First Look On the set of Return of Condor Heroes 2013

This look like a decently happy cute snap of two actors in costumes, nothing terribly wrong with it on its own:


When the snarky Cnetizens started making long weibo collage of said pic with MZD propaganda…and you can not hypnotize yourself this has nothing to do with JinYong and wuxia no more, then hit on the head by the doctrine of MZD on conformity, juxtaposed against what JY is expressing at the core of many of his works written on the brink and during Cultural Revolution… YIKES.

Lets take a breather on more pleasant things:  Chen Xiao’s face is gorgeous and deviant and devilishly handsome as YangGuo with a sprinkle of that naivete boyish charm sorely missing in some of the most popular renditions of this wuxia classic.  I LOVE the eyes, that tiny hint of stubble, that smirk, the brows.  Why his hair/wig has not been shampooed for the better of the 16+ years (this is supposed to be his post transformation to bona fide Hero look), beats me.

I could’ve tolerated the lavender tie-dye drapes mauled by a dozen pitbulls then draped on CX hiding his one arm contraption as if he needs some window dressing because his face in the above pic is screaming the young YangGuo I’m reading off the pages of RoCH atvm…but

There are more used rags and a dozen of things I could not describe as to what they are, hot gluegunned onto his waist region and some bits are used as crucial construction of his lower outfit.

If your eyes are still functioning (don’t rub it more, it won’t do a thing) to notice that little hint of jade/persian green next to the swab of  black and white checkered cummerband?!  There is more:

…perhaps it has meaning and is his phantom arm, symbolic token of the jade spectre of the Beggar’s Sect now reinterpreted as a fabric tail because we are so hot with reinventions in a yuma (see I can be nice)

This could work as a creative outfit for a store owner of scarfs and draperies on the run, the swags of which stolen on whimsy by brother Condor while hunting for poor little sparrows in the JiangWu with little gourds/ ancient water bottles attached and perhaps side fuzzy pockets for airing out chinese sausages on the go.

While I’m relieved other than the YangGuo’s costume is begging us all to off EVERYTHING around his waist and below and that is not a bad thought, you know, he is looking quite the part and he has proven they can do nothing to fug up his face…this post is obviously here to be mean and snark or my head and eyes will burst from the real FUG that is MC:

This is illustrating why having a maniac level of confidence, unrealistic self opinion of grandiose is a mental illness:

Costume person, I get it, you must be thinking you are on an imaginary Project Runway episode when you are recycling used home textiles like frayed floor rags, tattered curtains and yellowing mosquito netting to make wuxia costumes, so I would do my best Tim Gunn and point out that baby blue dye job on crinkly sleeves with a seam too obvious for period, so long it’s dragging on the dirt on someone barely 160cm and with droopy features that needs a ton of optical illusions of lifting things UP, with no grace in stance will just squish her down another couple inches to the ground and she needs them inches, don’t make those new heights painstakingly woven into that horns of hair headpiece be all futile now.

Netizen did a side by side of MC as XLN in broad daylight and that under the ‘fantasy’ of tonnes and layers of PS (it was noted the yuma PS guru needed 500+ layers to get the result on the rt).  Frankly, the ‘fantasy’ is not impressing me.

They might as well use this following pic at the dreamy standard the stylist can at least try to attain:

Some sweetheart tries to savage it with her PS skills:


This is spoilerish if you didn’t know anything about Return of Condor Heroes:  It has been 18 years since 1995 version, which is close enough to the 16 years the OTP spent apart not seeing each other.  It is not hard to jab at what if MC is the XLN Louis’ YangGuo saw instead of Carmen’s face?!  * he would cover his eyes uttering, ‘sorry lady I mistook you for someone else completely different from you.’

I would shut up because *surprise* I have run out of mean words to say and this above picture speaks louder than a thousand of mine.  I am just silently nodding at it being snarked at resembling Jackie Chan in the nose and mouth region.  I do not know about you, but Jackie Chan does not even make a decently average looking guy.

The sina mascot doll is sorta cute, MC is trying to be cutesy and I could not stop the urge to smash that doll to her face up close.   Sell me some cold, aloof, no one should be a thousand feet near a XLN damnit!   I am mean, but this time I have reasons, this is what MC said to the press:

MC said she’s very hurt in the beginning from all the negative remarks of her casting saying she’s too chubby and her face is too round like a ‘Xiao Long Biao’, a horrifying mismatch for the unworldly aloof beauty XLN.    But after a lot of encouraging words from yu zheng and Chen Xiao, she has calmed down.  She said, ‘ Everybody has their own classic in their minds, I have one myself and that is Carmen’s rendition.  Anyone reprising the role nowadays would not be the same as the ideal XLN in your heart, because there is already one.  I just want to present to the audience a different XLN.  I have stop reading the comments online, I can not stand the negativity.  I hope you can judge it after the final product is out.

Any smart lass with a functioning mind would not listen to one word of yuzheng.  I hate it when MC is also hammering in the lie at 11th hour like yuma is doing to CX and the poor thing is standing next to her so miserable.  When has he gotten the clout with the formidable yuma now to sway anything in casting?!?!!  And I bet CX is numb about who he’s paired with by now, he would focus on his part and the rest, it’s yuma’s usual circus.  He is smart like that.

On top of her physical disjoint from the character, her image of the sweet girl next door is also drastically different from the epitome of frigidity: XLN.  Michelle is very confident, ‘ I am a hardcore JinYong fan, I have read all his books in high school.   From my point of view, XLN was lack of feelings before she met Yang Guo, frigid and aloof, but after meeting YangGuo, she has changed, she is actually a very passionate person.

SO.  YOU ARE A FAN OF JIN YONG AND YOU ARE ACTIVELY PARTICIPATING IN TRASHING HIS CLASSIC TILL IT IS NOT RECOGNIZABLE?!   What balls you have. XLN is one role no actress would have the brass to let the world know you have the opinion you can be the personification.  It needs a public consensus like no other role.  I’d rather you be like a CX during Swordsman, I do not know how truthful he was when he said he had not read Smiling, Proud Wanderer, so he would attack his Lin Pingzhi the best he could from the script, holding his own with a certain respect of JY’s masterpiece apart from the travesty he was working on at that point.  And Miss Chen, from your own words XLN should sell us some frigidness and aloof, still.  Humor me.

She went on with her take on XLN:

Most of the time, XLN is an extremely naive, pure, innocent girl.   There is no rule set in stone XLN has a very reticent, serene, cold presence.   Even if she has that aspect it was strictly in the Tomb before meeting YG.  She can be cute and mischievous.  When I’m reading JinYong’s book, there are mentions of XLN ‘嫣然一笑’, she is often happy, that is why this XLN will smile more.

Lord have mercy on your command of Chinese then, MC.  嫣然一笑 is a proverb describing how drop dead gorgeous a lady is,  her lightest smile is so dazzling she will debilitate generals and commanders and reduce a fortress to defenseless. ie, the focus of the proverb is on the breathtaking gorgeousness of the lady, not the smiling.   And in actuality, her smile is like a weapon of mass destruction and should never be taken lightly, nor perused often.  It definitely has NO connotation of cute and mischievous. Yes, XLN smiles, but no one would be as mental to focus on that sole descriptive yet ignoring the pages and chapters of which XLN is described as frigid and awkward with her expressions even at YG.  Just because you insist you are cuter when you smile, and the fact is you can’t emote other than smiling, does not give you the liberty to reinvent a new character stepping on the imaginary grave, on the body of a XLN in the book spitting gallons of blood and showering poison bee venom laden needles at you.

YZ used 4 characters to describe MC’s version of XLN. “天真呆萌” . 天真 is naive, innocent; 呆 is…stupid, slow;  萌 is cutesy.  ‘Both the XLN’s by Carmen and LYF are reflections of each other in their interpretation (note: Carmen’s RoCH was done in 1995).  Michelle’s XLN will gather all the strong points of every adaptation and form a most outstandingly unique XLN. ‘ (typical yuma’s gibberish).  We’ve heard, MC ended up with the role partly because CX is strongly recommending her,  ‘Apple of My Eye left a strong impression in me, her goddess on the screen is an image of innocence and pureness’, said CX.


