Star Gazing at the Golden Horse

I am still pinching myself, ALL my favorite stars are there, almost.  My favs, in their most glamorous, through my childhood to a teen to a grown fangirl to now a Dama in one room.  Well, even if Zhou Xun is busy filming Red Sorghum, she should be here and now I winced not able to see what magic she can pull and dazzle in THIS company.

It never ceases to amaze me……seeing a random clip of Leslie and I am reminded how truly all-rounded perfect an artist he was.  With this kind of out of this world gorgeousness and can burst out a tune like so…how much we miss you, Leslie?!

As a dearie at weibo commented, we have 劉健明 and 陳永仁 back together, and the legendary Tsai Chin singing the song 被遺忘的時光 (The Forgotten Time) from one of the most memorable scenes in HK cinema but where are you 杰仔/Kit?

Congratulations to all the winners and in particular Zhang ZiYi, she really wowed me like never before in The Grandmaster.  I changed from quite allergic to her to showering her my respect.  She was trying too hard and almost making her characters worked but not quite, till her Gong-Er.   I am still intrigued as to how, imo, the best work to date of WKW is not good enough for a nod as best movie.  I can understand him not getting the vote for best director as the versions I have seen felt like he has his hands tied chopping it ruthlessly down to a more crowd pleasing commodity, but still, what I saw floored me to no end, flaws and all.  I could not be a better judge because I have not seen the rest of in competition,  but it got my vote and many others’ as well and 50 years from now Grandmaster will still stand tall.   But I think it’s gutsy and lovely to award a littler known film of a young promising filmmaker.  The world is now googling ILO ILO and we can always use another master in Asian cinema for years to come!

If you are into RL romances and juicy gossips of stars, this collection pwns them all,  if a producer is shrewd enough, the backstage brushing arms of exes and almost lovers, played out in flashbacks can make a few delicious hit dramas just retelling all the liasons.  Say, both Carina and Maggie are wearing Elie S dresses for one.


I think everyone looked insanely surprisingly superb, but more excitingly as individual stars each with their very own brand of unique sass.  Everyone dressed the part befittingly, even the usual suspects of hits and misses are quite well dressed.

But I have my favorites:

I am not a hardcore fan of Sammi but imo she has talent and starpower.   She has the reputation of being a style icon in HK for decade+, voted one of the best dressed people many times over there.  She never ever plays it safe, she takes risks and owns it like no one else.   I think this is an outfit I wanna steal if I wish to be Batman on a Halloween…..if it so happens my cheating ex’s wedding reception that very night and me invited and I wanna be a witch and make a statement.  This screams fashionista to me when it is frankly costumey and will eat other mere mortals alive.  And the icing on the cake, she looks so happy and the glow of grinning cheek to cheek is the best youth elixir.

She is 5’5″, yes notorious for all bones and skins and literally half my weight.   She is not born with it to beat every model out there but she just did.

Oh Maggie, I can not be the only one who would love to have you on every red carpet and be a muse of every big event from now till eternity, perhaps not for the rest of the actresses, who were all a few points shabbier in yourpresence.   This is such a safe dress, my Mom has something quite similar in her closet in burgundy she wore at my wedding and my MiL has a similar gold number.  I bet you have seen versions of this on many aunties at weddings and such.  That is, this dress is as matronly as the other Elie S. at the event (on Carina and Li BingBing) BUT, she is Maggie Cheung and she wears it a few notches more perfect than impeccably with her super lithe, or put bluntly in RL gaunt physique.  Not a hair nor a fraction of an ounce out of place.  She makes it seems effortless and wore it better than the model.

I really like this very cute moment of Andy and Maggie on stage just posing because they are superstars like that, no need for scripted words.  And they are every bit deservingly so.

I am not one to forget they stole my heart in As Tears Go By 25 years ago, my first WKW.

I love ShuQi’s dress, especially the back, front…not as much, I will be mean, this dress would’ve been out of this world matched with the face of an angelic gamine with minimal makeup, a very very young Brigitte Lin, Cecilia Cheung, Liu YiFei…just not the earthy sexy foxy ShuQi:

I bet TL was super nervous like the childlike manboy he still is inside and Carina was nervous for him as well, because I would love to see more of this:

than just one rare almost grin and Carina not letting the guard ever down playing the role of queen to the king of hearts?!:

The hugest of star couples in such a studded night looked stiff throughout  when everyone else was beaming happy faces and most dazzling smiles as if just to be there enjoying the ultimate party.

