The Auspicious Day Continues

I kept wondering since yesterday if I were the head of a tabloid, and I have say the luxury of 7 teams of reporters I can dispatch since yesterday, STILL it is not enough to cover half, and we are talking pairs of stars, ie more than a dozen of them, let alone all the editing it takes to squeeze into the allotted pages for easily weeks if not months or years worth of headlines in less than 24 hours.

All hints are pointing at HXM is tying the knot with Angelababy today, his birthday, if not in these few days:

It seems like his media friends are in the know, Sina is winking, ‘the headlines are waiting!’ And Li BingBing sent her warm happy birthday wishes throwing in snatching his goddess very soon.

XiaoMing is busy on the set of the wickedly talented Pang HoCheung for the romcom with Zhou Xun(!!!!), it has Sonia Sui (ie one of my fav TW actress atm).  Pang Ho Cheung is the anomaly in HK cinema, he does care about the writing and his stuff is always entertaining and has a certain quality of wit in his gags even if vulgar.  I never miss any of his films and I would recommend every single one he has directed as rarer quirkier little gems coming out of HK last decade.  I gave HXM another regard after his charismatic cameo in Pang’s Love in the Buff 2012, XiaoMing was shockingly attesting and scene stealing.  Imo HXM has some talent, but he needs meticulous directing and the right role, he can do romcom, he has loads of charm to sell as HXM, so if the role is very close to his RL persona, he can handle it.    You should know I love Zhou Xun, she just has IT on screen.

The first teaser for Red Sorghum has dropped yesterday as well ( I KNOW RIGHT?!)… I do not remember if I have ever been moved to tears with a teaser but I just did.  IF ZhouXun in a Cdrama is not enough a draw for you, this is directed by 郑晓龙, PD of Zhen Huan Zhuan.  Leading man 朱亚文 Zhu Yawen has my vote of the best versatile thespian of his generation you may not be too familiar with, but you WILL.  He is not even 30, but he has been working in nothing but respectable C dramas since his breakout in 2006, he can do EVERYthing.  Then there is 秦海璐, I have lost count of her many deserving awards, her only hindrance not as hot a commodity as a A-lister is she is not cut out like a Fan BingBing, but as far as acting chops I have seen her jaw-droppingly impressive constantly.  She will give ZX a very good exercise on set.  Oh and the teaser is so glorious it left me speechless.  Zhou Xun just made 99% of the leading ladies grabbing headlines with their personal lives in Cdramaland irrelevant with her work.  PD Zheng is back to top shape, I love they kept the passionate poetic folksy chants from Red Sorghum the movie flashing back so much vivid emotions in me.   Nothing Mo Yan wrote is breezy, there are scenes in Red Sorghum brutally traumatizing, and tbh Zhang YiMou was compensating a lot of his shortcomings technically as a director with dazzling camera work and color, namely RED.  While a lot of his visuals left indelible images in my head, it thinned down the impact of Mo Yan’s novel.   Both Zhou Xun and  Zhu Yawen looked too delicate for the bruteness, but they convinced me with just the mere 12 minutes.  I can not wait to see what PD Zheng can do with the luxury of the drama format.

***The gifs from the teaser are spoilerish if you do not know much of Red Sorghum, be warned!***

11.14 will also mark the start of filming of XiaoMing’s Cruel Romance/Fate of the Brocade: Extravagant Adventure 錦繡緣華麗冒險 with Chen Qiao En, a 1930s romance based in Shanghai bund following the trend of adapting a popular novel.  This is almost paying XiaoMing to regress back to his swarmy habits overdoing his posing in suits, rumored to be from the costume designer of Great Gatsby, and while I do not mind Joe Chen at all and would probably lust over her filling up gorgeous qipaos, the dealbreaker is PD 林合隆 Lin He Long.  He must have 20+ dramas under his belt and I have sadly seen too much of a dozen of them because of the pretties and regretting every minute of it.  Well, it got me excited today because they leaked out a new castmate who has been in Chinese Paladin and Hua Xu Yin and of course I am not the only one wishing on my Loverboy.  Do you need a minute to just imagine him eyesexing Xiao Ming and both of them in some pieces of finely tailored suits?!?!?!?!?!?  HMMMMMMMM.  Alas it is not Loverboy, but they got themselves someone who should be draped in nothing but 1930s finest suits, hot uncle  谢君豪.