This is CX pulling off the chore of answering that exact question by the press when he said about him recommending MC to yuma and whether she is his goddess.  He said, ‘No, she is a screen goddess’.  I do not know how else I can comfort the poor boy made to say stuff against his heart, looking at the ground, avoiding MC’s eager fangirly look of  ‘say it, say I’m your goddess’ when CX has repetitively said in past interviews Joey Wang at her prime was his personification of a goddess.

Lets hear from the real orator of the batch, Mr. Chen Xiao himself on the controversy of MC’s XLN:

陈晓:因为我觉得戏是靠你演出来的,就像之前拍《那些年》的时候,她也没有说尖嘴猴腮,但她依然给我们塑造了一个很纯 洁的女神形象,然后都想到初恋的感觉,所以我觉得不能看几张剧照就下决论,还是要靠看演技的。小龙女冰清玉洁,我觉得“洁”字很重要,干净的东西,包括从 她眼神、气质上流露出来的那种纯净都通过镜头放射出来,我觉得她应该已经很有自信,在演戏的时候也游刃有余,说实话,就算外界有争议,但是播出来之后,大 家会明白的。

CX:  Imo a characterization is portrayed by the acting.  She was not as thin as a monkey with sharp features in ‘Apple of My Eye’ yet she successfully sculpted an image of an innocent goddess, letting us all reminisce the feeling of first love. That is why I do not think you can judge by a few stills (ie he has nothing nice to say about the stills either), but by the acting (jab her when she sux on your screen, leave me ALONE).  XLN is pure, innocent as fresh snow, I think the word 洁 /clean and unblemished as fresh snow is crucial, she is the personification of chaste and virtuous, that includes her eyes, her aura, the untarnished pureness from her eyes will be dazzling through the lens of the camera.  I think she is very confident, she can hold her own acting as the character.  Frankly, even with all the controversy, after it airs, you will get it.  *get it as you will know this has nothing to do with RoCH and XLN, so what is all the fuss?!!>!*

4b1e8e19tw1e8okiloxteg205x06vnpf  6f31a3acgw1e8oq640eoxg209l07se82


CX: Lemme distract you with a bit of BAMFness strutting, my golden paper fan in hand, because I just need one more accessory to distract you from the rest of my outfit and get those freaken bangs OFFMYFACE!



While I can see what the stylist is trying to do sticking this horrendous bun/ JPG cone bra made with fake hair on MC’s head to make her seems taller while not adding more volume to her already very round head/face.  But this is just plain UGLY.

I have no care to fuss about MC being so pedestrian looking to be THE drop dead gorgeous XLN and even if she has the face, her body is the exact opposite of what’s described in the novel, that is on top of she can not act.  Magic can happen on screen, I was still holding out hope. WAS.  However, there is just not one pic that I can show my dad (who has absolutely not a care about anything TV plus never read the entertainment news/gossips) and he would have guessed this is someone trying to be XLN for Halloween.  Not even that.  The following pic is already the best shot at it:

And this is how much yuma can PS till what he thinks this ‘legendary’ heroine looks like:

now yuma, this level of very freaky PSing of every split second MC is on screen will cost you a lot of pretty pennies.  I do not know why I am this generous but here is a suggestion: uniface a glued on bionic skin mask, and it is for realz.

I have never ever missed you this terribly Liu YiFei:

It is not like they do not have chemistry from the glimpses we saw, they do, as CX can have convincing chemistry holding a mirror gazing at himself (trufact)

It is absolutely night and day from the canon dynamics, the chemistry of the maestro XLN and her apprentice/underling hotboy YG in the original.  Gone is the taboo of a ladymaster and her much younger boy student.  Gone is the sweeping romance between 2 most gorgeous godly beings falling for each other and only each other, not like every mere mortal flailing for them all around because of their immaculate looks but because they are the only one able to look past the dazzle…where is this truly honorable romance when there is no dazzle to begin with?!  How is this different with the fav shoujo trope of the mousy normal heroine snatching the impossible prince charming (who is a beggar of miserable taste in this case)?!  Michelle is grinning like a madly flailing fangirl, all cutesy smiling (sorry, I know she’s known for her sweet smile but it is not doing her round face a favor), leaning on her YG like any swooning damsel.  I was holding out hope, but every picture is still screaming at me this is 100% MC, not a hint of XLN.

Moving on, staring more at CX only, my face is like this HBinnie face at his birthday bash a few days ago:  o-kay.  I can deal with it.  This is major fugging up by costume and hair but CX’s is too charismatic.  I can look at his face and I have faith his acting would be spot-on!

See, even in a bts, he can make his soft features work wonders as an angsty pissed off YG:

Isn’t this better?!  No bangs so we can see his beautiful brow and forehead.  When you cover his whole forehead plus most of his brows, it offsets his very balanced face and he does not have a very strong masculine chin to make a statement.

MUCHO improved but still, costume designer, I suspect you have huge conglomerate of a family business deeply passionate with draperies and mosquito netting and rags.

Is this Yang Guo, the Condor Hero, literally paying homage to his bro, his real OTP, brother condor by cosplaying as a big brown bird?

Through the keen eyes of the fangirls, nothing is missed.  Bravo yuma for probably referencing a meme from the hit drama of this summer Longmen Express.  One of its colorful character Uncle Gong,  at the sight of ChenXiao’s cameo Mr Miao, mentions the dashing adonis is a facetwin of himself when he’s young.  And since Uncle Gong is just 40 years old (looking like a ripe old age of 60) it is around the age of the 16 years later Yang Guo, and so give it to the genius of yuma to just rip it off the playbook of Uncle Gong’s costume design.


And yeah, YG’s younger do is straight copycat of DengChao’s tragic hair in HSDS 2009,  his fuggiest do out of his 40+ works in the industry. Chen Xiao has been admired as the facetwin of a young DengChao, I bet yuma knows it too.

You know your fantasy ‘wuxia’ too well if you can tell who is who:

BUT, I do think yuma is being adorable putting CX in an outfit of a  character in his favorite thing, the manga Inuyasha’s Shippo, the idea is kind of cute, dressing Yang Guo as an orphaned little fox demon.  I would properly credit you, yuma, if you are actively doing a joke of a rip-off of Inuyasha on the side to keep a CX sane.  I have no problem of MC as Kagome (haha who cares about Kagome?!) in her school uniforms from Apple of my Eye:

Surprise!  The rest of the cast is looking cute, with decent outfits for humans not made out of scraps on the floor from every episode of ‘unconventional material challenge’ combined.  *yes I’m up to date with this season of Project Runway <333*

ARgh. I can’t look at a Where’s Waldo book the same ever again.  THANKS YUMA!  ><

Already there are YangGuo and GuoFu shippers:

Mama Huang Rong with the younger GuoFu.

I could totally get behind Yang Ming Na as XLN.  I am not kidding.  She looks spiffier than a 6 year younger MC for one.   She was the mother in law of CX’s Lin PingZhi in Swordsman and they had a comfortable chemistry,  my hubs considers her the prettiest face in that production and this.

I am not sure what the characters these two young actresses are playing, but they would flail left and right for Yang Guo for sure. Please pretty things, lose the circle lens.  I beg you both.  I think the cutiepie on the right reminds me of MikiHonoka, our Kotoko in Itakiss LiT.

My guess is this is Zhou Botong the Old Imp and his OTP Liu Ying

This is Lu ZhanYuan, who ‘wronged’ Li MoChou in love.  Well, again, this can be a fine pattern on a cushion, a sofa, drapes, shower curtains, oh the possibilities:

First glimpse of our possible de facto female lead Li MoChou in midnight blue:

He is one of the Wu brothers under the care of Guo Jing and Huang Rong, both of them have a crush on Guo Fu.

