Be Still My HEART

Or not, just keep the dokidokidokidokidokidoki and all for what, some silly disreputable gagshow like the  GoldenBell?!


It disgusted me that year MarkZhao robbed ZaiZai and put ZZ into a sulky perpetual ‘I NEED HUGS’ face since.  And I still harbor a big grudge GoldenBell and whatshisfaceIdonotcare.  So doing what the Oscars did to Martin Scorcese to an extent by telling the world you are sorry for your oopsie is  not cutting the pain and WTF!  BUT ZaiZai’s gorgeous smiling face gloating in pure joy, basking me with the pretty is something so glorious I have been staring at it for a few hours now.  And I’m not even a true fan of ZZ’s acting, tbh he has a tendency to lull me to sleep when I’m over the fact he’s gorgeous after a few minutes staring at his face.   That said, he truly deserved to win for Black and White, he put as much heart AND it translated so palpably well on screen for me to feel every pump of it.  Imo he is decent in 1945, but I feel like after BW, the giving his all, and he’s such a delicate, sensitive to the point of vulnerable soul to me, he’s still nursing that hurt and that spite him to holding something back.

Again, I won’t even call myself a ZZ fan so I do not follow his every smile, but has he looked happier?!

And I love this trio:

But the totally took me by surprise highlight of the night for me?

Lin YoGa, who is a quirky perfect package himself, singing THIS:

It was a medley of TWdrama themesongs he did with the award winning veteran 張清芳, and when he opened his lovely voice to sing this very first thing…I can’t love you more YoGa!

GAWD how I fell deeply and madly in love with that little 2006 TWdrama MarryMe after a few lovely episodes in my Mike He craze post Sunny Happiness.   But like all whirlwind romances, it crashed and burned and devastated me in mehhhh towards the end, but I still have such a soft spot for the theme song triggering all the lovely tingles from watching that little gem that tarnished.

And on the shallow side of things, yeah I went and be a pervert, YTing this clip from MarryMe and to this day, this ranks up there in TWdrama HOTNESS, inasmuch this is NSFW locked:

4 thoughts on “Be Still My HEART

  1. hahah… me too. fans must be so proud of Zai. He should have earn this award long ago, since Mars. His performance in black and white was great. Zai break through his idol cast. love love him very very much >///< Yoga's performance was great too. love his voice and style. Fighting~ There are many nice TWidol drama OST. Marry was one of them, the cinematography and soundtrack were the hooks.

    1. I am pretty sure it’s the soundtrack that got me right away with Marry Me, everything just fit, flaws and all.

      I felt like GB are doing it deliberately to make a serial drama out of their annual show, it won’t be such a crowd pleaser if ZaiZai was given the award as expected in 2009, and till this day, peeps are still talking about that unpleasant surprise. And MarkZhao, because of the name recognition is now a bona fide movie leading man, very overrated at that, but that’s the unfairness of life and ZZ is almost forced into a life imitating a K makjang. I hope ZZ will get the fair consideration of every role Mark Zhao is offered from now on, now that he has that golden thingy too, because even though I do not think ZZ is a naturally talented actor, I’d rather see his face on the big screen any time, PLUS he can beat MZ in the acting department any day in my book.

  2. Now I am starting to feel the all ‘bashing Mark Zhao “the robber”‘ to favour Zaizai irritating … Sorry mookhie just my feeling. I love your Blog :p
    I tried Love trouble first episode and Yuan Hong is cute but I could not go on because too over the top, too cliche, too much taicutesyoveracting, and I find the kendo teacher better looking than the hero 😀

    1. HAha, I will go on and on because that is what is it. It is robbing. EVen if not for ZZ, MZ did not give me anything memorable in BW for that award as a nOOb, so I should’ve said he robbed it from all the other noms in that cat. that year as well. He was not horrible in BW, but he continues to proof he has negative charm as a leading man and it is just getting worse in his every outing and it irritates me more he’s in everything. I can’t ignore him from being the rat’s poop in a big pot of congee, as the CN saying goes. Through my 30+ years of drama and movie watching fiendom, there are only a very few handful of ‘leading men’ as uncharismatic and horribly untalented as Mark Zhao. Honest. Period. If not for his RL honcho daddy, he won’t get that award fr ZZ’s or anyone’s hands, that’s another fact. Plus he absolutely crapped on one of the most easily explosive characters in a novel I loved passionately: To Our Youth. So there won’t be any nice words till my last breath/rant here.

      Oh Love Trouble is horrible in writing but acting and the foursome were never the problem, everything else was though, including the directing. REally?!?! That Kendo Teach had the I’m an evil sleazy creepy chimp written on his forehead imo and he was the worst and most incapable of nuance and subtlety/least talented actor of the batch by a far margin, just exactly not my type. haha we just have to settle with very different taste and pov. I do not think the OTT is horrible at all for what it is. Lin YoWei may not be your cuppa, but his acting was decent in a stupid role, and his chemistry with heroine was palpable. At least on the topic of Golden Bell winners, how Rainie won with her bizarrely OTT kitschy perf in Hi My Sweetheart, let alone the insufferable OTT of Show Luo (and every single breathing thing) on that show beat Love Trouble a hundred fold if not a thousand.

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