Get a Room

Sign the papers.  Instead, they got themselves a…wall.

This is one of my very silly Friday post.  Pretty, sure, of course.  But not for the faint of heart, you may die of a heat stroke, or a cute stroke.  Tread lightly.

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Do not read a word in the cap.  One guess on what this post is really about.

If this wall ever has to fall, I can bet a year’s wages either HuGe will get his hands on that chunk of brick and gives it to YH on a birthday and post it on weibo for ALL to witness.  Or YH will do the same thing for a HG’s birthday.  (Or they’ll work it into their home in SH as a headpiece for their bed..s in between their rooms and have a hole they hammer in themselves where they’ll treat it like the treehole in their own IntheMoodforBromance where they’ll whisper their sweetnothings. *I KID (nahhh…)!!!* )

Yup, my strongest bromance, whom I dip my rare RL shipping.  I have no idea if they are the putting a ring on finger kind, nor do I care, just PLZ STAY SILLY AND CHEEKY AND SHAMELESS AND RIDICULOUS AND DISPLAY ALL THE PUBLIC DISPLAY OF AFFECTIONS ONLY YOU TWO DERPS ARE CAPABLE OF till I draw my last breath.

If Putin the bigboss and his homophobic minions are eloquent in Mandarin and there be a reality show, just you know, tag a baby monitor or sth on these 2 and document every jawdropping loveydovey they did together, that will sure kill some revolting bigotry, the world will be a better place, because instead of  forcing a label on what kind of love is socially acceptable or not, these two gorgeous cutest grown pair will make you believe in LOVE in the first place, whatever fluid shape/ form that unbeatable intangible takes.

This episode in their reality show I’ll name Intouchables *because I’ve just seen the movie and the bromance is g-ahhhhh.  Part of the warm fuzzy and reduction to a perpetual goo-state is directly the result of the immediate connection I made of YH taking a year off tending to HG while he’s recovering)*:

This is posted by 家骏哥, who is YH’s long time stylist buddy.

HuGe should ALWAYS wear some form of a 3 piece suit and be in every Manguo-wartime drama.  I can not wait to see him in 49 days, a drama adapt of the harrowing devastating novel Flowers of war by Geling Yan with one of my fav CN drama actress Song Jia (who was the better half of a fav OTP with Loverboy of mine in TianDiMinXin):

HuGe has always given me the screen presence of a young Chow YunFat.   I do not know about you, but I can picture him in every role CYF was in way back when and HG would fit the part.  That is why he would be my vote for Linghu Chong over Wallace or anyone else IF yumama was not attached, he would also nail a Xu WenQiang more competently than a HXM in Shanghai Bund.

Take a look at this seminal HK watch commercial starring CYF and 吳倩蓮 and picture HuGe and perhaps ShiShi reprising:


Mr stylist has been posting so much lovely BTS of Loverboy I love him to bits:

His studio is based in Beijing and there is a wall he’s asking his famous client to autograph.   He captioned his tweet, ‘We got the long-awaited HuGe, finally!  keke the wall is almost out of space!’  Not really, tonnes of white wall lower down, but HuGe JUST has to sign his name at that particular crowded spot.  And No, he’s not using the sharpie to point at his own signature.  What is he pointing at, and cheekily taking a pic and allowing it to be thrown onto the whole wide world of weibosphere now?!?!?!

It is his LaoYuan’s autograph, his Little Red Flower (while you are cringing and hammering down your goosebumps at the nick, lest you forget, let me remind you this is a well documented lovenick HuGe coined for a bday ILUBU tweet for his YH).  And HuGe squeezed his own on the right, right next to Loverboy’s.

