Yuan Hong Updates: Fun Times on the Set of Cheng Ge Xing

Picspam.   Simple as that.

I do not know what was going on other than perhaps they are cosplaying as Han dynasty Rockettes for Halloween?!   <-  Yes it is a show I want very much now.  I bet some of them really did put their words to action and roam around Elephant Mt vicinity in their Cheng Ge Xing costumes.

Zooming in we can see the married couple with their grown son!


And they are, ALL of them, never shy to flaunt the bromance orgy:

Perhaps it was BBJX when last I am blessed with  a C period raining my kind of pretty men.   BBJX has half a dozen princes, here we have 28 hot generals + 1 very derpy silly almost back to his most gorgeous period form: Han emperor GuangWu by YH and under his command or influence or just tiresome probably irksome pestering, the whole gang has gone completely cuckoo and slashy.   All the fangirls are sighing…they are beyond gone even for intervention or meds.  I am a bit worried can Loverboy really pull this wise bestest young dashing perfect ruler of Middle Kingdom in Han dynasty no less off.  A very tiny bit.  And I love every costume, C/TW periods have been insulting my eyes with the fugliest tackiest most gawdy waste of fabrics and clashing of shocking color I do wonder if color blindness in costumers is a job prerequisite ( LLW is particularly horrid, let alone the guaranteed fugfest the upcoming RoCH2013)

Seriously, I have not seen him at this top shape since…gosh LoCH!?  The twinkles and the stars are back in his eyes:

I am trying to not crank up my expectation because YH having a ball on the set means nothing, he is one of those guys who will have a ball in the loo if he had to. I am never letting go of the grudge I have against TR ladyB, mastermind of the lameducks like Clothing the World.   Please just not suck, drama.  Yuma and ladyB have nothing remotely to do with this, so it is really very hard for normal folks to majorly F this up, m’kay?!  Not when the fans of the book are nothing  but geniuses who composed an original song. *am looping!* I did not fact check if this is just fanmade or associated with the production, but I dare the drama to come up with a better meaningful apropos terrific and gorgeously professionally sang theme song!!!

And Ruby looks insanely subtly understatedly good as her character should, gone is her trying too hard cutesy, and dare I say she is selling me some nuance?!?!

I have no words.  You can not possibly expect I have anything other than aDFGSHGJHDA#@WRRRERKaFDGHJKJGHGAHGJKJLLLL to say:

Hey photog, nice to meet you with your pic of ‘Hi, my name is blablabla.  I am a YH hand fetish.’

DAYUM,  he can even pull off a period pOrnstache.  Not just that, he looks even BETTER with the stache.  What gives?!

D’AWWWWW Emperor with his offspring:

This is so reminding me of his YeLu Xie, and do you know how HARD I ship myself and his YLX who is a nasty ruthless mass murderer. Here he is playing a wise, heroic, good, hot, romantic, most respected young king of CN history, I can insert a hundred more perfect adjectives.

haha but this above pic looks like some pervie lady is playing with his fakestache, but it is not, haha his hand is so hilariously girly, scratch that, prettier than any ladyhands I’ve seen.

lolz he keeps taunting his BiL, bigbro of Ruby’s LiHua he has his love, ie his Xu’er poor first wifey he doesn’t love and she turns evil and vengeful.

There will be a crucial topless scene of young king authentic to the novel and per the order of lady producer Ruby, again VERY GOOD JOB Miss LIN!

@宗峰岩  Bigbro of our Xiu’er leaked out the script stating in black and white:  naked, topless.  And he is very wise to tweak it tvo naked, WHOLE body.  I approve.

I will call it a successful costume when it looks convincing like a breathing time traveler PS’d onto the pic.

This outfit is ridiculously gorgeous and lush yet refine and in authentic tasteful coloring like any King should.

I do not know how Ruby can manage the kiddo on set. here he is making the most fun of riding bimmoo (bimmer in chinese is literally ‘precious horsey’ no joke), complaining his ride has too much spit and the fact he thinks he himself is quite handsome.  @流潋紫 , the writer responsible for Zhen Huan is a YH fangirl and can not believe her eyes his highness is riding a cow and asked him, to which he flirted back, ‘Your servant here, yes!’

I call it Bimmoo, but this is ‘officially’ a Lamborgayni/Han GuangWu 2014 edition

We all saw this coming, his other ride made it to TaoBao. ‘ Little Deer ride for baby, the exact same of star Yuan Hong’s ‘

And he and his ridiculous rides, haha this is a snap of him on his fake horsey buddy in HuaXuYin, please do not tell me you are really sleeping there so cute.  AHHHHHHHH!

It is still hard to believe this is the same nutcase and what a Derp could look like: *lick*

And you did not just make me love a hair do I SWEAR is my biggest turnoff. >< :

Not stopping there, also making me love an outfit that is bizarre and could make an episode of What Not To Wear

But I honestly think he looks soooo GOOD in it.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME (DO NOT ANSWER THAT)

Surprise, I like this too:  hammer pants, perhaps a concert garb raided from any 80s Asian popstar’s closet. Goodness gracious.

This is as biased as it goes as every review I read of Chilling Cosplay are from YH’s diehards:  they honestly think it’s quite better than expected, it is not gory, writing is decent, ending has a bit of a surprising twist, even YingEr is quite natural and improved more than expected haha but they griped how can YH’s screen time be so scarce when he’s so gorgeous as a cop.   OK, if I can get my hands on it, I will check it out peeking through my fingers.

