Last day of September, so long summer!  This post will be a monsoon of pretty men (ie not just Loverboy) and ladies in period costumes, a lot of Loverboy kissing (a girl, not the pretty men), HuGe (and their lovechild jkjk) and a fanboy’s sweet fanletter to MaestroMiyazaki.

Lets start with what YH wrote to Miyazaki in the New Weekly feature (a CN Atlantic-esque current affairs magazine):

A Letter to Mr. Hayao Miyazaki

Dear Mr. Miyazaki,


Many people know I love Totoro, strictly speaking, Totoro was the second masterpiece I saw from you.

The first one was Grave of the Fireflies.  Back then I thought: Wow, a cartoon can illustrate war—how harrowing, and heartwarming it was at the same time.   We had very little knowledge to grasp of how WWII affected the daily lives of commoners in Japan, what we knew of them were caricatural.  After seeing Grave of the Fireflies, the different voices of Japanese, from all walks of life are apparent to us.  War was an enormous devastation to them as well—this movie allowed me to look at an event from a different point of view, even for war.

Another masterpiece that affects me is Porco Rosso — I love that pig, he is too cool!

I have never thought, in order to portray a charming middle-aged man, he would not be modeled after Gregory Peck or Clark Cable but…a PIG!

And this pig is so striking, so awesome in his every word and action.

I was still a boy in college then, but I had to act like a man.  Somehow I could understand a bit better how to display manly charisma when portraying a character (because of Porco Rosso’s Mr. Pig), I can not put it to words, but simply it is ‘courage, confidence, humorous, be responsible and BAMF!’ It is the allure of composure in everyday life, oozing out in the enthusiasm in every gesture, every word…that kind of utter coolbeans.  It is an assurance very hard to describe.  Subconsciously that is the man I want to grow up to be, this is the enlightenment dawned upon me when I’m still a boy, not yet a man, by a pig, a ‘crimson pig’ you created.

No matter if you are retiring or not, I must express one thing and that is: ‘thank  you’.  Thank you for gifting us, from children (it’s a pity I didn’t catch any of your work as a kid) to adults, you brought us animation brimming with so much warmth.

In my thank you, there is an utmost respect encapsulated.  Your works have the power to ‘better our world’.  We always speak of making our world a better place, but you did it with your illustrations, your creation.  You make us have a firmer faith in Good.

Thank you, at least you make my world a better place.

Yuan Hong,  2013.9.16.

@!##$#%^#*&@$^%!#!!!!  I have a very serious crush on Porco Rosso.  I bet 99% of normal fangirls would pick Howl, but pig is my soulmate animal since I was a baby, visiting my grandparents’ hometown little village and I sneaked myself into my ad hoc playpen in the pigpen, literally adopted by the sow (thanks for not squishing me to an early death) as one of her piglets while my poor parents searched for me.  To learn for the first time this is the character my Loverboy is aspiring to seriously grow into, makes my day, of course.

The official stills of Chang Ge Xing are out.  While these are not styled most creatively, at least they are full of convincing gorgeousness *DRoolzzz*  I bow to you Ruby, you go GF! for sticking by your fine taste and eye for beauty and do it the right way, not be swayed by the ‘trend’ of piling on putrid eyesores, gawdiest styling as if Cdramaland is Halloweenlalaland 24/7 to attract the snarkfest.  Just promise me, now that you have gathered all the pretty men in your yard, put some care on the script, please?!  Bribe YuanHong one seafood/crab feast a week and have him tweak the writing so it is not your usual mind-numbing nonsense.  This could be the most respectable hit to date under your production company and it does not have to be the disappointingly pointless periodfluff good only for staring at pretty men.

Lets start with the different looks of Ruby:

I think this is decently gorgeous, just the right amount of PS, close enough to what Ruby looks like in RL.  It is clear she will have her Mulan moments faking it, fighting along our young yummy Han future king Liu Xou and his gorgeous men.  Everything is a bit dimly lit to hammer in this is ‘Serious’!? ‘Intriguing!’?! imho.  But nothing is bugging me.  Ruby can still pass as a young queen.

And now, lets drumroll our heartbeat a while in palpitations for the gorgeous men!  This is our Shower and a part of his manrem, his 28 generals!

