My Fluffanutta Dramaplate

Hey, surprise surprise, this post is not ALL rant.

1.  Love Trouble


I bet the four gorgeous actors signed up because the production gave them first 10~ eps the script all written and set to go, and per normal logic 1/3 of a drama is good enough to gauge.  Better luck next time.  I guess the production team is as confident as me and many fans of the 4some with them aboard and they sent the writer(s) off to enjoy the beautiful SanYa resorts.  The later 2/3 of the drama give new heights(lows) to the silliest makjang (and makjang by definition is nonsensical to begin with).  A taste?  There is murder, and  murdererlady is entitled to accuse the victim’s grieving wife the sin of not honoring past verbal agreement:  your son who is the blood son of my husband must donate a life-saving kidney to my husband but have to swear not to tell the world and fake it as my son, the bastard son whom I had with my lover, is donating.  That is after I have killed your husband who must die because he got in my way of things and threatened my usurp of husband’s company I should ‘rightfully’ own because I have worked hard for the company.  Then we have pregnant heroine with hero missing a brain 1/3 into the drama in the mix, keep pushing away his OTP at times physically for various dumb reasons, the shoving of a pregnant lady climax to our hero in knee deep ocean except the spot he is drowning and the heroine(and her unborn child) has to go rescue him and thus moved him to some sense to end the histrionics, marry heroine, all the while the two friends stood by the beach and let the preggie lady do all the heavy-lifting. And that is just what I could not scrub from hurting my brain.

All in all I have no bad words on the acting,  it is just a pity they have finally riled up a rare foursome of affably gorgeous and promising young actors and this is what they wasted them on.  Lin YoWei has moved up several notches squarely in my manrem, there is not one screencap of him I do not droolz all over the place, even when his character is at its dumbest.  Both the ladies are very pleasing on the eyes and did a commendable job with all the ridiculousness served on their plates.  I have no problem of Loverboy wanting to try out something so different from his repertoire.  He’s lovely in the best scenes of the drama with his OTP and his scenes with the veteran Paul Chun (<333) had some meat to them and they have a lovely father/son vibe all along.  Loverboy has weibo’d several times of meeting up with Mr. Chun off screen, and the adorable biker uncle has visited him on the set of Secret Passages, and they must be getting along fine and that makes me very happy.  His crying is much improved, but he has none of his fire when his character is not making much sense and the script is deep in crapbasket.   It’s either something he has to overcome delving in C modern fluffs, or he has to be very stringent, picking the super rare better script in C modern romance.   He would be wonderful in the social commentary Dama’s/Aunties’ C moderns like what Tong LiYa is transitioning to these days (yes I’m just willing a Tong LiYa/Yuan Hong vehicle happening).  His kind of pretty is a bit old fashioned more to the auntie’s aesthetics ( proud to be one) anyway and that genre at least have some start to finish scripting going on.   I have given up entirely on C/TW collabs.  And *sigh* there is still the SiWon+YuanHong time traveling heroine given a second chance as a younger self Fall In Love With You Again coming up and other than Office Girl, that PD, or writer team are responsible for a handful of the worst TWdramas (Summer’s Desire, Miss No Good…my head hurts remembering!) I’ve ever set eyes on.

But why fight with yourself when you look so much more gorgeous in periods?!

* this is a new still of him in Chang Ge Xing with his first wife/queen who is in unrequited love with him.  And the black and white was from his snippet in Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio/聊斋志异 ~10 years ago*

2.  Mirae’s Choice

Speaking of time traveling second chance heroine, I liked ep1, not expecting much and it exceeded my expectations many folds.  The hour zipped by and I picked up a few clues knowing our quite intriguing characters.  It’s nice we have a chaebol who is mentally and chemically balanced, chill and works for his keeps because he has a care.  This is the most vivacious I’ve seen of our CNBlue leader venturing into acting.  LDG’s character is also not the usual need a chill pill patronizing peacock, he’s a hard ass because he’s deadly serious and passionate about his vocation.  He is believable as a successful anchorman that is perhaps too anal to do himself good, loves his swear words, has a temper and puts getting along with people a low priority.  I am just not sure I care about MiRae and all sorts of her choices though…why does she deserve a rewind button in life?!  I do not find YEH convincing as a 32 yo Dammit Doll with even sorrier hair.   She’s better than I expected of her which is nothing much these years since CP, and it’s nice to see her heart is at it, but she has lost that spontaneity/it factor as an actress for me, every emoting comes across as solid but too eager to please, which I admit is a tad nitpicking of mine but it is not convincing for me when a character is supposed to be content as this milquetoast for 30+ years, suddenly grows some feisty backbone, a drive, a spirit, with the animated cutesy faces in her arsenal.   Ep2 deflated a bit because I was expecting to be given more to invest on both the MiRaes especially the back from the future 50+ Mirae.  She should know her agenda,  leashing it out on the guys who’ve just met an off kilter ajumma/’Mom’ of a 30sth woman they’ve also just got entwined with is quite a bit off.  I hope the guys will be informed participants and have some input when their fates are meddled with as well.

