The Yuan Hong Weekly 9/11/2013

Guys, I know some of you are rightfully concerned about my sanity and how deep the deep end I can go.  Let me tell you, I can always go deeper. MUAHAHAHA!    This is going to be a very silly de-stressing routine here on.  I am still giggling like a lunatic.  Nonstop.  It is 9/11, It has been 12 years.  We can all use a good dose of laughter as life goes on.

Newsbite: Yuan Hong just got cuter.  I’ve now learned the hard way to never click on weibo when I have to be decent, lest I fall off a chair lmao, literally.

[credit on pics; thanks to the dearest OP!]

1. Mulan has finished its first airing. 

It did alright with both critics and ratings, but nowhere near a smashing hit.  I’m slowly plowing through the drama.  At halfway mark it is decent, just not terribly addictive.  I’ve heard complaints from YH fangirls the cable channel broadcasting it did massive senseless cuts and the narrative suffers.  There are odd choppy transitions I noticed, so the CCTV version out later on is what the fangirls are eying.  Even with the hackling. story is unfolding in steadily predictable pace, I do not have much to grumble at any of the acting.  If not for Loverboy I would not have the patience to sit through it though tbvh, life is too short.  After a few episodes of easing into his character he’s slowly transformed himself seamlessly from the sweetest harmless wimpy blockhead bookworm to a contributing general much to my surprise:

I do not see any hint of the Yuan Hong my loverboy, none of that devilishly charming notty hot sparkling thing in the character, not even a twinkle of mischievous.  Elanne, as Mulan, is better than I expected, but there is still something intangible, oddly out of place modern with her emoting and how she’s carrying herself, as with a lot of the TVB actors in C periods.  It is a tiny gripe, and she’s attacking her role with so much earnest I sometimes forget to nitpick.  Her Mulan’s ‘bromance’ with YH’s Zhao Yu is cute and evolving nicely.

Chen SiCheng can tone down his posing and sleaziness too here and there, so he’s decent as a young prince but there are at least a dozen better, more dazingly charming actors who can kill this swoonworthy role giving YH’s Zhao Yu a run for the money.  No girl can refuse the fun, the virtual dilemma to have to pick between two winning and very different hotties, you know?!

I’m one YH nutcase, but this is nothing compared to a fangirl making an MV and SINGS a song for his Zhao Yu in Mulan.  It is sooo adorable:

And a sweetheart has made a YHcut for Mulan, up for grabs, all 40 eps here

2. Fondly harrassed by 2 weibocelebrities, a famous writer and young honcho, both of them dudes.  It is a known fact Loverboy is a darling with the lady writers and reporters, he’s now extended his claws to the rich bastards.

YH: Posting before bed~ Flaunting cutesy for some patting.  #your highness moi is not normally like this, I’m behaving as such just for a glimpse of LiHua’s face.  Life is not easy.#

Ricardo: Just say it as is, you are ‘inspecting’ the commoner babes.[挖鼻屎]

一毛不拔大师: The slashiest wish of mine is to slowly force the bodies of these 2 together.

一毛不拔大师 is a weibo-celebrity, social commentator, a self-made man with ‘red’ connections, CEO of a startup, made his millions at 27.  江南Ricardo is a best-selling author, with his online novels published and made the #1 spot of top selling booklist beating out TinyTimes for a week:

