Here yuma, I come in peace and I have a most sincere offer on the table:

I’m happy to resort to me swapping my slightly over 100 pounds, almost identical ht with your embodiment of female ideal of late body with yours,  as the only reason I can think of you fking everything and everyone is in fact… bless your heart, you are suffering from your grueling weight loss and you are deprived of food items and you envy puffy cheeks and chubby stature, and you are craving a XiaoLongBao, constantly, 24/7.   I would be happy to make your life easier so everyone attached to your Return of Condor Heroes and Foxy demoness and a XiaoLongBao could make an easier living and we as bystanders who can’t help but watch the ultimate doomed marriage of any combination (I do not want to spoil and ruin anything of your most ‘colorful’ imagination) between a hero, a condor, a fox and a yummy dimsum (tiny piece of heart).  I didn’t say it out loud it’s doomed because you are attached but we know our Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio a romance crossing taboo barriers of lifeforms of humans and demons and on top of that with a little lump of juicy meat-filled doughy goodness would never end well *very straight face of mine.*  The public needs to resume a life without all the unnecessary emotions and inexplicable swearing and smashing of things.  I have no idea where it stems from, do you?!  But all I can sense is you are not happy and your unhappy wrath on the world is not making me happy for one.  All I’m asking is on one condition, as long as I can control that mind or whatever u have inside your head.  I will make do with your body and your face.   I Swear.  Ain’t I a sunshine.

With due respect, and whatever I can do, here, have my arm, mookie.

I can’t make myself pasting every bts and stills here undiluted, so I just have to put some pretty pix, like the rest of the C interweb is self-medicating, sadly with nothing to do with yuma’s ‘RoCH’ in the mix.  I care about your eyes and sanity.

A headline in a CN newspaper Titled:  The Freaks are Coming…

I do not know why this still can shock me to horror.  I have never seen Chen Xiao fug, plain fug in a period EVER and we all know he’s been doing mostly yuma’s tackiest  stuff.  I can not imagine who in the right mind would think this is an acceptable period hair-do, where it’s literally sticking a bun and bits of wig/extension on a modern coif with bangs.  My only glimmer of hope this is only the urchin/’beggar’ look (come on POKKA DOTS!!??!) of young Yang Guo but don’t we have a very good looking boy playing the youngun?!  *me so very worried ><*

This plaid on hammer pants?!?!?  The Bieber with his very questionable taste (to me) won’t wear that.   And what is with that loin cloth?!  Please do not tell me this has anything to do with sanitary personal hygiene after pooping.

It pains me CX does not look amused in any of the bts.  Imo this should be as exciting as coveted a role a young up and coming actor can ever land in a C drama, EVER.   He is almost rolling his eyes, holding in the tears of WTF and pleading me to go get him out of there.  My Poor Pretty Boy!  *SOBBINGFOREVER*  And yeah, I didn’t even want to scroll down or start with the million things wrong piled on him as an outfit neckdown. ** skip this following sentence if you are under 21, but auntiemookie here is in RAGE! I’m not responsible for any trauma this will cause M’KAY?!?!! :  CX, my dear poor pretty thing, did u agree to any of this so against your will the only wager u can wrangle to appease yourself a little is you can haz YZ’s balls hanging as stress relief squeeze toys ?!**

This is the costumer who did CP3.  While it may work for an OTT RPG manga-like drama adapt, still, HuGe’s outfits were FUG! in both CPs.   The ladies were fine though, I love the outfits of YangMi, LSS, and TangYan there!  So aside from any color other than WHITE is wrong on a XLN, what is this horrible fit to make MC even stubbier and chubbier and neck-less and harboring a questionable bulge from her chest down to the waist area, if I can call it a waist?!?!

I do not care much for RoCH adapts, hence I do not retain much, perhaps the hair is not terribly wrong in comparison, but when it comes to an actor who is talented, I want to see as much of his face (brows included) when he’s emoting as possible:

Palate cleansers, I need plenty.  Lets not abuse the words pretty, beautiful, attractive, the likes, here is an illustration that should be attached to the hordes of chinese characters used to define a beauty.  It would be hard to surmount how all rounded Idy’s XLN is in my heart but I could live with any of these fantasy choices:

I think Rosamund Kwan’s face is aesthetically very strikingly unforgettably beautiful.  I thought she won’t be suitable for periods with her westernized features, and she’s a limited actress, but this is one face that can fit the poetry LC vexed on XLN.  She’s more suitable for a Princess Fragrance, of course.

