On my mind

It’s Loverboy’s birthday.

I have a soft spot for Ruby just on she’s sweet to my Loverboy and I can trust her taking good care of the gorgeous in her manrem on her set.  I honor her good and shamelessly shallow taste in men.  This is Loverboy’s bday cake on set of 长歌行/Chang Ge Xing, he’s cutely nicked by Ruby as ‘XiuEr’ :

@袁弘 秀~~生日快樂~~希望你未來一切美好~早點找到你心中的麗華~未來的幾個月就與我們共創秀麗江山的輝煌吧!
@YH Xiu~ Happy Birthday!~~ Wishing you all the best~ and finding your own LiHua~ Lets create the glory of our Beautiful Country together in the next few months!
There is already gorgeous fanart posted by the official drama weibo *haha shrinking his bobblehead*:

Oh my non-existent shipper heart, he (and HuGe!) just won’t let it be still.

Friday on My Mind is his music rec at weibo for his bday:

He’s been obsessed with the movie The Boat that Rocked/Pirate Radio or strictly its OST for a while now.   I haven’t seen the movie but there are too many hot British uncles to miss.  For some reason, HuGe has been waxing poetics posting artsy photos (he’s a mighty talented photog, the best amongst the C idols) on some Diary at Hi~ sea: Captain HooGe entries.

It is avant garde and HG’s poetry, above me to grasp, all I know is he wanna be at sea but the weather won’t allow or sth.  That is the ~ the same time Loverboy posted Beach Boys’ Wouldn’t It Be Nice from The Boat that Rocked OST.  Hmmmm…

Wouldn’t it be nice if we were older~

Then we wouldn’t have to wait so long~

And wouldn’t it be nice to live together~

In the kind of world where we belong~

Then there is this one about birds, and a guy who loves flying (high) because of his vocation.  The guy also loves cats (erm…YH’s beloved dog is MeowMeow~!) and wishes there be a cat which can fly (Totoro’s catbus?) ending his poetic emo tweet with:

爱得懂 懂得爱 Love what you know, know what you love. -Captain HG’

This is his present from the hotel he’s staying at Elephant Mtn where he filmed Mulan, Hua XuYin and now Chang Ge Xing:

At 00:00 sharp 8/23 their time zone, this is what HuGe did.  Outdoing himself in shamelessness and terrific:

ShiShi’s new movie with ZaiZai #回到爱开始的地方# is premiering on this auspicious day, and our hot commodity leading lady post a rare weibo:

@刘诗诗新浪個人認證#回到爱开始的地方#踏上一段心动的旅程8.23 等你们同行〜 希望大家静下心走进影院,多多支持[嘻嘻][嘻嘻] [兔子] Lets embark on a heart-fluttering journey on 8.23.  I’m here waiting for you to join me on the voyage~ Hope you will head to the theater with a calmness at heart.  Support (my movie)!

@胡歌: 这是多么好的生日礼物啊 我家小弘一定很开心[嘻嘻][嘻嘻][嘻嘻][蛋糕][蛋糕][蛋糕]回到爱开始的地方 @袁弘 你怎么看[酷][阴险]How precious is this birthday present?!  MY Lil’Hong must be ecstatic! [嘻嘻][嘻嘻][嘻嘻][蛋糕][蛋糕][蛋糕]  Back to Where Love Begins @YH  What say you? [酷][阴险]

All you HongShi shippers, it’s time to come out of the woodwork! ! !   What else is this supposed to mean with all the grinning and winking?!?!?  HuGe is usually not as ‘blatant’ and easy to read.  But please tell me how am I supposed to not read it as Hu Ge outing the LOVE btn YH and LSS or YH and HIMSELF?!

Even LadyB stuck a foot in, asking ‘What do you think, YH?! kekeke’

And the cigar goes to our witty bday boy, always:

@袁弘: 我没看懂,是跟小胡纸回去?还是跟小诗纸回去?还是一手牵一个一块走啊 〜[爱你][亲亲] I do not get it, is it to go back with Lil Hu? Or go back with Lil Shi? OR grab one in each arm and lets go together?!~[爱你][亲亲]

@电影-回到爱开始的地方: 小弘花,抛弃小胡纸选择小诗纸吧[哈哈]生日快乐[蛋糕][蛋糕] Lil’ Hong Flower, dump Lil’ Hu and pick  Lil’ Shi! [哈哈]Happy Birthday! [蛋糕][蛋糕]

Seriously how many HongShi shippers are there?!  Even the movie’s official weibo is obviously run by one ^

Even old colleagues from TR are at it, posting greetings attaching a cap of a conspicuous time:

The shippers are picking it up as 026 = Yuan (O) Ai (2) Liu (6).  Yuan ❤ Liu.  It’s a bit too much, but if this has any truth to it, it’s too damn cute.

