Friday Pretty Post

Remember the Young and Dangerous franchise?! I’m not talking about…

…’18 year olds’ zipping across ends of greater LA in a red M not getting a ticket, nor staying the night at the hugeass house 5 minutes from Highway 1 by sportscar, an hour by foot or 10 seconds jumping off the stairs, the glass, rolling into the Pacific (escape plans, we need some) of a single rich boy you think is a Mr White who is into STARING and permanent fuchsia lipstains  (or is color tattoo’d on?!?!?   is he the MalibuKenHeisenberg of fuchsia meth? ) whom you’ve met for 5 minutes in total over several fateful bumping and have an itch to peek his morning shower hair makeup routine to get to know his deep thoughts…

…but the HK 90s franchise that made stars out of the collective bunch of now 40+ uncles:

I am not a fan of any one of them, but collectively?!  Damn was it a nostalgic fun ride.

And yes, I have a few words on a certain K drama.


I could tell you this is a compilation of the unengaged, not amused faces I made if I have that bone structure, plus this guy is the only thing I find kinda sorta hot if gifs have sounds too from ‘The Inheritors  왕관을 쓰려는 자, 그 무게를 견뎌라 – 상속자들; Wang-gwan-eul Sseu-ryeo-neun Ja, Geu Moo-gae-reul Gyun-dyeo-ra – Sangsokjadeul; lit. “He Who Wishes To Wear the Crown, Endure Its Weight – The Heirs” 欲戴王冠,必承其重 继承者们’  If KES wants to kiss China’s ass, use the newest slang: 土豪 (Tǔ​Háo/ CountrybumpkinNouveauRiche) and LMH can play topless beach Tuho as well while having very deep thoughts (please take no offense to the traditional game but it’s sticking skinny sticks into empty ornate vessels and KES loves her meta-metaphors.)

This is about where my expectation is.  We all know it is dumb as rocks as expected so that is not offensive.  I am still not sure if it is KES’ poor taste in intentional funneh with all things American, just it is not terribly entertaining at that.  I could be the only one shouting out a ‘~FATHER!’ After the big reveal of a creative writing teacher the most beautiful word in the language is ‘Mother’.  How creative. Not that mother is not a beautiful word.   KES and I have never get along, ever, so this is purely hate-watch.  I was rolling on the floor unintentionally entertained for 10 mins in 2 episodes, about right.  She manages to write heroines who get on my every single nerve, and I have never bought the characters, esp her heroines to be plausible when they are literally posing as this desirable female objectification.   Another magic touch of hers is she always manages to turn a previously affable enough actress my new allergy.   I’ve never found PSH insufferable till Heirs,  her innocent doe eyed stares, at times really gasping out loud a cutesy ‘Oh!’, is clashing with her feisty Candy wannabe, yes wannabe because Candy is our token Kdrama poor girl with an unrealistic sunny deposition despite all the makjang to the point you can’t help but cheer some ‘hwaiting!’ knuckles in hand for.  Most of the time I would want girlfriend to mop a bit (key word a bit) and vent because I feel uncomfortable watching not getting why she’s so cheery and chirpy being Cinderella without the prince ( by this time we’ve all met her future cold annoying gorgeous prince OTP except her), as if I am never allowed to whine in RL no more.  I feel like I should start bobbing while singing My Favorite Things, taking my bathroom breaks or brewing tea.

Did the world really wrong PSH’s Eun-Sang so horribly?!  Instead of Candy, she is like what CandyTerry’s whiny bratty daughter would be if poor, have shades of GuoFu faking as a GuoXiang from Return of Condor Heroes… Woe is always EunSang who is actually very passive aggressively bitchy under that harmless facade.  I want to slap her rather than sympathize when she hollers at Mom over perfectly fine doggybagged food from the inheritors. I would have no problem eating it, it’s still your Mama’s hard work of cooking.  If I am to believe your life is miserable, this is still a glorious table of food your mother took the care to present beautifully pride or no pride.  IF you are truly owning your life, knowing how barely scraping by you and Mom are because of unni, eat up and go hit a stuffed alcapasso with unni’s pic as head instead.  Never raise your voice at Mom who is mute at that.  Tsktsktsktsktsktsk.  You are aware your Mom raised both you and your sorry excuse of an unni earning her keep staying afloat as the housekeeper of the Heirs with airs household and good at her job apparently with a token disability stuck on, so suck it up.  I do not think she has the right to cut the legit girlfriend of her ‘buddybf’ Krystal to size with such lame logic mostly because Krystal has a chalk on board voice and is the token richb*tch.  I am all for shutting Krystal up, but I would’ve accidentally opened that umbrella into her mouth oopsing an accident.  Here is her seemingly very cute and sweet but actually a wishywashy player boyfriend sitting there for 30 min over nothing but giving you an umbrella just in case it rains when you leave work. And I’m supposed to go D’AWWWW.  <_< Rich girl prettier than you can feel insecure when her boyfriend is looking at you and only you.  Take her interaction with Rachel Yoo, it is rude per me to eavesdrop then chuckle at stranger’s convo over the phone and I do not see on what basis she would’ve known Rachel is buffing or saying annoying things, but even if so, why she is entitled to ‘cutely’ snide out loud then fake innocent, and in Japanese?!  I don’t think it would help if PSH put the heart to do proper nuances or subtlety.

