Weekend Pretty Post

There is a Hyunbinnie sighting.  FINALLY.

Oh well, see Sam Sung, I knew it.  And listen, remember last time I pleaded for you to ship him somewhere my shores at some gorgeous beach?!  Remember it, I still want.  Esp now that this very moment one of my wishes of Tony Leung vacaying in my woods but oh a few hours away so close yet so far, enjoying the gorgeous weather and museums looking yum and my hubs age (seriously do you eat, drink preservatives for sustenance?!) and WHY the hell am I not there?!?!!?!?  *RAWWRRRR*

 oh where was I?  (back from licking screen)….Oh HBinnie.

Here to show his face and ridiculously long legs lest we forget he’s gorgeous even when his hair is growing out in a questionable coif (it’s still fine to my eyes, of course, this is exactly his do in High Kick) for his highly anticipated sageuk role which will start filming in a few weeks.  And yup, for those eyesight challenged, he can rock a mean suit.  His dimps are still here (HELLO~!) and ahhh his side profile is still a picture of perfection.

Yes, he should eat a few burgers and milkshakes but if he doesn’t wanna and just wanna stand and ponder, well, not complaining.

*S W O O N*

Poor normal ahjusshis, even with a hugeass sparkling TV between you and the gorgeous may not be human dude the other end….the comparison is brutal.

I’m watching Cruel City, finally. Totally engrossed, and there is this surprisingly joy of catching myHBinnie in one of his K2 CF, which was followed by JoongKi’s *sobz*

And HBinnie shot some new posters in New Zealand, looking totally like a Tae Woong 7 years later, paying homage to his BoRa at ‘Lapland’ (the snow mt shots in Snow Queen were filmed in New Zealand)

Speaking of big ass sparkling TV in the same pic of my lovers, my other love is also propping himself against one, all Derp style, lolz.

Btn his filming his movie (I think he’s done now) ie lots of fangirl visiting and sighting he is also promoting Mulan (and another fluffy drama soon)

Isn’t this cute of his fangirls?!!?! And haha he goes and ‘treat’ crew with this.

Looking good all cleaned up!  And plz can there be a badass gangster movie casting him and CX now?!

I think for promo purpose, the reporters keep rattling on the rumored romance btn Loverboy and Elanne, I do not care either way, but this naughty thing went ahead and snuffed out Chen SiCheng, the co-leading man of Mulan had his gf Tong LiYa (Yaya) visiting at far remote DunHuang.   He was so out of the loop back then shooting the drama, and when he heard of Yaya casually asking if they were filming in DunHuang and maybe she would visit their set, he was quite puzzled WHY she’s ‘thinking’ of visiting.  Yaya is from XinJiang, the province just west of DunHuang, and it is a very gorgeous part of China as is, but with her as a mascot, along with the pretty horses, little sheeps and its people…ahhh I want a vacay!

Oh speaking of little lambs, that is what Fan BingBing can reduce her costars to.  I think these are her boyos from her new light fluffy cliched romance in theaters Jiang JinFu and Li ZhiTing.

My new fling Chen Xiao is also making a dozen+ appearances a day promoting Gong the movie.  It is insane.

Oh instead of Hawaii the newlyweds, Mr and Mrs Irie are off to HONGKONG promoting the hottest fluff in greater China this summer.  Oh how hot is Yukikun?

This is from the official weibo of government-subvented Hong Kong Tourism Board, fangirling like one of us finally ‘meeting’ the boy god.

I consider the ultimate yardstick this is one freaken big phenom when CN fan is making ever so lovely fanvid with this particular song fr Faye Wong:  Hong Dou/ Red Bean which is everyone’s perennial favorite must sing at karaoke STILL, no?! I do not think any genius fangirl making them perfect fanvids ever use this song lightly.   If you are not familiar what is the romantic cultural context of red bean, this is a lovely read on it: here *legend has it, a war widow was mourning her husband, weeping tears of blood at the bottom of a tree by the sea, and the tree grows out these 相思豆.  And this is why it’s so poetic and slaying me to be the silliest member of the fandom of Yuan Hong(red): Red Beanies and the serendipity when the official fansite was established on February 14th.*

16 thoughts on “Weekend Pretty Post

    1. tbvh I didn’t expect them to be so cute and adorbs tog! They truly seems chummy!

      I’m having lingering love for InKLiT, I was a rantmonster watching most of the second half but I do love a lot of lovely little things they did with it more.

  1. Hi Mookie… I want one of those water bottles with YH’s pic on it. I do not mind if I pick it up from the trash! That bad! I watch Mulan from Viki though it is not 100% translated yet. I am grateful for the subbers for their hard work.

    I watched some of Hyun Bin’s dramas and movies. Such a gorgeous charmer! For months, I’m trying so hard to resist his charm…

    Thanks for the posts Mookie.

    1. You are welcome dear! Hope u r having a splendid wkend!

      I want one too! ^^ it’s so cute. His fangirls are just these witty, romantic funfunfun darlings.
      I’m a horrible horrible failing fangirl, I still haven’t watch Mulan…so in your honest opinion do you like it thus far? I’m afraid of letdown because I have SOME expectation of it, but to be blunt was not terribly impressed with ep1, 2.

      HBinnie, the soft spot in my heart is created by him and MNIKSS. The drama was therapeutic to me at that time and he is also not giving me any reason to stop loving him, EVEN when he’s sooo sporadic with his works.

      1. On Mulan, the first 2 episodes are not that exciting. But I get a kick watching your Loverboy acting clueless! I like that look in his face…. so funny! His part are few in the 6 episodes I watched though.

  2. Loverboy’s piccies are sooooo adorable, all of them, formal or not, he’s always sooo laidback charming. No posey or anything, even if/when he’s posing haha.

    1. REALLY?! You do find him adorable?!?!?!?! hahaha I thought you like your namjas more polished. He’s sucha dork, even though he has a brain somewhere in his bobbling head! LOLZ

  3. I wish HBinnie would pack on some meat! A little tired of the gaunt look. Also anxiously anticipating the new movie. Satisfied with the cast…but still a little worried about the story and the director.

    1. He’s probably losing wt for the stressed young king role, he’s looking more gaunt than just post MS. Gosh the movie will be shooting till JAN ’14, ie he’ll only get more and more gaunt once filming starts.

      I like HJM, but she can not handle that role. :/ It will take a miracle for the movie to be truly superb now, (esp MrX mentions in passing the writing would most probably be…meh). I’m just praying for it to be decent. I’m glad HBinnie is up to take sucha risk.

      1. Cross fingers next role he gets will require him to gain weight for once, if only for the sake of his health…

        The only thing I’ve seen Han in is Detective K. Not sure how much screen time she’ll have since I was under the impression that Jung Jae-young’s role will have a bigger presence.

        Is there any word on who is writing? Since shooting starts soon, there must be writer/writers in place right? Honestly though, earlier reports that the movie is a wuxia/sageuk had me a little worried.

        1. Again fr Mr. X, he mentioned for sth this scope, there will be a writer’s committee collaborating and usu it won’t fare well. :/ Or PD will write and take in that share of dough on top.

          I did not feel that hot for it anyway, but…HJM just does not have that presence and chops. She’s trying very hard in Detective K, but still it fell short imo. I’ll be nice and say the fact she doesn’t look a day older than Binnie for one

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