Yuan Hong Has Arrived…

…at Beijing, for the premiere of his first movie work.  He has also ARRIVED to mainstream fame, that is, according to the cool redbeanies.  And nope, it is not snatching a bona fide runaway box office/rating hit, one where he is majorly responsible and is praised every way deservingly so, nor I think he earned an obscenely huge paycheck for anything to boot.  But he has made his name earning an unique tagline of #袁弘滚出娱乐圈# ie #so and so get out of showbiz!#: the viral tag usually reserved for yuma and his associates like YuanShanShan, Zhao LiYing, Michelle Chen…the likes, but now my Loverboy calls dibs in that notorious league and it has nothing to do with yuma!  Hip Hip Hooray!?!

I swear I love the red beans aka YH’s fans more than Loverboy himself.  Or I should put it mildly if not for them, with my attention span of a goldfish, I could not have stayed on this crazy bandwagon.

It all begins with his very first stint in a movie EVER:  Chilling Cosplay/制服 had its premiere last night.

PD Wang GuangLi, launched his career with a documentary  I Graduated.  From every comment I have read it was a passionate honest work of his generation, in college during the best of times and the worst of times: 1988-1992, ie experiencing the 89.6.4 first hand as a fresh-eyed college student.  His other best received work is Go for Broke/横竖横, where he boldly used real people illustrating their own stories of normal folks winning the lottery after going broke in ShangHai.  Almost a documentary.  The only creation I’ve seen from him was Karmic Mahjong with Francis Ng, simply because I am a fan of Francis, it is a dark comedy based in SiChuan, PD Li’s hometown, with some interesting points to say, but it did not gel with me as one cohesive movie and came across as amateurish:

I suspect or hope A Chilling Cosplay has a layer of social commentary, forte of PD Li, weaved in on top of being the typical horror B movie:

There is flat chance of me interested in the movie where the gimmick is gruesome torturing of women whom the murderer(s) dressing the victims up as school uniformed dolls. Nobody will make me watch it, not Loverboy.

But leave it to Loverboy to walk that tight rope of entertaining me nonetheless being adorably cute while almost crossing the line flirting with the scriptwriter Miss Qin Wen/秦雯, who btw is PD Li’s RL gf/significant other.  Her baike/CN wiki looks very legit, graduating from the most prestigious CN institution, Central Academy of Arts in scriptwriting.  I have seen her solid work in 我们无处安放的青春, which was what I hoped any adapt of 致我们终将逝去的青春/To our youth that is fading away would mimick, *lesigh*.  It was a semi-reunion of the Chinese Style Divorce team (ie one of my all time fav CN contemporary drama), produced by Chen DaoMing who also took up a supporting role, directed by the same PD Shen.  Miss scriptwriter also has a decent list of plays she has penned.   Her recent collaboration with PD Shen is the quite popular Hot Mom with the hottest commodity Sun Li in the followup drama to her famous marvelous job as Zhen Huan.   It was when Miss writer outed herself as a YH fangirl just the other day which triggered my shameless Loverboy to weibo this flirty pat to her fangirling:

要想制服导演,必先搞定编剧;要让导演说满意,先让导演媳妇说可以[嘻嘻] //@不是秦雯:既然刚才我已经出柜了,从此我决定遇袁Sir就转,没有原则,没有底线。话说我上一次沦为脑残粉是在十五年前…温兆伦[纠结][纠结]

@不是秦雯:  Since I’ve outed myself just now, I would repost everything Mr. Yuan posted, with no bottom line, no shame.  BTW, last time I’ve fallen so hard as a ‘braindead fiend’ was 15 years ago…for Deric Wan Siu-Lun [纠结][纠结]

袁弘:  In order to trounce (ie 制服) a director, you have to first master the scriptwriter;  to play to the director’s satisfaction, you need to get a nod from Mrs. Director.[嘻嘻]

* I so do not like this hair, the fact this is myLoverboy and it is reminding me of Masaki-kun in LegalHigh2 is not wavering me one bit. *

The movie had its premiere last night in Beijing, and Loverboy must be jumping up and down in glee he can pay a side visit to the big city from his mundane other *coughrealcough* home in the boonies of HengDian studios, let alone the nervous excitement of seeing himself on the big screen the first time as a cinephile:

There is a weiboer with the handle of 烂片通缉令 /badmovie, touting himself (I’m pretty sure he is a dude) as a snarky self-proclaimed beacon of the industry.  His opinions have aligned with mine quite often and I enjoy his kind of snark. He has been eying Chilling Cosplay for a while.