You think that’s the whole story?!  Nonononono.  We still have our shameless Red Flower, replying the tweet with:

@袁弘: ……我懂了[泪]  YH:  ……got it. [泪]

The heck! This prompted a flurry of poetic lublub retweets by the shippers:

//@萤火虫梦中的光:我来到 你的城市 走过你来时的路 想像着 没我的日子 你是怎样的孤独  I’m here, in your city.  I’m walking, the streets you’ve tread, thinking…how lonely you are, the days without me. //@风中的光醉:他去过的地方总有一天我也会到达,这种巧合只是时间的先后罢了,你把脚印留在那里,我就把脚印印在你的脚印之上,记得吗,路上总有我风雨相伴! The places he’s been, I would get there, one day.  The serendipity is only separated by a before and after.  Where you’ve left your footsteps, I would leave one on top of yours.  Remember, you have me by your side, thick or thin, wind or shine! //@慕衍sharon:就算迟点到你身边,总好过此生错过[鲜花]Better late than never, better than never having you in my life [鲜花]//@一本巨大的账:Better late than never//@袁弘:……我懂了[泪]

[泪] gosh you crazybeautifulsillyshippers!

Yup, but that is not near the entirety of what the national bromance of the century is capable of.

See, this is a wall.  It’s quite massive.  YH signed on this wall at least a yr+ ago.  Out of the hundreds of swirly siggies, Mr. Hu has to have the bromantic notion to look for Little Red Flower’s pretty siggy in the first place, THEN signs his own next to it, AFTER WHICH he holds that sharpie so obviously under his LRF’s siggy, AND pose for a picture, allowing it to pop up for all of weibo to see.  ANDDD LRF has to reply promptly a ‘got it’ with an emoticon screaming he’s moved to fuzzy tears, pouting he’s not in Beijing to meet up his LaoHu.  THAT shameless.

In all seriousness, I’m pretty sure being a popular idol for quite many years now, HuGe has his own team of stylists working for him, it’s unlikely this is just a coincidence he happens to be in Beijing and be working with YH’s stylist.  It must be a rec by Red Flower.

Are y’all getting a few cavities from the Cute yet?  Is that the whole story?

Heck no.

All those dime a dozen cliched sappy romcoms with the tired and boring love tokens can get the freak out of here because when you are RL gorgeous actors who have to sign siggies all the time, there is something called CP autographs.  On the left is the handiwork of Mr. Hu (who is aptly nicked big hands not because his certain anatomy is well endowed (he’s HuGe afterall and nownownow half of u can now pick up your brains from the gutters, that is after you have stared some more at a certain chunk of pixels of the above pics of HuGe)…but because, big hands = brilliant fanfic writers.)   It’s common for the YYing CP fangirls to ask one of the parties to fake the autograph of the other half of the CP, no one really take it too seriously, so that is nothing to drop a jaw over, however, it’s not everyday when there is a heart voluntarily drawn between the 2 siggies as if it’s the most natural thing.  But why, of course it’s the most natural thing for HuGe to do.   And my gut is telling me this is a lurve gesture HuGe will keep professing to his LRF, and I suspect this has a place in an even more elaborate grand scheme of things because it’s just a week or so until Red Flower’s birthday August 23rd.

While HuGe is smoking hot like a boss smoking… Red Flower is…

busy posing human hearts with ladyMC in a freaken layed sweater outfit in deadly 40C+ heat (HOW?!)

I will say it out loud maybe because Loverboy is out there flirting around, and I quote HuGe whining YH’s 沾花惹草ing, and that is why he has to put a bromance stamp on the hankering RedFlower in the form of CP siggies.

Not really anything to nitpick, he looks lovely and handsome and very skinny in it and I just wore a very similar outfit (hey it’s been a lovely lower 20sC kinda wk, go be jealous!),  but as a very concerned loving fangirl, I would love you more if you read weather reports and dress accordingly (eg nikkid, frankly I do not mind.)

And the outfit that is giving me the sweaty itchies is also still on him when he’s cooking.

Yes, he cooks (and he bakes too).  I know I know, you are asking in screams where??!!? ( and the headcount of puppies you need to kill) to get you a YH.


He is not wearing socks and I think it’s hot.  It’s 40+C hot so even if he doesn’t look half as good I would still let him expose however much skin to his hearts content.

Yes, start from showing feet. It is cool by me.

He’s also finally showing his face everywhere in DRAMASSS!

