Presscon for Chang Ge Xing

The Presscon for Chang Ge Xing was spiffy and everyone is as happy and good looking as can be!  Nothing of real substance was said I supposed, did not see anything worth a mention on my Wlist.  Anyway, happy actors giggling is Always a good sign! ^^

You know the drill, so I’m going to do an 180 and let the pics speak for themselves, sparing you the 10000 words on:  I SQUEEE  and SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE and am puking OMGSOCUTEEEE rainbows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The rest of the cast.  Gorgeous!

Loverboy said his character has a sharp sensible mind, very considerate and empathetic of everyone around him, which is not an easy load on his shoulders.  He has numerous scenes with Ruby, when MC asks if that is stressful to share the screen with someone of Ruby’s caliber, he said nope, all is going swell working together with Ruby for the second time.  On top of his nick of Little Prince of WengDian/Elephant Mtn, his new nick is Little Prince of Seafood (Elephant Mtn vicinity is a foodie paradise for seafood).  He admits he is a foodwhore, ‘but I did not take his Empress Ruby out and about chowing because that would be making too much of a beautiful scene (ie bringing such a beauty along is too much showing off)’ said the cutest flirt.

And it takes The Derp redefining the term with his every outing to have the most shameless fans making the cutest brazen banner:

YH, your hair has reached your waist, how about marrying us all?

Just the other day, Loverboy posted another crazy hair pic and it’s promptly made into a siggy:

He did not post one but TWO sillyhair pics tagging it ‘My hair has reached my waist (ready to be married off, goes the next line of the archaic poem now a new viral meme)’.  That is blatantly asking someone or us to TAKE HIM…hence the handiwork of his fangirls.

My bet is this is him taking a pic of the banner to which his fangirl jabbed this is his Marilyn Monhong moment showing his undies.  GOSH how flat and nonexistent is your bum Loverboy?!

The banner stretching several balconies could not be homemade, I assume it’s done at some shop and hopefully the shopkeeper is a YH fan or else how did this get done with all the head shaking and tsktsktsk of the deteriorating mental state of young single boys and  girls these days!!?!?  XD

This is a sweet moment:

The kids, who are wearing tees from his fanclub, do not know the way to get off the stage probably intimidated by the massive screaming crowd after giving him bouquets.  He takes one child in each hand and walks them off the stage.  That is my sweet loverboy.

YH and his (very cute) assistant carrying the flowers and gifts carefully as they leave.   He looks better with some pink haha

Either he loves this terrycloth undergarment so much to flaunt it around (I seriously hope he doesn’t roam around town in this though eating his seafood noodles because if he bumps into the typical auntie like my mom, she would give him a good lecture of decent outfits for grown men and he would be sorry for public indecency in not even a bath towel and a front slit going down to the belly button) or the fangirls are strange and pervie like me for snapping so many…or both:

I am sure if my Mom has kept it, there is a sleeveless ballet warmup wrap I’ve worn as a youngling like this piece of garment in storage.

2 thoughts on “Presscon for Chang Ge Xing

  1. Your Loverboy is just so awesome, funny, sweet, appreciative, dorky, etc., etc., Impossible to resist his charm.
    Best picture: “Marilyn Monhong Moment”!!

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