I do not know why there needs to be so much greys and blues on the guys and yellows and limes and greens on the ladies not!Ruby, it is not a complaint.  Everything looks lush and tastefully ornate.  I will trade this for pick a color off a parrot’s butt and make it stinging fluorescent any day.   The guys are looking fine like men real enough holding swords and convincing as generals, each and everyone of them, even in the context of a shoujo period.  I’m counting my blessing and giving thanks with endless sighs of relief, willing to kiss Ruby’s feet for all this pleasantry to my eyes!

Last but not least:

The imp himself pokes he looks like he’s ‘ready to make a home run!‘  I hope so too and this is the drama that will propel you to your well deserved recognition.  First, lets hope you practice your manly sword wielding and crying faces seriously because you need them perfected!


Our OTP!

I do not think Loverboy ever parts with his cheeky paper fan with the character’ CUTE~!’ written on it. <_<

See, yuma, truly pleasing to the eyes gorgeous human beings do not need PS to cartoon freaks, put them in decent outfit, ok-ish hair and let them SHINE in normal human skin.  I do not even know who this good looking youngster is playing, tbvh.

Royal treatment on the set includes a huge sun umbrella or 2 never three feet away, a fake black stallion for you to fake majestic, and a few poor minion soldiers  resting on the horsey between takes, hopefully the poor chaps are not responsible of jolting the horse and the king as if galloping:

kekeke this is posted by the very jealous WangYu, who is Yin Shin, big brother of future Empress Yin, and here our Shower is bedding his OTP and rubbing it in, sending this exact pic to the poor guy, who did the right thing snuffing out the meanie, sharing this hotness for all.

This is the character chart I stole from wiki:

So we can’t strictly say this is MarySue when Loverboy has more intimate arrows pointing at him.  He is also making that fact all the more blatant flirting, replying the tweet posted by the official drama weibo of the character stills of the generals with:

袁弘: 好多美人! (So many BEAUTIES!)
Not once but twice:
袁弘: 好多美人儿!(So many BEAUTIES~!)
A sneak peek at the most affable emperor in CN history and his beauties of 28 generals:
And the sweetheart, in his down time, is making himself very useful taking up a sidejob as the street vendor of fresh garlic shrimps on the barbie, while flirting with ladies on set, making them all glowing and grinning mad like the happiest fangirls by not charging them a penny and serving the yummy food with a sweet smile on the side:

And my loverboy has never looked finer since LoCH……

…holding a cute little girl.  Lin YoWei (they worked together for Love Trouble, more on that *SQUEE*), if there is any chance of a Two Dads sequel, you know we must have a YuanHong in Three Dads.

…signing autographs in his cute tee.

More dreamy close-up while signing autographs, this time with half his costume off.

…his glorious side profile shedding some more layers.

See braids can be rocked by a YuanHong.  He did that once in Young Yang Clan already.

HAHAHA, last time we had an ingenious outfit of shrinkwraps; this time, hotel towels he must’ve stolen.  I’m pretty sure this undergarment of terry cloth is both functional as sweat absorbing and bulking up the chest and shoulders of my too skinny bobblehead.


HE proudly posted these pics on his weibo.  Please, never stop your meds.  Why are you such a silliest cutest shameless derp?!?!?  Clearly stealing a toy from the babygirl of his bff visiting him on set ( this tweet is replied by the official weibo of the online toy store carrying the poor pink antelope), running havoc in the changing room to the point the crew has to ‘politely asked him to step out of the room.’ <-his words.  AND it has crossed the line when you have my sandals.  MY AHJUMMA SANDALS ARE NOT FOR HOT SELF-RESPECTING MAN I HAVE HOTS FOR. >< ARGH!!!!!

*ARGH*  He posted this pic with the caption of the poetic meme, ‘My hair has reached my waist…’ and the proper next line is, ‘will you marry me?’  The weibo thread has so many @HuGe I have lost count.

ETA:  *PLEASE. STOP. NO. I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT TAKING YOUR MEDS. NOR SKIPPING APPTS WITH YOUR SHRINK!*  He just had to hammer in the point, hashtagging #我已长发及腰# #My hair has reached my waist# ‘For REALZ’ the derpiest Derp redefining derpiest with his every outing chirped:

Seriously, Hu Ge, just take him.

