Yum Cha~ Shopping~ (And The PEAK~! ! !)

Just look at these two (HAHA I KNOW I’m not the only one spending shameless amount of time staring).

Cuter faces, there are none.

[credit on pics, all from weibo thanks to the cutest sweetest original posters! xoxo]

Part 2 picspam of our Honeymooning Iries.  PD Koto-sama so adorably whined at weibo last wk why they are not bringing our lovely PD along to Hong Kong.  Really BadBadBAD PRs and organizers, and to the HK tourism bureau, you missed out, fund the PD, sponsor an InK:LiT (HK) SP along with Disneyland, Ocean Park and their pandas, all the foodie digs, all the malls, the Big Buddha, we have beaches, we even have geo scenic plate tectonics cool rocks, pink dolphins, ask Macau to join in too.  It’s not kosher, but geez we can ALL write that SP and fit in every line of the manga of their honeymoon, EASY!  A few extra days in HKG, all set and ready for show.

Because LOOK AT THESE TWO!  Now I truly understand the casting, yes these 2 are quite talented actors on their own, but they just look the part in RL.  How Honoka is pouting a bit before saying out ‘YUMCHA~!’ (‘drink tea’ ie dimsuming/devouring little morsels of goodness from the heart) and she gave Yukikun a little glance as if for a little burst of ganbette before uttering the foreign words and Yuki  is grinning like this proudproud big bro/’hubs’ and follow suit saying ‘yumcha! So Happy!’ perfectly timed as she just finished uttering the words, and they grinned in sync like *gosh* sweet sweet newlyweds.   *Again,  I do not RLship.  I do not.   But I lovelovelove looking at cute pretty things that is giving me a biggrin that is going to last me till Winter*

Honoka: I want to go Shopping~!  And walking around town!

Yuki licks his lips, probably hoping Honoka would mention some more on eating and the reporters will take them to more yummy places, but when Honoka says ‘SHOPPING~!’ in English, he grins, as if approves of his babysis’ English (or Irie’s success in teaching his Kotoko well HAHAHA), then he rolls his eyes (so very IRie!) to the side a little as if saying ‘I KNEW IT!’  Then he pouts a little haha perhaps he’s wishing Honoka will mention more about what she’ll mention more places on his checklist she would go together with him?!

HKG is HOT and humid and the scorching sun is ‘poisonous’ as my mama puts it, so glaring it’s hard to not cringe and keep your eyes open for pictures,  I have never had one decent pic of myself looking not like a grumpy pain in summery HK, but not when you are the ‘Iries’.  And when it’s not scorching, it has muggy rainy grey summer days, just this very moment it is hit by a typhoon #8 (which is a very strong one) and reducing the city to a ghost town like 28 days later.  Nah, to the Itakiss fandom this is 3 days later but we have these GLORIOUS gifs to stare at, chasing away ALL the weather and RL blues. 😀

And! I’m saving the best for last:

I. Have. No. Words.

It is still lunar calendar 7th day of the 7th month, ie Chinese Valentine’s Day and the lovely CN fangirls are still churning out ridiculously perfect fanvid, this one is to Nino’s Niji.

I very rarely follow a dorama live and its fandom, BUT is making a FREAKEN GENIUS RPG GAME! !!! !!!!!!!!!! of the drama a normal thing now?!  Game is here.  It’s in Chinese and it’s ADFHSDKLAKSLHSFDDSLASDFHGDFSALLL AWESOME.  GEEZ WHAT ARE YOU BABIES’ BRAINS MADE OF!!!!!???????????????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ETA:  EEEPPPP!  Miki posted her HKG trip on her bloggie!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!  It’s the cutie’s first time in Hong Kong.

I’m back~!

Sorry for being late with an update~

Fans from Hong Kong are such a delight.  I did not expect there would be so many fans overseas!

A lot of fans welcomed us at the airport, close to 1000!  Amazing!

Although the fanmeet was only 30 minutes long, it was very meaningful and exciting.

I really want more fanmeets like this!

Afterwards, I even went sightseeing!!

Yukikun wanted to visit the Peak, so we went there.

Hong Kong at night, is breathtakingly beautiful.

When you see the scenery at night, I can not put to words my feelings.

Yes, it’s that mesmerizing.  It is too amazing!

Dimsum was also very yummy, the HKG trip was too much fun!!  Just the thought I could go on such a trip, makes me so happy.

Everyone in Hong Kong, thank you very much!

Thank you dear for all your support.  Please continue supporting my work!!

13 thoughts on “Yum Cha~ Shopping~ (And The PEAK~! ! !)

  1. LOL Yuki’s uniform, sooooo hilarious and ridiculous enlarged on him. But the cute ear-sy interactions make up for everything.

    And yes, a friend just came back from HK, scorching hot and vowed never to travel HK during summer. And another is stuck with all flights in HK cancelled today.

    1. Even if I have vacay….and someone pay for my flt I would hesitate to visit HKG from June to Sept. I just CANT.

      Oh poor friend! *hugz* My bro has just left home for work at 2pm haha and man is he GRUMPY.

  2. All of those pictures are so adorable!! Ahh my heart! And omg I can’t believe some fans even made an RPG game, true dedication right there!!! I wonder how many fangirls Yuki gained from his role in INK. O___O

    1. I’m dying of Cute, and it’s been for a few days now! AHHHHH~!

      Pretty sure every one of his fangirls following him at weibo IS from LiT no doubt so that’s A LOT!

    2. in twitter, they call #itakissvirus #yukivirus #yukisyndrome. They ask him to make a twitter acc, n when he finally joined twitter, he gained 7000 followers in just 3 days. Yuki really is a virus 😉

  3. Dammit. I really have no priorities. I am not supposed to be spazzing over any more pictures till the weekend but the last gif is waaay too adorable. Can’t wait for the fans to gif the heck out of the drama BTS stuff when the DVD’s released. Haha.

  4. wow i just found out here that miki went to the peak too w/ yuki, i thought she wants to go shopping…maybe she cancel it for yuki..hahaha my shipper heart^^ . Thx again for the update mookie..

  5. btw what happen in the last gif? what did they asked and make our darlings blushing w/ cuteness overload like that? woah im so curious.. And yes i have no words seeing that one too^^

    1. haha I didn’t have time for the clips but there were so many articles about the FM. I think the organizer is trying to ask Miki to stick a sponsor sticker on her jacket but she is not too happy about the idea and pouts….and whines a little with her face towards Yuki. And Yuki looks on giving her a nod for comfort. Again.


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