The other TL is so happy to be here.  He is so adorable.

And speaking of the Mrs playing the sweetest most adorable part of the supportive wifey perfect Every Single Time:

GAH.  This is actually my favorite outfit of the night.  As far as star power or fanbase goes, they are middling at best, even considering Sean’s A-lister thespian status.  This is a very dreary color, and cut out of the not much more than a potato sac muumuu with a belt and I am not sure if I like the necklace or the belt alone, BUT on her and she is so understatedly, nonthreateningly beautiful, together with her arm candy, they make the perfect scene, very memorable of the night for me.  I can watch a reality show of them just looking at each other 24/7 and that would’ve been my best ‘fluff’ ever.

What a Movie Star!:

Tbh, this outfit seems a few accessories too many but who cares?!  She is The Freaken Brigitte Lin and that trillion watt smile she donned the whole night was so much WIN!

This outfit of Joan Chen makes me wanna pull out Last Emperor and lust in the gorgeous, reminding me of a heartbreaking scene of her empress at the ball.

Of all the ‘older gen’, my favorite dress is on Sylvia Chang.  A QiPao is exactly the outfit that takes a fine wine of a more matured lady to bring out all the allure.

This is perhaps my favorite outfit of what I’ve seen of Kwai Lun-Mei at the awards.  I always cheer her on for being experimental,  and she always aims to be edgier than her public image, this is ballsy showing so much skin that can challenge any other lady to be a tramp but she can somehow tame this with her youth to dripping in good taste, still echoing that fresh face ingenue from Blue Gate Crossing.

This is a decent dress and perfectly fitted but the wow factor is this is Denise Ho and she can make any haute couture, most womanly dresses androgynous, but as a simple vision of girly blush of pink is shockingly never seen before.

This is nowhere near fug, but when everyone else is beating models half, or even 1/3 their age,  Li BingBing’s dress is screaming mother of the bride matronly and gaining her 10 pounds. Never a good thing, worse when you are wearing the same designer in a similar lace number at the same event as a Maggie Cheung.

Any other year, any other occasion, this can easily be the best and most effortless ZhouWei has ever looked.  She has more misses than hits through the years at the red carpet, and this is clearly in the win pile, but compared to the rest of the superstars, this is too casual especially with the free mane.

10 thoughts on “Star Gazing at the Golden Horse

  1. Those dresses the stars are GORGEOUS, my favs being Kwai Lun Mei’s and Denise’s. But I have to give it to Briggite Lin’s mega thrillion watt smile and Mr. and Mrs. Sean Lau for the night. 😀

    1. Except a few decent but pale in comparison I truly love them all! That has never happened, it used to be a lot of meh, a few fehs and one or two nods. But this year, most dressed so befitting their own style, looking their best. I do not WANT every single one of them, but they wear their own dresses very well.

  2. Gosh this night sounded superbe with all these great actors from 80’s and 90’s. Gosh I love Maggie Cheung the most here. This is physical. She always manages to stand out.
    About Tony Leung what I like about this actor is he naturally had a “boyish” little brother look but he could act macho/soldier hero convincingly 🙂
    Mookhie cherie this is off topic but I would like to ask you : what do you think of Bruce Lee as an artist ? He couldn’t be the best actor in town or he could be a “fake” as a fighter but whenever I see him in a movie I can’t take my eyes off of him. I loved how sometimes he displayed his “raw” feelings/expressions during fighting scenes and I think other “martial arts” actors after him lacked one or two things he had. Anyway martial movies from late 60’s to mid 70’s remains the best to me (japanese or chinese)

    1. IF I had to pick the one standing out of this pack of superstars, it would be hands down Maggie as well. The dress is not sth we have never seen before, but on her, I can not pry my eyes off.