Now that CX is confirmed as double-dutying as Daddy YangKang, which I like tbh as more screen time of CX will do this production a lot of good, netizens are picspamming the gorgeous that is YH as YangKang.  I know what the poor desperate fangirls are trying to do, yuma and gang can lie YangGuo is dressed in nothing but fuggery because he’s a dirt poor urchin (and mental), but as a Jin prince, obviously shallow and flamboyant, just copy fr TangRen’s for freak’s sake, yuma!  You of all peeps should know what a commotion and free press circus that is when you get every hair stands on its own on a Karenboss:

If you are sorely short on budget, this will do.  This will so do.

And lemme give you my 2 cents, yuma.   Change a few notes and shamelessly pirate the lovely song fr BuBuJinXin’s  3 inches of Heaven, one of the best production of your nemesis Tangren and just carbon copy this fanMV  scene by every freaken lovely hot scene, especially when you have Chen Xiao and Zhao LiYing milking their nutso CP fandom as YangKang and Mu NianChi to your morbid delight.


Because I figure a Prince WanYan Kang who rocked a gold dainty ribbon bow in a coordinating outfit as he was making an entrance would pout some more and be pissed.  He’s led a short life miserable enough, spat his blood at his death.  He could not be happy with what you are throwing on his facetwin namesake, let alone what he’s stuck with as his daughter-in-law.

ETA:  OK Prince WanYan Kang above, slow down on the puff and huff, no one can predict the carnival yuma is cooking up for us, so you maybe getting a sorta daughter-in-law you would covet and steal color-coordinated outfits from:

DAYUM yuma, what the fock are you doing here?!  SO your costume nutso CAN pull a kickass outfit.  We can’t deny Miss Zhang XinYu, our Li MoChou (she’s nicking herself No Worry Miss Lee) has a perfectly assembled face, and channeling some Sharla Cheung:

I can not imagine the discord on screen when she is sharing a screen with MC’s XLN, Miss Zhang can’t act as well, I can not make up my mind who is the less limited actress between Zhang XinYu and MC, but there is no acting that can possibly convince anyone the potential fck up pleasepleasepleasetellmeitisnottrue! storyline yuma yelped at YG falling for XLN because she reminds him so much of his first love Li MoChou.  All the work clearly focused on LMC at the expense of even the outfits for YG is making me very nauseous this is really happening guys.  I really have to work on my 2014 resolution ahead: how to fumigate a yuma.

52 thoughts on “First Look On the set of Return of Condor Heroes 2013

    1. Hairstyle on MC? Frankly I do not think it is the hair, it is the face. There is nothing to be done but the stylist are making it worse. HK periods in the 90s have more outrageous hair, but they also have real deal gorgeous faces to offset.

      Image Hosted by

      1. Wow I’m surprised that hairstyle can actually work well on some people. O_____O Ok I think you are right. It must be the combination of the hair and the face shape. T__T””

      1. CX’s already rawking, and even when NOT acting o_0

        And what I meant abt Louis Koo’s LOL expression was when he first met MC’s XLN after years. LMAO that’s pure fan genius!

        1. That is why the casting of MC and what yuma is going to fuck this up is breaking my heart to a million pieces. CX is YG, his RL persona is sooo sensitive weird boy YG, right age, right skillset, right look. I doubt we’ll have another coming along as perfect.

          There is also a HXM ver. too: Image Hosted by
          but Louis OMFGface is da bomb of course, and my thinking is CX can totally pull a poker face in the exact same situation XD

  1. Yuan Hong as Yang Kang is so hot :p !! I liked Li Jie in the drama also 😀 (but not the he falls for MuNiancy plot device ew)

  2. Ew I have no word about MC. It is striking how every girl in the upcoming show outshines her from head to toes. People call her ‘goddess’ ? :/ and through her reactions on the gifs one can see this ‘goddess’ went on her head and this arrogance shows in her comments on weibo. I mean on one pic she freaking looks like Jackie Chan !!! 😮 eww ! It is sure her agency imposed her in exchange of loads of money because there is no other explaination X( yuck…

    1. I’m also sensing some arrogance and big head disease she’s trying mightiest to hide behind her seemingly harmless smiles. If she’s a better actress, maybe she can fool us all, but sadly she’s not. I’ve just seen one of the interviews of her on the set and she said she’s so pleasantly surprised by her stills (the same fugly stills we’ve seen posted by yuma) from her screen test and it was so shockingly good (to her) she can’t refuse the role. And it really hits me she DOES think herself as drop dead gorgeous somehow. I’ve heard her hyped up with the nick of Lil’ Cherie Chung in HK and for the longest time I thought it was the entertainment reporters typical hyping up and no truth to it, BUT when I see MC really accepting the nick to the point of proudly taking a pic with Cherie who is 23 years older, I lost it:
      Image Hosted by
      I do not see the resemblance, AT ALL,other than they both smile a lot. Everything on MC’s face is droopy and squinchy, she looks a decade older than her age of almost 30, nothing is sparkling and I wouldn’t give her face a second (or first tbvh) look on the street. Does she have ANY idea how even more gorgeous and hot Cherie was in her 30s?!
      Image Hosted by

      I’ve seen Cherie in person at a restaurant not long ago and gosh, she’s headturning at ~50, even my hubs, who is horrible with his ent. fodder and can not recognize her off the bat, stared. I’m not that very shallow in picking friends but I honestly do not have any RL gf more ‘pedestrian’ looking than MC. None of us growing up has even the thought we are XLN, but then we have heads squarely on our heads and who would aspire to be such an extreme head case even with the most pretty shell?!

  3. Lol, have to sneak YH pics in there somewhere hmm?

    I’ve had a lot of laughs, but to defend MC a little…
    I recently watched Those Bygone Yrs of MC and Love in Disguise of LYF. Let’s just say MC is not fug enough for me to open my arms for a LYF reprise. MC may be all wrong for a proper XLN but since we aren’t talking about a proper RoCH anyway (seriously, with all those narrative changes, a chubby XLN is the least of the problems), I’m really backing off on this one. If we must have this bizarre adapt, better her who can act than some clueless freaky eyes.

    1. I’m not that impressed with MCin Those Bygone Years/Apple in My Eyes though. It was anchored by steady writing of a very simple, well told story. She was playing exactly her type and cruising on her girl next door charm. I just did not see anything impressive in the acting department there. Her role could have been easily handled by a dozen or so TW A-listers in the right age bracket. To be shallow as I am always, she does not look as fresh as the days of Those Bygone Yrs. Everything is sagging face-wise. There is no convincing to die for OTPness btw her and CX. He would have at least equal if not more chemistry with Huang Rong to say the least, and CX will have chemistry with his rags.

      We’ll have to agree to disagree, while I cherish acting over everything else in any other case, XLN and a Wang YuYan are 2 cyphers that need the looks in narrative sense more than anything else. It would be a bonus if we have the acting chops, but I still think LYF is a decent XLN, it was HXM not rocking his boat bringing the ship down. IF she’s working with a much more competent CX here, who can turn an even more horrible actress YSS to a certain level of funcional as his OTP, I have faith he can have sparks with a LYF.

      1. Well said !!
        I will add gone are the days when Tawanese industry had real ‘goddesses’ in Brigitte Lin or Joey Wong !! Tw Ent sure is so desperate to call this girl ‘goddess’ WTH ?

        1. I will blame it on the industry has shifted to dramas that side of the strait, a well made movie, box office hit will pop up once a year if we are lucky, but the movie business has no footing to be healthily sustainable, same with HK. So, where is the need for larger than life movie stars so remote from the average girl next door?! IT is easier to promote decently popular TV starlets into ‘goddesses’ and shove them to the big screen. In MC’s case, she had a box office megahit under her belt and she is a household name, so she would be cast in movies milking on her BO draw alone with no regard she has no star power to carry a star vehicle solely on her shoulders alone. All her movies flopped post Apple

      2. Yes, a proper XLN and WYY would be two flower vases. But like I said, we aren’t getting a proper RoCH anyway, so why be fixated on a proper XLN? Even with the right qualifications, she’d still not be Guo Er’s Gugu in this version. She’d be Rapey Taoist’s Long Er. And YG’s gonna be LMC’s Guo Er. If they aren’t each other’s first love and life-long devotees, their characters’ essence is already in the mud. I’m more upset over this than her looks.

