This is my expression and it will be what my face is contorted to throughout the night, if I did not wake myself up from grinning too sore.

I was going to lurk for a clip of Elle because trusty Loverboy is never boring and when he’s so surrounded by the pretty ladies, he can only be chirpier.  And so, he yelps on touching on the subject of girlfriends and exes and be the tease to not let anything more out.  Reporter then approaches YM for more but YM is crowned the ‘best bestie in China’ from how she stood by TangYan and handled it so wisely and considerately through TY devastating breakup with the douche that is RoyQiu.   This looks juicy and funny and not something I will spare a second clicking but I have not.  BECAUSE:

CGX’s first teaser is out and you can ignore my usual typical silliest spazz but I am swearing on my new coat this looks A.MAZ.INGGGGG!  I am typing, but all I can do is screaming AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


There are obvious tweaks right away, this is the first meeting of the OTP, over a wheatfield and our future Han bestest king is still a lowly poor farmer, handing the pretty lady a sprig of wheat from the field he is working on(in the novel), a valuable commodity for him and society, a token of enamored, saying ‘We’ll meet again.’  Here he weaved a little ornament out of the leaves of the sprig, from something nearly worthless to what is beating every shiny love token I’ve seen and set my heart beating so loud I can still hear it.  SHIT.  And  AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!


Fangirls have collectively fired the cameraman virtually, because where the F is this considered topless?!  PArt of ONE clavicle is NOT a whole top half of nikkid body of any animal alive.

The Xu’er in the novel has to start off being a farmer with not much of worldly possession, nor ambition, gentle, kind, forbearing, then he grows through life experience trepiditions into a formidable fighter, fighting with sweat and blood with his brotherhood and the love of his life by his side to the wisest, irrefutable KING owning an empire, THE most glorified empire in Middle Kingdom.  And it is not an one or the other character trait switcheroo deal, he kept that simpleton’s pure romantic gentlest affection towards the girl he’s fallen for through acquiring new facets and building blocks for a King, how Loverboy is showing me he can handle all the shades of the character is making me weep.  Everything is at its place and more, when I need to feel the tender love between the OTP, they are selling me hordes, when I need to be scared for the king cutting the bitch to size, I start sweating.  When Ruby is convincing me she is the best warrior of the land, the wuxia is not just fanciful but CONVINCING. Even the CGIs r seamless.  I have been pinching myself and I am refusing to wake up, are we SERIOUSLY watching a Cdrama now?!!  And I have not touched on the fact here I have an honorable immaculate dreamboat that has the face of the hotbadboys of a YangKang and a YeLuXie.  Gone is the day I have to admit I am shameless and so horribly shallow.  It is my every dream.   I can now declare to the world I am in love with a character done by Loverboy because of the inner beauty *muahahhahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa*

AND Ruby KICKASS as a Mulan-esque woman warrior saving the comparatively more damsel future king and earning and holding and claiming the hand of her Man.  I approve this ridiculously! SHHHIIIITITTTTTTTTTTTT when is this out now?!?! Please tell me tmr.  PLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASEPLEASE

‘Can you marry me?’

 ‘he…screams her name in sleep every night’

Li Hua, ‘You can not leave me alone!’

The only thing I can not BEAR is losing you.

HE is so FINE bringing his acting A game on in this following 3 sec glimpse of a terrific scene.  It is official, I’m pre-obsessed with this and I have an insatiable hope this will be GOOD, that is moving up 10 notches from yesterday’s not suck.  All the handiwork of a 6 min kickass trailer.


This is opulent but not ostentatious.  This is extravagance fit for a royal family heightened in a drama, THIS is color well used on each character having a distinct outfit  befitting their roles with a flare for individuality instead of the typical lazy school project of some talentless amateurs cut and pasting the ONE outfit in a rainbow of colors and dressing every one of them like they belong to some cloned squad in a halfassed manga. 

Should I be worried I am scaring myself finally I am breaking out in chuckles and real squees randomly like just now when I Skyped my mom?  I have already reported the premeditated crime, I will wake myself and person within the room up giggling or saying gosh Y SO HANDSOME YH!  And I still share a bed with my hubs…at least the beginning of tonight?!

17 thoughts on “CHANG! GE! XING!

  1. WOW, that was a really good trailer. I’m still not so convinced about Ruby’s acting, but Yuan Hong has me sold. I will put up with Ruby and all the crazy secondary cast (what’s with his queen and her flailing arms?) if I have to. And that can’t be the topless scene right? Do they know what topless even means? It has to be another scene they didn’t include in the trailer.