And after watching the movie, he posted 3, 4 weibos all YH-related.   His original stab:

烂片通缉令: Who has heard of an actor by the name of Yuan Hong?  He is one of the leads in a movie I saw today, in it he plays a dumbass cop with a negative EQ and an IQ of zero.  Afterwards I baidu’d him and he was in BBJX.  I have seen BBJX from beginning to end, but this actor has such a forgettable face I can not recognize him, perhaps I have a face-blindness.  But, this is the first time I’ve seen an actor being so ridiculously lousy in acting.  #YuanHongGetsTheHeckOutofTheBiz#

If you have the time of the world, please read that thread of 2500+ comments under the tweet, it is SO CUTE! hahahaha.  Many alerted @HuGe.  Some genuinely thanks the guy for not mistaking his name Hong as 宏, which happened so often even on the news and TV shows, is it a known trick to search for his every mention under 袁宏 as well.  YH’s wittiest and most adorbs fangirls gather for such a sweet party there, celebrating his proper debut to be under the radar of the attention of the snarky naysayers finally, in a world where outrageous caustic verbal diarrhea is worth its weight in eyeballs and thus $$$$$.  Of course their reaction is not the usual craycray cutting the basterd a new set of balls or lack there of variety, more like level-headedly hilariously dissecting every word of the weibo with even more wittiest snark than the OP can only imagine himself capable in gifting the weibosphere himself, bringing their own popcorn and beverages.  It ends up being a virtual meetcute thread of like minds, most casually like YH enough to make it known, reducing the OP Mr. badmovie to a miserably Mr cellophane existence, under his own weibo at that.  Fandoms, learn from the cheekiest, smartest fans ( I am so very proud) at weibo, this is how you squish a troll.

First off imo, if an actor is unrecognizable from project to project, that is almost the exact tipping point for me to fall hard into the fandom, what is in essence an actor is he/she is able to assume a new unique identity pertaining each character he/she tackles but not just sating and kissing the fans’ asses.   hahaha and as many pointed out, the main point and kicker of the weibo is there is actually a guy who can finish BBJX in its entirety, let alone telling the world.  Lets not kid ourselves, BuBu is textbook angsty shoujo time-traveling MarySue periodfluff as meaningful as SuJu’s sorrysorry.  There maybe some fanboys of ShiShi or any of the princes who have watched and rewatched it, but I have not heard of a public proclamation of one, and when you have established yourself the grumpy and snarky niche, boasted having fine taste in having watched every Palme d’Or winners last decades?!  If his Prince13 did not leave an impression with you and you’ve stuck through 35 episodes of BBJX, not even as the dude with the roundest, largest head in Cdramaland accentuated by the bald+ braid Qing Manchu Queue and the most sparkling huge globes who cry hilariously you can’t help but lol in the gang, you really want us to tell you something you’ve known for a while now: yes, you are blind.  Many pointed out, you do not need a sharp eye to pick out this guy must be part of a crafty publicity stunt or joke and OP is secretly in angsty denial of loving Loverboy so much he has to hate him in hopes of making the heart fluttering stop.  That and to make some noise, hyping Loverboy up by lowering the expectation.  Good luck and thank you sincerely, poor mr badmovie.