I can not end the Chang Ge Xing vignette of this post on such a silly disturbing note.  They have already filmed the following dramatic scene in the novel, since I have not get to that part in my reading, I could not make myself to read the passage from the novel attached, read on at your own cost, I only know this caused a lot of screaming and flailing and it is one of the best scenes in the novel for the fans.  It is titled- Proposal:

Looks GOOD!  This should be an intense scene of many tears.

His drama Love Trouble will be airing (FINALLY) In a few days!!!!  OMGOMGOMGOMG!!! October 4th on CCTV1 as an afternoon drama, 4 episodes a day (!) to lure the younglings home for the national golden week break.  It looks harmless and VERY cute, perfect to bid summer a lovely goodbye with.  I’ve never honestly thought all 4 leads [in this case: Lin YoWei (Two Dads), Lv Yi (新一剪梅), Cindy Sun XiaoXiao (a popular Hunan TV host) and my Loverboy] of the typical TWidoldramafluff construct to be all gorgeous and better yet I liked them all in things I’ve seen them prior.  Allow me to be cautiously optimistic although Mr PD 沈怡 has a record of churning out dumbest insufferable turds (My Daughter, Meteor Shower, Waking Love Up… the likes) that made me suicidal by way of headdesking.

Have the Title Song MV:

And tonnes of cute gifs of the glorious skinship between YH and Sun XiaoXiao:

67aff931gw1e92i6b2hhug20ci072npe 67aff931gw1e92i7febygg20ci0724qs 67aff931gw1e92i8aqi2mg20ci0724qr 67aff931gw1e92i5kekb7g20ci072x6p 67aff931gw1e92i51btsig20ci072b29 67aff931gw1e92i2buga2g20ci0724qq 67aff931gw1e92i1q2zpog20ci072kjn 67aff931gw1e92i0q4sfyg20ci07248l 67aff931gw1e92i0m63f2g20ci0721ky 67aff931gw1e92i023s08g20b4069u0z 67aff931gw1e92hz0ljh8g20b40691kx

They have a very cute chemistry!  Sun XiaoXiao is rumored to be engaged/married to her long time bf, a good friend of YH also in the industry, so if there are RL shippers, they can all take a hike.

I’ve never liked ANY C modern fluff and it is depressing me I might’ve grown out of the rare occasional craving for TWfluff as well, but this looks promising enough to break that drought.  I am not asking for anything respectable and incredible, just….Make me SPAZZZZZZZZ drama!  Make me!

The synopsis (from the drama’s baike) **SPOILERS!!**

林真心的父亲林信南在和高家商业合作失败后受到对方迫害,遭受丧父之痛的真心决定为父报仇。她假意接近高家少爷高扬,目的实则是找出当年父亲蒙冤的证据。 然而在与高扬的交往中,林真心却不自觉的渐渐爱上他,面临爱情和仇恨的两难抉择,她犹豫了。而一直爱慕林真心的王翔面对自己喜欢的这个女孩所作出的选择也 陷入左右为难。

After Lin ZhenXin (Lv Yi)’s father Lin ShinNan was persecuted after a failed business deal with the powerful Ko family, she made up her mind to avenge her father’s death.  She pretends to have a romantic interest in the heir apparent Ko Yang (Lin YoWei), getting close to him in order to gather evidence her dad had been falsely victimized,   However, while romancing Ko Yang, she falls in love with him uncontrollably.  It’s a dilemma to choose between love and revenge. She is not the only one in a hard place, Wang Xiang (Yuan Hong), harboring the crush on Lin at the sideline has to watch on, hands tied, as she makes the difficult choice.

高扬的母亲梁燕年轻时为了家族事业在父母的安排下嫁入高家并生下了一个儿子。但这场婚姻带给她的却是一生的不幸,结婚后老公高世邦与初恋女友旧情复燃,对 梁燕不管不顾,让梁燕的心中暗藏伤痕。儿子高扬与多年前合作伙伴的女儿成为情侣时,精明睿智的梁燕一眼就看出了林真心的居心,于是想尽办法横加阻挠,但高 扬已经深深的爱上了林真心。梁燕的坚决反对也让相依为命的母子俩感情破裂。

Ko Yang’s mother Liang married into the family in a political marriage that is bringing her a lifetime of misery.   After giving birth to a son, her husband Ko ShiBang rekindled the romance with his first love, neglecting his wife, causing great hurt and resentment in her.  When her son fell in love with their long time business partner’s daughter, she knew right away Lin’s intention, doing everything she can meddling, but Ko Yang has fallen deeply in love with Lin.  Mrs. Ko’s bitter aversion towards the relationship causes a rift between the mother and son.