SIGHHHHHH and the ridiculously hot and smexy ChangChen is also off the market today, guys and girls.  He puts it simply as he wants to share the happiness with us all he is married, attaching a picture of his bride.  Gosh I truly am happy for the lucky guy and the lucky lady, but please my pervie head can not process all the consummations in one night, YOU KNOW?!?!

My most anticipated C period movie of 2014 is still his 飞鱼服绣春刀 with ShiShi.

There is also the murmur of  Kevin back together with Charmaine Sheh.  Have they ever officially announced it to the world they have ever dated!?  Not that I follow dating news and HK actors are more keen on guarding their privacy.  But if that is true, so happy for them!  haha can we bottle all the second hand happiness we are filled to the kilt for these stars since yesterday?!

And so it leaves my Loverboy being the only publicly single guy amongst the BBJX princes.  We should never be too worried about him, he bashfully said we would not have a clue if he’s dating a HuGe.  But should I?  Now that he is a bit too chirpy on weibo since?!?!  haha to be honest ain’t I being pot kettle black?

One thing for sure he is so loved by his friends, a lot of them lovely ladies, for example Miss Kaxi, his classmate from drama school, who posted they have a lovely gathering the auspicious night.  It makes me smile when Janine whines under her pics:

@張鈞甯:什麼?!又有老袁卻沒帶上我!!想起上回碰面,別說一餐飯了,連張照也沒有。。[泪]  WHY?!?  There was LaoYuan again and you did not bring me along!!!  Last time when we met, we did not even take a picture together, let alone a dinner..[泪]

Oh poor gorgeous Janine, LaoYuan, a beautiful leading lady is whining, longing to have dinner with you, you are not one passing the opportunity to flirt up a storm, are you?!?!!

Janine’s much anticipated drama Best Time/最美的时光 which is based on a TongHua modern novel 被时光掩埋的秘密 with Wallace and Jia NaiLiang is going to air in a few days, finally.  I like Janine, and even though Wallace has never wow’ed me, he is soo much better than so many leading men in Cdramaland nowadays, so much, and JNL piqued my interest in his earlier role in a Lilian Li novel adapt.  This TongHua novel seems to be garnering quite a lot of noise and shipping wars even as far as TH novels go.  I will probably check out an ep or so and see how it goes.   It is not every day I do not mind 3 leads of a C trendy.  I have not watched the 30+ mins trailer myself, I hate spoilers on something I think could be decent and even though I am not a fan of TH’s prose, she is always dependable for a solid construct:

Too bad I think other than dallying in weibo, Loverboy is too caught up on the set of Chang Ge Xin to flirt much more than he did:

*I raised a brow his cutie assistant has to post twice within a day talking back on rumors of his boss YH and this time on his hilarious rumor of being engaged.  Seriously come to bigsis sweetie I have all the hugs and smooches in the world to give you, and if you need someone to keep you company in the hot tub to soak the mud and all kinds of aches away, I will make myself available.  I will.*

Then again it did not stop him being cute and silly there last night:

YH: A goddess is engaged, another goddess announced her romance, adonis Bro4 is going to introduce me to some prospective matches,  another goddess is threatening to drag me into her blacklist at weixin (another social app), what a day of muddled FEELS… A song dedicated to all the lovers of the day~

And for some reason Miss Wang LuoDan played along admitting she is the one engaged…and she has more to holler sweetly at Loverboy:’….So!  Listen! IF you do not stop your spamming in our Weixin friend circle I will blacklist you!’

Should we read too much into the lyrics of You Are My Sunshine?  Do not get my heart achy some more for you now:

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are gray
You’ll never know dear, how much I love you
Please don’t take my sunshine away

The other night dear, as I lay sleepin’
I dreamed, I held you by my side
When I awoke dear, I was mistaken
And I hung my head and I cry

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are gray
You’ll never know dear, how much I love you
Please don’t take my sunshine away

You told me once dear, you really loved me
And no one else could come between
But now you’ve left me and you love another
And you have shattered all my dreams

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are gray
You’ll never know dear, how much I love you
Please don’t take my sunshine away

I’ll always love you and make you happy
If you will only say the same
But if you leave me to love another
But you’ll regret it all some day

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are gray
You’ll never know dear, how much I love you
Please don’t take my sunshine away
Please don’t take my sunshine away

I am not the only one with my heart tugged for Loverboy, because his RL OTP HuGe did make a rare public concerned reply asking him what is on his mind/ @胡歌:你有啥想法[挖鼻屎] under the post.  It is rare just because it is public, through the years we know they keep in touch like besties do.  It obviously led to thousands of reply urging them to come out and shower us some more good news on the bromance front.
I am not sure if this is what the two jokester came up with but a lot of press are totally buying the prank.