      I really love Bruce Lee. He is truly a wuxia master plus I think he has the right balance of alluring looks and an even more refined physique a Jackie Chan and a Jet Li had during their prime. And I do think he can act better than the rest of the action star. haha I will be shallow, I can not get past thinking Jackie Chan having a very fug and pervie face that is opposite of attractive to me so I zoned out whenever he has romantic scenes. I think Jet Li and Donny Yan can not really act, when in the right role they can function, but as far as acting abilities and techniques go, they have nothing going on emotionally, physically JetLi was perfectly impressive in his very early work ShaoLin Temple. I am surprised when I paid homage to the real temple last year the movie still had an alarming ripple in that vicinity. But then imo Shaolin wuxia’s style honors a balance between inner strength and effective moves not much suitable for fancy dazzling camera work, that is what the young Jackie Chan is good at, he is a masterful acrobat. While I was pleasantly surprised by Donny Yan in his Ip Man, I insist that is a fluke, he was cringeworthy as an actor prior and since.

      1. Sorry about the actor I meant Leslie Cheung not Tony Leung.
        Actually I think DonnieYen was extremly terrible as an actor in his early days. Very constipated acting but his martial arts saved him. But he has improved and has screen presence but still not good actor. JetLi is better actor than Donnie Yen to me and he was quite cute during his prime. And I feel the same about Jackie never been a fan. But Gosh Bruce Lee was sexy in his movies. Only TiLung in his prime gave him a run for his money in my view.

        1. Oh but I think it rang true for both Leslie and Tony Leung Chiu Wei. They are very good at what they can do.

          It is with Tony Leung Ka Fai who is the most versatile, through the years and have iconic roles in proper historical, a sensuous and sexy romantic lead, slapstick silly, baddie, supporting role… and he can bounce around so freely through the years whereas the rest of the top pack have settled as masters of a genre they are best in.

          JetLi is charming to begin with, he had that glow of a young athlete very devoted in his sport which has slowly tarnished through the years settling in too commercial stuff. Donnie not so much XD but technically Donnie has improved whereas now that Jet has aged and lost his boyish charms, his technique can not keep up. I am a believer of the philosophy you need to hone your inner beauty and that in turns will effervesce as an outer allure. For most of these wuxia stars, it’s hard to focus on working on the basics of their craft once fame hit.

          haha I think Bruce Lee was very sexy too and with the most gorgeous desirable male body I have ever seen, I never get the craze nowadays on hulky bulge whereas Bruce’s every ounce of muscle mass has a real purpose contributing to his craft and his artform, TiLung is more pretty boy handsome back in the days.

          1. Aaaah TiLung (time is really our enemy) this actor the first time I saw him it was through a tribute MV to Lawmovies artists. I did not know anything about him but when I saw his picture I had to find who this charming actor was. I told you I looked for him for months and I got my reward. I watched his movie where he played a baddie (costar David Chiang). Even My mother who knows nothing about wuxia pian was attracted by his handsome when she watched one-armed swordsman movie (and I tell you, not to sound racist but she is not too much into asian men)

            1. TiLung and David Chiang had been the ‘muse’ of GuLong, one of the most famous wuxia writers. GuLong has said he based his Chor LauHeung after TiLung and this is what he described Chor in his novel: “他双眉修长,充满粗矿的男性魅力,但那双清澈的眼晴,却又是那么秀逸,他鼻子挺直,象征坚强、决断的铁石心肠,他那薄薄的,嘴角上翘的嘴,看来也有些冷酷,但只要他一笑起来,坚强就变作温柔·冷酷也变作同情,就像是温暖的春风吹过了大地。”
              His brows are long and sculpted, full of a brawny masculinity, but his eyes are clear as pools, and his statue of a free, refined beauty. His nose is prominent and straight, signifying his staunch, decisive heart of steel. His lips are thin with an upturn, he looks hard-nosed but when he smiles, the hardness melts into a gentleness, the stern into compassionate, as if a warm breeze just swept through.

              Oh One armed swordsman is sooo iconic. That was my first Tilung. It’s cheesy and campy and very 70s but sooo fantastic.

  3. This is a very rare event that super celebraties of C-Tw-HK cimema. Ghe next time we see something this big might be the 100th ann. Overall, everything seen nice and sparking, except the host’s clothing really bug me( no ofference). I know that’s his style, but that in someways pull the international image of GHA a step slow.

    1. haha Kevin Cai’s the horse thing?!?! He does that every year so I just look the other way. Usu as far as I can recall GHA always have a few very gaudy outfits from the starlets but not this year, so for that alone I’m relieved there is no too much spilling of boobs and panties or worse. I had a good laugh when HuangBo upstaged his acid tongue.

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