3. Still flailing the ladyreporters:

“袁弘还有半小时到”我紧张得手指冰冷。哪半小时啊,就十几分钟,袁到院门口,艺人统筹去接,我心提到嗓子眼。几分钟,问同事快来了?同事一指,就在那 啊。我回头看门外,那刻,啊哟我的妈呀!袁坐我对面简单准备我不敢看他跟自己说要适应。访中我n次暴露真爱粉身份…袁,你别冲我笑…瞬间晕眩n次…
见着老袁了还和他一块吃饭。我紧张手冰冷。连男演员都只吃菜不吃饭。老袁特有礼貌,不是假,访他时“不好意思” 挂嘴边。在他公司人眼皮下问了好多诗诗…他说颖儿适合当老婆,诗诗更有主见些,略强势…诗适合演小龙女,他就算了,“演了他爹就不演他了。老袁手抚我背 后,我不敢搂他…别纠结照片
‘YH will arrive in half an hour’  I am so nervous I have lost the feels of my fingers.  It is not half an hour, but mere 10, 15 minutes before YH is at the door.  The PR for the artists is greeting him, my heart has jumped squarely to the middle of my throat.  After a few minutes, I ask my colleague if YH is getting here?  My colleague points and there he is.  I turn my head towards the door, right then and there, O MY MOTHER!   Yuan sits right across me as he prepares, I can not muster the courage to look at him, telling myself I need to get my act together.   During the interview, I have exposed myself for too many times my real identity as a diehard fangirl…Yuan, please do not smile at me, I have passed out instantaneously for the nth time…
So I’ve met LaoYuan and I had a meal with him.  I was so nervous my hands were sweating bullets.  Even the male actors are now only eating veggies and skipping the rice.  Lao Yuan is super nice, it’s not an act.   ‘My bad’ is the most often used phrase during the interview.   I asked a lot about Shishi under the watchful eyes of his management…he said YingEr is more suitable wife material, ShiShi is more opinionated, more domineering… He said ShiShi is a suitable choice for XLN, as for him (as Yang Guo): forget about it, ‘I’ve acted as his Dad, I would not be YG’  (In the pic) LaoYuan’s hand is touching my back, but I am too scared to hold him…do not mind the picture.
This is the happiest job this month…I know myself very well, I am not team shallow…I’ve not liked many artists, and amongst the few, most of them are tragically ugly.
*I just need to make an educated note, Loverboy has been daddies and sons of so many Qing emperors so the point he said about he won’t be a YG because he’s been his dad is just plain bs.  IF he’s offered the role, he would probably take it, the deciding factor would be the nausea of working with yuma.  He does not have the dilemma of a MC as XLN to be obvious, and I can bet on my head if yuma gets ShiShi as XLN, YH will do it for free and throw in a couple disgusting smooches on yuma’s face if he has to*

4. Made new ringtone for his silly fangirls

For the official wechat account of Cheng Ge Xing, he made a soundbite introducing himself and the character.  Normal enough, but wait for this, he sang his own intro music.  ><  Yup.   And his fangirls made a downloadable ringtone of it you can click and listen when you do not have gentile company and can laugh your head off.

5. Competing with sea otters at Gorgeous!+Cute! with his little buddies:

I drove by this clan of the cutest sea otters at sunset by a beach in my woods last wkend:

The clan of soldiers led by our Shower in Chang Ge Xin:

Be cute while taking a selfie

Pretend to be pissed because he is sweating in his swim trunks we are told. Our shower is denied a shower.

Kthxbye.  I just died of cute.  I ❤ this outfit. I ❤ every outfit in CGX

The character on his fan? 萌 that is moe, ie so very very cute

5. The cause of a kitten being sad and grumpy because it is out-cute.

6. Giving fandom a much deserved break from spitting blood and be the exact dream cast everyone is wishing and hoping and praying for.

Fan MV of Chang Ge Xing OTP with her dreamcast which so happens to be YH and Ruby : 【伪·长歌行】袁弘×林心如 by猫猫

7. Reminding HuGe he’s still the one:

This pic is tweeted by Prince Yang Guang from Mulan, waxing at YH they went way back.  They went to an amusement park together while Yuan Hong and Hu Ge must still be in drama school circa his Prince’s Education days.  And my Loverboy has to take the opportunity to warm the cockles of our heart, hammering us to believe in everlasting love.