Joey Wang: Lithe and tall and ethereal.  Perhaps her features are not delicately perfectly beautiful in closeups but she can capture that off-putting aloofness.  Who would mind a young Joey as XLN?!!?!?  Not me.

Carmen Lee.   She is a bit overrated for me, but she’s a beauty alright.  The weibosphere is swarmed with her XLN, and many are rewatching RoCh95 to relief their eyes, arguably the crowd’s favorite.

Sharla Cheung, there may be too much 風塵 ‘wind and dust’ in her eyes  for the unworldly untainted pureness/ignorance of an authentic XLN, but she would’ve been an interesting choice.

If we want a ‘reinvention’, where XLN is short and cute and cuddly and warm and bubbly, only an Athena Chu can fit the bill yet kinda fit the aesthetics in the face as described by LC.

Maggie is added because Sirey reminded me of my silly head forgetting things:

Maggie is the inspirational success story EVERY actress should study long and hard and if they even just copy half her dedication, I can almost shut all my rant.  She was cute but not classically beautiful, not graceful in her heydays and was branded a vase for years, but how hard she has worked!  Her drive in her craft brought her to a level holding her own against every glorious movie star from a Leslie to a Brigitte.   But even after she’s earned the respect of transforming herself steadily to an actress from being stereotyped a cute vase through a tonne of hard work and improvement, her face is too modern with the angles not considered period-pretty.  She was jawdroppingly nuanced and the personification of all things feminine and gentile in Ashes of Time.  And a Maggie, in her early 30s would have been one choice for XLN who did not fit the bill being strikingly drop dead gorgeous but one can trust her skills and technique would’ve convinced us so.  Nobody, even if you have lived in the 60s, as attested by my grandaunties could wear and walk in those qipaos she’d masterfully donned in In the Mood for Love without years of working at it, it was madskills to train herself to the minutiae detailed requirement of WKW just walking the stairs holding that luncheon vessel alone in all the lithe and grace and not one ounce of deviation anywhere to be seen in the displacement of  her body.  As slender as Maggie has always been, to slick herself in those skin-tight qipaos painting that picture she did frame after frame took WORK.  And she is one of the dying breed that has the ethics to respect her profession as such, not just empty lofty utterance of ‘trying a best, bringing you sth new, this pig can fly blablabla’  No one need an awful new when it’s tragically worst than an old.

If judging on her performance alone, ie aside from scene is twice too long and music is so bizarrely wrong.  LYF did dazzle me with her entrance:

I still can’t fathom why yuma never once considered Tong LiYa.  She’s worked for him in supporting roles.  I bet she’s cheaper than MC (lets play innocent and follow along if they are paid their asking price and a movie leading lady is always paid more than a strictly TV actress) All along I thought yuma was going for the younger idols, his choice and be my guest with an Angelababy, but his ‘perfect’ pick is a much older looking MC.  YaYa is the right age for a slightly older XLN to CX’s YangGuo but still young enough to not get the world absolutely batty when LC said XLN looks STAY forever 16, yes unrealistic and so annoyingly chauvinistic but don’t adapt an LC if none of his words mean a thing then.

She’s a DANCER, a very good one, that’s her ticket into the industry.   Here she is acting and dancing as the most captivating seductress in Tang Court:



I had no idea that leaked pic of the screen test yuma posted was PS’d to the kilt until a side by side.  Sorry Merlin fans, the C netizens habitually used Angel Coulby’s Gwen (it doesn’t help when her name sounds like 囧 in chinese, the word is almost a pictogram of a fugface)  for this sorts of comparison :X but they still conclude with similar amount of PS, their ultimate queen of fugging up da screen is more attractive than MC, their words.

This is the new XLN on her bed, a rope and while it can’t be comfy for MC, most are empathizing with the dude laboriously holding it up, leaning on the set.

Li MoChou, our hair person must LURVE Princess Leia/Nezha/ChunLi:

yuma blahblahblah this will have mythical fantasy elements, the ancient tomb gals are fox demonesses scorned by love or something.  Fox spirits in CN folklore have always been Huli Jing ( a derogatory term for women who are home wreckers/seducers of taken men).  And knowing yuma’s obsession with brothels  (I’m not well-versed in yuma’s dramas, but YangMi timeflipped to a brothel in Goong, Dong Fong Bu Bai worked ‘undercover’ in a brothel as the top escort for intelligence gathering.) and his disgusting winkwink tweet with the actress referring to her ex/love of her life in drama Lu as if he’s a customer and she’s the call girl…… ohmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Official stills:

The pink.  XLN is described as a puff of the most dazzlingly gorgeous white airy mist.  Not cosplaying both the Little Twin Stars.

