On this Who Needs Drama No More Day: A HongShi Post

I admit I got quite emotional.

While I am genuinely happy for ShiShi and Nicky and wish them all the happiness in the world, my heart did ache a little and more and more as the HongShi shippers keep posting gosh…7,8 years of the sweetest words and deeds between the two.  While you may call me a HongShi shipper and I would not mind, I have made it quite clear too through the years I do not need them to be romantically together, what I saw in them is something so out of this world special it could not be defined by our conventional label.

As the LongShi’s RL romance broke, I have been refreshing my weibo every other minute waiting for Loverboy’s epic well wishes and yes, as expected he got me to shed a few emotional tears.


@袁弘 (YH):  无关风月只为真心的知己 My soulmate of  ‘Not resorting to physical intimacy but solely for a connection of our heart and soul’ (quoting the 8 characters perfectly summing up his Prince13’s relationship with RuoXi in BBJX) and my Dearest Bro4 are happily together![爱你][爱你][爱你] But I have been contemplating,  should I belong to the bride’s or the groom’s? Anyway, be happy, I should be your family now. [亲亲][亲亲][亲亲]

I can see him getting emotional, and probably getting misty-eyed like me with the happy news, but fanbigsis here can’t help but feel some hearttugging for my Loverboy.  Tbvh I have stopped seeing HongShi becoming a RL romantic couple for a while, YH has been dating another actress he met on 神医大道公 / Shen Yi Da Dao Gong in 2010.  Her name is 谢闻轩, and while I pitied her in the beginning for all the vitriol poured on her, she has been quite nasty engaging in weibo spats with some YH fangirls as well through the years, which is quite tactless.   Neither party has confirmed nor denied the rumors and I do not give anything another thought unless it is confirmed because I respect them if they choose to keep their private lives private.

I must say it was odd for me seeing a HongShi weibo loveydovey with the words of 祝安好~Wishing you well~ *it was from his thank you reply to ShiShi giving his movie with Simon and YingEr, A Chilling Cosplay a shout out * It is a greeting reserved for a longtimenosee friend not really knowing whassup with the other anymore.

haha and gotta give it to the BuBu fandom for coming up for something so witty and hilarious when my mind is still zoning out unable to process it ALL:

林更新有周冬雨了,老十有蒋欣了,九爷也有老婆了,连576都有644了,还单身的袁弘给单身的kc发来视频祝福,是时候公开你们的关系了。  LinGX (14) has Zhou DongYu, Old10 has JiangXin, Prince9 has a wifey, even 576(Nicky) has his 644(LSS), then we have the single YH giving a single KC a video greeting (KC has his new album out just the other day and my sweetheart Loverboy send a sweet shoutout of course), it is time you two come out as well!

So where am I?!  I am still staunchly on the HongShi 无关风月只为真心的知己 soulmate ship.  I just wished I can see a day my Loverboy will be so happily in love he must shout it to the world. :~~~~~)

I have to give it to the cutest hardcore HongShi shippers, haha they have a HongShi MV ready for this special day.

LOLZ just when I am getting quite emo with perhaps unnecessary heartpain for my loverboy, his super cute assistant who is a bit actor as well ( played the baby HongLi  in Zhen Huan Zhuan ie the same role as YH did in Prince’s Education) on the set of Chang Ge Xin leaked out a pic of the Derp:

@葛其健:  Since waking up bright early this morning, a lot of buddies have been asking me how my Boss is holding up.  Don’t worry,  he didn’t cry his blankie wet through the night.  Xiu’er is hard working on the set as usual, how he is feeling is as pictured, happily wishing his two best friends all the best [嘻嘻][嘻嘻][嘻嘻], what are you worrying and hurrying him about redbeanies?

Let me say it out loud how impossibly sweet is my Loverboy.  This must be what he coerced his cutie assistant in posting to ease the worry of the redbeanies, knowing quite well a lot of his fans are HongShi shippers, and to go through all this trouble just to soothe some achy fangirls’ heart on this emotional day is…what a guy.

haha and leave it to his cute redbeanies to not miss a beat flirting such replies as:  Tell your boss not to worry and no need to hurry, he has not met me yet!!!!!