3.  Ando Lloyd

Kou is more womanly gorgeous than ever, but I’ve never been enamored by her romantic chemistry with KT.  KimuTaku is still KT, ie he will never convince me he’s nothing but KT trying out his young Einstein impersonation with the hair and glasses, so not buying he is a Sheldon-like geeky brainiac clueless with the ladies.  BUT as a preening I’m too smexy for my hair my suit my glasses my blood on my face of a Terminator-esque an-dr-i-od?  Thumbs up!  I did ask hubs what the heck is a 5D printer and I googled and I made him watch that part most attentively but he was loling so miserably with real tears at the logic lapses, lynching everything onwards being such a spoilsport I stopped thinking over anything and just be dazzled and tune into the cool CGIs, action, and grateful of the simple little things like the music to my ears perfect droid english,  so good that I can forget that loveydovey homecooked meal has the most cringeworthy music I’ve heard in a long while.  I like the texture of some authentic real action scifi anime thrown in.  It is not worth cracking the head making sense of everything but as an escapist fluff, I hope we get to travel to the futuristic cyberpunk world or at least the factory these droids are made ( nikkid KT, yo~!)

4. Heirs

Yes, I am still watching with half an eye, and this is why:

Scenery p0rn and Cali/Highway1<3333

It is brainless white noise to give me a chuckle unintentionally with a huge side of mindless snark to pull me through tedious overtime work stuff.  A case of the ‘right’ thing coming along at the opportune timing.   I do not care about any of the idols/hot things on board, none of them are my kind of interesting pretty to stick with a drama for one and how KES moves her plot more of the same old clunky aggravating full of convenient contrivances after contrivances, but none of it is that unexpected for me.  There is the schadenfreude and a pity of seeing her taking up more than she can chew worldbuilding in L.A. when for a writer not as perhaps egoistic as she is, a little more research or just asking a few rich gyopo pals would make it not so laughable.  I feel like a zen master instead of the usual rant monster because this is shaping up to be the least successful of KES’ dramas, but I’m curiously less offended by it than most.  5 mins of ep3 hubs brings up a whole discussion on the CN slangy term I taught him lately: GTB (more CN urbandict in english on the term here) describing PSH’s EunSang.  Yup, both of us do not own a heart because the character (and the acting) continues to grate on our nerves the most out of all the sillytwats.  Often the jezebels do not realize they are brazen, of course KES has no intention of ES to rub anyone the wrong way but I just could not see her having the real intent to not twirl around BOTH Tan’s and ChanYoung’s lives in everything she does and says when they are taken and decorum should require a girl to be more cautious leading ‘platonic’ friendships with guys very engaged or having a very jealous controlling gf whether you approve or not.   Moreover, I am sporting such a b8tchface when Rachel is disclaiming ownership, spelling out loud and clear the engagement anniversary, that is they are very engaged so buckle off and PSH gives her and me another wide-eyed pouty woe is me again face.  And yeah, if I were Rachel I would’ve accidentally thrown a full stack of blueberry pancakes with whipped cream and syrup on her lap, and while PSH dons her usual Omo! face and grasps the same ‘oh! Why world is unfair to me again’ and LMH will yelp on why I’m horrible with CNBlue harmless face cutie sniding with a fake smile, I would’ve finished scene off with a mimosa on Tan, color-coordinating with his outfit.