HAHA somewhere in my very real imagination, ShiShi is guffawing the manly way she always does while blushing her face red.  She’s never been 1/10 as shameless as the RedWhite with words, but if we take a trip back memory lane, there is always Loverboy there to do her share of shameless for her:

This was from 2010.8.23.  Flaunting the Nth girlfriend stamp from SS: home-cooked chicken wings.  The boy is so not shy, fiercely bravo-ing her much improved cooking (and he’s boasted so many times he is her mentor in the kitchen, as I said, shameless).  It’s not like I did not see the condensation on the lid and this must be still piping warm and it’s late at night… He had to tell the world he’s received SS’ present and it’s perfect and the precious thing will make lots of appearance from then on.  I can YY it being the Totoro handwarmer.

From Loverboy himself:

@袁弘: 这 年头,我这种拿刨子刨苹果的极品不多了,大家好好珍惜。 These days, there are not many BAMFs like me who would peel an apple with a peeler, please cherish me.
Not to be cheeky why it’s fate and destiny, stars, constellations aligned, I do peel my apples like so, and sorry Loverboy it is most probably because we are klutzes who will cut ourselves several times before the apple is peeled, but I must say a bloody hand every time eating a fruit could be quite BAMF.
And in the wee hours, he has to outcute us all because he’s the bday boy:
YH: 借着过生日的理由,把世界亲了一遍,还有谁不服[亲亲][亲亲] Taking advantage of my birthday, I have smooched the whole world, who refuses to accept it?![亲亲][亲亲]

How can I not <33 this impish flirt?!  and his weibo to death?!?!  Not only is it most entertaining, on his bday we fangirls have gifts left and right, with all the besties posting selfies on set and off.  So Much WIN!  YAY!

This is greeting picspam from his costar Sun XiaoXiao, part of the 3 stooges (the last of the trio being Ray Ma TianYu) on set of Young Detective Dee, they’ve also worked together in Love Trouble (Hey, I’m more than ready for this summer fluffy thing rumored to be out this summer.  WHERE is it?!?!)

感恩世界上有跟我一起犯二的你们俩。袁小妹儿,生日快乐,好好的,我们一直都在!如果为这零点祝福感动了,麻烦再帮我买两罐萝卜干儿〜〜@袁弘 Thank you world for the two of you to be derps with. Lil sista Yuan-er, happy birthday, be good and happy, we will always be here! If you are moved by my midnight sharp greeting, please buy me two more cans of dried radish~~

@马天宇: 那两步跑,就注定你是个怂皇桑了,骁,你懂得。[偷笑] 老0我们爱你哦〜@袁弘  Can tell from those 2 steps of dashing you are born to be a derpy emperor, XiaoXiao, you know what I’m talking about.[偷笑] Lao O, we love you~!

And all the precious exclusive bts snaps from all the loving drama official weibos:

Have the latest trailer for Hua XuYin I WANT IT NOWWWWW first:

An exclusive pic posted by Young Detective Dee weibo:

From Secret Passages:

Love Trouble:

The following is from a lovely picspam by Lv Yi, she’s a beauty and is Loverboy’s costar in Love Trouble.  They look so good as CP and best gfs hahaha (along with Sun XiaoXiao)

@吕一新浪個人認證你总是充满着阳光和活力,是一个充满正能量又有灵魂行走的人。你说的对,⦅真爱⦆遥遥无期,但三亚认识两"极品"也不枉此行。谢谢你那两本罗琦琦,我的东南亚美男子@袁弘 生日快乐! You are always full of vivre and sunshine, a man filled with positive energy with a soul and a drive. You’ve said it, maybe ‘True Love’ (Love Trouble) is far away, but knowing you both ‘precious’ at SanYa, it’s worth it.  Thanks for your 2 volumes of 罗琦琦( fr TongHua’s 那些回不去的年少时光 Time Will Never Go Back).  My handsome guy in SouthEast Asia @yuanhong, Happy Birthday! 

