The Honeymooning Iries

I KID  (not really).

And we all could be in MamaIRIE’s superstalkershoes for the day if in HKG.  [credit on pics, thanks to the amazing stalkerish OPs!]

 <3333  Seriously they are just brimming with so much cuteness and adorableness themselves alone but exponentially more cute playing pretend as the newlyweds!  I’m dying of sweetness here.

so pretty!

ETA:  VID ie totally should be inserted into S2E1.  Seriously.  credit: Irenenism Lai

ETA2: [credit 四时欢 @ weibo]

HAHAHA I so sooo sooo love that tender mumsy concerned from Yukikun maybe warning her to not get too close to them scary fangirls *hey babe, you are there numero uno love rival, you know?!* and Honoka’s little smirk just like a spoiled little girl, defiant, pampered by her big bro would so snerk back.

[credit 四时欢 @ weibo]

9 thoughts on “The Honeymooning Iries

  1. SIGH. massive InKLiT withdrawal mookie, HOW!!!? *scuttles back to watch entire series for the 131378459385397957th time* i totally ship them in real life too

    1. *hugz* when I’m having a lousy day, I would watch the wedding and world is good again! ^^

      I don’t really RL ship. And with them I see it as bigbro and little baby sis the age diff is quite drastic when she is still underage and he’s in mid 20s. BUT they are TOO DARN CUTEEEE! I’m actually quite surprised they are this close in RL.

  2. Hai mookie, im your itakiss articles big fans… Thx for all great,deep n fun writtings that u shared to us, i love reading it (y). I love honoki couple but not have any intention to ship them as a RL couple before, due to the age gap. But now, i cant hold it anymore. The more i read n see their itakiss bts and oh have u seen their on stage hongkong pics? Goshh the interaction between these 2 …its hard for me to not ship them ❤ . God, will U be mad if i say that I love them and I want them as a RL couple even more…?

    1. haha why yes you are MAD, but aren’t we all. *and shhh u heard it here, but I have a feeling the darlings reading my silly things are all….CRAZY! XD*


  3. They are forever precious! Yuki’s really looking after Honoka and i so love that first pic, looks like Honoka is looking adoringly at him. awwwww gawd. I really love them . I cant ship them IRL but i wouldnt mind watching them in another ITAKISS…ITAKISS 2!!!

    1. I’m dying of cute staring at their pics and gifs at the short fanmeet. HOW on earth did they get cuter AND cuter?!!

      I want an SP, but I’m not sure they have enough interesting material to sustain a tight drama (I’m not a diehard of They Kissed Again)

      1. yess agree w/ 1 or 2 special episodes, like Iries’s diary and a proper (not excessive) honeymoon scenes. But not really want season 2. I’m not really into after married life drama, not ready for another otp’s distress. But if they make it, maybe i will still watch it just to enjoy these darlings performance…haha.

  4. OMG This post just completely made my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And considering it’s like pre-dawn now that’s kinda amazing!!!!! They look super duper close in RL! AHA!! Please keep updating!!!!!!! ❤ ❤ ,<3 ❤ ❤ All of ur ItaKiss posts (esp your reviews and the "Guide to Watching Itakiss") always, always makes me happy and gives me food for thought when analysing Irie! Love ur posts!

    1. ^___^ HAHA glad you enjoy my sillyblahblahblah. *hugz*

      These two are making me grinning nonstop since the wkend. Their HK trip is GOLD, it’s so much more than anyone can ask for, shipper or nonshipper alike. I do not have RL shipper blood in me, but they are just soo undeniably cute! I can’t ask for more, just seeing them caring and close with each other and that can’t be fake, it just WARMS my heart like nothing else!

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