A red beanie made a snappy advice:

千万别黑袁弘——因为当你想找存在感的时候,他的粉丝会转你的微博!喜大普奔的告诉红豆!喂!我家n线 小明星终于有人黑了!然后一拨后妈黑豆就会成群结队的奔过去…这时你会想!终于要来掐架了吧?哥等着你们!接着…人豆子根本不理你,黑的比你狠,人来齐 了,都搬小板凳来聊天,秀恩爱…
Why you should never trash YH:
because when you are obviously craving for your 15 min fame, his fans will repost your weibo…nodding in agreement, happily, gleefully, ecstatically tell the good news to the entire world of a handful redbeans (喜大普奔: 喜闻乐见、大快人心、普天同庆、奔走相告): Holla~! Our nobody z-lister ‘idol’ finally garnered some attention enough for someone to bother trashing him!  Then a whole horde of scary snarkiest ‘I can talk bad on my idol like nobody, kiddo!’ Daimas will rush to your playground…at this very moment, you would probably think, ‘GEE! *YES! clapping hands* Finally war is on!  Bro is here waiting for you all desperately!!!’ Then…the redbeanies don’t even bother give you a blink, carry on trashing their own z-lister with more witty snark without abandon putting you to shame, grabbing their own little folding chairs to your yard to chitchat, party and flirt loveydoveys, making out with each other and you are not invited to your own party.

Lets face it, this movie has Vivian Hsu and Ying Er.  Vivian has made a career of almost 20 years being a very pretty vase who can never act with a very lovely body and most probably have a deal with the devil to never age; and I wonder if YingEr has a decent patch of unbruised ego left being jabbed by the ruthless fangirls for being too fat and too ugly and too awfully untalented in a crappy TVdrama starring against a nothing to get excited about to begin with unless you are YangMi, or not even… Mr. Hawick Lau.  While I actually think Ying Er can improve as she has shown me in a cameo in ZhenHuan, it would be very hard for me to believe she is not worth a mention in the lousy acting department in a bad movie mention when the specific weibo is made of Loverboy most possibly failing performance as a bit player in a tiny supporting role.  And now, for more practical consideration, Mr badmovie, whom I have made an educated impression as being a straight guy with his sets of vibrant pervie hormones, loving a Gillian Chung as an actress (how generous of him)…for him to pay undivided attention to Loverboy, sacrificing the visual of just enjoying the two scrumptious ladies on the screen for what looks like a kitschy halloween thriller at best.  Let alone there is the always dependable Simon Yam to steal the show and dare you to take eyes off him.  How cute is the LURVE.

TBH I won’t bet on this movie anywhere near watchable, from the resumes of the director to the writer, a cheap thrill is not their forte, they need to work very close to social commentaries they are passionate about.  And while Loverboy has improved a lot in modern fare from his cringeworthy little web movie playing some race car driver to a respectable job in Love Trouble, he still feels a bit out of sorts, not able to tap into his full potential in anything contemporary.  So if he does not translate well on the big screen in his first try, especially if the writing and directing are not to his aid, I will not be surprised he sucks, at all.  However, many under the thread, not the YH fangirls who are gosh! I LURVE them to death, pointed out even though they have not checked out the movie, nor have the desire to, he could not be as horrible as OP Mr. badmovie claimed to be the most ridiculously horrible actor he has ever seen.  This is a guy who had made a following out and I suspect a living out of watching every bad movie and snarking the heck more than each was worth.  No one can ever do a much more terrible job of late than Mark Zhao in To Our Youth and Mark Zhao as a young Andy Lau in Det. Dee, and everyone on Tiny Times, I bet my head on it.   To tag the weibo, hollering YH to get the heck out of showbiz is too obviously off the cliff outrageous OP is blatantly asking for eyeballs and lynching much like the game yuma has mastered.  Many coolbeans nonYH commentators pointed out points so valid: there is an obscene amount of more lousy actors working in the biz, the land of horridly bad D movies/box office hits by the truckloads, more urgent to be kicked off the screen than the nobody YH, who at his worst is unoffensive and forgettable.  And facewise, isn’t it more urgent we get rid of all those plastic frankensteins first?!

