Friday OMG Post

I was going to just stick a pic and call it a post, am still darn sure I should just post it and call it a TGIF and thank God for my Loverboy while I am at it. Hallelujah and AMEN.

Wbat did my loverboy do now.  Obviously getting himself some never seen before muscle mass and manboobs, but he must be so proud of himself sending this pic to his homie who is an angel to share it with the world.   I am all for you my love to follow in the footsteps of Eddie:

But how?!?!?  You always give me the feel good of me not too shallow afterall by sticking with your sorry body of always skinny yet with a tummy and love handles as seen in the one you went to Kenting with Eddie moons ago, but I still love you so.  I have no idea when that above pic in the gym was taken, but IF I can check on your torso closely at least biweekly, I could have a much more educated guess on the timeline and that is important because if you one day wanna add to your arsenal for odd appearances in Top Weibos (haha TWO of his cutest fangirls YY of his bromance ships with HuGe and Nicky made it to the hot retweets of the day), you can have an inspiring IGotHotBodeIn400Weeks one handy.

I have stopped telling myself to keep my expectation of Chang Ge Xin in check.  I have not seen him this sharp and gorgeous since forever and it is every snap, different looks, well suited for his character at different stages.

Oh yes, he got a new ‘title’: the Straightest Adonis with a trophy to boot from his fangirls because he kept stressing he is a straight guy in every other weibo while blatantly bromancing every breathing male buddy care to give him a nudge and he has been weibo-ing up a storm since ….well Nicky and ShiShi outing their romance.  The above vignette is the YY of his bigbro in the drama,  chitchatting on how his youngbro Xiu’er has…grown.  He mentioned in a fresh interview today at Elephant Mountain he admitted he was shocked with the dating news,  ie he did not know about the romance much in advance than the rest of us, poor thing, I hope this is why he is trying too hard to seem chirpy at weibo, he said he did not notice anything on the set of BBJX and according to him it must’ve started way after.  When asked if he would declare his romance on weibo like them, he said he would not deliberately announce it to the world, he does not see the need to air his love life out, he would not bend his arm to deny it if it is true, but he won’t take the initiative to make it public either.  If the relationship is found out by the public, of course he would be happy to accept all the well wishes.

13 thoughts on “Friday OMG Post

    1. I still can’t process this… he has to keep being skinny or else his face will even be chubbier haha his meat always grow on his cheeks and tummy.

      I do not think I can handle him with more bulk, this is my perfect type of bode.

      Hey and I don’t think I can calm down.

      1. I really would like to see more bulk…he would look a LOT better in modern dramas with bulk. But at least it’s a major improvement from his previous surfing trip with Eddie Peng.

  1. I am in shock! I did not know he was hiding those abs and chest! Thanks for sharing the pic. Sigh…. he looks so deliciously gorgeous with his trimmed beard and mustache.

    1. IKR!!!!
      haha perhaps he finally set his mind on getting some for his topless role in Chang Ge Xing, but he should have a few skinships scenes in Hua Xu Yin as well. I CANT WAIT!

      haha and it is the time of the year when the year end shows of various cable channels are in the making, one of them are asking the netizens to vote for 4 brightest up and comers in the industry and Loverboy is currently at third place with his BFF HuGe placed #1, LuoJin in #2 and Chen Xiao in 4th. haha if they really can get HuGe and Yuan Hong and Chen Xiao on the same stage and bromancing one off my bucketlist!

              1. i just checked, he is running second to Lou Jin. I do not know him, but I’ll search. HG is running third. I hope our YH will get more votes. It really is a tight race!

                1. I would say Luo Jin is doing slightly better than Loverboy in the industry circa 2010. It is prestigious to land a supporting role in sth as acclaimed as Three Kingdom. His fandom is very vocal and rabid. There was a rumor floating around he was the first choice of PD for the role of Liu Xiu here, having worked with Ruby in Scheme of Beauty and made himself quite a name playing many young Han emperor. He is quite good, but I do not think he holds any advantage to Loverboy in the looks or acting department in a period, not being a biased fangirl here.

                  So there is quite an animosity going on with his fanbase towards Loverboy because in their pov YH stole a very desirable role fr Luo, there were quite a lot of ugly mudslinging. It is so silly really to cry over spilled milk.

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