Well Wishes for Nicky And ShiShi

I do not care about RL of stars, but I am always happy seeing them happily in love of any kind!

I just wished they are not pressured into coming out as a couple because of the tabloids, but here it is:

@吴奇隆TD: Thank you for all your love and well wishes, we treasure this hard earned relationship very much.  I wish most sincerely you can allow us the freedom and space in our privacy.  Thanks for your understanding. @刘诗诗

@刘诗诗 : Thank you all!  I trust there is always a destiny best laid out.  @吴奇隆TD

@新浪娱乐  (Sina entertainment): Nicky Wu and Liu ShiShi allegedly admitted to dating rumors.

@吴奇隆TD:  Not allegedly.

Is it better imho that they can keep it under wraps forever till they decide on their own right to announce it to the world or not, never?!  Of course.  Relationships are not easy, but between two very busy stars who have little to no time for privacy and constantly under the limelight of all the prying eyes with a few collaborations (which look like sorry duds) still lined up to be aired?!  I do not know if the enormous stress can even be quantify.   That is on top of all the disgruntled fans on both sides who somehow thought just the fact they love Nicky or ShiShi, they can have a piece of control over their mind and heart and actions.  The backlash is already ugly for the minutes this is freshly out, for some reason beyond me a lot ShiShi’s fans can not stand Nicky and vice versa and I have a lot of crying emoticons on my weibo dash.  I do not know what they are made of, but they are of a different DNA than me.

22 thoughts on “Well Wishes for Nicky And ShiShi

  1. I’m happy for them as I’m not really invested in them. But if it was Yuan Hong, I would be devasted as I’m a selfish fan, lol.

    1. I am not invested in them. I am not their fan on screen tbvh, but I do am genuinely happy for them ^^ and I think as far as I know of their RL persona they compliment each other well.

      YH seems to be dating someone last few years, at least the gf seems to be quite blatantly chatty about it. I did not bother to talk about it because it is none of my business and the gf seems to be very…b*tchy to his fans.

        1. Yeah, as long as my biases are happy, happily working and it shows in their work, that is all that should be doing the talking and keeping me in the fandom. I really do not know why whomever they r dating has anything to do with their skill set, you know.

          So while I am happy for them, it is quite bizarre for me to see change of opinions because of it. Many hardcore SS fans have declared their exits in baidubar and I can’t help wondering aren’t you adoring the work/talent/looks of SS??!?!! Why is she dating a certain someone suddenly changing any of it?!?!?!?!?!?!

  2. hi mookie..i just read the news and my jaw dropped! never thought both of them as an item..but i congrats them too..upon reading the news my mind quickly thinks of you…our 13+ruoxi ship..nway congrats to them again

    1. My jaws dropped they are admitting to it. Whether or not they are dating, it really is no business of mine and Nicky had quite a few high profile open relationships with his costars through the years playing it all out in the spotlight, so while I am very happy for them, I thought it would be ‘safer’ to keep it private because this is going to be in every mentions of either one of them for life, especially when ShiShi is still nudging into a spot in the cutthroat A-lister pile, and this is her first ever relationship she has ever admitted, all the interest on her from now on till next few years will be nothing but her romance with Nicky. But then frankly I do not see ShiShi having the tenacious drive of a YangMi, I could so see her focusing on marriage and children than a career as a star.

        1. LB has no bargaining chip no more to promote nth, she can’t even get much of anything a green light fr SARFT. And it is one thing pouring all the resources into promoting a star, the other when that is still just a drop in the large bucket compared to what other management honchos can pull

  3. LOL my mom was so overjoyed when I told her the news 😀

    Congrats to the happy couple. I find it funny that they acted as true love couple in 3 dramas (including Nicky’s newest production) and end up dating in real life, haha 😀

    However the timing of the “admission” also makes me wonder if this is a publicity stunt to promote their upcoming Bubu Jingqing and generate hype for Nicky’s Incisive Teacher… Call me skeptical, but actors often do this. Guaranteed advertising!

    1. IMO many RL actor couples do not translate to reel chemistry, I do not see much between Nicky and SS in BuBu, even though I am on the OTP boat, I saw much more believable chemistry btn SS and Kevin actually.