OP followed up with a cute and I hope serious bet with some lady, who is again not even a YH fan, just randomly remarking YH has the potential to 红/red/ ie go far/be a star/popular which Mr Badmovie disagreed putting YH up the ‘pedestal’ as the only other ‘actor’ who would never make it, the other he named being 景甜/Jing Tian.  Perhaps it is just my luck, I have not been ‘blessed’ with Miss Jing on my screen and know very well to avoid her like a plague, but from the looks of it, she takes the cake of unbearable talentless charmless leading ladies who is everywhere, no one can quantify why the heck she deserves half the leading roles out there in some big budget popcorn fares without even a meaningless gold statue nor any hit under her belt, but there she is, sucking in everything she has touched, and all her movies bombed spectacularly at the box office and with the critics and audience.  It is cute because Miss Jing Tian had worked in 7 movies since 2007, most of them in a leading role as a vase, and YH is not worth this sudden showering of attention at all being an absolute newbie whatshisname in the movie scene.  The lady making the remark YH could make it big one-upped Mr badmovie daring him to lay out a bet where she is staunchly behind YH will become a star some day with a suitable role.  Mr badmovie said if any of YH’s movies breaks $100 mil RMB at the box office, he would pay for a year of movie tic to every CN movie showing for the lady commenter, and vice versa.  Time limit: as long as he lives. ‘No problem!’ replied the lady.

Honestly, I do not think Loverboy will ever be 大红/big red/hit super stardom, I am quite sure he doesn’t care nor want to.  To many, he did shockingly well in his first leading role in Prince’s Education even though the drama suffers in many other areas,  Then there was YeLuXie which he stole the show from all the patriotic Yang heroes combined, then there was his reinterpretation of Yang Kang where it was the first time for me to feel a thing for that sorry excuse of a character unimaginable, let alone his Prince13.  He did not get a ripple with his best job to date in TianDiMinXin, but he beats himself by leagues in that outing and still the favorite job of his amongst his diehards, me included.  So in order to hit superstardom in this climate,  he should’ve made it with all these better recognized opportunities, even if he did not perform as strikingly as the roles called for, look at the break-outs like HXM and more recently FSF, MarkZhao or even Lin GeXin and the likes of the overrated.  I am just glad he knows his stance full well and is gauging at building an acting career of steady varied work instead of hitting it big.

7 thoughts on “Yuan Hong Has Arrived…

  1. Yuan Hong has always been handsome but now he looks more mature and I think that’s a good thing because he’s getting more charismatic with age 😀
    I’d rather watch him than the “plastic Frankensteins” (LOL I can always count on you for accurate and funny descriptions :D) who can’t act. His Yelu Xie in Young Warriors totally stole the show and I was like “OMG 5niang why don’t you go with him??!” the whole time LOL. I LOVE his 13th prince in BBJX too. My only complaint was that he should’ve gotten more screentime!
    I think he looks the best in period costume but he’s very cool and dashing here in his whole tough guy/cop getup, and he looks really nice in a suit too. Actually I think he looks good in pretty much everything because even in casual clothes he still looks good…

    1. I may be biased but I just don’t see how anyone wouldn’t like Yuan Hong – he’s so charming and funny and I think he can act reasonably well. Plus he’s very good looking so what’s there not to like? Even when he’s not at his best when acting in some roles, he’s still quite likeable so…

    2. A troll is a troll is a troll! ^^ A troll who wants to get famous and stir up noise will get the cutest non-treatment from the YH fandom. 😀 Gosh I seriously love them. I will keep saying it.

      He is still a good looking guy, he is not going to lose those pretty sparkling large pooling globes. He was more threateningly devastatingly good looking younger, it is almost like too invasive, now his face is rounder and it softens him up and it is a good thing actor-wise because lets be honest, if you are playing a baddie antagonist like a YeLu Xie, it really is a ‘disservice’ to the drama to steal the freaken show hahahahaha let alone telling all the shallowest fangirl to hey watch a LoCH for YangKang/OuYang Ke. WHY THE HECK NOT?!?!