        1. I am as upset, my friend, but as you know I’m not a fan of RoCH to begin with, and I can’t lie I’m a purist in the strictest sense, the TVB classic adapts all went quite haywire with tonnes of colorful rewrites BUT they managed to keep the essence of the characters intact. yuma is a one ‘trick’ douche, so this being savagable is literally when pigs can fly as MC put it in a tweet. I’ve never treated this as RoCH, but I care about CX as an actor and this is his breakout. So IF CX and MC have kickass chemistry, even when she’s imo a limited actress (she really was awful in every of her followup after Those Bygone Years, and I did see LYF improving a tiny bit at least in connecting and believability with her on screen OTPs in period movies. It takes 2 to tango, LeeHom is the typical idol turn actor who can’t act even amongst that bracket, just as Tony Leung was awfully sterile against a Ling ChiLing in Red Cliff), there is hope to this, as CX has shown me pairing up with Zhao LiYing or even Yuan ShanShan. Even if YG and XLN is not firstlove, YG has 8 girls pining after him (I’ve counted and that is not including this Li MoChou twist here), so for him to let go of his first love and yuma the cunning arse will make the end game be canon, I need a convincing kickass XLN still strictly for CX’s YangGuo sake. Tbh I was still holding out hope, she has worked on her period stance/statue/mannerisms but nothing is giving me a glimmer of hope. A couple PS’d to death stills do not mean a thing, but this is worst, way worst.

          MC is way too fugly in period in this do imo, I have no way putting it lightly, not even as a XLN, but amongst every one in this cast. She is decent in a TWidoldrama or a simple romance but her first foray into periodmovie, Ripples of Desire, she is a Disaster even though she’s styled better

          I got curious and saw the entire movie on YT searching ‘花漾’, I do not recommend you doing so even out of curiosity, not even if you are a fan of Joe Cheng and Jerry Yen. No. Argh.

          A LYF is born with every bolt and nail of a well-oiled period machine except acting chops. She can handle the physicality of the role like a pro. MC does not have the chops to overcome everything else. She was whining at the press how hard it is to sleep on the rope a la XLN because she has no core muscle, putting it as if she has no idea she really has to sleep on the rope (very canon) and you need real muscles doing it even with all the wire-fu. And I had enough of her harping she is working hard in losing wt (though it’s not showing yet) and they are squarely in the heat of shooting day and night. This is screaming to me she hasn’t get the priority straight. She is not a dancer, most actors on the cast are either classical trained actors or dancers, CX minored in Chinese Opera that why he moves so well in a wuxia. It is a commitment as an actor to be prepared for a role, she comes across as hopelessly bizarrely clueless in this endeavor, as if a still of herself pretty enough to drop her own jaw is a priority in making one of her most talked about role in her entire career.

      3. Agreed. Chen Xiao with Liu Yi Fei would be a dream come true (in terms of looks at least..though I have to disclaim that I had not watched the TVB versions)….

        Actually, I’m already so disillusioned that I’m glad for the ridiculous loveliness Yuma is going to introduce to the plot…at least we see CX!Yang Guo with pretty ladies!

        1. Chen Xiao will be the BEST YangGuo I’ll ever seen. I was saying this before seeing anything out of the production (and it was majorly disappointing anyway) but he is perfect in every way, the only uncertainty in the equation is whether he has the gravitas to pull off the older YangGuo the condor hero. And LYF only has some chemistry with younger looking guys, her onscreen aura is still chaste and asexual all these years PERFECT for a XLN and now that she is actually the right age to play the character fully, when I actually thought she was alright in the 2006. She should be able to do a better job.

          I’m dissing MC because she will drag CX down, and a decent XLN is crucial in the characterization of a YangGuo. What yuma is doing with the writing and the story, we have no way of really knowing till we see it, so I’ll save my big ball of rant then, I won’t sitting through this dud from start to finish anyway. For self-preservation, I can not care too much what yuma is really doing, the only certainty is it will SUCK. And so what I’m sooooo pissed with MC’s casting is this will affect CX, how she’s a misfit is soo jarring by looks alone is unprecedented and I’ve seen her absolutely awful in a period, so acting-wise, no hope as well. Whatever yuma is doing backstage, CX has shown me he can elevate yuma’s crap and make every scene his own time and time again. He got my vote for the best Lin PingZhi for one. He will still be decent all things considered, but gone is any chance this will be a favorite of some. I doubt he’ll make as big as splash as HXM. WHAT a big shame his YangGuo is snapped the wings before it set sail.

  4. Self-confidence is a great and beautiful thing and I’m all for it, but MC here just sounds arrogant. She’s delusional if she thinks she’s a goddess. Please.

    CX sure has a way with words 😀
    I feel sorry for the poor guy. It’s very irresponsible and despicable of YZ to try to heap the blame on CX for the XLN miscast – as if CX actually has any say in who gets cast in roles. He’s just an actor for crying out loud.

    Bleh the costume and hair for Yang Guo is just plain ugly. He looks like he’s wearing rags made from cutoff scraps. The hair is awful. I hate those bangs that cover up most of his face. That screencap you posted of CX in Longmen Express with his hair pulled back makes him look so much better because I can actually see his face.

    OMG the hair and costume for MC’s XLN is YUCK. Are they trying to make her look like Wicked Witch of the West or Queen Maleficent with that cone hair? I don’t wanna keep harping on, but MC REALLY doesn’t have the look for a period drama. TBH I can’t even call her pretty, because she looks just like a random person on the street – ie. as pedestrian as they come. I dunno what lies she’s been deluding herself with, but she’s just NOT XLN. She doesn’t have the look, the poise, not even an ounce of the aura of XLN.

    I’m not even a fan of Liu Yifei, but I’m honest and can see why she’s famous for her wuxia/period roles. She has the grace of a trained dancer and the delicate beauty that makes a good period character. The only criticism I have of LYF is that her acting chops aren’t quite there yet.

    I find it ironic that almost every other female cast member is more graceful and charismatic than MC who is supposed to be the most 仙女 of them all. I discussed this with my mom (huge Jin Yong fan) and she was like, “Is the casting director trying to highlight MC’s miscasting on purpose LOL”

    Love those pics of Yuan Hong as Yang Kang. He looked beautiful in LOCH08, whether it be the Jin Prince costume or even the plain clothes of a peasant. YH is made for period roles. He has the look, the charms and the period “feel”, just like Hu Ge. Actually I quite like LOCH08. The only complaint I have is the drastic changes to the story, but other than that, the cast, acting, and fighting scenes are great. I know there were many criticisms about the CGI, but I didn’t mind it too much.

    1. IF she was a 20 yr old newbie, I would put the blame solely on her handlers feeding her nothing but the hyping up and the massive overrated success of Apple. But she’s a 30 year old woman, got her bachelor degree at USC, at least well read in the wuxia genre she said…and I can’t cut her slack. I did not mind her before this sick joke of a casting, but she should know she got the fame and the popularity because of a single role catered to her abilities, you are a star not because you are famous and popular but because of what you can do and can show, up till this very point of her career, the only success was Apple, everything she did prior, she was forgettable in I’ve seen her twice in TWdramas before Apple and I could not recognize her at all in Apple and thought I was seeing her for the first time until I wiki’d. Everything she did post Apple, were flops. I can take into the account the word ‘goddess’ as they use it is just a saying of any celebrity with a rabid following, and with ANY popular commodities this day and age, there would be a rabid fandom large or small with its presence on the internet. She comes across to me, whenever she speaks, is she’s letting these ungrounded praises get into her head too much when she should be focusing on improving her measly skills, not how long she can hold her smile.
      Frankly I could take in her casting much better if she is what I assumed, quite ignorant to the business, never read/saw a RoCH anything, but she said she’s read every word LC wrote. She has been posting selfie after selfie of herself harping on she’s now skinny and lost 10 lbs here or on a strict diet but most importantly she’s feeling healthy, and at the presscon keep saying this is all bloating, she is not fat. This is an alarming tell how insecure she is with her body. What is all the proclamation of giving us a ‘unique’ take on XLN, knowing fairly well your body type yet slapping yourself in the face with all this talk on nothing but dieting and thinness?! It is such an astounding hypocrisy when I’m all ready to stop my mean bemoaning this is not lithe, not sleek, not airy a presence and deal with a normal, chubby, ‘cutesy’ XLN while you are all too eagerly telling all ears you are not the ideal, yet working at attaining the impossible?!