Seeing POOR!her dragging suitcase up that grand flight of stairs just to meet our Yoo~RICH!Rachel and how surprisingly something is tossed down that stairs of a million steps, each with a killer kaching view?!   Now, this begs a glass elevator looking like a gaudy pumpkin.  I can not hate RYoo, she is officially the ignored fiancee, flew all the way to see her boyo, BROUGHT and carrying GROCERIES while attempting the acrobatic endeavor of those darn stairs in half a foot of heels and a coochie mini and this Poor!darling we are supposed to all love at first sight is blocking and telling her as is she had slept in this house *oopsy*, alone *wider eyes*, with her fiance who has neglected the courtesy of correspondence *ohno!*.  It takes a saint to take this lying down, especially when she’s rubbing it in all innocently she should’ve recognized her…as the other gf?!…no, from the curbside.  Oh, please.  And I see a sweetgirl under that Yoo~ bitchy facade just kicking the suitcase, not the girl attached and even bothering with an excuse.  Remember how our sweet Poor! darling butt herself into Unni’s bum’s house?!  She’s entitled to stinkeye everything in it and SCREAM and it is for what, not seeing her unni who lies.  This rich brat is not finding a fiance in his house but instead some girl who has just told her she has spent a night. That is the most dangerous of floozies, the cute innocent nice girl looking type who has a hit rate of 100% stealing your LMH and yup, no chance you are marrying him now, so I can stand behind Rachel kicking a suitcase.  I’m not saying I have a care for RYoo, but she is making more sense and less aggravating than whomever I’m supposed to care.

From one thing shallow to another, just infinitely more entertaining:  Legal High 2



Even ignoring the fact Masatosama can do no wrong, he can poke at his own Hanzawa all he wants.  Plus I reckon Komikado is a fanboy of HN and has made copious notes and practiced some new faces out of it:

Oh the meta!

And can I have this imitation pretty please!

MyMasaki is such a natural.  I love his addition right away.  I would never feel any romantic chemistry btw Masato and Gakki, not that it is necessary, but Masaki/Gakki?!  Hmmmm!  I have never seen my pretty in anything that he can’t just ease himself in, never the problem something he’s attached sucked.  And he sure plays FOOTBALL!!!  *Good job KNVB*  Do you see that sharp gorgeous face?  I have to because I so not approve the Hanzawa nod of bringing back that young swarmy my gaydar is ROARING hotelier’s hair.  This is manga Domyouji’s do and it is supposed to be pompous and passe in NINETEEN NINETY TWOOOOOO if not forever!!!! Do you realize most children born that year are already legal?  Yeah.  So mow it.  Please.

I am desperately pleading for something very superfluously fluffy I can squee and SPAZZ my lungs out, no buts, no reservations, no abandon.  My lungs are getting moldy, I swear. *SOBZ* I’ve lost count of the toads of drama turds I’ve kissed and spat out. T____T  At this very weakest state of mine, someone on my Wlist is rewatching MNIKSS and singing casual praises to HBinnie on how he seems barely passable ‘what is the big freaken deal?!’ on first glance but the more you pay attention, the more irresistible and FINE he is and next thing you know, he’s owned your heart, just another notch and she is gif-ing this:


ARgh.  WHY do this to me?!  I may have to rewatch.  This is HBinnie very green and kinda meh at crying but STILL this is such an effective golden scene.

I wrote a post on Love Trouble raving about it.  HA!HA!HA! <-laughing at myself sadly *cries*.  I should know better of all the silly vitriolic nonsense I’ve spilled everywhere through the years this will just spite the dramagods into forking with me.   Fine job at that TPTB.  After about 10 eps of honestly tolerable goodness and lots of hot open mouth kisses, it has gloriously pooped.  The OTP, while still very pretty, is no longer watchable *but I will spazz a Lin YoWei cut if and when available which is 90% him HOTLY smooching*.  Yuan Hong and Sun XiaoXiao’s storyline is mindlessly watchable, still, but god knows for how long.  Can’t deny this following scene is 100% effective: Loverboy shutting a whining jealous gf up because he himself is being silly.  First you have to have his face, then the kiss, and tell her though she’s very cute at being jealous, too much of a good thing is no good.