HAHA because his fangirls are meanies, they do a side by side/top and bottom comparison of his face in the current megahit Longmen Express (which I’m sooooo insanely addicted to) and his YangKang.

I’m not the only one bumped by the ennui….witnessing a gorgeous boy growing old before my eyes.  Still good looking, but not the same and there is nothing one can do about it.  HOWEVER I can dig out the picspams of him looking so ridiculously young and spiffy in his HuaXuYin stills and bts and ponder the why and how some more (but why can’t I go back and forth (not forth) and be younger…*sobz*)

I think it’s the tele and TV camera adding meat to his face, because in the bts of Mulan, he does not look as chubby as he’s on my screen (YES MULAN IS OUT EVERYWHERE!!! That is why he and his homies are posting his selfies and his new hair color is almost a strawberry blond! ! !)

He’s actually looking skinnier than a pole/lollipop in his recent outings, I’m not sure if this is his quote, ‘ Life is the process of losing weight.’  I’m sure if it’s from his mouth, he meant both the physical and psychological baggage in life.

I miss him being so dazzlingly gorgeous and ineffably winning on my screen in a watchable drama, because I’m not sure Mulan is my thing (I’m a tiny bit allergic to Elanne, girl2 and CSC 2 episodes in) I know poems by heart about the folklore since in diapers, so the story needs to have many fresh talking points to grab my attention.  I’m less patient and way more finicky in summer with less time to couch.  I’ve not seen his cameo in LongmenExpress in entirety, but it is a cameo, and word is he’s close (to good), but no cigar compared to other brilliant cameos prior, although the witty Mr writer/producer 宁财神 voted him as his favorite in that stretch of eps clearly out of his biased love for him.  The sequel is already in the works and I wouldn’t be surprised if ALL the gorgeous men I’ve seen so far: Loverboy and ChenXiao and HXM and Lu Yi (the pretty flower ahjusshi Zhuge Liang in 3Kingdoms2010) would return and play bigger roles.

*a very cute spoilerthe ‘matron’ of the Longmen gang, Anita’s character is a mom with a cutiepie son HuHu, ie bigbro Hu or ‘Hu 哥(ge)’ to the gang…and in this episode, it is the boy who brings our ironclad invincible tongue shrewd lawyer down. haha and the netizens have a field day commenting on the streams of the ep:  YH can only be taken by Hu Ge!*

haha because it’s always a fav schadenfreude to see Loverboy in some form of torture and him sporting a sweater in heatwave is not enough, lets watch him in LOTSA fur!

Have an awesome fanvid of his Prince Ashinasimu in Princess TaiPing

Here he is endorsing the 20th anni of Cosmo.  Cosmo should do a commemorative issue of RedWhite at their 20th anni of bromance as a thank you for your HOTNESS!

16 thoughts on “Get a Room

    1. 龙门镖局. I would call it a period sitcom. When it’s funny, I literally am roflmao, then it has moments so heartwarming then hearttugging my eyes got misty. It’s along stephen chow’s playbook, TVB slapstick, but at least it’s written by a proper writer.

  1. I still find Yuan Hong hottest as Yelu Xie 😀 since I think it was a more challenging role for him : he had to balance the rough, monghol, baddie general and the handsome, suave, care-for-his-troops young man vibes convincingly and this role made him for me -sometimes I even cheered for him :p *badgirl*- his eyes worked the magic hehe

    1. Oh me too! I’m still holding out hope he’ll wow me in sth like Yelu Xie. we’ve seen that potential in him. It was sucha challenging role and he nailed in so beautifully in an otherwise 5/10 drama.

      I’m a bit worried he’s not as fearless and overthinking his acting too much now that he’s older and under more stress to break into the league of leading men.