What is wrong with CX in the stills is this looks like any rpg spokesperson campaign a dime a dozen.  I can barely see half his face and I do not know what the hell all the fire is about.



The inner wrangling is getting clearer and clearer by every yuma tweet.  He’s nothing but one trick predictable.  At it again bastardizing the heroine in favor of the ‘girl2’ , ie the actress with the more powerful/richer backers and dragging the hero down the mud along, AGAIN!  Only in yumaland can a Li MoChou have better done stills and more kickass wuxia master than both YangGuo and XiaoLongNu combined.  I do not know where 张馨予/Zhang XinYu comes from other than she made headlines with her personal life, is plastically beautiful, have plastic boobs…ie  typical CN starlet.   She has been popping up EVERYWHERE in big profile things both in movies and dramas.  She is pretty, but as with every one of them with such extensive surgeries done to their faces, she can’t withstand the scrutiny of the camera and she can’t properly emote.  I’d rather bet on MC being the better actress of the two.  MC while with no screen presence and is forgettable had not bothered me since I first saw her in WhyWhyLove (but keyword, forgettable, I didn’t realize I’ve seen her before Apple) 张馨予’s face will turn freaky when she emotes.  We’re so in it for a treat, not.

On top of a shocking pink trimmed, babyblue trimmed there is also a canary yellow trimmed (and one guess there would also be a shrek green trimmed, an orange, red, purple and whatever 我是XLB,我要代表yuma,消滅你們!):

Rumor is MC is not yuma’s choice, at all.  She’s inserted in the production by her backers pumping $8 million in the production is why.  Which is a very realistic picture because talk is the outfit for XLN is tailored for someone around ~170cm and MC is 10cm shorter (or more) hence the horrible fit.  There was also the clue when the production was recruiting extras a while ago, they specifically asked for height btn 167-170 cm.   Anyway, looks like MC is wearing some heavily padded shoes or on stilts and her hair/horns is almost as tall as the length of her face.  I sincerely hope she’s a dancer, because this can’t be easy to walk in let alone all the wuxia dancing involved (but again, I have no sympathy as she’s bringing it onto herself)

I love CX’s fandom, they are basically weeping and in mourning but they are able to find the hilarity in any direst situation.   The hairdos of the ladies must be inspired by yuma watching too much Sailormoon.


This must be the memo yuma sent to costume/hair persons:

Hey do not let me down, I’m so looking forward to XLN spinning out pink hearts, babyblue hearts, yellow hearts with her extra yards of fabric and the enemies all die of cute.

This is from Taobao, the biggest ebay-esque site, selling for peanuts.  A narrower belt piece will do MC SUCH a godsent.   It will elongate her neck, give her a waist, let her have the tonnage of fabric/ie her weapondry, but it’s light and airy looking instead of used bloodied gauze…

Even the brilliant shopkeeper in some CN supermarket can come up with a more creative costume for XLN in TP.  Just add sleeves to this and some underlining she has her silk ribbony weapons at her convenient disposal.  I can even see that little knot in the front doubling as a little bow/pocket for her gloves and needles:

A few days into proper filming, CX hasn’t slept much and is looking like a walking dead.  *SOBZZZZZZZZZZZFOREVER*

This is rumored to be CX’s YangGuo holding a baby Guo Xiang with older sis Guo Fu in pink.  ><  If this is true that cumbersome diarrhea of fabrics and accessories and sorry hair will stick for a while.  Unless all that jagged pleating serves a purpose to be transformed into a bat wings and he can hold hands with bro Condor romancing in flight,  I’m batty.

But he’s still so gorgeous a yuma can’t fug the face up too much.  This will do as the poor orphan boy causing us tonnes of heart wrenching. Cameraman, if you have a heart: closeups closeups and more closeups, frame the bun entirely out of picture, every frame.

But seriously yuma this is one perfectly constructed period face, SHOW IT!

I think this is Lu WuShuang, who is a teenager apprenticing under Li Mochou and god knows what and who her character is about here dressed in a pastel rainbow.  The neck is quite low and I’m reminded of the brothel and fox spirits.

yuma, can’t we just have this?!  You are the master of ‘creative’ copying, this is a little known PC game gig, it has all the work done for you and CX can save up buns and bangs time to get some zzzzzz.  For CX’s sake, pretty please!

