Answer Me, Oppa

***Spoilers from the latest epis, BE WARNED.***

This is a new sensation in my decades of drama fiendom.   A flashback from a happy moment of my life.  Snorkeling, snorting in sea water, in the company of sea turtles, and a lot of Nemo’s pals ie many Dollys, looking up as I am sinking into a magical pool of blue, flickering of sun darting on the surface and my heart dancing along.  I am in between floating and sinking and letting my every pore, every cell assimilate in its new happy place, I forgot breathing, or the notion snorting in sea water is not what nostrils are for, I can taste the salty liquid in the back of my nose, my throat.  SO HAPPY.

Here I am still tasting my own salty happy tears.  Deliriously wallowing.  I did not break out mascara ruining floods of them, it just wiggles in my lids a bit then straight down to my sinus and throat.  I replayed the scene as many times as my eyes won’t get too fogged up, as all fangirl must.   I used up half a box of tissue since, collecting them.  Gross.  TMI.  HAPPY to report.  This is an ecstatic allergy, uncontrollable, relentless, swollen glands and in this case also heart, triggered like shots, jolts just by a few nuanced imagery from good old trusty dramaz.

I am not sure if any young ladies these days still get those sterling silver necklaces in robinblue boxes from their first steady love as a ‘serious’ gf stamp.  I am thinking it is most probably a gold smartgadget or sth in its place now, huh?!  It was our 90s cracker jack ring engraving.  I did get one, while I love the open heart pendant for its simple beauty and still wear it occasionally, the boy who gifted me was generally forgotten, but I now remember for a few things: he made the pricetag of <$100 USD circa mid 90s, a very important point of the gifting and was generally a jerk.  If I did not like the no sentimental value necklace, I would’ve sold it on ebay last year when it was rumored the designer and the brandname were severing ties and it won’t be in production no more.   But it is still sitting with my other trinkets, and now muahahaha I can relive myself the NaJung moment on bed holding it as a token of LUB from Oppa.

These love tokens in Kdramas can easily get VERY eye-rolling tacky and cheesy, you are my moon, my dazzling star, my pig, my rabbit and I give you my heart…bleh.  Not in the hands of JUNGWOO of course.  HE made the scene with a few gleeful purest childlike chuckles, He is breathing out rainbow color magic dusts and I am inhaling every speck of it through my screen, I swear.   How and the exact moment he dropped the phone = perfect.  How he shook his legs while chatting on the phone with his bigbro ADMITTING and we can read it as his nerves, his utter joy and excitement, a sign and sigh of relief of all the bottled up stress and tension.  Any one and ALL of them are perfectly befitting.  His EVERY tiniest of smiles, laughs, chuckles, guffaws, muahahahas, and I swear none of his TrashOppa’s happy squeeworthy moments are the same, how can any humangod laugh/smile/whateverthethingheisdoingwithhislipsorgeneralmouthregion be so smexy and knee-shattering in literally hundreds of shades and gradients of perfect perfection?!??

Can I make these Oppa faces?  Sure.  Did I?  Many times. *making these exact faces atvm*  Should JungWoo be mookie’s.  Betcha  -excerpt from the Annals of fangirl logic 1994

I did not fall in utter love with the drama from the get go, Jung Woo, oh yes of course, DUH.  I am not blind and I have healthy lady parts and hormones.  I love the characters way more than the drama and writing even up to e11, I had a few grumbles and I think the characters suffer a bit to the gimmicky machinations.  I was ready to trash Trash Oppa.  I called him a wimp, I thought he did not love NJ enough to make claim.  I find the character unattractive to me all of a sudden.  THEN there was this random scene of him chuckling with Daddy in 11.  And I lost my marbles.  I replayed the scene, totally having ear and heart orgasms.  I love the other characters as well, obviously, some instantaneously: Go Ara and her NaJung is so relentlessly endearing and convincing from the first seconds and every second since.  I did not know she is this solidly good, and the parental units…who fell out of love with R1997 during its latter half but still gave R1994 a chance just because of Sung DongIl and Lee IlHwa?!  The raising of hands start here.   Do I know Jung Woo from Jung IlWoo, or Jung WooSung?  Nope.  For a while I thought Jung IlWoo signed up for this being so horrible with names and while I like the boy, he is not enough a draw.  I was quite impatiently annoyed with Samchunpo to find the character funny at all for quite a few eps and of course that was the intention.  Now he is both cute and adorbs and I would like to keep him as my noraebang pet forever, as in I will make him dance and sing or no lights in bathroom for you, Samchunpo~!   It was the same for YoonJin, the character seems cliched and uninteresting on the first few glances.  Ha, maybe that is what making them The Cute OTP.  Actually it was Son HoJun who got my first nod of hmm…yummy boy with tragic 90s pouf hair but the exercise of the few eps of Heirs too many made this weirdly attractive comparatively.  At least I can work my fingers through it.  It is not hard to sniff Baro is our Hoya v.o2.  Is it very horrible of me to not remember all the other ‘possible’ hubbies of EJ in 1997 and is it by coincidence while I think Yoo YeonSeok is pleasant and CBongi is sweet and romantic and good on paper, I never am interested in his tangent and had FF’d his scenes?!  :X