And CONGRATS to Yang Mi and Hawick for tying the knot! *and I dunno, perhaps there is truth to MiMi being preggie afterall*   And also Mark Chao is rumored to be already married to the much sort after beauty Gao YuanYuan and she is rumored to be 2 months preggie with their first child!

This can only upstaged by Loverboy and HuGe telling the world they have been married all along in Iceland or Argentina.

16 thoughts on “On this Who Needs Drama No More Day: A HongShi Post

  1. I don’t do rl shipping either, but still congrats to LongShi though I’m still a bit surprised that the rumours are actually true since I don’t usually pay attention to them 😡

    1. I am surprised as well, but now that it is confirmed it makes sense, they have been spending so much time together on set lately, and Nicky is such a warm caring person to begin with.

    1. I do not really RL ship HongShi romantically honest. Actually one of my biggest ‘fear’ is they really come out dating and ended up breaking up and can’t be such an impossible pair of greatest BFFs. YH is the greatest sweetheart and flirt but he is also a perfectionist and quite anal. He makes the best of buddies but he must have another unforgivable yardstick for his other half, that is all just my impression of the guy. While ShiShi is lovely and pleasant to be with, she seems very tomboyish, ie not too meticulous and sensitive with every minute detail and imo she is very straight forward with her emotions and could have a hot temper. I see them headbutting when they are stuffed in a romantic relationship between a guy and a girl.

      But then it is unrealistic for me to believe they didn’t try it out but it didn’t work out, because from what YH said at the end of that fanvid, they have 好感 (it’s too late for my fried brain to think of an eng equiv)/ good feelings/attraction for each other but they know full well they are not suitable as lovers and never crossed the line yet stayed close all the years transcending their relationship to sth this precious. I do not see how any normal human being could suppress the ‘curiosity’, of what that initial good feeling would lead to sth more and how one can be so very sure you can not work out as lovers without trying out.

  2. Im still in awe. Though i like Nicky and Shishi in BBJX i must say my shippy heart is broken. But the more when I read Yuan Hong’s message. He is just the sweetest!!! all the best to the couple!

    1. This is gosh, since 2009?!?! when I have fallen madly in love with the guy through his weibo, and through the years, he still has it to throw out a few words and made me just love him more. I am hopeless but I love it.

  3. I actually thought YH is dating Lv Yi after Xie Wenxuan posted a picture of herself and another guy declaring that he’s her forever boyfriend, LOL.

    1. I didn’t really pay much attention to any of this, even whomever YH is dating tbvh hahaha but it was just the other day, perhaps last week when I saw a redbeanie posting a spat of either herself or some other redbeanie with XWX in it XWX was basically throwing in expletives telling the fangirl to suck it up he’s mine or sth and even if he’s not as if he would even give the fangirl a look…sth along that line. It is quite nasty and if coming from an ex it is just much ado about nothing.

      But my gut is telling me even if they have dated they have broken up, perhaps recently as YangMi gushed out she can talk about a few of YH’s exes at that Elle event. Perhaps SS was one of them, who knows?!

      I love Lv Yi, and honestly whomever YH is dating and he’s happy, I am all for it!

  4. When I first read about the news I thought you would be heartbroken! I’m quite happy for LongShi, even if their public announcement surprised me at first. It’s just all these relationship news coming out from all directions that has me a bit taken aback. Wish them well, and Lao Yuan’s got Hu Ge to comfort him anyway…

    1. haha really me heartbroken?!?! Nah. I think in my numerous and too many HongSHi post I make it a point I do not need them together, and I swear I mean it. HOWEVER, they need to stay more precious than lover or else my heart will break. Same goes for YH and HG.

      I love HongShi just on that level they look so shamelessly uninhibitedly happy together in public like they are with no one else. I never truly RL ship them together.

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