6f31a3acgw1e89o9fsm8kg20c804zx6p 6f31a3acgw1e89rzg1f6eg20c804x4qs 687c8685jw1e89o0s4lejg20b404vx6p 4b1e8e19tw1e89pyubssqg20ba06bhdt 4b1e8e19tw1e89pyrpmmqg20bk06bkjm 4b1e8e19tw1e89pypgc9mg20at06anp9

When confronted with how fug Yang Guo’s clothes are yuma ‘joked’ CX’s YG is not playing a rich prince, so he does not have many nice outfits to change into, ie he’ll be dressed in RAGS, ugly used floor RAGS.   Yuma, when have you been authentic to any word in the original?!  WHY start now?!  The fans did the work for you, this is still in character as a young guy not in particularly fancy silks and unadornedly GORGEOUS:

 *Le SIGH*

I’m properly reading RoCH.  I just need to know if I’m getting senile and is there a leeway for ‘reinterpretation’ for ANY of this happening.  These are direct quotes from Louis Cha’s writing and my trans:

The first mention of XLN:

忽聽帷幕外一個嬌柔的聲音說道:“孫婆婆,這孩子哭個不停,幹什麼啊?”楊過抬起頭來,只見一隻白玉般的纖手掀開帷幕,一個少女走了進來。那少女披著一襲薄薄的白色布衣,猶似身在煙中霧裡,看來約莫十六七歲年紀,除一頭黑髮之外,全身雪白,面容秀美絕俗,只肌膚間少了血色,顯得蒼白異常。 All of a sudden a delicate voice is heard behind the curtain, ‘Grandma Sun, what is going on?  Why is the child crying nonstop?’  Yang Guo raises his head and sees a graceful hand resembling white marble, lifting up the curtain.  A young girl enters the room.  The girl is wrapped in a thin layer of white cloth, as if she is encased in mist.  She looks 16 or 17, other than her head of black hair, she is entirely white, her face is exceptionally out of this world delicately beautiful, but the color of her skin lack any tone of liveliness, making her remarkably pale.

YG and XLN:

楊過抬起頭來,與她目光相對,只覺這少女清麗秀雅,莫可逼視,神色間卻冰冷淡漠,當真潔若冰雪,卻也是冷若冰雪,實不知她是喜是怒,是愁是樂,竟不自禁地感到恐怖:“這姑娘是水晶做的,還是個雪人兒?到底是人是鬼,還是菩薩仙女?  Yang Guo lifts his head and meets her eye to eye.  He can only pay attention to how lithely beautiful and elegant this young lady is, so dazzingly he almost can’t bear to look, but her vibe is frosty and indifferent. She is as guileless as ice and snow, but also as cold as snow and ice.  He can not tell if she’s happy or angry, sad or gay.   He can not help but be terrified, ‘Is this lady made of crystal?  Or is she a snow maiden?  Is she human or ghost?  Or is she a fairy or an angel?’

Need hugs?  Here have the music compilation of all the previous adaptations of RoCH, every one of them leagues above this:

30 thoughts on “Dafuq

  1. W.T. F. I thought it was a joke when I saw MC as XLN… but this is actually happening???? I’ve outgrown RoCH but as my first wuxia novel, it has a special place in my heart and this casting has left me traumatised. T___T I guess it is possible to outdo Wu Qian Lian’s black XLN.
    Thanks for posting pics of other 古装美女 as some relief (I love Sharla in 古装! She was amazing as Zhao Min).

    1. Wu QianLian is a fine actress and she has a magnetic allure on screen in most of the things she’s touched, if her costume was white, it’s not that horrible a casting.
      I just do not see the talent in MC at all. Just because she’s suitable for one role and it is a megahit, she hasn’t proved to me anything but a fluke. I’m even fine to let it go this is nothing like RoCH but there is a reason why so many very limited actresses who started off as classical trained dancers are picked for lead of a wuxia, it is a genre that is most physically demanding like ballet but on top of that a certain amount of acting talent is necessary. It really is not sth you can mess with and piling on $$$ and hope it’s going to distract enough, but the thing is with yuma, he does not even have an ample budget nor the taste level of a ZJZ.

  2. MC looks pregnant. Maybe she deluded herself into thinking that she’s indeed a goddess. Shame on tw media for enabling that delusion. She’s not full on fug but lawd she’s plain as sin seriously! and she’s not even a great actress so yeah her XLN is beyond salvation.

    1. TBH most of my girlfriends are prettier and have a better figure than MC does so I don’t know what the hell people were thinking in casting MC as XLN. As for people saying that we shouldn’t criticize based on appearance, well we can criticize all we want if the character is DEFINED by her beauty like XLN is.