YH: Legend has it if one collected 7 pairs of heterosexuals, one can summon the Eternal Dragon~so…rumor has it we are also engaged, @王珞丹 right?  Your reply have been screencapped, why did you delete it[阴险]?  (I now summon the eternal dragon under the conspicuous danger of being blacklisted by @孔二狗 and the peril of breaking the heart of @胡歌!)

孔二狗 is a brilliant young writer drinking buddy of Loverboy, who is the biggest shameless fanboy of Miss Wang, and I dunno how to read into my cute derp’s weibo other than: my heart is achy so all you bffs of mine has to ache along with ME!

lol with this, little prince of WengDian squeezed himself into a spot of mention amongst all the explosive headlines:

And he also made it to the hot list, but why the heck is he one place above Nicky and the topic of Nicky and ShiShi is dating?!?!!??!!!!!  Oh, yeah because it was the silly false prank he spread himself of him and Wang LuoDan engaged.   Other then the 3rd place (who is Nicky’s ex-wife of an ugly scandalous divorce), most of them are Loverboy’s good friends.

HAHAHA and I do not know if it is any better than him making the hotlist last night with the hashtag of ‘YH get the heck out of showbiz!’

No worries, this is not out of any hate for sweetest Loverboy, is it just because some troll posted a hate!weibo of Loverboy on his job in Chilling Cosplay for publicity but his post ended up being the cutest online party of redbeanies and just normal folks who happens to like Loverboy and yesterday, people just decided to party on there cheering up the boy or just expressing their own tiny heartache for our perfect boyfriend.

I mean this is not making me easy even his bigbro in Chang Ge Xin is pitching in the ‘YH weiboHUGathon!’ posting a weibo attaching a pic:


Bro3:  Bigbro, all the singletons in the world are so pitiful.  Bigbro:  If we stick together then we are not alone?  Bro3: Us two?  Bigbro: close family excluded!  [怒][怒][怒]

His other bromantic buddie Ma TinYu is cameoing in Chang Ge Xin and well, he swore he will be sweetly by our emperor side keeping him company:

‘True love, we are true love,’ says Ma.

Plus, clearly he can keep himself entertained fine:

It has been gushed by many of his castmates and crew, under his ‘leadership’ Chang Ge Xin is the gayest bromantic rowdy set.

So carry on being your precious self,  Loverboy.  [ I am now shaking, what if I hit ‘post’ and right away shocking news break yet again and I have to edit, or spam another 3 posts in a day?! Do not disown me.  ]

ETA: Argh.  This is what YH posted just now, and I am officially distraught.

YH: Stunned instantaneously by this photograph (it’s a photo of a man freefalling 9/11 T_T), I am hit by a jolt of helplessness/powerlessness.  Spent a frangible morning hitting the link attached….

Seriously Loverboy, drink some of your favorite Tequila (argh…no…sorry my bad), take a nap…play some bball…HuGe, fly to Elephant Mtn,  fking do something.

15 thoughts on “The Auspicious Day Continues

  1. I have not seen the original Red Sorghum/read the novel so I didn’t know what it would be about. I read the synopsis but that did not prepare me for the trailer at all. Omg it is so intense O__O After watching it I felt rather speechless (especially that ending omg). I wonder how long that drama will be? I mean, I don’t know how many episodes I can handle of such intensity O_O

    And wow FINALLY Janine’s Best Time is gonna be airing, it’s about time. T___T

    1. I have no idea how long it would be, but it seems to emphasize more on the struggles of womanhood in that feudal society when our life and marriage was still bartered off, and how ZX’s 9’er fight against the system with so much feisty verve. It should be glorious!

      haha I am just relieved I can check out a Janine drama where she is not romancing Peter Ho for a change. PH just does not go along with my aesthetics at all.

      1. I really want to watch it but I don’t know if I will survive the intensity. I don’t mean like..the angst..I mean, the violence >_< Looks very gritty!

        I haven't seen Janine's dramas with Peter Ho. I'm not much of a fan of him either.

        1. I was sure they would tone it down to PG from the movie, but there was that hot scene of ZX and ZYW in the sorghum field. There was a scene particularly traumatizing in the movie not mentioned in the trailer, and not on physical gore shown, but…. from the looks of it, they keep it quite shockingly true to original. I can not look away, this is girlpower in the old times and seriously ZX really makes all the leading ladies irrelevant except perhaps SunLi with the 12 odd minutes.