  2. I just watched A Chilling Cosplay last night? In Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, they changed the title to “-197 Deg Celsius Murder” (冰裸殺) – no idea why, I prefer the original title. It was actually pretty gripping in a good way! MUCH MUCH better than the major dud that was Detective Dee and Sea Dragon and (even worse) Donnie Yen’s Special ID. I didn’t find YH offensive at all! But objectively speaking, he was just serviceable in the role as it really wasn’t much of a role, just a generic hot-headed cop role like Ying’er’s. No nuances to play with or characterisation so to speak. It was Chen Sicheng who had the much better support role as the serial murderer behind the nice guy facade (OK, this is a major spoiler, but since you don’t intend to watch the movie, well, don’t take offense, hahaha). The really offensive (non)actor was Vivian Hsu – so pretty but so stiff!

    Do go ahead to watch A Chilling Cosplay. It really is better than expected. Or maybe I was so offended by Special ID and let-down by Donnie Yen’s dud of an acting job in there, that I found A Chilling Cosplay good, hahaha! I hated the new Detective Dee though…Mark Zhao completely screwed up the character.

    1. Thanks for the lovely heads-up dear! Oh! that is an improvement, he was insufferable in that racer webmovie. That is what I heard of the general opinion from the redbeanies as well, they were surprised it’s quite watchable. I think YH signed up as just a bit role, but somehow they’ve decided to bump him up as a bigger role than he actually was. I honestly thought it would be so headdesky. I think CSC is a very solid, good actor in suitable roles. Was YingEr tolerable? I have never seen any acting talent fr Vivian Hsu through the years, looks, body sure, but you really can’t ride on just the superficial cutesy into your late 30s (plus I think the stiffness can be attributed to quite a bit of botox). I saw her recently in a J tv movie from the Kindaichi case files franchise, she was so stiff and awful in it when the role was just asking her to be her pretty self.
      I really can’t stand Donnie Yen’s acting except for the surprisingly decent Ip Man, but still at his finest he was good not great if I am really weighing him as an actor. Yes as Donnie Yen that was a ridiculously superb job, but he was so awful.
      I thought the original Det. Dee was nothing to write home about already BUT at least every single one of the leads there can hold their own with their acting, you can’t really step down from an AndyLau, Li BingBing, Deng Chao, Tony Leung KaFai….to this bunch. I think FSF is very overrated, he’s the best of the trio but the flailing he received for just doing a decent job is blowing my mind. I honestly do not know what MarkZhao is doing, it was so spectacularly awful I wanna shut it so many times when he’s on. It does not help when I watched this and Too Young back to back and he’s as awful. I am not sure LGX is ready for the big screen, he’s alright but he’s just emoting like his RL self. I really do not understand why it seems even more popular than the original because the bromance is too cheesy and obvious to even interest a fiend like me.
      Did you watch the movie ShiShi did with JetLi? I won’t be watching it, Jet is just a bit better than Donnie in the acting dept and I heard the movie was awful.

      1. I actually think FSF was the ONLY tolerable thing in Detective DUD and Sea Dragon. I actually really liked Angelababy in Love You You when she was paired with Eddie Peng, but OMG, she majorly sucked too, but was actually still BETTER than Mark Zhao…he’s really at the bottom of the pits. Can’t even think of anyone worse. Angelababy’s Gen Y’s Vivian Hsu – all superficial cutesy, not as botoxed yet but will soon be when she hits past 30. In any case, there still are places in the industry for pretty vases. Goes to show you how good an actor Eddie is…he can bring out heartfelt charm of even the most superficial actress-bimbo as his onscreen OTP.

        Ying’er didn’t have much of a role in Chilling Cosplay to show anything promising. I was hoping for some lovey-dovey between her and YH, but there was none. In fact, YH had a little bit more to do than her.

        Jet Li and LSS’ Badges of Fury never came to Singapore/Malaysia where I’m based…I was actually on the look out for it. My guess that it didn’t have enough traction to go beyond Mainland & HK. Oh well….

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