Friday Pretty Post: Fashion on Actresses Out and About

It is last week of summer.  Boo!  My brain is fried, so I will continue parking it at where it has been all summer long! XD

I’ll start with the whut?! as in I do not care to see your underwear:

I know Ariel must be half my size in person, and yes, you can smile and be all happy Ariel, but this is shiny at the tummy pelvis region, as if the see-through is not screaming at me to count the hearts.  Are you sure you are happy with this Ariel?!   If you are as daring as to wear those Gucci hot diapers which is questionable on 6ft tall models, then flaunt it and do not cover it with a midcalf Madame Butcher’s rubber apron for some kinky Valentine’s day soiree.

While I was kinda applauding you(I will never wholeheartedly root for grown ladies showing underpants)  taking a big risk at the Golden Bell a few years back, you do not want us to label you as the pantiescutiepie, asking WhatPantyWillArielWear?  From now on.

This is BaiBing, most famous as the OTP Princess of HuGe in The Myth.  She is 27 years old.

Still the 27 yo BaiBing looking in character as a time-traveled 60 yo madame from at the brink of WW2 not quite hip Fushan, Canton.

I do not love this outfit unlike the rest of the CN press, it is matronly, and dear YangMi, if you are going to stand still and let the photogs have a piece of you, stand your legs firmly and properly and smile!

Much better:

Her face is as lovely as I’ve seen her lately, airbrushing or not, and she’s wearing a zebra tee inside this.  While I guess she is pulling this off better than most of us, I would never need a zebra crossing jumpsuit in my closet unless I want to play some camouflage like this real zebra is doing standing in the middle of the zebra crossing feeling belonged

This is my vote for her best look at NYFW, young and fun:

Tang Yan:

This is as shapeless and long as shiny slumber party wear can go, and this dress with these shoes?!?!?!?!

TangYan needs bangs, period.  The black pantyhose completes this schoolmarmish Fall 2013 look.

If she went for an even shorter edgier wig yet still giving her some bangs, this would be perfect.

She is Zeng Li, in her late 30s.  I like the age appropriate dress and she is fit well in it.

Is this Amber Kuo?  I miss the old fresh-faced cute thing she was before all the vamping bitching up by Tiny Times.  I will never understand why a 27 year old would want to look like a school mistress a decade+ older.

More Amber on the right, I still do not like her outfit.  I love YangMi’s clean sheath though.

Zhang XinYi

This was her old face:

Guess her age if you didn’t know her well.  She is 32 in the red outfit.  Can we stop this silly PS circus, CN ladies?

JiangXin, looking very vavavoom and gorgeous, everything is exactly how and where it should bodywise I can’t deny, but this is too dressed up,trying too hard for NYFW

Song Jia is my vote for the most effortlessly chic CN actress:

10 thoughts on “Friday Pretty Post: Fashion on Actresses Out and About

        1. ha! I do not think we look that different in early to late 20s, just a few years give or take. I never thought she’s shockingly young looking. That would be the Ariel type.

    1. Argh. Seriously. Most of her pics, tbh usu freaks me out one way or the other, so this is not the worst. I’m surprised she did look good, actualy pretty indoors as an audience.

  1. Ahhh I really like Jiang Xin but the dress makes her body look so disproportionate. She looks gorgeous with the red lip but the dress gives her a really weird looking structure :/ I agree with the Song Jia comment, she looks the best out of all of them, she looks so much more comfortable than the others.

    1. I want to tear the organza hip thingies off, and the outfit makes her too much hot young stepmother of the bride, way older than she is. Her body is still too die for even though the dress is not helping and the face is still gorgeous under too much makeup and the distracting earrings.

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