随着林真心真正身份的揭穿,她与高扬之间的感情也越来越坎坷。而与此同时,王翔则被一直守候在自己身边的方晓寒的痴情所感动。原本以为地位悬殊,他与方晓 寒之间不会有未来,然而随着母亲的揭秘,他才发现高世邦原来就是自己苦苦找寻的亲生父亲。最后高扬原谅了林真心,两对情侣各自开始了自己甜蜜的新生活。

As Lin ZhenXin’s identity is gradually revealed, her romance with Ko Yang gets more and more bumpy.  At the same time, Wang Xiang is moved by the rich princess Fang XiaoHan (Sun XiaoXiao) who has been by his side, pining for him.  Initially, considering their drastically different background and upbringing, he could not see a future with Fang. however, his mom later disclosed his birth secret: the dad he has been looking for is Ko ShiBang!  In the end, all the obstacles are resolved, Ko Yang forgives Lin ZhenXin and the two couples start a new beginning with their love and live happily ever after.

In not as many words Loverboy will play the Candy/Cinderella/ugly derpling turning into the white swan dreamboat.

In the vein of RL shippers, there are some rooting for our heroine and the guy2 already:

I like Lv Yi in RL and if they are a couple I am most happy for them as in I am happy for any relationship making my Loverboy happy, but I’m not going to read into a chubby tweet here and there at birthdays and whatnots.  Even when YH is as blatant with his love declarations with his ShiShi, I’m not really firmly on that RL romance ship.  The poor guy has his elbow bent deleting a weibo (he has never ever deleted anything on his weibo, he’s a proud anal Virgo snob like that).  He was just forwarding/retweeting the weibo of the show he did with AhYa, in which the producer did a promo poster pitching he said Shishi is his goddess.  This is the pic of the tweet he is clearly ‘forced’ to delete against his will which he purposefully wrote a weibo to grumble:

The redbeanies are guessing it is most like the ‘handiwork’ of TangRen, not wanting ShiShi to be ‘used’ in any way, shape or form innocently enough by even her good pal LaoYuan, just forwarding a weibo of the show he’s appearing. I have to admit it is not far from the petty shit TR’s ladyB is capable of.

Good that Loverboy still has his BROsforever OTP to flirt and be shameless with.

Remember the tweet on HuGe’s birthday where he proposed they go on a bromantic road trip on motorbikes with their cameras?

HuGe made it more specific they only need one, ‘Lets hop on one, just one is enough, stop the fretting.’

And Loverboy answered, ‘Two of us riding one…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. that is really ‘fretting’.’

I am darn sure he has no intention of it being PG13. <______________<

Since the two of them do not have a care for PDA, the fangirls have the creative license to do whatever the heck they want:

^Take a guess what this is?


There is a Chinese saying a harmonious marriage is destined when the faces (each on its own amicable) of the couple could be meshed together creating a beauty of a lovechild that is still every bit recognizable of the gene pools.  This is the textbook example.

I can’t wait to spazz till hell freezes over in a few days.  I haven’t been at my crayiest game for too long!

8 thoughts on “Yuantoberfest

  1. Thanks for Loverboy goodies! I have been stalking your website for a YH article.
    I just finished Young Warriors and I’m still speechless and spazzing over his general Yule Xie. He was unbelievably perfect! Was it wrong I was rooting for him to win even though it was against the Yang family heroes? I don’t get why Guan choose 5th son over Yule Xie at all even though he was cute and all. I thought she matched pretty well with Yelu Xie being independent and wild and not content to just be 5th son’s wife. I heard that his initial offer was to play 5th son but he decided to play the general and I’m so happy he did so. I wonder why he hasn’t reached A-list status though, he had so much potential yet his roles after Yang Kang and Yule Xie haven’t been so noteworthy. Is it because Tangren decided to focus on only Hu Ge?
    I really hope he gets his breakthrough and get more and more opportunities and maybe someday do another Song drama.