      I think your Mom is WISE. That is what a lot of Cnetizen are proposing as well. yuma has been passively aggressively jabbing MC like 棉里針 ‘needle in cotton’ with his every tweet about MC I’m about to feel sorry for the woman (but I just can’t) They even went so tasteless as to copycat the FayeWong’s awesome tweet on the 411 of her divorce, disparaging all the rumors, but in yuma’s case swabbing in words in Faye’s format, riding the frenzy as to he is the one picking MC, she’s the one, there is no undertable dealings blablabla, again very there is no 300 taels of gold right here. AND MC went ahead and aped yuma’s tweet in the exact tastelessness, throwing in a thank you at yuma and CX particularly for their support and love. WTF. The more I know, the more I think she’s actively involved spinning the media circus when if she has class and serious she should just shut up and do her job the best she can and truly let it speaks louder than her silly words. I would be weeping real tears of hurt if CX is forced to repeat the cheesy poor taste tweet.

      1. *CLAP* I think you’ve just pinpointed all the reasons why I’m so annoyed with this whole XLN miscast fiasco. If MC was a humble and diligent person who’s dedicated to her art, then I can give her the benefit of the doubt. But all the latest updates just show how big-headed and delusional she is and that kills any positive feelings I could have for her. It seems to me that’s she’s let the success of a one hit wonder to get to her head, and instead of working on improving her craft, she’s taking the easy (low) way of “no publicity is bad publicity”, panning to the media attention that this whole circus is getting.

        Unfortunately, the industry these days are filled with people like her who make it big using connections (sugar daddies), while many talented and hardworking people never get the limelight because they don’t have powerful backers.

        I think it’s a shame that a talented young man like CX is stuck in this circus instead of being in better roles, like 一朵鮮花插在牛糞上. Yang Guo is a hell of a good role but in Yuma’s hands it’s gonna be a wreck just like Swordsman was.

        LOL and here mom and I thought we were just making up conspiracy theories with the whole 棉里針 (this is a great descriptor! :D) idea … well then at least we’re not the only ones. I have no idea what Faye Wong tweeted (?) so I’m a bit confused as to what Yuma and MC are doing…?

        1. Sweetie, I assume you can read chinese so I’ll just cut and paste:
          This is what Faye tweeted, all serious on her divorce:
          婚是我要离的 没有第三者 没有婆媳不和 不牵扯财务问题 不是悲情狗血剧 和平分手 换一种方式相处 对孩子来说 我们仍然是一家人 谢谢@一号立井(her ex hubs) 用爱和理智包容这一切 感恩 p.s支持@嫣然天使基金 不会停 内什么 不会出家

          This is what yuma tweeted in copying Faye’s format:
          小龙女是我选择的 没有被强迫 没有潜规则 不牵扯投资方问题 不是狗血雷人剧 新的时代 新的审美视角 对金迷而言 仍然是于正+金庸的作品 谢谢@华夏视听 信任和接受这一切 感恩 P.S支持@陳妍希michelle 不会停 内什么 不会改造型!

          i’m speechless when MC promptly added oil to the fire, copying yuma’s tweet ie Faye’s tweet in the exact poor taste you have to see a caption to believe:

          Uploaded with

          Did you see her blatantly putting the blame on the photog now for her looking FUG in the pics at meet the press on set?!!?!

          Last but not least poor CX has to follow suit to deflect some blame (he’s jabbed by netizens under his tweet)

          小龙女是我推荐的 没有不合适 没有搭配问题 不牵扯造型问题 不是雷剧狗血剧 期待上星 换一种方式欣赏 对金迷来说 我们仍然是一部好剧 谢谢@陳妍希michelle 勇敢和坚持包容这一切 感恩.. p.s支持@于正1978 不会停 内什么 祝大家中秋快乐!

          To which MC, so thickskinned promptly retweet with a Happy Midautumn *heartheart*


          1. Thank you for showing me Faye’s tweet – it really is a great tweet and it’s good to see both parties being so amicable and rational in their breakup (this is so rare these days, with people going to court fighting over money and custody all the time), doing their best to be as least disruptive to their child(ren) as possible.

            I’m beyond DISGUSTED at how Yuma and MC shamelessly plagiarize and butcher a meaningful tweet to feed their own narcissism. That’s just low. URGH seriously how f*cking arrogant is MC. Is she trying to make people hate her? Because even someone like me who never knew her or had any positive/negative feelings towards her is starting to feel really, really annoyed with her antics.

            As for her looking FUG, well it ain’t the photographer’s fault if she was already FUG in period garb in the first place! The woman needs to take a good long look in the mirror and be realistic about herself. There’s nothing wrong with looking ordinary – most of us are VERY ordinary looking, but we’re not trying to pass ourselves off as beautiful goddesses the way MC shamelessly is. What’s annoying is the way she’s so 高調 about it and keeps rubbing it in our faces that a pug like her is gonna be XLN.

            CX following suit with his own retweet is bound to piss people off, but as you pointed out, Yuma is his boss so he has to play along. Either he really did recommend MC (unlikely cuz since when does an actor has any clout with casting calls, unless he’s someone like Ruby Lin who’s also the boss & producer) or he’s stuck having to 食死描 to keep his job…

            1. I know right?! Just when I am darn sure yuma and the likes can’t go any lower, they surprised us just by a flick of fingers. :/

              I really hate how MC is almost passively blaming us for our 1. poor taste since she’s a ‘goddess’ 2. herd behavior as if we have no basis 3. it is almost like she’s shocked of the backlash. EVERY ACTRESS taking up this role will be jabbed big or small over one or a few of the following: looks/age/acting prowess/costume and hair/chemistry with the YangGuo, and of course in her case all of the above, it takes extreme stupidity to be oblivious, perhaps that is why yuma is putting in dopey as a character trait for MC’s XLN.

          2. I saw those weibos on my feed too, but didn’t link it to the Faye Wong ones (not that invested in her marriage etc)….now that you’ve posted it up side by side. WTH. It’s really blatant copying! Such bad taste, when the original weibo is regarding Faye Wong’s divorce!

            I remember reading Chen Xiao’s post, and was shocked that he actually admitted to recommending Michelle for the role. So now, was it actually posted by him, or posted by some staff? This doesn’t gel with his response in the interview clip above…

            Michelle blaming the photographers for the bad stills? Ok, I give it to her, that sometimes photographs don’t do a person justice. I have seem many actors/actresses who look average in photos, but stunning when moving on screen. But Michelle? Nah…not when she’s supposed to be the most stunning beauty ever to grace Wu Xia world.

            1. Egads, it’s a meme now to plagiarize/show ‘respect’ for Faye’s weibo and for yuma to capitalize it when the iron is hot is exactly predictable, but MC’s weibo is even more disgusting than yuma, which is saying a lot. No she’s not referring to the stills, she said it herself she thinks her stills are so breathtakingly beautiful beyond imagination that is why she took up the role without much hesitation. I bet it’s the meet the press where every pic trickling out is just horrendous, whereas while CX is styled more disastrously there is not a pic where his face is not the usual handsomeness, and they are sharing the space in most of the pics And there are so many vids, none of which is any better than the pics on set. So, I can’t give her even that. She is below average looking, even if she’s not exactly ugly, it is so sooo sooooooo not enough.