It hits home why KES has never worked for me, because she can not write earnestly likable AND genuine young ladies.  Her brats are lively and breathing though even in the hands of idols, ha, perhaps very telling of her.  I did pause a bravo at the above scene with Rachel at Tan’s favorite pancake place for their engagement anniversary celebration and our oh so innocent ES just happens to take her spare tire chaebolboy there.  KES delivers her first sharp line of the drama: Isn’t you the worst out of the lot hanging out only with guys who are taken (with fiancee and steady girlfriend)?! NTW and I am nodding my head off.  A sensible line!  From the mouth of a rich brat!  I don’t think my interest could be most piqued with Rachel amongst all the characters but I do, because she also said the darnest thing Tan would be most jealous of her when Won, his frigid big bad halfbro is harmlessly suggestive if Tan would be jealous of him for taking her out to visit his Mom’s grave.  In theory, there is a lot of juicy drama in the pot to stir, ’tis a small world where everyone is squished into a messy dysfunctional family, our guy1 and guy2 have dated/is dating the same screechy richprincess back in Korea, and paying too much attention to the Cinderella atvm; Won could be protecting Tan from the blunt of the ugly inheritance warfare, turning poor lil lonely richboy into a sad sensitive pawn of the moms and he must LURVES Tan more than Tan LURVES him.  Borrowing the allegory of ill-fated Kdrama OTP, throwing in oh~incest forbidden BL at that, the more you lurve a bro, whom you need to off later out of filial piety/revenge for dead Mommy, will only hurt more.  Would we also have the histrionics of Won secretly loving Rachel all the while?  OR be smitten by our ES *<_< how not surprising and mehhh*?  I insist CY is not as innocuously cute as he seems, same for his Daddy.  If I care more, the older gen’s love web seems to worth a gold gilded print of Encyclopaedia Britannica Chaebol Edition. I expected this to be full to the kilt craptastic but it feels like it’s lulling itself to sleep, everything is just not hitting its full potential even in being crappy, ineffective because of the zoned out directing, again, that 4some brunch could have been honestly FUN!

5. Neko Samurai

Kitamura Kazuki! nuff said.

6.I Live in CheongDam Dong

Because the forevercutie Lee Sang-yeob has tweeted ILICDD is currently airing in Japan  and Unni rocks a spec with similar hairdo better than KT.  And try as I might, I could not sit through Ugly Alert till HyunWoo made his appearance and even with a Hello~GORGEOUS lure like this:

If you have been missing out on this perfect gem, can make do with hopefully decent Japanese subs and have access to mnet jp:


11 thoughts on “My Fluffanutta Dramaplate

  1. I need a shout out moment here – Kitamura Kazuki is HAWT!
    This dorama is on my to-watch list. With Kitamura and cat? Nothing can go wrong in my eyes.

    Ando-roid is alright. At least it looks like a rather promising first ep compared to the last few KT doramas. But Jpn netizens are quite harsh on KT haha some says “There is an aura from him telling everyone that he’s handsome and all that, but it’s not 10 years ago anymore.” Oops. That’s harsh. But I get where this comes from. KT has this distinctive set of expressions that makes me think that he’s VERY aware of how he looks in front of the camera. Somehow when he was still rather green I didn’t see those (c.f Long Vacation, which shall forever be my fav KT dorama, and there’s no second place).

    1. Kitamura Kazuki is so so HAWT! This is why it is a blessing to be in supporting roles for so long, you know how to gauge the intensity, bringing your A game to the table but let every other element has its place.

      The fans giveth and they taketh! I have never been a full on KT fangirl and so this rant of them has been my gripe of him ever since post LV. AND YOU KNOW LV IS MY ALL TIME FAV DORAMA TOO!!! 😀

      His acting style reminds me of Andy Lau’s, it is not like they are talentless, but the self-awareness after hitting it big is getting into the way of them immersing fully into any character that deviates from their own public persona. He still has faces he made as Sena, even is imitating the hair with too much product and when he’s in that suit as an android it gives me flashbacks of Sena at the competition for a split second, but he is not that green 23yo, when those shy little chuckles were genuinely cute and charming because it did not come from too much of an overthinking apprehension of his own charm. He is a well-oiled machine where his acting habits have been working him wonders on TV for ~20 years and there was no one telling him he should change things up, or dare I say improve, the same grumble I have again with Andy. When he uses it for channeling an awkward geek here, it is slightly off, but he has been slightly off for quite a while. They should have grumbled in Change, that was the tipping point for me, but they still loved him blindly like royalty then. But strangely that self-awareness works for playing a droid imo. A robot must think and over-analyze its every ‘breath’ and movement and expression and gesture.

