prince’s Education was broadcasted in 2006, maybe it would become a hit, but it’s lost to ‘fate’ and circumstances.

YH:  During the 2 years in between, mainland dramas have gone through a lot of progress, from production value to art direction.  Tbh it looked dated to the audience at that time.

MC: For an actor, you need to speak through your work.  If that drama was a success, you might have much better opportunities coming after you.  But if your works are either stuck in between production or on the shelf,  your state of mind as an actor must be frustrating.

YH:  I’m fine with it.  I am being honest.  I’m a very happy go lucky kind of guy.  I would feel a bit of disappointment thinking back on it now, but at that time, I was ok.

MC:  As the leading man, did you immerse yourself in the role the most in Prince’s Education?  Is that your best work?

YH:  I was most immersed in the role, yes, I put in my all.  But it was not my best work, because the effort I put out was brute force.  I was a newbie, I did not know a thing when signing the contract, and I couldn’t help it when the work hours were brutal.  It was ~40C at WengDian, I was too skinny but in order to look good in the garment I had to wear a padded jacket underneath.  After a whole day of shooting in TeamA, I had night long shoots with TeamB.  I was so tired I could collapse on the chair even with a 2 min break.

LadyMC:  We can tell that period did not fazed you nor put you in an unease, but I know since 2003, after you’ve signed with your management company, for the entirety of 10 years, you have little to no chance being the leading man, including not able to be a lead in BBJX.  Did that bother you at all?

YH:  I think Prince13 is one of the leads.  I think I am one of the leads. Maybe…I’m absolutely being honest here, I put much more emphasis on the acting (more than how much screen time the role has).  Actually when I took up the role as Prince13, I had left TangRen, the production company.  My contract was up and still they asked me back for the role.  They treated me as their child, their family.

LadyMC: Then I want to ask, since your relationship with your management is so tight, like family, why did you leave?

[23:50 mark, after some more talking points]

LadyMC: ……Why did you leave your management?

YH: I approached it very rationally.  I know, for a fact, the style of dramas the company was and is producing. I had a very good idea of what the roles in the dramas would be, and what kind of roles are most suitable for me.  Basically, the better roles are not for my type, they are more suitable for HuGe.  I want to try new things.  My management company understands me very well.

MClady:  Seven years in ShangHai, you get used to a certain mode of operation, a style of living.  You left it all behind, packed your bags to Beijing when you hit the big 3-0, choosing the unstable life of a ‘north drifter’ YH: (hahahaha) MC:  Were you scared?

YH: After I graduated, I’ve told my boss I wanted to move to Beijing, it is the cultural center, afterall.  If I was in Beijing, it is easier to meet people build a network expansive and varied.  From the pov of my management it was very simple, the company is based in SH, everyone is in SH, you have no one to help you out in Beijing making appearances on shows and whatnots.  That is why I was based in SH. Then, the day I finished shooting on the set of BBJX, I started packing up all my belongings all set to head back to SH, IF no one said anything to me, but a producer asked me what was the destination of my return ticket,’ where are you going?’  I took a pause, I’ve told myself I want to move to Beijing for several years now, ‘book me a ticket to Beijing’, I told him.  I repacked only the essentials and mailed everything else back to SH first, stayed in a hotel in Beijing and started looking for a place.

LadyMC:  You have reached a certain level of recognition in the business, but HuGe is the go-to number 1 guy for the company, did you relocate to Beijing because you did not want to headbutt with your best friend?  Is this part of the reason behind your leaving?

YH:  Never.

LadyMC: Although it looks like a rash move  (YH: *V sign!* )  But now with your work out back to back, a lot of people are saying you are a very different YH now [….YH has been costarring with many A-listers…he has 10 projects under his belt after 2010…]  Your latest work Mulan, is not yet ‘on satellite'(nationwide broadcast).  It will be in August.  It has been showing on local cable channels and it’s been #1 in ratings everywhere.  After you are released from your contract, did you deliberately pick roles very different?

YH: This is truly a character I have never remotely done before.  It is a very big challenge for me.  It was a very big gamble for the production team to pick me, because no one can see YH being this character.

LadyMC: What character?  The Lady (general)?

YH: His name is Zhao Yu, his nickname is Zhao big dumbo, he has no EG at all, no life experience in the real world, even simple greetings and shaking hands he has to reference how it should be done in the books he’s read.

The ladyMC then thanks Loverboy and wishes him all the best.  She asked him to show them how his Zhao dumbo will greet a girl, mostly by stepping away.   MC then asked how would YH greets a lady, would he hug her?  YH said of course and he went ahead and hug LadyMC who blushes and is clearly fainting.

Have a fav RedWhite fanvid of mine:


8 thoughts on “He must be weeping inside

  1. Wow! That was a lot of translations you did… Thank you very much. I miss YH, HG and LSS. It would be great if they can work together in one project.

    1. They are at a ‘transitional’ stage in their career though…ShiShi is trying to inch into popular actressdom and that means movies and less of the fantasy ‘wuxia’ TR does. HG no longer has the hearts to do his usual TR typecast, he would be obliged too as long as he’s tied to the company, but wont be watchable. YH has done so many eclectic stuff after leaving TR (he’s just started working in an indie WuHan movie, it looks like a comedy and he’s playing a mahjong playing ruffian with tattoos and hawaiian shirts)

      So yes and mostly no! for me, if it’s not worthy, I dont ever want them collab. BUT if it’s like a HuGe directorial debut where his heart truly lies and he cameo himself and YH is the lead and SS plays a role she can handle. YES.

  2. Hi Mookie! I’m waiting for your review on Mulan. I saw it on Viki but after that, I can’t seem to access it anywhere online 😦

    1. Hihi dear!

      I can’t find an HD version to watch, so I’m still at e2 where I left off checking it out…it is just on satellite now so it should pop up everywhere soon.

  3. Thank you so much for your translation. Without this, I would have never known about YH and GH’s friendship. It’s really an adorable bromance :”>

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