Happy Moon Festival: Bromance Edition

月圓人團圓! ie The Moon is so bright and full, gather your dear ones by your side and life is good!  We can poke fun at the saying 月圓人臀圓 happiness is when our butt is as round 圓 as the moon with the gorging! What is a better mascot of the MOON festival in my silly blog but 老O?!  Had your Moon Festival goodies (mooncake for me)?  Pigged out?  (we are glutting Korean, small party, work, want the visual of a whole glorious table full…thus banchan!)

HongShi hope we’ll give our dear ones lovely thoughts on the auspicious night while we stare adoringly at the moon munching munching nomnomnom: [I sincerely thank all of you, Original Posters, Happy Midautumn to y’all from the bottom of my heart and please just let me keep stealing your lovely cute stuff from weibo MUAKKKKK ]


The Happy MidAutumn Festival song he sang to the tune of happy birthday (hmmmm…more on that, read on), downloadable, split from his wechat voice message.

The new tradition is to bbq in CN for the big Moon Festival gathering even in a hotel room.  Loverboy posted happy pics of the Chang Ge Xing gang at the Moon festival party:

Yup, my Loverboy is Perfect. *and yes I can spot his whitey undies right away. 10 pervie points for mookie!*

We all know he is a mean cook by now and he has never been shy to flaunt it (more on that) but the official weibo of the drama said our emperor is nursing a bronchitis and his royal loveliness pouted: @袁弘:为了这顿加餐,朕昨天已经把这里的超市搬空了!For prepping this special meal, your highness me cleaned out all the supermarkets in the vicinity!

Take a moment and visualize him sick, wearing a surgical mask in public probably to hide his gorgeous face, coughing up a monster, yet running around the little towns near Elephant Mountain shopping for the dinner.  D’awwwwww!

His episode of 爱呀幸福男女 is out:

…in which he reinterprets the new heights (or lows) of the cutest shamelessness while charming his own socks off his pretty feet (no, it’s not cuckoospeak, be warned, you foot fetishes), peeked at his own manties, cooking REAL food, chopping stuff like a pro, saying ShiShi is a goddess, reciting poem he wrote himself in character as Prince 13, ie hot and serious and gorgeous, turning ladyhost into a fangirl, loling like a loony, gifting us lovely gifs and the cheesiest of cheesy loveydoveys you won’t believe it till you see/hear it.

Some cuteness first, he likes being called Cute:

阿雅:之前有人问林更新吴奇隆胡歌你要救谁,你说救胡歌,现在把他跟两个女生摆一起你还是先救他,你暗恋胡歌多久了?袁弘:我们俩应该不算暗恋吧。阿雅:是明恋吗?哇今天在我们节目公开恋情![围观]阿雅:那你有没有跟你的另外一半胡歌研究下(发际线问题)袁弘:他不是我的另外一半,他是我的全部。 Host AhYa:  Not long ago somebody asked you who would you rescue between Lin GengXin, Nicky Wu and HuGe, you said you would save HuGe, now we’ve put him between 2 ladies and you STILL would save HuGe first, how long have you been secretly admiring him? 

YH:  I don’t think is it a secret admiration between us, no?! WAH! We are making love confession openly in a show today!  AhYa:  Then, did you discuss with your other half HuGe (on the topic of hairline receding)?  YH: He is not my other half, he is my all.


阿雅:那如果你跟江若琳是真的,媒体问到的话,你会承认还是说,我们不谈这个话题了.袁弘:我可能不会希望公开.如果我和胡歌是真的,你们不会知道的… AhYa:  If Elanne and you are for real, when the media asks about it, would you admit to it, or would you say let us stop discussing this topic? 

YH: I might not want to make it public, if me and HuGe are for real, you would not know it….

To which a fangirl said the obvious: [汗][汗]阿雅明明问的江若琳.为神马你举例就自动代入了胡老板..真爱不解释啊…  AhYa was clearly asking about Elanne Kong, why on earth did you quote HuGe as the example…the only explanation is: O.T.P.

60b676c7gw1e8hq94x6wtg20b4067x6p 60b676c7gw1e8hq8fv7oyg20b4067wv6 60b676c7gw1e8hq880057g20b4067nls 60b676c7gw1e8hq7p69yeg20b4067qj9 60b676c7gw1e8hq7eg30kg20b4067qv6 60b676c7gw1e8hq8440ueg20b4067h4t 60b676c7gw1e8hq7fp6oxg20b4067b29 60b676c7gw1e8hq6c7jvng20b406717w 60b676c7gw1e8hq5w8v3ng20b40677ncThe last one is him sticking out his tongue, embarrassed and guilty when he broke the stone mat being notty.  So. Cute.

While Lil Red Flower is busy being adorable and witty and silly and perfect,  HuGe is out and about recently looking ridiculously sharp and dapper and IWannaKoalaHugUrLegANDMORE in a suit:

While poor lil’ Red Flower is off by himself being snapped by a passerby eating noodles in this outfit:

With a bit of waxing, I’m coveting your legs, no joke.  Although you love piling on the primary colors and somehow reminding me of how Nobita, bff of Doraemon would dress himself a summer day, I still love you, Loverboy!

At a book signing event on Sept 15th a darnest fangirl asked HuGe:

@当罗志祥遇上胡歌祝二胡920生快 我:二胡!小红花和白豆腐谁是你的真爱啊?二胡:蛤?然后发嗲的说:当然小红花[哈哈][哈哈][哈哈]   Between Lil’ Red Flower and White ToFu (WallaceHuo) who is your true love?  HuGe: Huh? (smiling ever so sweetly) Lil’RedFlower Of course! HAHAHA!  The vid

September 20th is HuGe’s birthday.  Some things just never change and is forever.  I believe.

First lets start with a Fount Restaurant’s tweet:

@HuGe, Boss, happy birthday!  My best gift to you is to wish I have more business haha, so ladyboss (the obvious nick for YH) does not have to help out with the dishes and can travel around the mountains and seas with you!

YH:  @HuGe Happy Birthday, hurry up and get yourself a bike, take your camera and lets go for a hike!

Needless to say the fans under the thread are all cheering on their imminent elopement.  Now, I am sending my warmest best wishes only if you two promised us hot smooching pics chronicling, m’kay?  Have a lovely RedWhite MV:对不起我爱你/I’m Sorry, I Love You.

There is a RL next door shops named after their nicks (KeKe hot pot rice+ Gu Yue Snacks) in WuHan of all places which made the RedWhite shippers go berserk kidding this must be their secret little cute shop/ hideaway.  HuGe did a drama special 说好我们的店/ Refresh 3+7 Our Store with Mavis Fan, they even made a RedWhite fanvid.  Hm.

Even if The RedWhite bromance is not doing it for you (what is wrong with heartless you!?!?!)  This is a bromance fanvid that slays ALL: Almost Lovers  You are officially not human if you didn’t just shed a tear.  Not even for Caesar the ape?!  Come on now.

6 thoughts on “Happy Moon Festival: Bromance Edition

  1. Happy Moon Festival to you too, my friend! 😀
    I hope you and your family had a great time 🙂

    Yuan Hong & Shishi are so cute together, and the YH/HG legendary bromance strikes again 😀

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