              As for CX, yuma is his boss, both he and MC had been hammering the point it’s per CX’s rec, I bet as the dust settled, yuma showed CX MC’s stills from the audition harping this is his(yuma’s) choice, and CX perhaps truly liked Apple of My Eye and did say sth like she is so pure and innocent in Apple and is a screen goddess (which is her common nick last 2 years anyway, everybody is still calling her ‘TW goddess’) and yuma took that comment of his and spun it 2 trillion times. CX can’t really oppose it because there are a few words in the million garbage yuma spit out. And CX still needs this to be a somewhat success, he needs the ship to float, so what is a white lie, esp when MC is also so enamored by his support so to speak to bring it up ad nauseum herself. He has to support MC, he has no choice, what else can he possible say?! What he is saying will deflect some of MC’s lynching to himself, and at least now he’s chatted upon…the exposure is desperately needed or else all eyes would be on MC. Then, when the drama is out, and he would probably kickass leaving MC a few planets behind sucking on her own, that is where the sweet payback would be.

                1. All LC’s rights are pretty much owned by some big shot, and the one owning 神雕 is not on such good terms with yuma as in yuma has openly dissed the company for not effectively promoting past collabs and didn’t get them on cable soon enough. I just do not understand why with such solidly good material and the backers still have to pay the cost of production, no one is attaching decently talented producers and a thought of doing the work justice, AT ALL. It’s not just yuma, who is the douchiest offender of course, the other guy doing DemiGods SemiDevils + Duke of Mt Duke is absolutely talentless as well.

                  LE SIGH.

                  1. Reasons to sigh more…from weibo:



                    If this is going to UP Sowrdsman (which I watched 10 mins of ep 10 and gave up), I’ll need to find a way to wash off all traces of the book from my memory in order to survive the tv adaption.

                    1. I think YZ is exactly planning to UP Swordman in antics for sure, At the same time frame in that production, we only have one or 2 big vexing things to deal with: a YSS as RYY, JoeChen as a female DFBB having a loveline with LHC. I was of course more disturbed with what he did in Swordman as aI love SPW way more than RoCH the novel, but still my least favorite LC is worth way more in gold in my heart than the utmost excrement in ‘drama’ form of yuma.

                      The offensive toad went on to describe his 武侠基情’s 基 as 基本的基,ie the building block for emotions and love for the heroes. Yeah. RIGHT.

  5. THAT priceless gif certainly shows everything about MC. Desperate and delusional and wanting CX to delude us all (and herself) into believing she is really a goddess.

    It’s so funny because I don’t even know Chinese (besides some easy characters) and even I know what that 4 character proverb means. I totally agree that she is forcing her only attribute (which is smiling a lot) onto a character she does not even understand. She just got another very bad adjective added to her list, and that is uneducated.

    Man I sound so mean but she actually sounds pretty dumb. She didn’t even defend herself in a way that was humble so that we could even pity her and give her a chance. She’s plain obnoxious with no redeeming qualities unless you count that phony smile of hers as something worth mentioning. Poor CX.

    1. The only merit I can give her is she is praising CX like a CX fangirl would. I know I’m being obnoxious here hardselling how a giant ball of gorgeous talent CX is but I’ve never fallen for any actor with NOT one decent substantial work to show. I still refuse to watch any yuma drama properly on principle (and this includes RoCH of course) so all I’m basing my read on is the choppy CX cuts. I have a feeling CX is the only truly talented classical trained actor MC has ever worked with and she honestly can not hold in her awe, even when I have a tonne of goosebumps hearing her calling CX 晓晓/XiaoXiao. *argh* . Her words: 很惊艳…我没有想到他这么年轻,可是他戏非常非常的好,很有戏,又很真诚, 拍打戏有经验. Very pleasantly surprised…I have never thought he could be so so good being so young, he is so emotive yet very genuine….and he is experienced with action fighting scenes

  6. Chen Xiao’s costume and his leading lady’s one are so fugly, I wish they would change them. I first saw him in the Beauties of the Emperor show and he just captured my attention even though I didn’t like his OTP. I recently finished the Prime Minister and I cant wait for his next project I want MOAR! Should I check out Smiling Wanderer.

    It’s so funny to click on the article and see Yuan Hong pics since I’m currently marathoning LOCH 2008. He is so f*cking hot and so sexy and I’m rooting for him even though he is the so-called villain. I’m totally watching for him even though the other cast members like Ariel Lin are doing an awesome job. I feel I should buy tissues and prepare myself for Yang Kang’s end since I will be crying buckets.

    1. You should definitely check out his stint in Swordman, he floored me. Be warned the drama itself is all kinds of brainhurt.

      I loveLOVE LoCH08 irrationally, it is sooo soo flawed and it went to the crapbasket in the second half. Part is while I like LoCH the book, I have grumbles with it, namely why on earth is YangKang so evil without the need to…here in this fanfic, we are given an awesome backstory of YangKang, yes the purists have their panties twisted up in WHY the HELL should we humanize a villain, but I love a flawed character I can get into evil or not.
      YK and MNC’s story ripped my guts out so good. I have never cared for a YK or MNC more so never cared for them to together but here I ship them shamelessly. It’s sosoo wrong but it feels too good.

      Darn, I might need to rewatch the YK bits in LoCH

  7. one word: disappoint.

    why on earth can this production got funded? how on earth can someone can be so shameless and insane as YZ? What on earth were the cast expecting when excepting their roles? This is killing my love and hope for the improving of mainland drama production more than YZ’s “Swordman”, yes this is the exact English title, not Swordsman.

    1. I’ve amended what yuma named that travesty, I have no care to pay enough attention to its proper anything is why.

      yuma can get his funding, this will make an obscene amount of $$$$ guaranteed! But instead of going the high route of drawing eyeballs by impressing, which is actually a dicey gamble for him will his laughable talent, he is going so low beyond imagination, riling up as much disgust and outrage, promising the most spectacular trainwreck no one can look away.

      I can swear my lungs off, but when this is out, peeps will go rabid with it like flies to dung. And if MC is not as horrible as the expectation is now, she will gain fans, she is the most talked about starlet in CN now, taking up precious space in the entertainment news and blogosphere day after day since her casting. Maybe she has a followup project where she will be back to her cutesy clean modern look where she is certainly not ugly in it, and rebound when all eyes are on her. It’s a miracle she hit it big with Apple with her pedestrian looks and skills, so it is only fair it would take extreme measures to roll out a second act.

  8. Well if this is just a taste of the sort of vitriol this actress is facing everyday then I can understand why she would need to get what you termed as “delusional” ideas about herself in her head because otherwise, the poor thing may just kill herself. I don’t see there’s anything wrong with a girl thinking she’s beautiful despite what everyone else think/ said to the contrary. The world is always there to shred a woman’s confidence about herself so if you need to have that veneer of confidence or even better actually believe in yourself then all the more kudos for you. I can’t see this actress doing anything wrong than accepting what possibly is a role of a lifetime. What new actress can really turn down the role of XLN if given the chance? It’s hella messed up that a woman who’s beautiful can get away with the suckiest of all the crappiest acting while an actress of mediocre beauty will get beat blue and black just by stills. As for her saying how she’s pleased with what she’s seeing so far, what do you expect? For her to degrade herself like you all have been doing? Because that’s so the healthy way to cope with the situation…

    I’ve always like your fangirling, mookiehyun, and I so enjoyed when we fangirled over Queen Inhyun’s Man back in LJ days but I’ve always noticed how harsh you are towards actresses while so forgiving towards male ones. It leaves a nasty taste in my mouth. Obviously your blog, your opinions, so of course am not saying you can’t or shouldn’t post these thoughts but the vitriol and cruel words of this post leaves me disgusted so I had to speak out.