      TBH MC is just asking for backlash the moment she takes a role like XLN when she clearly is not qualified for it. IMO she’s not even qualified to play Li Mochou. XLN is a MASTER of being light and quick on her feet, gliding and flying through the air like a beautiful dancer. XLN is a goddess of wuxia characters and MC DOES NOT FIT THE BILL AT ALL

      1. It is sucha bigoted fallacy when we as normal breathing men and women have been judged physically big or small all our lives and we have to deal with it when XLN’s outrageous beauty defines her and precipitates all this inner turmoils defining some men in the novel and we aren’t allow to explore it.

        Unless MC lives in a vacuum and has not read a word of chinese nor watch any tv, it’s hard for her to not know what a role like XLN curtails and this is not guts nor striving to create sth innovative, this is plain big head in working. Pigs can fly is just a saying young woman.

        1. Absolutely. If we normal folk have to live with our appearance being judged even when they’re NOT part of work criteria, then why can’t we judge MC on her suitability as XLN? Especially for a character like XLN who is defined by her beauty, how can MC expect to take the role and not have backlash over her unsuitability?

          I heard that YSS was offered the role of XLN but declined because she didn’t want to risk having the audience hate her. She knew that she didn’t have the right look for XLN so she made a wise decision. MC taking the role is not “brave”, but just 不自量力。

          1. I actually have a problem with fans sugarcoating from their high horse she’s normal weight and therefore attractive in her own right and thus not that outrageous playing just another wuxia heroine who is described as very thin and not eating because MC is not fat. No. If in the novel she is repeated stressed with hundreds of characters as lithe, ie skinny and I would say anorexic as she is groomed to have no appetite for food and honey is her only sustenance, it is not ok for a normal wt woman to play someone who is paperweight underweight thin and can sleep on a rope. XLN is not real, she is a fantasy cypher. It is implying thin as XLN is the normal descriptive we could all strive for. Every body type, we have to shove it under the umbrella of lithe, light as air, as if this is the only desirable standard, eschewing a proper concept of body image, making it into such an unnecessary taboo.

            I do not think it’s as simple as YSS has the gauge to judge she’s not suitable for the role. IF she’s ever offered the role, she would’ve taken it. She is absolutely terrible a choice for RYY too and every role she’s tackled for that matter. The vitriol poured on the poor girl (though I have no sympathy at all) has been extremely vicious since her taking up leading role after leading role even in laughable everything is a joke anyway yuma stuff. I’m pretty sure ideally yuma is fighting for Angelababy, then MC comes along, overhyped by her handlers and her backers must have given some niceties to yuma and a deal is made. Because yuma just did the unthinkable despicable thing tweeting a ‘thank you’ to Chen Xiao saying CX’s wish comes true persuading him to pick MC as XLN ‘如愿以偿地说服我用@陳妍希michelle 做小龙女’ -quoting his exact words. yuma the croach just did a lot of press and interviews a few short days ago gushing MC was his own pick and he knew she’s THE MOST SUITABLE CHOICE most gorgeous most goddessy after her screen test/audition. yuma even said after he made the choice he then told CX the ‘happy’ decision (and CX concurred, whatever, what else can he possibly say?!), but we all have taken note of the timeline of events yuma! Now with all the ugliest backlash, yuma sees no hope this can repeat the funky feat of his Swordsman he DARES to put the burden of the casting squarely on CX as if he is the one picking MC in the first place. Gosh I feel fumes coming out of my nostrils just typing.

    2. I was shocked after Apple, I actually expected her to be way more alluring on screen, along the line of a Guai LunMei, not ‘first eye’ pretty in the straight sense but a unique charm of her own on screen. None with MC. She still is serviceable for the role, but she has no followup and when I heard she did a concert in HKG and still lauded as The TW Goddess. I’m baffled to say the least.

      Seriously I do not hate her, and the hikikomori can kiss her feet for all I care, but she’s not doing a thing to me and I really do not know any gfs who care for her on our screens.

      1. Oh gawd you added those extra bts pics. That is barf inducing. MC being buried in tons of fabric is not doing her any favor. Isn’t she managed by Angie Cai or sumthing? At this point she’s going to be an internet meme for fuggest XLN evar. I don’t feel sorry for her at all, she knew that was coming. Perhaps Giddens Ko was right MC is a lil loose in the head because how else would you explain her taking that role. That or she’s just thirsty for that fame.i still get secondhand embarrassment when people call her TW goddess or sumthing, goddess she is not.

        Sorry for the rant I just have a LOT of feelings.

        1. OHHHH 九把刀 said that of MC?!?! I have no idea, do tell me EVERYTHING the grapevines! I was giving her the benefit of the doubt going to uni at USC and perhaps she is more American than TWnese and I can’t blame her ignorance.