          I’ve heard 秦海璐 and 周迅 are working so well together they may collab again in 《芈月传》, PD Zheng’s much hyped followup of ZHZ with SunLi on board, I am not sure what is going on with that, but if he gets ALL three of them, that is terribly exciting.

          Oh you are wise, Janine is my kind of pleasant pretty and I was holding out hope P.Ho with some suitable role, no heavyliftng could be tolerable. NOPE. I do not know how he managed to stay in the industry for almost 2 decades now emoting with nostrils.

          1. I just don’t want to be super traumatized that is all!!! Then again I can just skip through a very traumatizing scene if they include it. >_<

            Wait what??? What is 芈月传 ? I AM SO OUT OF THE LOOP!!!!!!!

        1. It is so seminal, not ZYM’s best work, but this is where he’s made his name known for the first time. I am not sure if it is an entertaining movie, the storytelling is not at its most masterful, but to see GongLi and JiangWen owning the screen as young actors is a feast in itself.

  2. Kevin and Charmaine played a couple in 法證先鋒II (2008) and 宮心計 (2009) and afterwards there were rumors of them dating, especially since it was around the same time Kevin broke up with his girlfriend (at the time) Niki Chow. Charmaine and Kevin later went separate ways in their careers (both moved their focus to mainland), so it’s unclear if they were actually together or not…

    Yuan Hong/Hu Ge bromance is one of my favorite things about C-entertainment. It’s such a beautiful thing and their antics always make me smile 😀

    Looking forward to Chang Ge Xing. I have faith in Ruby’s productions and I really like the cast! Yuan Hong makes an awesome ancient king. He’s got the right aura and the look for it. Yay for a Ma Tianyu cameo 😀

    1. Kevin had denied the rumor. I am all for not saying a word about it even if it’s true and lying incurs, it will stick with your career for life and Kevin is at the point of his career he doesn’t have to hinge his image on playing his private life out in open.

      I was under the impression Linda Wong was his only gf he admitted to dating, perhaps Nikki as well? But yeah, it is none of my biz as long as they are happy and will do fine work for my enjoyment hahaha.

      Ma TianYu is such a warm cute thing too it seems. 😀 haha at the back of my mind I was wishing for Loverboy to coerce a HuGe cameo in this constellation of gorgeous period men!

  3. 周讯 MY GODDESS!!!! And together with 秦海璐!! Love her to bits she rocks basically every role. The trailer looks gorgeous, directing is spot on I can’t wait. Haven’t had a decent cdrama in ages. I’m glad they kept the darkness, it’s befitting of the story and the acting totally pulls it off. Thanks for posting the trailer.
    And this 芈月传 sounds very exciting as well!
    Do you think they’ll make the sequel to Zhen Huan, 流潋紫 is writing the second series, 如懿传. I’m quite enjoying it so far.

    1. 如懿传 seems a bit old wine in a new bottle, it is decent wine, but I think it is an overkill because 芈月传 is close enough a loose sequel to Zhen Huan (a lowly consort making her son a king by all means necessary and become the most powerful being in court).

      Zhou Xun is the best of the A lister by a huge margin, nobody is even close to her versatility and natural talent, she looks every bit a JiangNan lady, seriously if JZJ was not a hustler with no true talent she could be the most perfect Huang Rong ever. And here she is convincing me she can capture the essence of a bold northern earthy Amazon, even though she has no help in her gentile looks.

      And she is 39 years old! Although she is pushing it to play the very young maiden early on in the story, I can not tell the age difference of a whole decade btn the leads.

      1. Yes I was surprised she hasn’t aged!! I loved her as Huang Rong despite JZJ (and as much as I adore Ariel, I barfed at the thought of her being Huang Rong like whattt how to even compare?) Yes so much strength emanating from her.
        It reminded me a little of 橘子红了 actually… I miss those days.

        1. Ariel did a good job though imo considering I checked her LoCH out because of the morbid curiosity of how horrifically she and HG would be miscast. She sold me with her determined acting. But all the hardware are not there for a HR with Ariel, she just does not look the part at all. ZX as HR was what coming alive from the pages is.

          橘子红了 is so breathtakingly gorgeous, it was when producer with talent, do not throw it down the drains but instead use their skills to paint an authentically alluring visual building up the mood for a cohesive drama. I rewatched just the opening credits just now and tbh my mind was blown more than it was back then because looked what we are fed when yuma and even now TR ruled the land of supposedly ‘period pretty’?!?!?!!

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