    1. She is a 30 year old actress in this business for , 7, 8 years, as she put it, she is the one choosing this role and if she has no basis there is a standard to be met and she is no way near it with or without the confidence, that is delusional enough. she is not just pleased with what she’ve seen of herself, she thought she is unbelieavably beautiful and must take on the role based on the stills alone, without telling me she did the physical prep and training for the role, and I could not for one respect an actress taking up such an iconic role based on something as shallow herself. This is a woman who has the suckiest of crappiest acting on top, with no physical training to meet the demand of a wuxia role and the amount of wirefu dancing a XLN demand could be handled by sheer self confidence and smiles and a few stills, you are saying? She felt not one need to amend it before shooting…if you did not skip around and just judge me as unfairly. I have said it so many times I have seen her in her soiree in a period movie recently just to gauge a balanced judgement on her, I would be the last one who based my jabbing on looks alone. I have posted a clip of Ripples of Desire, and that is the movie of what I’m basing a lot of my judgement on. In a way, you have lessen the bulk of my vitriol on her, I did not just eviscerate her looks, but everything else about her is disgusting me to new heights. This is not a matter of just a few stills, she was meeting the press as her character, yelping about it, I based my pov of her through how she’s been carrying herself, what she said in her own words posting at her weibo as well. IF you’ve taken your time to read the entirety of my grumblings, that is. It is the woman herself that is talking nothing but how her looks is suitable for the role, while she can be confident, but the incessant obsession over it with her words is telling me otherwise, I have no interest in how she has been losing weight and proud of it, how every weibo is about her appearance, the stills (which she thinks is beautiful and I disagree vehemently), but when she felt like mentioning anything with depth about her character, she is the one degrading a XLN, I can not respect an actress who has no respect of such a classic. If she does not have the command of Chinese to even understand a simple Chinese proverb on the character, more so twist it to her own liking, I can jab her till she’s minced meat all I want for her disrespect on the language and her, to put it bluntly, illiterate moronic of a read of such a well known character, that is the bulk of the self-delusion and if it is unanimously abhorrently opposite of what is the general consensus of the character based on the very simple illustrative words of the author, that is grounds enough for me labeling her as delusional yet again. I do not feel like I can encourage her ungrounded confidence at the expense of her trampling over the work of a writer I most highly adore, you can go ahead and be your lenient self, but I have more respect for any Louis Cha’s masterpiece, one of his most well known character, than encouraging a raping of XLN by an untalented, mediocre in looks overrated idol with a one hit wonder of a movie role a few years back and with nothing for show to sustain her fame.

      You have not really read everything I posted here to base your judgement have you?! No judging my side, it’s perfectly alright and normal. *hugs* I do not tolerate a freaky level of plastic surgery on actors and actresses, if there are more females disrespecting their craft, disarming themselves the weaponry of naturally emoting on screen by mauling their faces, especially when they are fucking up dramas I adore, I will slay them. You tell me, are there more actresses than actors who are guilty or no?! You will not hear me raving about a Noh MinWoo, Kim Hyun Joong, Jang GeunSuk for one here. And I did not miss a beat stabbing KimKiBum’s fugliness and casting in another Louis Cha classic. IF KimKiBum has chosen MC’s tasteless mode of action garnering as much controversy as possible basking herself in noise, making it the biggest media circus almost esvery few day in own words and actions, you can count of me to cut him to size. I choose to post things I thought are pretty, it is when I’m enraged enough when I let my ranting beast out and this is exactly the case. I won’t sit and let someone judge my blog.. One of my most read post day in and day out in this blog is on Zhen Huan Zhuan in which I adore every females and made a respected praise for them while stabbing the actor I fangirled. If you are going to speak out, be educated about what is going on in my woods.

      As I have said repeatedly if you can get off your high horse, if she is JUST mediocre looking but have the right attitude I can bear witness, telling me she has the proper work ethics I would have shut up, but that is not what she is doing. If she is truly confident in thinking herself as beautiful and suitable for the role, she would not be constantly talking about her dieting and how much weight she is losing and how much yuma and CX are praising her for suitable for role and NOTHING ELSE, when the filming is already in progress and still complaining she has no core muscle to endure the wire-work her character is physically demanding her to endure. That is another delusion I’ve said out loud that has nothing to do about a few stills, my friend. I am not going to encourage any guy to sign up an NBA contract just because he is handed one when he has no core muscle to play the game, but has glowing confidence he could based on nothing for show, and I take it you will?! She is the one telling me she has read the novel as a fangirl of Louis Cha but her understanding of the book and the role is a disgrace to the language of Chinese; I do not see her as having one bit of true confidence at all with all words and no action, esp. when she is the one actively encouraging us in focusing on her appearance and nothing else.

      I do not think an actress should build her confidence on looks AT ALL, but her craft, so for her to be confident taking on the role because she thinks she is beautiful enough makes me puke. She has been doing nothing but TW idoldramas and modern romance till Ripples of Desire and being in a period is not a walk in the park, let alone a wuxia masterpiece. MC has not impressed me repeatedly in her past works in lighter fares, and she is the one talking nothing but how she thinks she’s suitable on looks. I am pissed off by the rampant level of plastic surgery and I do not care to suck it up and falala everyone can have the confidence to feel like he/she is beautiful, when you are on my screen and awful. I for one has been praising Ariel for her job in LoCH08 as a non-fan, even though I think she’s not half pretty enough for the role and does not fit any of the description of Huang Rong in the novel written in black and white, she impressed me and overcame the physical obstacle by her sheer skills and it is still my fav performance of her. Ha, I’m the last one to be lenient on actors, please take a note at my posts with any mention of constant jabbing Huang Xiao Ming and Feng Shao Feng. Whether I choose to rant about it is my choice and I have other channels to vent, but thank you for taking the time judging me based on what you want to nitpick alone.

      1. I am not unfamiliar with all your posts regardin this, mookiehyun. Live I’ve said I’ve always like your fangirling posts so I’m a follower of your blog if not a constant poster and from the beginning, I’ve notice the evisceration of this actress based on her looks alone. Yes, it started with your general disgust about this producer/ director who churned out crap but I noticed it quickly spiraled onto the actress herself. My bad for not realizing she’s more of a veteran of the industry but my point stands that very few ppl can turn down this sort of role. Especially if you’re turning it down because ppl think you’re too ugly for it. If she always talk about how she’s losing weight and emphasizing on her look, could it be that is what she always bombarded with? If you keep being throw under the bus because everyone think you’re too ugly to be this character then I would imagine your defensive mechanism would kick in to perhaps the point of delusion if only so you can complete the job. Of course you’re in more complete knowledge of the situation because you understand the sources while I have to go on what you translated but from what I can understand she’s basically being shredded and humiliated because she’s not pretty enough.

        I’m too short to literally get on a high horse , but much like how you’re passionate about the works of LC and thus get your panties in a twist with ppl messing it up, so do mine when I see other women being so viciously attack on their looks ( and yes, saying how she should wear a face mask to be prettier is downright cruel).

        1. The face mask thing is what the writerproducer of the drama himself is literally doing to the actress you are vehemently protecting without knowing much about anything with his insane level of PS he did to her face until it’s literally more plastic than the mask I’ve attached right with the joke. It is a sad joke, get it? Take it or leave it.

          Why can’t there be actresses too ugly for a role when the character is described as a drop dead gorgeous empty shell?! That is a fact, I did not post a thing about MC and she’s been raved left and right as a goddess personification in greater china since Apple of My Eye. While I consider her goddess status overrated, I have barely mentioned it in anything.

          I wear briefs, so no worries my end. watch out on your no one is allowed to be called nothing but beautiful undergarments yourself! ^^

          Tbh, I’m shallow, I’ve never denied to be, I’ve posted stuff I just simple stuck words like Friday, Pretty blehblehbleh. It is when you said I’m targeting my vitriol towards females that snuff you out of not knowing anything I usu blurted out here because if you searched my tag for Hu Ge, a CN actor, I had same gripes when he’s not looking the part. Or even QIHM’s leading man, I had quibbles when he’s not performing up to my standard. They are visuals on my screen, and I can not judge them aesthetically when I am ALSO judging them in other aspects of their crafts?! SAYS WHO?! Why the big taboo white elephant thing on looks?! You are delusional to think this is protection of your sex by looking the other way.