袁弘: 这是零五 年…北京嘉年华刚开业的活动。玩到最后,只剩我和我左手边的这位朋友还在继续了,当时这俩傻子好像是为了实现小时候的梦想,把游乐场里所有的项目玩个遍… 他旁边的这位女神,因为在玩海盗船被身边的人在空中吐了一身而败下阵来。另,唯一一个秃驴都没有戴帽子,你们什么意思?
YH:  This was from 05… an opening event for Beijing Carnival.  At the end of the day, the ones still at it were me and my friend on my left (ie his HuGe).  Back then, these two morons played every single ride there, as if this was a realization of their childhood dream coming true… The ‘goddess’ ( the popular TV personality Xie Na) next to him, had to leave early because she was vomited upon while on the pirate ship ride. *there were 3 of us, I swear! It is not planned.  We did not sneak out on an impromptu date and left all our friends to themselves* Also (let me change the subject abruptly as there is no 300 taels of gold here), what was up with y’all when the only baldie was not wearing a cap?!
Scenario, a bunch of friends hanging out and somehow it ends up just the two.  I’ve done it, I’ve witnessed it, we call it something something is in the air.  When hand in hand together we spend the day by ourselves as our dream (the same dream) comes true, we call it luboo luboo.  When he holds it dear to his heart, never spoke of it in public but let it all out 8 years later, all randomly just because of a provocation of a photo.  We call it D’AWWWWWWWWWWWWW!   Joking aside, this is just so sweet.  He must’ve held every detail close to his heart.
8.  Reminding HuGe he is forever the one yet again:
This is from short previews of a juicy chatty interview he did with Ah Ya (阿雅) on her show 爱呀幸福男女.
I’ll leave it till the show airs to swoon and flail some more.  In it he recites the poem he wrote for Prince13 in BuBu in his mother tongue the Wuhan dialect.  He sang Andy Lau’s 忘情水: 啊~~给我一杯忘情水~~~让我一生不伤悲~~~~ , as he did for his audition for drama school.  Now how he got an acceptance must be preferential treatment because he’s so cute and darling and gorgeous, nothing else.  He eloquently sensibly answers yet again why his name is not on the roster of BuBuJingQing: ‘ I have not read/got the script‘  For the nth time, he did not even get a script, guys.  Leave him be.   He is also asked the most often question asked by reporters when interviewing YH:  Who would you rescue at sea?!  With HuGe in the water, ALL THE TIME.
YH: ‘ You didn’t have to ask.  It’s definitely HuGe.  He’s such a pathetic swimmer’
OH REALLY?!  Your sickest fangirls have compiled your replies to this particular conundrum through the years,  in his interview with Easy magazine 2011, he said he has taught HuGe how to swim just to get immunity of this exact question asking him to choose.  Too Cute.
The fangirl also attached HuGe’s answer to the question with Jiang JingFu, Lin Geng Xin, Wallace Huo and Yuan Hong in the mix,
HuGe:  I will rescue YH first, I’m very 念舊/nostalgic (MUAHAHAHA)

This begs the question, can HuGe swim, or not?

Conclusion: by @宁脩慕颜:

掉在水里的是老板娘,胡老板就会游泳,掉水里的是胡老板和其他人,胡老板就不会游泳.  When it is his Yuan Hong in the water, Hu Ge can swim, when it is Hu Ge and other peeps in the water, Hu Ge can not swim.



9. YH is a friend to have on speed dial:

Ma TianYu, Sun XiaoXiao, Loverboy on the set of Young Detective Dee

While his bff Sun XiaoXiao is on a variety show where she has to text 3 friends with something outrageous and see who gets the fastest reply.  She texted she is going to get married tomorrow.  YH calls her within ONE second, asking her what is wrong with her…then telling her stop fooling around, he doesn’t have time tomorrow (to marry her)[晕] 孙骁骁发短信给@袁弘 说她准备明天去结婚,然后他回“别闹明天我没时间”[晕]

Can I extrapolate if any female friend (or male friend) of YH wanna get married for whatever reason the next day, and if YH has time, HE WOULD MARRY THE GIRL OR THE BOY?!

10.  YH can haz buns and pigtails

His notty fangirls are already singing: 村里有个姑娘叫小红,长得美丽又善良,一双美丽的大眼睛,辫子粗又长…… to the tune of 小芳 by 李春波

I wonder why, I thought of you making a better XLN, little red flower, you would, and the brainworm is not going away.  Perhaps you have convinced me no hair can fug you up by all the hair pics you’ve posted yourself to show the world.

5 thoughts on “The Yuan Hong Weekly 9/11/2013

  1. msmookie, you are trully the queen of King Loverboy international fandom 😀 and i’m not concern abt u’r sanity, the deeper u can get, the more happy i am kkk
    i want to ask a silly question because i really curious abt it, from my understanding Weibo is Chinese version of Twitter, am i right ? between YH, LSS and HG, who has the biggest number of followers in Weibo-verse ?? kkk i wish i knew Chinese i really want to follow YH and witnessing his overload cuteness firsthand XD

    1. haha do not encourage me! ^^ yesyes weibo is like a cross btn twitter and Fb, you post a ‘tweet’ limited to 130 characters, but your followers can repost, bonus is they have a conversation under your post like fb.

      I didnt check on how massive their followers for a long LONG while it used to be HG having the largest followed closely by ShiShi, then YH was way way behind, 1/10 of theirnumbers almost since they joined weibo gosh a few years back.
      Atm LSS has 6.75 million followers (I stopped following her, she does not post much, and always just promoting stuff, so…) HG has 19.65 million, but to my surprise YH has 19.64 millions! O__O I do not understand why he’s gained several folds last few months. But if you are interested in another barometer of ‘popularity’ SS’ every post is replied/reposted ~30000+ times. HG’s in the 5000-8000. YH tweets the most often and on every topic under the sun, his tweets are replied/reposted usu ~1000, but you know, he often says the darnest things, those tweets will hit ~5000+ and make the hot tweet list of the day.

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