    1. He has so much sizzling chemistry with Guan in every scene they share, but it is country before love for the independent but honorable woman. YEs, he was first offered the 5th son’s role but he wanted the YeLu Xie character instead, very very smart.

      TangRen has no resources to spread between the guys, HuGe was their bread and butter since Chinese Paladin’s breakout. It changed the course of the company having a niche in the fantasy idol wuxia that is making $$$, whereas Yuan Hong has always been more suitable for serious period roles. Have you seen him in Tian Di Min Xin? He was excellent in it and it’s a proper historical so the drama itself has a sound narrative. Even if it is not your genre, he’s only playing the young protagonist appearing in the earlier episodes, his romance with the heroine is so well developed and again, he has the perfect chemistry with the actress Song Jia (who is now honored as best actress many times over in so many awards). Tbh if YH has been more savvy in his career, he should’ve left TR after LoCH, when the company took a huge hit in cash flow after HuGe’s tragedy during the filming of LoCH. The company was never the same, imo it has never recovered and has no hope it could. After LoCH it did not even have the resources to cater to HuGe, HuGe was basically feeding on his past popularity from Chinese Paladin franchise, and it took him till last year or so to establish himself in more serious work that was no longer strictly under TR’s production.

      I really see a chance of YH breakingthrough as a leading man with Chang Ge Xing, hopefully the idolfluff airing soon is cute and likeable too! ^^

      1. I haven’t seen Tian Di Mun Xin yet as I’m still looking for subs but I just finished marathoning his drama the Princes’ Study. It started off slow and boring but it ended okay. His acting didn’t wow me here but I couldn’t help but stare at his face all drama long. He is literally able to pull off any hairstyle.

        Since he is quite active on weibo, does he answer fan questions? I wish I knew Mandarin so I could tweet him. Does he know he has fans outside China? I hope he does. Has he ever said what his favorite acting role so far?

        1. Prince’s Study suffers from a draggy too serious script and a very very dull leading lady (not YangMi). I’ve never seen YH with absolutely ZERO chemistry with any woman or man for that matter.

          He does not answer question regularly per se, if something suddenly perks his interest, he would be a chatterbox, but he’s unpredicatble. Weibo has ‘live chat’ occasionally set up for interactions with speciic stars where you ask them a direct question and it would appear to them in under a thread and they can randomly pick one to openly answer. Needle in hay sack still.

          I can safely say he finds Mulan most challenging because it deviates from his RL persona so much. He was shaky at first but he improves by the episode imo and it was a nice surprisingly good job all in all.

          He LOVES YeLu Xie the most with a passion like many of his fans. He still mentions the character fondly dropping a line at random not long ago in a weibo. He must be quite proud with that job, but being the perfectionist, he has said he can tell he’s so green and inadequate in so many scenes to count. He is his own harshest critic.

          I think he thinks he did an overall best job with Prince13 because it was a supporting role and not terribly challenging, being quite close to his image anyway.

          I think it hurts his feelings and ego the most when Tian Di Min Xin did not make a splash, he did his best job there imo, especially when compared to a somewhat tonally similar drama Prince’s Education. His improvement is palpable.

          He knows he has fans outside of China, he has an amazing fangirl sending him Lakers memorabilia for his birthday.

  2. YH is such a cute and adorable person ^^ I haven’t read the book that Ruby’s producing but I hope YH gets some good characterisation!

    1. Gosh between him and HuGe I’m loling like a loonie everyday. XD

      He looks like he’s having a blast on set and usually he’ll sneak in a veiled witty grumble here or there if things are not all rainbow and unicorns (as he did with Clothing the World calling himself the soy sauce guy…when he should be the guy1, and he was having a hard time on Mulan as well)

  3. There must be no dull moment with YH on the set! I want to buy a pink antelope just like that!!!
    And sandals like that too!

    I hope Love Trouble will be available at Viki and be subbed too. I am still waiting for Mulan to be subbed 100%.

    The fan who merged the faces of YH and HG is so talented. The 4th to the last pic made me ponder on the identity. The lovechild would have been more handsome than the parents! LOL!
    Thank you fan… Thank you too Mookie for this post.

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