ShiShi gave the movie a rare mention.  YingEr is under her same TR’s management, but she mentioned her good o’ Lao Yuan as well.  It kinda made my day.

@刘诗诗:[鼓掌][鼓掌][鼓掌][给力][围观] 组队#制服#走起 ~~~@香香公主颖儿@袁弘[兔子]  LSS: Chilling Cosplay GoGoGo~~~ @ YingEr @YuanHong

袁弘:谢谢亲~尽在不言中,祝安好~[做鬼脸] // YH: Thank you Dear~ Goes without saying, wish you well~ 😛

He showed face at the Elle Style Awards over the weekend.  I am not one to forget he went last year with plenty of shameless PDA with ShiShi.   I do not feel sorry for ShiShi missing some chummy time with her LaoYuan, the lucky girl is in SH filming a movie with HARUMAKUN and JOSEPH CHANG.  IF somehow they gather Odajiri Joe and Chang Chen for eccentric cameos I will DIE with envy.    ShiShi has lost my interest in anything she has done after BuBu,  I just do not think she has that magnetic movie screen presence to pull this off, but I will ogle at the guys.

Loverboy got to hang out with some top stars and his pretty lady bffs like YangMi.  I did squee seeing him with NiNi.

Chief editor of Elle/the organizer weibo’d this following picture of him with the leading ladies of To Our Youth the movie, and I notice how happy all the ladies are around him.  I suspect miss Editor is screaming and being blatant with her ‘MY LIN JING!!!!’ as a lot of weiboers replied under her post.   I hated the movie, it was a boring amateurish pretentious meandering turd when the book is the opposite.   HanGeng’s Lin Jing did not suck as horribly as MarkChao being Chen XiaoZheng, but that is not saying much, and both of them are like blackholes of charisma in that dud.  Both of the characters are not likeable at all and I wouldn’t want to be within 10 ft of MC’s CXZ, not that the heroine has any real charm, again in the movie.  I do not hate Mark Chao per se, he’s serviceable in Monga, just can never fill the shoes/roles ‘luckily’ fell on his lap to its fullest according to me, and CXZ in any actor;s hands (ANY!) who can decently act instead of emoting by SHOUTING a few seconds then for the rest of the 100~ min is emotionless and more importantly a competent director should be a goldmine for any thespian to steal the darn show and do the rounds come awards time.  Now anyone not casting YH in the drama version might as well dump his/her silly useless mind in the nearest dumpster.  I digress.

I have no idea why he is paired up on the red carpet with Liu Tao, I do not think their acting paths have crossed (she was best known the A’Zhu in arguably the best drama adapt of Louis Cha’s DemiGods SemiDevils in 2003 by ZJZ, his best and only decent work. )

I said I hate pompadour and his new hair but I lied.   It looks good on him and his silly poses, what can I say.

I ❤ NiNi

And MiMi looks young and fresh and age appropriate for a change, but I can find 3 pairs of shoes in my closet working better for the outfit.  I wished Loverboy walks the red carpet with his bestie MiMi instead.

That is, I want to see YangMi and YuanHong collab in sth decent desperately, ie I want YM to STOP acting in crap ASAP.  Please.

4 thoughts on “Yuan Hong Updates: Fun Times on the Set of Cheng Ge Xing

  1. Is “To My Youth” Vicki Zhao’s directorial debut? OMG, she cast Mark Zhao? I was so turned off by his blandness and non-charisma in the latest Detective Dee tat I swore to avoid any movie he is headlining like plague.

    1. I! K! R!!!!

      Yup VZ is overrated as an actress but she is bloody awfully talentless as a director. To turn that lively and emotionally intense a ride of a novel on that hot mess we’ve all been through… Youth and to turn out sth so mousy and gray and bland and blergh, just touching on key events in the book as if just to remind us oh BTW this is sth to do with that thing printed on pages, with words. Watch it and see for yourself how horrid it is. That is the movie that told me for 100+ mins Mark C is the most overrated talentless leading man taking up space on C cinema ever.

      Gosh, I have never seen a leading man with such a suckage of negative charisma, I checked out the Young Det.Dee because of all the hoopla over FSF and I want to desperately like him because I find his RL persona charming, and one wowing perf in sth watchable should do the trick for me. Alas, it is even more meh than the first.

      As much as I do not care for AndyLau as a real deal actor, he oozes leading man charm from his every pore and I can watch him on as big a screen and it never rubs me the wrong way, just never impressing me to fangirl him as a thespian, but charisma?! Gosh and Mark C is supposed to convince me in some tiniest way he and Andy r playing the character, he does not look like an Andy Lau and there is no attempt to do one single thing. He is like a walking mumbling piece of bored ugly wood planked there on screen.

      And this is why I’m madder and madder because he wont be offered all these leading roles and annoyed me more and more if he did not stole that whatever award fr ZaiZai. I can care less about the award and so should ZZ, it frankly was a bit wussy of him to be that caught up, but these silly shiny things is really the ticket to opening doors that side of the pond.

    *sigh* Ruby is so lucky and omggg I love all those stills of YH! *w* Also like the pic of Ni Ni!


      Gosh I am going to take credit because I had be stewing this post for a week and too lazy to finish it yet the day after I clicked post, the trailer for Chang Ge Xing IS OUT!!!

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