Kagawa x Masato

What is better than one cute ojisan?  I am not going to tax your brain here.  So, no it’s not one cute ojisan on lap, or in house cooking curry katsu after tidying my house to sparkling spotlessness and have stocked my fridge with beer.

How about a pair of adorable cute ojisans!?! Thank God It’s Friday and I can giggle my hearts out at work and it won’t be too cray, you know.

I’m a Jiang Wen fangirl, so the first thing I saw Kagawa sama in was his 2000 movie Devils on the Doorsteps:

Even if war films and/or BW films are not terribly attractive to you on a Friday, this is a human drama which can be read into as much as you want, of a farmer, ie a micro look at the CN everyman facing the big bad ‘war’, and it comes down to the purest human necessity: feeding the tummy, when his world, the mundane world of every little people is abruptly fiiled with absurdities, yet the world Jiang Wen built is still every bit alive and authentic.  It did not weigh itself down with the dark subject matter.  I chuckled (and no I’m not the devil, I think?!)

Saw a Cmovie of Kagawa ojisan last night:  暖/故郷の香り (2003).  He is playing a poor mute farmer.

It is said he tore himself an extra slit across the chest of his worn wifebeater to be more authentic to the role.  We got to give him the applause for the conviction in the character.  BRAVO!  MORE SLITS!  His character is not the happiest luckiest guy.  Here have a puppy to cheer you up Kagawa sama:

I’ve seen him in John Rabe, just didn’t pay attention to the fact he got some flak from the right wingers.   Own up to your past war crimes,  disgusting, politicking weasels.

I’ve corrected the wrong of not having seen Key of Life.  I am obviously someone who loves them screwballs not truly have their acts together and yes, I was roaring in laughter seeing a grown man slipping on soap and the general big serving of skintage.

Thanks for the rec!  Can I be so ridiculously shallow in saying it gives me too much joy seeing the ojisans in A&F stuff hahaha.  When Kagowa’s character holds a fake gun, and it is dramatic because! with his very serious confused face,  I laughed till I cried.  The delicious schadenfreude seeing Masato’s character have ants in pants and I’m so looking forward to  those liar pants be on fire is what I call entertainment I can drink a beer to!  kekeke

Oh and Kagawa has very neat handwriting when he’s writing his dilemma, ‘What is Acting?’ when his identity is usurped by the bit actor Masato and now must take on his identity without any awareness of the switch-up.

I have no idea of these weird facts of Masato:

  • His clothes are too fug he’s been snapped by the paparazzi because of it.
  • Ate dandelion he picked by the roadside with yuzu vinegar in college because he set his mind to eating more veggies.  *he said it tasted horrible*
  • When he’s out of money, he would tear out ads for sushi and stuck it on the wall
  • And when he’s bored he would write on the sushi ads, ‘I want to eat sushi.’
  • He hates sole because it is too sleek with evil eyes and a crooked mouth
  • Bought a lot of difficult philosophy books and would read while drinking, keep saying out loud to himself, ‘what is this writing about, I can not understand at all!’
  • Was too nervous on SMAPxSMAP, when Kimutaku asked him what is his favorite thing, he uttered: moss.
  • Whenever he is asked about Valentine’s Day, he would say it is just any day in the middle of the cold winter.
  • ‘What would you want to do the most if this was the day before the apocalypse?’ ‘House cleaning, I want to clean and tidy everything up before dying.’
  • ‘What would be your last meal on earth?’ ‘ I want to finish cleaning everything up before I die, I would use up everything in my fridge to cook a meal’
  • He was very shy showing his forehead on stage in the play 噂の男, but he was never shy showing his butt.
  • Would do the shiko exercise (raising one leg very high then stumping onto ground like a sumo wrestler) on set when stressed.
  • To perfect his act in running, he studied how antelopes run, and concluded, ‘ It is not useful as reference at all.’