          And on PS, I doubt if anyone truly reading my vitriol over the hatred of the EXCESS of procedures will ever be pushed to do it because I have not seen one looking better from where I stand, but perhaps to you?! I have said it over and over till I have canker sores I do not have a problem with it until it gets so freaky and I see plastic things moving or not when emoting, IE when it is irreversibly detrimental for their craft. AND I would b fine with it if they have balls of talent to back up the work on the superficial. I still watch stuff with Seo Woo in it for one and I’ve praised her work squarely in Cinderella Sisters days even though she is freaking the bejesus out of me plastic. They made the choice to focus on the looks yet forgetting to get down on the gritty hard work of honing the craft and you are harping I can not for one judge it. Well, good luck harping.

          I have translated a passage on her horrible misread of a simple proverb and I’ve answered and pointed to you so without a mention about her looks in that passage. READ.

          1. I’m not saying that your specific comment will lead to an actress getting surgery but more of the point that this is a the atmosphere these actresses living in, and it’s the sort of comments that foster this surreal shallow world where looks rank above all. If an actress is judged based on her talent alone and that’s the standard in which one make or break it, do you honestly think so many will go willingly under the knife? And yes, I think there’s nothing wrong with ppl thinking they’re beautiful even if they’re not in other ppl’s eyes. The world is so good at cutting ppl down for such superficial reasons so I don’t mind it if ppl harbor the delusional thought that they’re good looking enough for the world.

            “They are visuals on my screen, and I can not judge them aesthetically when I am ALSO judging them in other aspects of their crafts. Why the big taboo white elephant thing on looks?! You are delusional to think this is protection of your sex by looking the other way.”….I’m not sure what you meant by this? If you’re saying that I’m delusional in protecting my sex because I refuse to judge their looks then ok, I’m delusional. I have other standards besides what someone look like to judge them.

            Anyhow, both of us wasted enough time on this. Obviously we will never see eye to eye on this nor do we need to.

            1. And as if I do not have other standards as with quite a few posters and the whole of internet that you and only you possess?! At the root of this is you equate aesthetic perfection or beauty as you put it as attractive and as a merit all should have or else it’s discrimination against a physical trait, I do not. It is a necessity for some roles and a XLN is a must, but I have never ever regard being beautiful aesthetically makes someone charming and charismatic on screen. I have seen a lot of actors and actresses who worked hard the old way at their craft instead of succumbing to the fast track of PSing to a fugness I can not withstand just to get roles.

              I have been judging every actor and actress I mention here by looks, talents and many other aspects esp whether he/she is suitable for the role, that is the same yardstick I put towards MC, just so you have decided to solely focus on me saying she’s ugly which she is below average and has been enjoying an overrated fame and fortune and fandom for one role for years now without the hard work at the craft for show, I have a problem with it, and for her to keep boosting she thinks she is breathtakingly beautiful without showing me a thing she did otherwise towards this physically demanding role, I will slay her in my blog to no end as long as she wouldn’t shut up her poor taste.

  9. Sorry for double posting but hit post accidentally on my phone.

    On your point about more actresses mauling their faces with surgery than actors well…where do you think that pressure comes from? Could it come from the sort of comments about how hey, wear this creepy skin mask to lessen your ugly because you’re a woman and thus have no right to be unattractive?

    Also your mockery of how MC is actually not that confident in her look because she keeps on being defensive about it and drawing attention to it, my opinion on that is if you don’t have it, fake it if only to survive.

    1. You do not know how famous MC is in larger sino entertainment business, she is lauded as the TW goddess for last 2, 3 years. She has been considered a standard of attractiveness as a pure normal school crush and I did not say a word. I have never uttered a word about she not pretty enough for this or that until this particular role because you can’t fit a square into a circle. For the last time, if you have no idea what a wuxia icon XLN is, READ, I’ve attached the wiki entry of the character with very specific description from Louis Cha the author and she met none of them. It’s not a matter of enough or not, but none, nada, nil.

      She is not a no bit actress, she has been leading movie roles after movie roles, she is also a popsinger with concerts under her belt, so she haz it, she is not begging for a job, nor need this circus for survival. My point again, she is disastrous as faking it.

      I’ve attached MC’s tweet plagiarizing a FayeWong’s serious tweet on fresh divorce for one reply and it was so disgusting to translate, you can go google translate yourself being so loving and protective over an overrated actress stepping all over another female singer fresh on her divorce. I can’t see it as anything other than to attract eyeballs on harping the same appearance stuff adding on the part it is the photogs fault for her pictures looking awful. It begs me to think she is not even faking the pics look fine herself, she is just putting the blame on whatever and it is not being defensive, but plain flipflopping on her own words. I’ve said it for a period role and more so a wuxia role there is a poise and stance. She has none of that (again do not put words in my mouth I said nothing about her face not pretty enough here)

      I for one love SO many actresses who can make themselves attractive (or not) on screen by their serious acting chops because of the role. I have NEVER ever judge any actor pretty or not based on looks alone. I reserve the right to judge whether their physical attributes befit a role but in no way I’ve ever based one post, one comment ever here on that alone. So you are getting annoyingly insulting not even reading my reply to you above in pointing out my rage over this casting.

      So here, what else do you want from me?!

      1. Uh.. I don’t really want anything from you nor do you owe me anything.

        I honestly have no idea who this actress is until I read about her on your blog so if she’s a horrible person in real life then ok, I’ll take your words for it cause I don’t really know nor care to. My only contention with your posts regarding her is that from my point of view, the constant harping and mockery of her looks with things like how photoshop can’t even help the girl. I know who LC is, I grew up with the translated versions of his stuffs and despite the reverence attached to his works and the author himself, it’s fact that he’s still allowing his works to be made in less than capable hands. I doubt he needs the money to make a living so if we’re talking about selling out then let’s go to the original source for that. Unless the laws of public domain is different somehow, LC should still retain all the creative control over his creations. Or unless he sold his copyrights then big OOPS! to him and that’s on him.

        And obviously I lied up there about stopping this but I saw your later comment after posting my own so for real this time, I’m stopping from spamming your inbox.

        1. If you have no idea and going by everything i’ve said so here, why did you just focus on my jabbing of her physical aspect and ignore the bulk of my rants, thousands and thousands of words of it from her understanding of chinese to the writing in the novel of the character to the crucial characteristics of the character, to the fact I’ve seen her perform in a period and horrible at it?! You seems to have a list of things I should be critiquing, saying or doing and after listing it you are now saying oh I didn’t want a thing. I did holler at LC for one, so many times exactly on what you are accusing me of not doing, and yes he’s sold the rights to some big deal production company which in turns trickle down to this sorry excuse of a writer/producer yuma. I do not think LC should retain creative control over his everything, he is not a drama producer, in capable hands I still see good dramas made from his work. AND nothing is touching his classics I read in all authenticity. Nothing.

          How can photoshop to a more fake than a mask help ANYONE?! And if the producer himself is posting said pic as if it’s her face, is he going to photoshop every split second she’s on, no humanly possible way right, and that is my point of why it is not going to help MC because the core of her problem is she can not act to save herself, she can not act the part, she is not qualified in so many aspects not just looks alone and she is focused on appearance wise and losing weight without any regard to proper training nor showing me she got the character in any essence of it.. Again, do not twist everything I wrote to your desire to critique me when that is not my true meaning.

      1. i thank you for informing me so much on this ROCH 2014, not looking forward to it 😦 XLN is gonna be ruined by MC 😦

        1. More devastating is my hunch is screaming to me from the bts CX is also gawdawful in his YangGuo. CX has never been anywhere near awful and for him sucking in this role that should’ve propelled him to higher heights in the industry, I am traumatized. I have fallen out of the CX fandom. I can’t deal with this.

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