To which Loverboy the flirt replied: @袁弘: 我心目中永远且惟一的仙女,有幸认识你、你们[亲亲][亲亲] The one and only forever and ever Fairy in my heart, I’m so lucky to know you, you both.[亲亲][亲亲]

*Sharp-eyed fangirls spot a possible RL CP, LvYi posted a thank you tweet of  TongHua novels the other day, the 罗琦琦 ones she mentioned above, spinning speculations they may be costarring in the drama adaptation.  At her bday earlier this year, YH has called her the exact same The one and only forever and ever Fairy in my heart*

From the official weibo of Mulan:  the first pic is gorgeous haha but where I’m at (very early on) he’s sooo pudgy!

From his facetwin ‘real little sister’:

@郭晓婷:@袁弘 生快生快〜 我带领小黄人军团来给你祝寿啦 [鼓掌] [蛋糕] 虽然很久不见 但最好的祝福当然都要给亲哥 [赞]
HBHB~ Me and my yellow comrades are here to wish you a happy birthday! [鼓掌] [蛋糕] Long time no see, all my best wishes are for my realbrother! [赞]
Fr SongNing/JiangXin:  Shen douchedouche happy birthday!
From Nicky:  I can so accept this, this is how it should be, me and my little buddies are all stunned! * I have no idea what Nicky is talking about* And Loverboy replied: 袁弘:四哥[嘻嘻]不要跑[亲亲][亲亲][亲亲] Bro4[嘻嘻], (Hajima~ )Don’t run away (fr my) [亲亲][亲亲][亲亲] !  *GAWD, absolutely shameless*

From his RL homies:

His fans:

Gotta love a guy who would record a message for his fanclub on a fangirl’s phone almost kissing it, chatting about diet tips, when as a droolzing hand fiend asking him to show you his pretty palm, and he would.

I’m a bit taken aback by his bday making the hot topic list on weibo, and a tirade of official weibo picspamed bday well-wishings.  I do not know where that comes from, nor why he’s having close to 18 million followers O____O

Have an MV the lovely sweet redbeanies made for his bday, compiling his every work.  haha but it is one who posted a diet for slimming fatfaces.  ROFLMAO!  So bday greetings are not only entertaining, hilarious but now informative/educational as well.  This gets my vote and YH’s retweet:

The sweetest redbeanies gave him a surprise bday party at Elephant Mtn:

The dinner table was originally set for the fans themselves only, it’s late and he had a long first day on set.  But being the sweetheart he is, he ate with them, and so gentlemanly served them food into each of their plates. :`)

And he serenaded them a Teresa Teng song (haha he was asked to sing a HuGe song first)! 我只在乎你 (I only care about you) :~)

lolz.  Who is the threadmaster of the official Louis Cha weibo?!?!?!  Whose idea of an adorable bday greeting to our ‘YangKang’ is posting an MV slashing him with his son YangGuo!?!?! 【楊過X楊康】少年

@金庸吧官方微博: @袁弘 以细致入心的刻画,将杨康内心的矛盾和命运的捉弄紧密结合,将金庸笔下这位金国小王爷演绎的更加壮烈,更加华美,更加震撼。可以说袁弘版的杨康是超越历代版本的改进。祝金庸剧当家小生#袁弘823生日快乐#[蛋糕][蛋糕]送上@古天乐 老0精彩演绎的【楊過X楊康】MV—少年。

When official weibo for a cotton brand in china Mian由你想象 is making a fanvid I have no words.


6 thoughts on “On my mind

  1. i must be a worst LB fangirl ever, i forgot 0823 *sobs*
    but gawd my love for him is increasingly seeing how he treated his fans, he is just too sweet nd precious for words.. is there a chances for me to meet him in person someday *sigh*

    1. I teared up a little when I learned his Mom called him wishing him a happy birthday at the surprise party and that is why he’s grinning like the most glorious sunshine holding the phone in some of the pics.

      I’m actually scared to meet him, because by all fan accts he’s impossibly perfect a person disregarding his gorgeous shell…haha I don’t think I can ignore the shell alone, and I really can’t love him more as is! This is craycray enough!

  2. Oh my! It is really touching the way he treats his fans. I would say he is the best! I wished him a happy birthday in my own simple way…. he is so far away…so I whispered in the in the air. Sigh…. I’m hopeless… really.
    Did Love Trouble start airing somewhere?
    Thank you for this post, Mookie. You are my source of news/updates on YH.

    1. lolz he’s such an easy to be with goob in RL. I dies when the fangirls snapped him like a happy child when his Mom called.

      Wind was Love Trouble would’ve aired this summer on CCTV no less, but there is still no noise of promo or anything which always preceeds…and I go lurk at the weibos of the other leads, a few of them seems bumped and hinted on not knowing when drama would be out. :/ This would be so befitting a guilty pleasure for summer!

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