我愛你愛你愛我 (lit. I love you and love that you love me) is FTV’s first idoldrama (I did not know that).  I did not know anyone on the roster. I did not know a thing about the drama at all and I checked it out because of new songs popping up on my radar:

I did not know a thing about the leads Chloe Wang, Liu Yi Hao, Yin Chong Zhen and Suzuki Yuki.  I like Chloe and Yin ChongZhen’s faces, the guys, esp Liu Yi Hao is not my type (yeah, I do not care for Rain or any Rain lookalike, boo!) but nothing is buggy.   I’m watching this as background noise mostly, so I have no capacity to review its merits justly.  Can i like it because of the palindromes?!   The Chinese title 我愛你愛你愛我 is a mouthful with two ‘me’s and two ‘you’s connected by three ‘love’s.  I love how my eyes darted like it’s a word pendulum back and forth, back and forth… with the ‘me’s out in the peripheral as if of lesser importance to the ‘you’s enveloped in love and the phrase is centered by LOVE.  In my eyes you have two choices in love, but I have only one and that is directed to you.  I can get swoony just looking at a TWdrama’s title, I can.  And isn’t it what we ultimate want in love: while the swooning for that someone special is precious on its own, but to have that person pining after you as well is one of the utmost joy in life?!

I think our heroine is quite lucky, both guys are undeniably hot!

What is the story about then?  It is fauxcest.  Step siblings, not blood related, are born a few days apart, they both fell in love/on the brink of starting their own relationships but it heightens their awareness of what exactly they are feeling towards each other.  I am watching it mostly for the chemistry, all the fluffy bits but the scenery is breathtaking too.  Yes, I can love snow in Hokkaido any day.

Have a trailer and see if this is your thing:


4 thoughts on “IUUI

    1. haha I didn’t coin it, maybe Koala did, but it’s been for some years, fav trope of Kdrama you know?!

      I just checked out 2 eps so knowing my track record with trendy, this will probably crap on me after drawing me in XD

  1. Omgaaad, great OST!
    I couldn’t stand the second female lead in one of the longer previews, but Chloe Wang and Liu Yihao are so easy on the eyes that I still wanna tune in at some point~
    I always feel so dyslexic when I see the Chinese title, heh.

    1. I ask for so sooo sooo little from trendy. I do not need twists and turns, I can even just watch the OTP spend time together doing nothing, but I need a decent OST and actors easy on the eyes. No guarantees nowadays….lesigh.

      haha, u r not alone. I was staring at it and reading it a few times on screen before I can guess what all the mes and loves and yous are doing.

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