    The hard part is that it’s probably going to be quite a while before it’s actually released. Hope there are more teasers/BTS photos/stills.

    1. I could not admit to it being my fangirl bias but isn’t this one good trailer?! I can not rem last I saw a Cdrama teaser that actually gets my blood pumping beyond excited. Everything looks much sharper than I thought it would, usu they resort to oversaturation and distracting color diarrhea in place of real lusciousness, not here.

      Ruby was better than I expected tbh, I truly love her fight scenes to my surprise. I can tolerate her when she can reign in her OTT cutesy and the story does not look like she will have an abundance of those lighter moments anyway.

      This should not have a long wait, and gosh there must be more trailers, they love to throw out one of those super almost hour long one as a sign it will air soon. *CANT WAIT* I see Anhui cable channel has dips in the production, listed in the end credit so clearly drama has locked a time slot with it as its moneybacker. This has 40+ male actors, all having a name and a decent following, and a relief to me none of the too batshitcrazy fandoms prone to fanwars, haha seems like we would love them all even when we have our biases.

      1. Bias or not, it’s a smashing trailer. This is a gem, gotta give it to Ruby – she may not dazzle me onscreen, but as a producer she’s got a great eye. First right move was to cast Yuan Hong eh? I can’t help but fangirl Yuan Hong along with you when I read your updates.

        Oh, and 40+ male actors? Not too hard to find some lookers in there then, not that Yuan Hong isn’t enough! Now where’s the next trailer? Can’t wait!

        1. None of them are the cookie cutter plastics, all have their own distinctive looks and allure to me ^^. A much needed bonus, they all can act decently save for perhaps HK boybander Benny Kwan whose character should be a guy2/3(argh, acting is absolutely not his thing, but he is the cutest of the gang beating out YH for a substantial group of shallow fangirls)

          I am so beyond relief this not only has heart and dedication written all over it, none of the halfassery we have to suck it up all over Cdramaland, it is also screaming to me this is good and effective drama work. The novel itself is the best I’ve read in this genre of time-traveling historical shoujo because it is not hinging everything on the romance, the worldbuilding is decent and the brotherhood is to die for. If they put their heads to translating the novel straight to TV, as the trailer is hinting on, this should be Ruby’s best work to date in the industry, yes, I am talking about beating out Princess Pearl, not in popularity of course, but this looks like my pick of her best job, acting/producing.

  2. LOL I pretty much had the same reaction you did, and then I showed my mom the trailer and she loved it too! I can’t wait to see this! Beautiful costumes & sets, great fight scenes, actors I like – it’s looking awesome already! I like how this time Ruby’s character fights along with her man and together they help each other on the battlefield. I love Ruby’s productions and I think she’s a great producer with great taste, so I have high hopes for this! 😀

    The trailer really reminds me of Qingshi Huangfei and that’s a good thing because that series was good and brought Ruby lots of success as a producer, so I hope she continues the good work and grace our screens with good actors and pretty things/people.

    1. Oh and I just have to mention this, but Yuan Hong is wonderfully cast here as the future king because he’s got charm, 皇帝相, and the ability to show different sides of his character. If he pulls off anything like the show-stealing Yelu Xie, then it’s gonna be a winner 🙂

      1. This is much harder to tackle than YeLu Xie methinks, it’s hard to portray a good guy that has shades and angles, who will do things not exactly angelic, the struggles to stay true and honorable, and deliver that pureness despite needs a lot of focus. This is a guy that should dazzle us first and foremost as what is the growing man within, his charming looks should come last. and haha for someone as hard to miss for his sharp looks, it takes serious skills.

        I also agree with your opinion of him having a 皇帝相, he has been playing princelings and young kings most of his career. Just today, there are comments and gushes as Tang7 brings up a beautiful discussion on HXY and an in depth look into ShenAn many fans actually see him as the perfect Rong Xun (the prince in the story of 13 moon). I so agree. I read the book with him in mind as ShenAn knowing that what he’s signed up for, and he along with JiangXin is perfect, but I can’t help but see him as Rongs (he would nail it as both and it would be such an awesome gimmick if he played both)

        1. TBH the only reason I will watch Hua Xu Yin is because of Yuan Hong and Jiang Xin. I like Yuan Hong and I think he’s a good actor who not only has looks but also has talent. Jiang Xin is a beautiful girl who has classic Chinese features that make her very suitable for period costumes. I look forward to seeing YH and her in HXY 🙂

          I think Kevin is a good actor but I think he’s way too old for the role. But oh well.