Movie A Chilling Cosplay with Simon Yam as the leading man will be out October 29th.  The usual Halloween scary flick.  I am not watching even though I have a thing for all my biases doing a hot cop role in their 30s.


He joked one of the perks making this movie is to suck on dozens of lollipops (and obviously earning a tummy).

Hearsay Ad Mania is out in some obscure Sichuan channel finally after YEARS.  Raymond Lam and Tang Yan are the leads.    There is Joe Ma too, long time no see!

The chance of this drama being decently watchable?!  I won’t bet on it.  But I recall Loverboy having fun on set and he’s having some fun currently on set of Chang Ge Xing as well:

This is his fan with the interjection 万岁万岁万岁万岁万岁万岁万岁万岁万岁…. (long live your majesty forever and ever…) glowing in his favorite shocking glowing pink when on.  So him.

In the meanwhile on the set of RoCH13, the guys are finally showing some wuxia, with a hefty side of BL.  Introducing one of the angstiest loveliest JinYong bromance, Yang Kang and Guo Jing:


yuma is caught lifting off an original art and sticking a few characters on it and voila, a RoCH13 official poster is ‘created’:

An adorable fan made a much more apropos inspired poster:  I LOVE IT!!!!

CX’s career is writing itself into an intriguing angsty modern C drama, I’m still willing it a happy ‘ending’,  starting out with under the representation of the biggest agency in CN, a bit role in the smash hit original Detective Dee he mentioned he had 50+takes for a scene of split second, not a good thing and rubbing maestro TsuiHark the wrong way perhaps.  Then, working in proper historical like Qin Empire 2 to being dropped by management on ‘unprofessional behavior’ while having RL love troubles.  A few years later, he is a drama leading man after shining in crap after yuma’s crap.  Just when we are cautiously optimistic he’ll hit new heights with the dream role YangGuo, we are served the biggest WTF twist that the drama is sucking every drop of sparkly life force out of him.  And he started out in the most prestigious drama academy in CN doing Lust Caution’s Mr Yee on stage!



I’m chuckling along while spitting blood at everything out of RoCH still, to self-medicate, his fangirls have picked up a hobby of CX spitting blood gif compilation, which he did for almost every drama, yeah, perpetually stuck in the 無間地獄/Avici working with yuma can do that.  This is just a few from the delightful, ie has nothing to do with yuma at all, LongMen Express.

6f31a3acgw1e8jqzxcljyg206w06w1kx 6f31a3acgw1e8jr0ezu1bg206c06w4qp 6f31a3acgw1e8jr1l4ne5g206p06wkjl

Sun Li gets a nom for her marvelous job in Zhen Huan Zhuan in contention for the International Emmys Actress Award.  *CONFETTI*  After all my overdose of entertaining OTT faces of Japanese ojisans lately, lovely succinct nuanced Sun Li is so fondly remembered as such a force of perfection in every scene of the drama along with Jiang Xin’s HuaFei.  She got my award for the best acting job in Cdramaland last year of stuff I’ve seen, most of them regrettably:


I am still crushing Song Jia, please gift me something in Mandarin I can watch without my brain zapping to death a synapse per second inside my head.  Again she out chic every CN starlets romping the fashion circuits lately, she reminds me of the fearless eclectic younger Maggie Cheung.  I covet her every outfit, most I can’t carry, but I would love to try every single piece out just for fun!:

Ni Ni  is looking good:

With her hottest commodity of a boyfriend FSF:

I think FSF is very cute and adorable in person, just not cool, which could be endearing.  But the overrated as an actor and can never sell me cool megamoviestar leading man charisma part is not going to help itself.   Not even per the star-making magic touch of Tsui Hark in Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame.  That said, I agree with the consensus of Cnetizen’s snippy remark Mark Zhao’s preciousness as a leading man is his immaculate ability to make every actor working with him looks infinitely more gorgeous and acting like thespians by comparison.  If he’s a better actor, he can do well in indie fare, but as is, he does not have the magnetic screen presence of a true A lister cashing in the charm to carry such a dazzling larger than life popcorn flick.  He mostly has one blank expression, and a few chuckles to wake me up staring at him doing nothing, and it is his attempts  trying to be cool/suave/funny, with a pornstache not going well with his face.   Tsui Hark giveth and taketh away, Chen Kun absolutely stole the thunder of everyone else in Flying Swords of Dragon Gate , two short years later, he is tragically horrible here in a cameo.  So CK can only do drop dead gorgeous, the crucial criteria of an A lister, owning the show in a cameo against type is his Achille’s heels. :/  It is as if Tsui Hark has decided to dethrone him from the A-lister lot.