      1. Yesss ! Then he had this ‘nothing to loose’ attitude towards his career and what roles he picked but now he takes less risks 😦 . At the same I can understand him. He is still good

        1. I think he’s actually taking a lot of risks with a myriad of very different roles, but he’s a bit ‘rushing’ through his projects. Other than YeLu Xie he was actually so fine and controlled and poised in his CCTV historical outings both times, that is telling me either he has to land a role catered to him (YLX and YK) or he needs dedicated writing and directing. News just out he’d be another ‘time traveling’ angsty romance novel adapt but this time he’s the leading man against Ruby Lin. I haven’t read the book, so I need to look more into whether this has a chance to be decent or not (my bet is not). Even quality of drama aside, if this is a role he can shine in, I’ll take it. Afterall a leading role is a step up in exposure.

          1. Oh please ! Ruby Lin ? Ewww ! Is it Ruby who produces the movie so that she can get the lead role and play opposite him ? If yes I can understand because sorry but I have yet to see this woman appeal find her compelling to waste lead roles on her -I know I am mean :p –

            1. The drama is produced by Ruby’s production company that’s why. The fans of the novel is generally quite happy with his casting, and the role seems to be not just another Ruby’s usual himbos. I do not mind Ruby a decade ago, but when she’s typecasting herself time and time again and not improving a lick since…that’s the problem.

      2. Yuan Hong gives off natural authority aura -compared to his friend HuGe- that’s why at young age -early 20’s- he was already convincing at playing feared general, princes or king roles compared to a lot of his fellow young colleagues

        1. From his recent interview promoting Mulan, I could make sense to it all because his face is very standard properly handsome for CN aesthetics actually, he’s been popular in school, he’s a social butterfly, he’s perfect, he’s a leader, he’s from a very good background, ‘upper middle class’ if I could put it so, he’s been smooth sailing all his life giving him this aura, this glow, this confidence at a young age that is credited to his upbringing. He started out very promising in the industry, he got handpicked for a proper CCTV historical leading role while in drama school and that usually is a safe bet he’d be on his way to solid stardom. Instead Prince’s Education was shelved for 3 years and was a disappointment, not making a splash. Instead his bff HuGe hit it big in a surprising idol hit that shot him to idoldom and mut be shifting all TR’s resources and attention his side. I saw that spark of young dreamy hopeful fearless boy in his every role then. But I blame TR wasting and deflating his hope with their treatment of him post LoCH. Idling for so long, discarding to the side for every project your agency is producing is not an easy pill to swallow time after time.
          But I think this period will do him good if he can persevere. He knows he’s not 100%, but he’s gaining experience with his every role, and if he can stay calm and settle the nerves more being a bit lost in his career, I’ll take this period as him in a cocoon.

          1. Now all their attention is on LSS (it is so annoying) they give sleepy eyes every roles now ! 😮 I guess they have no more actresses except LSS -ew !- I understand YH feelings towards TR now. So many years wasted on this insensitive baise minded ‘agency’ ? Now TR wants to play all the I-am-always-by-your-side towards YH now that he is in more demand and he has got more popular and people start to see his charm. I am happy he left karen for good ! (Y)

            1. Again, I used to like ShiShi a lot on my screen, but oddly after BBJX (and it’s ad nauseum reruns on my tele), when I could clearly see her putting 120% of effort, YET, it’s still not enough, esp when RX is a role that gives ample opportunities for any actress to shine and floor me…and then on, I just thought every of her outing lacking. Somehow she’s lost the spark, and that youthful freshness, no longer convincing as the ingenue, yet not enough acting abilities to elevate herself in anything else. To be blunt, she bores me on screen, I don’t hate her, but.

              It is not like they are putting all resources on LSS, YH can’t compete with her for leading lady roles, but it’s giving HG the dips no matter whether he’s suitable for the role or not. And when they do let him have the spotlight in Clothing the World, it’s sucha lame drama with no heart at all, thrown together as if just to mess with YH. It was the last straw for me with TR, that was such a disgusting low move from Karen the b*tch.

  2. mookie, you naughty girl 😛 (thinking a HuGe certain body parts XD !!!)
    this bromance for life is amah-zing, making me in needing to ogle their bromances pics.. aside u’r blog, trying to enter Baidu to look for their pics posing together but got blank and kinda lost there XD

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