The Best Show I Have Ever Seen

… is Breaking Bad.  I do not love every second of it.  I love it in its entirety.  I have nothing more to say but thank you creator(s) of this show.   I had the ride of my life time just by sitting diligently in front of my tele last 5 years.  Time all very well spent.

Felina.  Finale.

It is so perfect I do not miss it.  This is as good as it can ever be and any extra time with the characters, the story would be.  That said, I can barely have any control of my body to hold its fetal position while I sob to sleep.


2 thoughts on “The Best Show I Have Ever Seen

  1. I so don’t want the show to end, but after seeing the finally, Vince Giligan was right. Every characters went through such a journey, they really need some rest. I’m not sure if i might sound crazy or not, till the very last minute i still feel so much sympathy and pity for Mr.White. Maybe a sequence for Jesse and Saul recreating the Empire Business, what ya think?

    1. I do not mind the judging on my part, but there is a place in my heart that I can forever understand Mr.White with no judgement all through the seasons and in each and every moment I spent with the character. Earlier on its sympathy and pity, later on it is just knowing him so very well that I could see no other choice of action to his every deed. Part of him is still the little guy everyone walks over who could do very very horrible things when pushed to a very horrible corner he is helpless to get out if he stayed on the morality high horse. He would’ve been miserably dead 4.5 years ago and his family would be in financial shambles. But with this finale, he died in an eerie peace, knowing he’s proven himself worthy as even as a big bad kingpin because at the end of the day, he bought some time, earned a notorious legacy, ensured a’trustfund’ providing for his family financially. I’m not saying I’m rooting and cheering him on, but a dire gamble when one’s life and family is on the line is a gamble hard not to be tempted. He was not even allowed to be selfish and egoistic most of his adult life and in the face of a horrific terminal illness, I think it’s so human to abandon all. This is the guy when he’s bottled up every anger he has, every inappropriate emotion, and did the right thing of a decent guy then he’s majorly screwed by life. Why should he still care?!

      I hope Jesse will appear in the Saul-focused spinoff rumored to be in the works. While I admire his staunch moral compass, it’s also unfair to blame it all on Mr. White when Jesse was not presented with Walter’s set of whippings all his life.

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