      This has crossed my mind as well, but I can understand it if that is the case, and it harms no one. IF and I am saying a big IFFFFF this is a publicity stunt, this is very smart and well thought out because all the upcoming dramas are not lined up with an airing date yet, all of them do not look particularly appetizing unless you are hardcore fans of them, but even so, there is no way they are quality stuff in the writing dept…and this will certainly make every one of those hot commodities, $$$ making machines overnight. For them to step out this early, making the world happy for a few extra months beforehand, it is much more convincing and less direct connection to it being a publicity stunt. If news broke when those upcomings are out, most would find it distasteful and immediately jumping it to being for publicity even if they are truly in love, then they have to deal with the skeptics on top. TR was in deep trouble a few days ago with their Chinese Paladin 5 called off the day it was supposed to start filming, deep in preproduction, posted by a now deleted weibo by good old PD Li. No one knows what exactly is going on, but it did not start filming for one and that is a lot of $$$ down the drain for a cash-strapped TR to begin with and CP has been a tried and true income earner for TR. TR is close to its last breath as I don’t think MoonStar/DaMaoYao is half as sharp as BBJX, and it’s hard to repeat a runaway hit anyway.

      BUTTTT, this is all my forever skeptic cynic talking, OTOH, I do think Nicky and SS r both big enough stars to not resort to such a play.

      1. I agree with the points you raised and if this is a publicity stunt, then they chose a great time to do it because if they did it later then it’d be very obvious that it’s a stunt. But now that you mentioned it, I can’t help but think that the excellent timing makes it seem even more likely (to me) that it’s a stunt…

        Of course, I hope that Nicky and LSS are happy together and I’d be very happy to see it if they make the relationship last. 4ye & Ruoxi finding real love FTW! 😀

        Oooh? What’s this about CP5? Really? I never heard about it! Do tell…

        LOL the Da Mo Yao that isn’t called Da Mo Yao will finally grace our screens. I saw the trailer for it and it took me some time to finally realize who they were talking about with all the new names. TBH Eddie didn’t really impress me much in the trailer but of course I can’t judge by the trailer so I will only judge once the actual series comes out. Hu Ge is pretty good as Meng9 in the trailer though, which I’m glad to see since I always thought Hu Ge is more suitable for Meng9 than HQB.

        The series actually has a really good cast with actors that I like (and it’s always nice to see some familiar TVB faces), but whether the script/adaptation makes good use of the cast still waits to be seen…

        1. And it needs not be mutually exclusive! They can be genuinely in love and ‘make the most out of it’ YangMi and Hawick did it blatantly but quite tactfully, even Huang XiaoMing and Angelababy throw some obvious PDA to the press, exposure for them and the reporters have their stories to sell. As long as it is not purely an act, they have genuine feelings for each other, I think CN society at large is quite progressive with well wishes and very accommodating when stars make use of their personal relationships building a better image and good will for bigger bucks… the public do judge their private lives anyway, they have no problem punishing or rewarding the stars bad or good behavior accordingly.

          Yes, TR has a Chinese Paladin 5 in the works it was said to be starring 蒋劲夫 and 宋茜. There is a thread in Tianya here: http://bbs.tianya.cn/post-funinfo-4750346-1.shtml
          PD Li said it is because the genre is ‘unsuitable’ but for all we know YangMi’s 古剑奇谭/Ancient Swords just wrapped up and that is as fantasy wuxia game adapt as it goes.

          I do not like the trailer for MoonStarDMY at all, I thought all of them did not perform up to their par, and the music was atrocious. It was better than yuma’s stuff but then TR has a niche of producing fantastical perfect trailers….it is the fact the drama itself are never as good. Even the lamest dud TR has ever produced Clothing the World has a smashing trailer. I do not know what to expect when the trailer is like thrown together haphazardly and they have all the time in the world to just tweak a few names.

      2. Yeah, sounds like TR is going to the toilet. Even their new artists aren’t that impressive. How come they are so quiet? Should LB be promoting them?

        1. lolz you are asking for LB to work along sensible logic?!?!! TR has such limited resources and the newer artists under their management are no YuanHong.

          Lil’ Fu is very cute but he lacks screen presence and acting is really not sth he is cut for, but frankly LB has put more resources on him than she ever did on YH, which yeah, me still grumpy. Tben on top of it all they still have to pour in every bit of effort on promoting ShiShi to truly $$$$ earning A lister status,not just a lot of noise online not translating to ticket buying audience filling cinemas.