    2. This is opulent but not ostentatious. This is extravagance fit for a royal family heightened in a drama, THIS is color well used on each character having a distinct outfit befitting their roles with a flare for individuality instead of the typical lazy school project of some talentless amateurs cut and pasting the ONE outfit in a rainbow of colors and dressing every one of them like they belong to some cloned squad in a halfassed manga.
      I totally agree! This is why I love Ruby’s period productions – she picks good scripts and her sense of aesthetics is spot on and I can always count on her to make my eyes happy! Unlike what Lanling Wang did with the costumes. URGH I can’t get over how they turned what could’ve been a great period production into some half-assed shoujo manga rip-off like WTF 😡

      1. Lanling Wang was fug from the very first glimpse and every snippets in between till the final product so I never see any hope of it being great, never, thus was not disappointed, it is where my expectation is squarely at. I was hoping and wishing it was watchable, but not. You just can not cast a FSF in that role, nor an Ariel :X
        I have to paste you this spot on snappy quote/review of the dud: @迷惘Cat:这部剧好奇葩的,当我以为是低能战术的史战戏的时候,它转型成了青春纯爱戏,当我接受纯爱戏后它又变成了玛丽苏弱智戏,当我接受了玛丽苏之后,它又变身琼瑶阿姨的苦情戏,当我接受了苦情戏后它又变成了宫斗戏,最后在变成农民义军传奇戏后终于结束了[挖鼻屎]

        We will have an onslaught of fugshow, I can not live with our wuxia heroes looking like hobo beggars with serious hygiene probs plus definitely infested with fleas as what CX is looking like as YangGuo. I thought we’ll just have to deal with ONE insulting to my eyes and mind and soul DGSD in drama form but no, there is a movie in making, also starring Wallace Chung as Q/XiaoFung *sucha miscast and also along the flea invested tatty rags beggar hobos aesthetics I can not deal with* Plus they are making a game, ie there will be a tie-in webmovie as well.

        1. Thanks for showing me this review! That’s such a hilarious and accurate review of the crap that was Lanling Wang. Bravo to the reviewer for being so witty and on point! 😀

          Urgh I can’t deal with the crap that is ROCH2013. It’s so bad it’s offensive. The new Tianlong 8bu is so fug I saw some bits and pieces here and there and it was enough to turn me off entirely, which is a shame since Tianlong 8bu is a really good series of novels and deserves much better treatment than this. Wallace Chung is terribly miscast as Qiao Fung, which pisses me off since Qiao Fung is my fave character from Tianlong 8bu! Not one bit of him looks the part. Urgh.

    3. haha I showed my hubs the trailer last night, he was a fanboy of Ruby, her Princess JianNing in DoMD2000 is his fav rendition of the character, but he could not stand her playing the exact same 16 yo princess since.

      Oh the consensus is this is way much better in everything than QSHF, QSHF was a mess of an adapt for me, I am not a fan of Wallace, he is a very limited actor not particularly skilled with subtle variation of nuances crucial in a period. I actually think he is more suitable for modern romcoms, or at the most manguo turn of the century stuff than periods but that is his bread and butter now in Cdramaland. The costumes and sets in QSHF are more gorgeous than the script deserves. 秀丽江山 is a much better book to begin with and Ruby’s production does improve many folds from the 6 min we saw!

  3. Thanks for the posts Mookie. YUM YUM YUM! Your Loverboy do look yummy with his beard and mustache. This is the “clean” look….. but the YLX unruly look is still the yummiest for me. LOL.
    I hope there would be a shoot that is truly topless.

    1. A lot of fans of the book is complaining his appearance is too unruly and wild for the mellow wise young emperor. I love this middle ground of facial hair hotness only he can pull off but not losing on the refined royal air. 🙂

    1. well, it would be nice to insert a ‘thanks’ when asking peep to do sth, you know, esp sitting through an old clip I’ve seen before with nothing much worthy said.

      YH is just saying it’s nice to chat up with old friends like YM who is so busy and so connected now. It would be embarrassing to see an old gf at an occasion like this, he jokes and reporters caught on asking him about what he has to say about his ex gf and he threw the ball at YM’s court saying it’s much more exciting chatting about YM’s ex.

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