Episode 12 is officially the episode I flailed, HARD.  13 made it irrefutably what is making me sing dragging me out of my laziness to post something.  Take a serious look at the word count of this baby, and pronounce every word as a squee.  I am following suit of Oppa, the almost stoic miser of words and emoting, regressed to moments where he is literally like a child in uncontrollable cutest bouts of giggles and feels, that happens when a man falls madly in love and there are just silly wallowing that spilled out unable to be contained.  If Oppa can, we fangirls can keep the shameless squeefests going.

What 12 did to me was basically giving me a very sleepy topless JungWoo (And oh the things I would do to him if I am the sofa! the cushion! ) who sings and him UNF! in labcoat/scrubs.  And lots of JW smiles:  Weapons of mass destruction of fangirls’ knees and panties.

And 13.  Sharp eyed R1994 fanatics are telling us Oppa was rehearsing with NJ’s doll.  GAH. If there is a bts of this as in this was JW’s idea or the wicked 1N2D PD forced him to be the one really putting the prop in place.  WANT x a million!

I am getting emo just posting these caps and gifs.  I have never been moved to tears by a kiss.  Usually the good ones got me hot and bothered, but this swelling of perfect feels like a proud mama watching her babies graduating University of Romcomdom?! Nope.  I still want to be in Ara/NJ’s shoes, mind you, but I can live with him just kissing her forever as well like this, as I am doing it to my world looping scene ad nausem:

The kissing is more than a minute, it feels shorter but longer as in I lost time space sanity.  There is no eating of lips, it is most tender yet he repeatedly kisses her and kisses her and kisses her every way… looking at her, at her lips, then her eyes with his own eyes sparkling with the sweet love of still that Oppa she grew up with but also now the Oppa who loves her as a woman, decent for a first kiss…all ways till Sunday.

Shamelessly admitting I will be responsible for 99% of the clicks on this post myself till I get sick of looking at JungWoo. I think that is going to happen after the next Thanukkah in 77798 years.

This will beat my fav go-to Utube clip I will go randomly click and be in a happy place:

22 thoughts on “Answer Me, Oppa

  1. Mookie!! Ripgal is right. You are such a great writer. I LOVE LOVE your raving about Jung Woo/Trash Oppa and everyone in 1004. Your writing is as delicious as Jung Woo!! I’ve become a fan of yours!! ❤

    1. Now I cannot stop thinking about Oppa giddy giggliness. I LOVE HOW HE DOES THAT AHHHHHHH ❤ Please let me knw if you've managed to make a recording. teeheee~~

      *replays Hyung-Trash scene again and again and again and again*

      1. I seriously need that as a ringtone.

        I can not replay it too many times, because the sniffies and teary get more and more uncontrollably as it goes on and on and on and on….

        1. Thanks for the .gif. I now have my fav scene as my wallpaper so I can stare at it all day long. I have now officially reverted back to my teenage self; that time when crushes dominated my phone’s wallpaper. 🙂

        1. lolz sadly no, because Loverboy still needs improvement in modern drama, you gave me a thought to imagine YH in Oppa’s role and yeah…he wont be able to nail it as spectacularly and effortlessly as JW.

          The thing with JW is, he looks his age, 32, and he has no strictly a dazzlingly handsome face, but JW injected a sweet pure naivete of a 20sth manchild in his first romance. There can’t be any flirty smartypants come-hithering, while our notty Loverboy is unrelentlessly flirting with the MoonRabbit ROVER of China’s lunar lander mission last few days.. <_<

  2. Hell YEAH! I can totally imagine you making Oppa’s faces.

    Remember the scene where Oppa’s hyung was squee-ing while hugging a pillow and stuffing his mouth to control the squeaky noises coming from his mouth? THAT was me. Everytime Jung Woo smiles like a lovesick puppy, my mouth uncontrollably reaches my ears.

    As for the kiss, my favorite part was the ending, how he just looked at her face, NJ’s little smile, then when he went for one more quick peck, looked at her again and smiled! I can watch that scene Over and Over and Over..

    1. I was ‘stuck’ at that oppa scene for freaken 10 mins just rewatching and biting my own cushion which is now cleanly laundered.

      Word! that is the most precious part of that ridiculously perfect scene. It captured the characters, where they are at individually and as a couple. It was their first kiss, but there is none of the tension and ‘awkwardness’ usually attached, they are so naturally easy around each other and even the kiss took NJ by a second of surprise, opening her eyes with disbelief, she easily falls into the rhythm and they SHARED a kiss. She wants it as much with her smile and there needs no more word what they just shared. This is how RL couple share a romantic intimate moment after a kiss: be a bit greedy and steal another little peck and the hug at the end. We are not getting out of this hole of uttering AHHHHHHHHHH and *LESIGH* any time soon huh?!