Dies of cute yet?  Here, the kicker:

Kagawa x Masato on 130705 ぴったんこカン·カン

I started giggling when Kagawa opens his mouth.   These are two 10 year olds in the body of Kagawa and Masato in suits, guys being noobies at a bank.  Then Kagawa changed into a toro/salmon-colored linen shirt and he took them to a sushi place his grandpa took him as a child but he hasn’t been there after his grandpa’s death.  There we learn Masato’s dream is to be a old book storekeeper whose hobby is buying lottery tickets and sits there manning the store front if he did not become an actor and Kagawa would be an entomologist, but he is clearly an entomologist who can imitate a mantis very well, both male and female forms when they are mating and the female would devour the male and that is from his own observation hours on end.  And that is accompanied by the visual of a young Masato staring at ant mounts forever as a boy.  Kagawa keeps saying he shares so much in common with Masato as nerdy boys, thanking their parents for nurturing them as such into unique oddball actors, to which Masato adds, ‘there is no need for many like us!’  Yes, I’ll settle happily with just you two!

Afterwards they share the same favorite place, a bookstore catering for 40-50 year old adults.  Then they go to a noodle house, it serves my fav thing: tsukemen (I hate soggy noodles. HATE.  And the awful thing of ramen (yes there can be one awful thing about ramen, one!) is the last few bites are always soggier and it’s a kill joy, not when u are dipping perfectly al dente noodles in a super flavorful hot broth.  Genius!)  haha it is a place where Kagawa and Masato went on a ‘first date’.  GOSH, how can you eat yummy food TWICE in one show.  * so hungry just typing*.  Come on now, it’s not fair Show for you to have 3 of my favorite things of late.

Kagawa seems like a prankster and to me Masato has always been a squarepants good nerdy boy, here is Kagawa,  a master at imitating,  poking fun at Ogiso, whom his sons age 4 and 9 are fascinated with:

They also showered compliments on each other and Masato came up with a new name for his Ohwada:  Wholezawa.  Masato is being humble with his acting and line reading as Hanzawa (halfzawa).  CUTECUTECUTECUTECUTE!

11 thoughts on “Kagawa x Masato

  1. hehe am glad that you love Key of Life!! where did you find the video clips to Masato x Kagawa interview? must go watch it!!

      1. Thank you so much for the rec! Kagawa is so insanely good in Key. It is making me soooooooo deliriously happy knowing these 2 are so genuinely chummy and cute working together and off screen! Sparks and fireworks everywhere!

  2. mookie!!!!thank you for the post!!!i do not know u r the fan of kagawa too!!!i love you!!!*hugs*..i love kagawa and masato so much!!their talent really makes me falls for them eventhough they are *ahem* ojisan..however i am glad i we share same taste for our our ojisan..haha…love u!!

    1. XDDDD OH! I ❤ you too sweetie. It's impossible not to love Kagawa, he's so memorable in everything he touches, we love Masato, but everyone comes up short next to Kagawa. I'm not a diehard esp when my dorama consumption is so paltry these years it's depressing…… but just the other day after I saw that puppy pic of him, I realized I actually have the DVD of the movie Quill in 2004! The most recent drama I've caught in him prior to Hanzawa is his cameo in Shinzanmono!

      Do you have anything I can manage time wise a must see of Kagawa my friend?

      1. for now, the most memorable acting kagawa have is as yataro in ryomaden.. i didnt watch more of him acting as i watch less jdrama and jmovie for now..maybe on my holiday i will spare more time on his actiong..have you watch quill?is the movie is fun to watch?

        1. Oh gawd There are maybe 0.0000001% of Jmovie about animals that you do not end up crying in a fetal position for days.

          Quill is lovely, heart warming, cute and all things you would expect of a movie about Kagawa as a guiding dog trainer and lovely labs….BUT, you need to know the drill.

          Kagawa was in tonnes and tonnes of movies as well, but he is such a character actor more than ‘star’ he is seamless in every role I’ve seen him in.

          1. wow..looking good!..i will watch later!i also love a movie about animals..usually makes me cry harder than human movie..i watched hachiko and that was the most my tears flows from my eyes.. i watch both version, english and japan version..bawling likes a kids for both of movies..kagawa is one of actors who can capture our attention using his acting and not his looks..sometimes when i watch ryomaden i skip the other actors part just to see kagawa part..his part is awesome!

            1. I get misty thinking about Hachiko. I think I watch every J animal movie under the sun. I just love the simple beauty and guarantee tugging of heart strings.

              Have you seen Himawari to Koinu no 7-kakan with Masato? Gosh there is one scene so memorable where our canine actor did soo sooo fantastically he should get awards for!

              1. not yet..but i’ve been seeing a poster before…gonna add up in my must watch list!too many movies and drama that i have not seen yet..T.T

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