          Tbvh I do know some guy nerds who thinks she’s ‘pretty’ ‘attractive’ a ‘goddess’. A guy friend once said to me he does find actresses more attractive when they are more famous, maybe the handlers are more professional so better makeup and so forth, like Joe Chen. Hm, maybe I should check with them what they think of MC as XLN….

          1. I do think Giddens said it endearingly or it could be mistranslation I don’t really know squat about chinese. It was about Giddens writing a screenplay for Ariel’s new movie with whatshisface in You’re the apple of my eye. He was asked to compare Ariel and MC. And he said “Michelle is a little bit of a retard, a few screws loose.” So may explain her delusion of grandeur. Truth is she’s been riding the YTAMY fame for too long already and she hasn’t made a stellar performance after that so yeah that makes her a fluke.

            1. I like you. haha esp on the point of whatshisface. I did enjoy Apple FWIW, BUT in no way it’s phenomenal and while I understand TW’s movie scene to push anything of a worth and hope it sticks grooming the next generation of star power like what they are doing with Mike Chao(sorry if you are a fan, I do not care for him at all) but these 2 from Apple worked in the confine of that particular movie solely because of the script and never for a fleeting moment I thought ahhh I’m seeing potential and abundance talent untapped just unleashed, none of that. They have enjoyed the ride due to Apple for a while now and I’m getting mighty sick of them lauded as some movie stars with gorgeousness to boot. No, Just NO!

              Out of curiosity to see if she’s a better singer than actress, I’m trying to fish her some talent. I wandered in YT, while it’s not terrible, it’s so not concert ready. Please spare us ur wrath Ms Chen. She reminds me of Miriam Yeung, again some one I totally do not see the talent nor the look to be this adored in the industry

  3. OMG Yuma’s version of ROTC has got to be the most fug version EVER *gag*

    Thanks for all the beautiful photos of the actresses I grew up watching! I normally don’t know that many actors/actresses (especially the newer ones) but I actually know all these beauties! I feel so nostalgic! 😀

    That Taobao white costume you showed is so much more like what XLN would wear than the totally fug outfits (bloody gauze LOL) of this ROTC2013. Plus the outfit is TOTALLY unflattering for MC’s figure (it makes her look like a barrel when XLN is supposed to be lithe and elegant like a dancing fairy). Not to be mean but MC is just so NOT XLN – she doesn’t have the beauty, body, and grace of XLN and I don’t think she’s that great of an actress either. I’m convinced that the only reason she got the part is because of backing/connections.

    Yang Guo’s outfits are FUG and I really, really don’t like the hair – WHY DO THEY COVER HALF HIS FACE??! Not only does it mean that the audience can’t see his facial expressions properly, it’s also fugly as hell. I didn’t like Hu Ge’s CP3 costume/hair but I let it go cuz it was a game series and LSS, Yang Mi, Tang Yan had beautiful hair/costumes to balance it (Yuan Hong’s cameo totally stole the show for me – it was the first time I ever saw him and I was like “OMG WHO’S THAT WHY DOESN’T HE HAVE A BIGGER PART??!”)

    The posters are even more WTF because they make it look more like an RPG game series than a wuxia series. What the hell does fire have to do with Yang Guo? I can understand if they associate ice with XLN cuz that’s canon, but Yang Guo and fire? Wouldn’t it make more sense to associate Yang Guo with the Condor? Since he’s the 神雕大侠 and everything…?

    1. Up till yuma, we can depend on Cdramas to at least serve us the prettehs. We were spoiled back in the days when really this is just a handful of the truly beautiful actresses taking up our screens and we can get all the shallow, yes at times juvenile jesting of looks out of the way and give constructional criticisms on acting and performances without going batshitcrazy, now we have all the fugly plastics we were forcefed as drop dead gorgeous (on WHAT doomed planet?!) who can’t act taking up space again and again. I grew up in a household watching dramas over dinner, and at this rate, I fear for eating disorders for the future gen.

      The beauty of getting a CX and WHY he is such a perfect cast is he is insanely versatile. He is good looking enough, but he can so dial it down and be unattractive as almost every meetcute of the young girls and YG is of each and every one of them mistaking him as this ugly dirty bum and was jolt to palpitations, flailing the instant they see him dashing or meet with his magnetic eyes buried under the grime. But yuma obviously is ignorant to this and do not trust him to carry it on his acting alone and piling on all the unnecessary meddling. he’s drawing a snake adding so many legs it’s turning into a scary centipede.