  3. omg mookie I am salivating from your video T_T
    My babies. Jung Woo is perf, Oppa is perf, NJ with her WIDE OPEN ARMS is perf. I dreamt of them last night, and day dream about them during the day

  4. As if the sweet kiss was not enough, the peck in the end had me jumping. GAH That was just oh-so-perfect!!! Thanks for posting your spazz, it makes me relieve the feeling again and again,

    1. That peck at the end was more than icing on the best cake, more than anything we could’ve asked for. I love that smile on NJ right after the most actually, it is just soooo much more than right, she has been waiting for any response fr Oppa and how much better a confirmation than this?! This is beyond what she could’ve dreamed when it is one of the loveliest moments in dramaland we’ve seen in such a long long time. And with that smile, Oppa has to be more perfect and can’t help but give her that extra peck, then that warm embrace at the end…it is not the first time he’s pat her head while holding her in a hug it’s the same most comforting old just MORE

  5. Mookie… sure have a way with words! Reading your post and the comments makes me curious and think that I am missing a lot of squeezes and squeals. I’m gonna watch this. .


    Man, Answer Me 1994 tempts me to get back into blogging. There's so much I wanna say about this drama, and I'm tempted to do so just so I can squee and squee and squeeeeeeeeeee over Jung Woo. As if I haven't already made my voice hoarse, haha. Your post made me re-appreciate what this show has to offer to us. Plus my heart skipped a beat when I re-watched that kiss scene. It was seriously SO. FREAKING. PERFECT. LIKE AHHHH!!! I'm seriously so thankful to the drama gods that Jung Woo was casted. I think in the hands of any other actor, his character would be even more infuriating in terms of trying to dissect his actions towards Na Jung in previous episodes. Yet he turns Trash Oppa into a character that, despite being flawed–what human being on this planet that's breathing and pooping isn't–is incredibly lovable and easy to root for. I think Jung Woo plays him with so much heart that one can't even tell that he's acting. Which in a perfect world, should be the case for every actor/actress. He embodies his character so well that I sometimes have to pinch myself because in one scene, he'll be giggling like a loon and in the next, shedding tears silently while burning a hole in my screen.

    I LOVE YOU JUNG WOO OPPA! And thanks for your post, jie jie! ❤

    1. HUGZ MeiMei~!

      I am seriously blindsided by JungWoo. I am not moved by a thing CB did for one, my heart has no space like NJ for normal courting of some cute jock. JW is not conventionally handsome, and I am disgustingly shallow so how he managed to own my heart from the minute he pops on the screen here eludes me.
      He just owns that insouciant charm of an ‘oppa’ in every sense of how that term is affectionately used .Trash is not terribly good on paper other than he’s obviously super bright being a med student who does not need to study and the only reading he must’ve spent copious time on would be all the JinYung and random novels to his heart’s desire. But him being placid or obtuse or opaque and often not the most sensitive on the surface (as in too lazy and thought it unnecessary to show every minute care and concern to someone he is that close to like NJ) is exactly what makes the character irresistible. Because this is a guy who care about nothing much in the running of a normal adult routine as a hygienic human being but when NJ has any needs, ANY, he would go against his will to do it most unceremoniously throwing in the grumbles. He had done every tiny little gestures for NJ all through his life, we can be sure, and it wasn’t earth-shattering swoony but it was little morsels of perfection like the marshmallows and it takes a big person like NJ who would forget him eating up her precious snacks in the first place right away and swoon her hearts out. It takes 2 to tangle and NJ is what makes Trash swoonworthy. He did not do it out of any ‘motive’ if I may, to earn brownie points or impress,to gain himself affection. His logic goes simply as that is what NJ wants, what will make her happy and it is as natural as breathing he will take care of it. I could see him being unresponsive as how he is putting what is the best for her now and in the future his utmost priority, and I most probably falsely accused him of being self-centered in 11. Because he can be such a free spirit, if he was just operating for himself, he would care less about everything else. So apparent in 12, he had no problem admitting to his bro, to ‘jeopardize’ his relationship with NJ’s folks (he didn’t even bear them much of a thought tbh hahaha), and how much it has been frustrating him, perhaps more than NJ because he does not even know how to express his thoughts and feelings and he is normally very good at it without even bothering with words, when just making that leap made him into the CUTEST giggly thing EVER. He is always a few steps too cautious/ slow to respond when it comes to NJ, but the delayed gratification is worth it, I assume even for her. The necklace, that kiss must be the first ever gesture in his life that is out of his box, but the cheesy love token must be what he deduced NJ wants, the kiss is more him living the glorious uncontainable moment, FINALLY,

      This is a guy who seems to not give a heck about anything but when it comes to his ‘family’, his friends, his love, he can move mountains and lakes.

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