      3. I was too invested into the 8th/Ruoxi game by the time the tide changed and headed for 4th/Ruoxi, so I never got onto the boat. In fact, I was quite angry with Ruoxi for this very very sudden change of heart (what, they were happily frolicking between trees in one episode, and in that next, she decided to be practical and stay away from this guy with no future prospects?). Though I can’t fault her for wanting an ‘easier’ life without fearing for her life/her beloved’s life, I never managed to truly root for 4th. Maybe that tinted my view of their chemistry, because I didn’t feel it coming from Nicky and Shi Shi.

        I was quite shocked that CP5 got cancelled just like that, with no proper explanation. Unsuitable plotline? Or is it really power play at work?

        1. WORD! That is exactly my feels towards RX!! I never truly loved the novel actually, and the 8RX ship in the novel was much more aloof and bland, so it caught me by surprise it was much more intense and believable in the drama.

          As for CP5, my take is it must be several factors at play, possible SARFT is cramping up on ‘fantasy wuxia’ as there are quite a few in production already saturating the airwaves and they r authoritarian like that, ie CP5 has no proper paperwork for a greenlight YET, much like the case of DMY and TR can’t afford another snafu. It is also common practice for leading lady/man of the drama to bring in investment $$$ for the production and TR must be asking Victoria’s management some, but they did not reach an agreement?! The unsuitable whatever is the lamest excuse, you need to be a damn fool to not realize that till the day you start shooting after chipping in all the cost and labor for preproduction.

  4. I’ve always had the impression that shishi (and hu ge) has one of the smallest group of antis around…. >.< though i thought it almost zero possibility for these two to be together, i"m really happy for them. Not a fan of Nicky, but it always feels good to see people so obviously happy around each other. Just like baby Harwick and YangMi.

    1. Sad to say it’s quite the opposite in CN, of course I am quite certain they are 2 of the most loved C idols with little to no antis the International community but Cdramas popular with the International audience are just a tiny niche. ShiShi has a massive fanbase, and quite a vehement loud group of antis correspondingly, but that is more because SS attracts much younger fans than say a YH and her fandom is one of the craziest and quite childish and tactless. I am not a fan of SS, I do not mind her either, but even when I never go fish for any SS news I have come across many nasty fanwars, her fandom has subgroups that do not get along with EVERY fandom out there, there is quite a lot of hate btn ShiShi and HuGe actually, I know hard to believe, but that is what’s happening.

      If you want my brutally honest opinion, imo ShiShi is pleasant but average looking to non-fans, her improvement has not caught up with her massive popularity. When she is sticking with smaller scale TR idoldramas she is more than serviceable, but now that she has transitioned into movies and leading roles, her shortcomings as a limited actress are much pronounced. Also, I have heard of a brilliant fanvid genius who love using SS in various roles in many fictions because her expressions have stayed practically the same, quite wooden through the years and making it easy to source exact nuances in storytelling to patch up a story.

      1. That I have to agree. I had trouble adjusting back to normal fare after watching Zhen Huan Zhuan, because the acting there was so stellar, and it took Guai Xia Yi Zhi Mei’s favourable characterisations and theme before I fell back into watching cdramas. I don’t really follow fan weibos, so have managed to stay out of the loop for whatever fanwars that are/were flaming. Like, for the outing of Nicky and Shi Shi, I have not came across any negative weibos about this, and was surprised when those were mentioned in the post. =S

        Oh man, fanvid genuis? Do share the identity! Chinese fans are so good at creating fanvids and mashups, I often wish the story was shot into an actual series!

        1. I followed a few HongShi shippers, quite a lot of YH fans r HS shippers, so. And from my WL, almost all of them are quite shaken by the news…on one part this is not really ‘news’, fans of Nicky were given a headsup I read somewhere, but SS’ diehards were kept in the dark and you know how tactless TR could be in the PR dept, when the tabloids leaked harmless pics alleging Nicky was at SS’s place in SH (no pic of them tog at all) just the other day, some SS fans claimed TR nudged them to protest to the tabloid for spreading false rumors on SS but this happened, they felt like they were virtually slapped on the face. I think they were much more disgruntled of what they said as SS/TR’s nonchalance towards them. But oh well I do not really understand all this bizarre entitlement.

          Her handle is 堇色暮年, she is insanely talented, and a SS diehard (was). I think she’s matched SS up with every C period handsome.
          Are you familiar with 东宫 by 匪我思存/FeiWoSiCun? I am not a fan of her writing so I just watched this fanvid and got the gist of it.

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