Nothing wrong with copying an outfit straight off Grace Kelly and looking cute in it.

Gao YuanYuan is the reigning CN pretty face goddess, all she needs to do is to look so gorgeous you can’t take your eyes off her face to notice what is going on neck down.

Liu ShiShi is accessorizing in her LaoYuan’s favorite color:

I think she looks good, but barely alive and I won’t give it another look, lacking certain joie de vivre selling it more as The Star Liu ShiShi rocking an outfit.  Because if Bosco Wong can sell me head to toe +curtains +carpet and flowers Fuchsia with a pink makeup brush and I did not get agita from too much eye peptobismol, able to notice his face and he’s FINE……Shishi, you need to work on it:

I think this is better, but how safe is this?!  This is like the uniform of any TaiTai off to luncheon.  I think why ShiShi looks good most of the time dressed up but very bored is because she is not really into clothes.  Nothing wrong with it, but this is affecting her job at some Paris Fashion Week selling the clothes of the sponsors.

And when she goes a bit out of the square… looks like it’s sloppily thrown on her against her will.

Hayden Bea is another TW goddess famous for her pretty Eurasian face as a model.  She is still bringing her day job  skills to what she must be mistaking as ‘acting’ on the big screen.  Face is good, hair is lovely, can wear dresses well, and can’t act a lick.

Carina looks age-appropriate and put-together but I have no desire to be anywhere near anything on her.

ShuQi is giving me an early reminder Halloween is just weeks away with her bride of frankenstein outfit that can be cheaply hacked by tp.  I would not give her a ride especially if she lets her hair down. I would speed home and cry for my mommy.

Pretty and almost too sweet Tong LiYa can be LiveAction Strawberry Shortcake in this.

Daniel Chan is looking classy in velvet:

Model He Sui can make a very pretty arm candy for Daniel (and vice versa) if they are into super matchy CP outfits:

Now if Fan BingBing wore He Sui’s dress, with this makeup and hair, the ensemble would’ve made a perfect Morticia impersonator:

6 thoughts on “Friday Pretty Post

  1. LOLOLOL about Heirs, I also thought the heroine was only being irritating and omg when she snapped at her mom for bringing home perfectly good food I was all, what the heck!?!? Seriously?

    Anyways OMG OMG I’m so happy Sun Li is nominated for the International Emmy!!!!! AHHHH!!! And I like all of your fashion pics 😀

    1. KES can only write damsel who needs prince charming’s rescue, period. She may wrap them up in the wrapping that looks feisty, competent, hardworking, gurl!power but at the end of the day they are hapless, helpless little girls lacking the agency to get where they want without the men. Whatever, I’m so sick and tired of the tricks she finds amusing.

  2. mookiesan!!i just finished hanzawa naoki..what can i say i that, i never thought that storyline about bankers could be so intense!i really love that they will have hn2..i would love to see how naoki could climb into chairman chair and take that place.. everything is so grand and i can see why it pull 40% ratings.. also i just finished epi 1st of legal high expected from was funny and exciting.. i lol hard at gakky doing imitation of HN catchphrase!!

    1. It was such an entertaining ride! The script was decent, but I wish it was a bit more convoluted in the second half.

      I liked LH2 ep1 as well hahaha gosh I thought of all his dancing and singing and faces and I still burst out laughing out of nowhere, even that little scene of him as a plant in his greenhouse plus the KagaLub! hahaha I ❤ Masaki Okada as well, so his addition to the drama is lovely and he fits right in. I hope they will write Komikado as gay and will come out and be proud of it instead all the hitting around the bush he cares about Mayuzumi his way, and she obviously cares about him more than just professional, but there is no romantic vibe btw the two. I am shipping Mayuzumi and Masaki's Hanyu already.

      Last but not least HAPPY BIRTHDAY to MASATO sama!!! 😀

      1. u read my mind..gakki and masaki ship sailing already!!i’m glad masato got legal high 2 after HN..strikes when iron still hot right?any other drama recomended for this season?nowadays iam not good with tracking of new exciting drama..have u watch otomen?masaki has been a lead in there!it was so funny!!

        1. haha I feel like I’m your ebiltwin ^^ I LURVE Otomen, that’s the dorama I fell for Masaki.
          I don’t have time yet, but I will check out Ryo’s new shiny thing Onmyoya sthsth mid season, he was a host and now a swindling con psychic, seems like a riot.

          and hopefully after LH2, we have HN2 give or take a season?!?!!?!

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