      LOLZ do not let me snuff you out it must be because YH is the one who went topless and wearing the least of the fugly outfits amongst the guys in CP3 that is why MUAHAHAHA

      This is obviously so cheaply thrown together in minutes because yuma needs to stir as much drama while iron is hot. Any fangirl can come up with sth 3 trillion times better in an hour. Condor?!?!? yuma must’ve roasted it in the flames.

      1. I totally agree with you and I feel so nostalgic about the good old days when we had more talented people who could act/sing without relying on (plastic) surgical beauty to get by. All the old time actresses back then were not only beautiful, but had the talent to back it up. I’m not saying the new people today aren’t talented, it’s just that it’s like you said: MOST of them are just plastics who can’t act, while there’s only a small handful who are genuinely talented and/or naturally beautiful.

        The thing is, beauty comes in many shapes/sizes IMO. The entertainment industry of today has such a narrow definition of beauty (with all the pointy faces, high noses, etc.) that many celebrities (male and female) end up going under the knife just to fit into the mold. To me, that’s just sad because it means that individuality is gone, replaced by cookie cutter plastic molds. Also, plastics bits don’t move, so that’s probably why the plastically beautiful people have limited facial expressions – which pretty much destroys their acting abilities. The human face conveys so much emotion with its many expressions, so how can beautiful plastic dolls be anything other than pretty dolls?

        1. Blame it on the industry getting so big and so lucrative without the proper cultivating of talent. Everyone is in it for a quick buck. Any starlet making a tiny ripple would be groomed and I suspect coerced by management into a product, some tweaking to rise faster to stardom, opening a can of worms. Do you know 郑爽/ Zheng Shuang? She is perfectly cute and pretty with such a welcoming young look making her a breath of fresh air in the industry, yes she is not born an actress but as a 91er, she is so very young and how often have we witnessed actresses after the grueling honing in TVB old days (eg Maggie Cheung) and suddenly haz it?! She can tell the world she did a nose job just because she wants to change her look and see no problem with it, but her face is now so different and freaky even though it’s still pretty. Gone is her precious youthful aura, for a 22 year OLD! BUT she gained days and wks in the headline and I bet every time she pops up somewhere, there will be a swarm of leeches fixated on her looks and what she’s tweaked this time.

          Yuan ShanShan actually had a normal face, very mediocre skills, been working in the industry for a few years in bit roles before she went drastic under the knife and maimed up her face to this extreme. No one is going to give a middling actress with middling looks the roles, because where is the talking point?! the free press?! and it is because of her extremely freaky face that she is getting all the attention, and needless to say any news is good news, that must have a part in why she’s cast in one major role after another, especially in the utter trademark turds of yuma. I bet the draw of all the nasty commotion, free hoopla over MC’s casting that is fueling her casting. yuma’s RoCH has no hope to be decent in his hands anyway, if he cast a predictable XLN, all eyes will be on CX nailing a YG, and he most probably can do it, but then everything else in a yuma production can not live up to a proper LC production. So if yuma played it that route, at most he could make a middling RoCH adapt. Now, he aimed at making the most fugliest shiteous of it all, but in the mean time, knowing how our silly brains work, we can’t look away for snark alone. As long as he gets the ratings, he is the last thing in the universe to care about his reputation or quality of products he’s attached because he can lie all the way to the bank this is good, the best, the most authentic with heart and soul like him, sth less than a croach. TangRen’s LoCH08 has a little cult online following but it was a ratings bomb and did not make a splash in the meat of C audience, it did not even go on syndication, which is where the $$$ is at.

  4. Errmmm..MC’s outfit is too bulky! What do they need to hide, it’s not like she’s so fat or something? Either way, not seeing the description of XLN from book at her at all.

    CX still looks good to me, just cos his own striking features are still there. But agree that the whole get up on him… FUGFUGFUG!

    1. They (yuma, MC) have covered their arses saying this is a reinvention of the classic as the classic can’t be surmounted. WHATEVER.

      YG is a bum in the very beginning, I can only comfort myself with that. He can not get into any pants as he gets them all hot and bothered with a glance later on in those outfits, 2 dozens of belts holding up pants which can hide a dozen of used diapers and the hair…they can’t even see his dazzling eyes which were what flailed them irrevocably, not even with that CX gorgeous face.