      1. haha well said. I agree how his acting would fit the robot role, and the comparison to Andy Lau is spot on. They both are no way as horrendous as HXM, not offensive at all, but the self-awareness is soooooooo high that audience will forever see them at KT and Andy Lau, but not the character. (well, I can see Sena as Sena, so kudos to KT, but it was 1996 when he still performed based on some sort of instinct and didn’t, like you said, over-analyze his role) The continual drop of sincerity in his performance is proportional to his years in the industry, sad to say it but I think it’s true.

        1. We see Sena as Sena because KT hasn’t evolved into the princehood he’s throned, it was before the popular star fells in love along with the world with his public persona so very much it is humanly impossible not to capitalize on it in every role, one can call it midas touch, but clearly we can get tired of watching even KT be KT for 20 years. They almost Shakespearean tragic because if they were not put on the pedestal so young, if they are not quite as solidly good on top of being extremely charismatic, if they are not as widely adored so early on and almost forced by the public to why change a good thing. Inertia and habits are harder to break when it’s deeply rooted over so long, I see no point of them to challenge themselves no more. Andy can never be a Tony Leung, I think he’s more savvy than KT in realizing it a while back and he’s been tackling roles he can comfortably handle, afterall Andy Lau is still charming on screen as Andy Lau, the same as a Tom Cruise can still carry a blockbuster being himself. KT has been playing it too safe, if he was willing to lose it all, after 2046 he should’ve worked with nobody but the best auteur who would hire him, but he loves the stability of the crown prince of doramaland. I doubt KT will even reach what say a Masato can do. I have a queasy feeling this hard earned big jolt of popularity will get into Masato’s acting because I honestly loved his acting more when he’s in supporting roles, given better roles to exercise his repertoire instead of stretching thin the kitschy OTT he can do so well and be entertaining. For the time being, I can take comfort in Hanzawa when I can see moments he can still do shades and gradients, but I fear when he’s stuck repeating the OTT feat time and again he would rust and be typecast.

          1. One thing that makes me think Masato may be safe from all the popularity hence typecasting himself is that he’s been doing 2 to 3 films a year on average and I think doing films will do him good as in balancing out the tendency of OTT in doramas. I have watched 4 to 5 of his performances in films and all of them are much much more subtle and nuanced than his performances in doramas so right now I’m still quite optimistic…let’s hope I didn’t jinx it…

            1. I think so too, but I’m a worrywart. It also helps when Masato hits it real big this age and had earned his keep, honed his skills, but then even in his films lately I’ve seen old habits creeping up often, like that warm ojisan smirk now his trademark, when it was not as apparent say before 南極大陸. I was talking w/ a RL friend, crazy Masato fiend, today on Hanzawa and DoubleFace and she mentioned Masato would be better in Kagawa/AndyLau’s role. I disagree vehemently, it irks me a tiny bit DoubleFace lost a lot of the subtlety and vagueness, hence the whole heightened moodiness and tone of IA. Kagawa, while spot on for this production, his character was a tad obvious at some plot points I need to use some suspension of disbelief to prod on. I do not think Masato can excel Kagawa in control and nuances, with his weird uncle vibe of late hahaha.

              1. yep that smirk. haha. I dunno why this has become his trademark look and yes I definitely wish he can be more aware of this tendency and stops himself from repeating. Maybe his wife Miho can point that out =P
                I agree that Kagawa excels Masato in control and nuances, Masato kinda benefited from being the ‘it’ actor of the year, that’s all. Not downgrading his acting skills but ppl do need luck in this industry.

  2. The GIF of that cat is TOO CUTE!!!!!!!! And wow I didn’t know Ando Lloyd is a scifi genre. O___O Still haven’t watched it yet but I’m not expecting much..

    1. If you are a cat lover that dorama is a dream!
      I was not expecting much of AL, but it did deliver. There is some interesting story to tell instead of the usual let KT sashay and do his thing for an hour a week deal.

  3. I agree with you on Mirae’s choices, why a second chance? Maybe writing hasn’t fully developed yet? YEH doesn’t annoy, and is somewhat adorable in here, but I can’t relate. All I did in Ep 1 was ogle ogle at the 2 guys. SOHOT! teehee~~

    1. Tbh I feel like YEH is still the same old, using the exact tricks in her bag, just this character is less aggravating than her usual and she’s more engaged in it working with better writing and better everything. Both the guys took me by surprise how attractive I find them, honest. It’s been sooo long since I’ve last watched LDG and YungHwa was a KHJ with no Avatar protruding nosepiece.

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