  5. now this is a very nostalgic post 😀
    rosamund, joey, carmen and sharla was those actresses i grew up with when my local tv channel were keen to aired HK movies before the jdoramas and kdramas invaded,, my personal favorites was Sharla, she was so awesome when played as a-woman-disguised-as-a-man 😀 how much i misses them, wondered how are they now 😀
    and fans of Merlin here kkk i’m always in a minority side in Merlin-fandom kkk i knew Angel is not as prettteehh like all the previous Gwen (like all the fans grumbled :D), but her lack in physical dept is covered by her awesome acting, me thinks 😀 but yeah, that was another case, Gwen isn’t a part where physical beauty is everything (my personal thought!!!)
    gawd, msmookie you are trully hillarious, i laughed so hard read when i read the “cosplaying little twin star” XD
    poor my eyes my eyes my eyes kkk

    1. haha it was just mean them stabbing at her Gwen whenever they can. XD I’m fine seriously as long as beauty is not the only thing going on, unlike a XLN.

      I also love Sharla too, there are so much story behind her eyes! I think she can act as well whereas some of them are more pretty vases, but that’s the true beauty of that era when we really have all these actresses personifying different auras and forms of beauty befitting every role.

      1. Angel Coulby is perfect playing Gwen !
        She’s absolutely Gorgeous and even Bradley James said in a video interview that he couldn’t imagine a better actress for playing with.
        She’s his bestfriend and ( more…. if you know what I mean <3)

        1. OOHLALA! XD

          I love her character so much, and with the veryveryvery gorg Mison around and me so shallow yet she still is engrossing me so, I bow to her.
          I just ride the train crossing Tarrytown, and I am so tempted to hop down and pay my fangirl homage.

  6. and the outfit and hairstyling is REALLY REALLY BAD it hurts, so i totally understand your rants 😀
    is it only me, but in CX PC Game Gifs above, CX a bit look alike Loverboy 🙂

      haha I think you are the only one thinking my thought CX looks like a younger Loverboy. *I so have a type of them eyes likes pools of lovely deep swoony thoughts* THAT is why I would’ve shut up if somehow yuma beg and kiss TR Karen’s behind till she’ll let Shishi cameo as Mu NianChi and Loverboy as YangKang!!!!! So HR can be her b8tch about the poor orphan boy’s face turning her off because he reminds her of his deaddaddy so bad.

      1. HA, and imagine the excitements in Weibo-verse with hot daddy yang kang and his beloved Nianci reunion, online mention and flirting etc etc awww now i grinning ear-to-ear in front of my boss kkk

  7. Gosh I miss HK actresses from late 80’/early 90′ era. As you put it they had different aura and form of beauties. My fav where Brigitte Lin, Sharla Cheung (unique type of beauty), Joey Wong, Fennie Yuen (underrated good actress), Maggie Cheung (unique type of Beauty stole the show in Green snake) and Yammie Lam (I found her so pretty!). I also love actresses from 60’/70′ era because not only they looked beautiful face and figure (Li ching, Nora Miao, ching li, Lily Ho, ect… I forgot some names) but they could act innocent or badass convincingly. When they fought they looked strong and fluid and on par with men.
    Nowaydays chinese actresses or movies just don’t compare to the ones before…

    1. AHHHH! Your list is exactly mine!!! Thank you for including some of the true ‘goddesses’ of the screen I’ve forgotten. Birgitte is my Elizabeth Taylor in Asia. She is the utmost grand dame movie goddess with such dominating screen charisma nothing else mattered. Seriously I had Yammie Lam and Maggie Cheung in mind for my silly dream fantasy list of possible XLN but while hunting for pics my loopy brain just…forgot! I pulled out Stephen Chow’s Journey to the West 1995/6 just for some Yammie a few days ago. Out of everyone across time and space, she would’ve been my number 1 pick. A young Birgitte, circa 1983蜀山 would’ve been PERFECTION. Maggie is one that every actress should study and work towards, she is not actually classically beautiful and she’s awkward in periods early on in her career, but she worked on it and worked hard, holding her own against everyone from Leslie to Tony to Brigitte in Ashes of Time. That was where she wow’d me some more because while she’s established herself by then from her collabs with WKW and other directors, I counted her out as period-suitable. But every breath, every gesture in Ashes was clearly so studied and thoroughly practiced and work, THAT is what a MC should do if she’s going to venture into C periods and starting at a role that’s setting the bar soo soo high. Unless she’s trained extensively in ballet and dancing for a start, and apprenticed under some teacher for all the proper stance of a classical chinese dancer, she is so joking herself.

      Actresses back then, while some are limited, at least they have the looks and can fit the bill in SOMETHING. Nowadays we have to lower our standards to just look and a measly amount of skills and 99% of the time we still don’t get any. This is why I’m a swearing monster. I am not born and raised this way!

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