On the Set of Chang Ge Xing (Again)

Yes, I might as well relocate to Elephant Mountain.  Don’t worry if you are getting sick of my Chang!Ge!Xing-ing!,  primary filming is rounding up this week or so.  Try as I might, I just have to picspam.  This has surpassed my expectation every step of the way from what has been leaking out and this is now my most anticipated 2014 drama (not just Cdrama).

And there are already speculations of what Loverboy will sign himself up for next.   One rumor is an TV adapt of 平凡的世界/Ordinary World by Lu Yao, the novel is a 3 volume, 1,100,000 word extraordinary epic winner of the prestigious Mao Dun Literature Prize set in the 70s to 80s in rural China, which is quite a break from his usual idol fluffy fare IF this materializes.  I have heard of the novel a lot, but I have not read it.  This would certainly force me to, one of the perks of fangirling Loverboy, I must say.

I also snapped a screencap of a crew under the HuaYi Brothers Management fangirling Loverboy, gushing her goal is to work hard and ‘marry’ YH.   I do not know what this will lead to, but if he is catching the interest of HY Bros, the biggest conglomerate practically running the CN ent. biz.  there are bound to be bigger better things falling on Loverboy’s lap.

To my relief there are young actors playing the kid version of the OTP (and the third wheel) and they are very good looking kids:

From L to R: Young Liu Xiu, Young LiHua, Young Deng Yu.

There is a new TV Series spread of the press’ visit exactly a month ago with new pics.   I really can see a very cute, comfortable chemistry between YH and Ruby befitting their character’s swoonworthy romance growing and spanning many stages of their lives.  It is adorable of the magazine to follow the crew for several days, chronicling a lot of little details of the scenes they witnessed.

They did individual interviews with the leads.  Ruby mentioned she hopes this would earn her a 90/100, showing us a different Ruby Lin.  She loves Han history and has the impression Empress Yin is very close to her own personality.  Haha, she boosted she has a very keen instinctive eye on handsome guys all of whom she handpicked herself.

YH said  although he had a lot of experience playing royalties, this is a very fun challenge playing different stages of the character Liu Xiu as he started off at the bottom of the caste being a poor farmer.  He also enjoys the action scenes, the fighting quite a lot here, as this is much more realistic than his past roles in idoldramas like Young Yang Clan and LoCH, when the fighting are more fanciful for show.  He said he was very pleasantly surprised by how well Ruby fit into her role playing a tomboy, he had the impression she would be best as the gentile period lady, with tears breaking every guy’s heart.  Liu Xiu is a very steadfast, careful, stoic person, and lady Yin can be a very playful girl only around him, which is a very fun juxtaposition to play with.  He said Ruby is so easy to get along and puts no pressure on set even as the ladyboss.   And the flirt has to put in he was very nervous, head was blank, forgetting all his lines just with touching her hands when they first collaborated cameoing in Young Detective Dee, but now after holding hands every day all day, it feels like his right hand is holding his left one.  <_<

HAHA I think this would be a scene where the future young king and his right hand men would pose and be handsome.  In the head of Loverboy he thought it looks like they are posing for official portraits appearing on a Han dollar bill.   Fangirls did one for them, of course.

The fangirl taking the pictures mentioned her ‘job hazard’ of keep pressing the shutter when a stallion has eyes on her and is dashing towards her full speed.  It is hard to look any other way, but kudos to her still have feelings in her fingers to press anything because I would probably just stand there frozen and DROOLZ.

I am darn sure it is in Loverboy’s job description to be the clown on set, here he is having fun with the poor cow (it seems to be enjoying the abuse though)

Other actors on the set are equally happy and cute.  I CANT WAITTTT!

The obligatory Loverboy in his exact same down jacket (frugality is a plus), playing with his cell looking like 1 trillion bucks.

One of his many lady bff Sun XiaoXiao wrapped up her work on the drama, this reminds me of the BBJX days…the feels…sigh.

Perhaps he is hit by a case of the blues, now that he’s about to leave this adorable CGX fam, posting his #nowplaying in the wee hours last night of Leonard Cohen’s song In My Secret Life, on how life is hard to meet aspiration, on lost love, lingering, the longing and loneliness.

I think if he got voted in some poll alongside his HuGe will cheer him up a bit in the parade of year end shows, don’t you?

Vote here . Mye told me it’s viewable in English through Chrome and she can vote.  There is still 12 days left of polling and it is a very tight ‘race’!  I am not sure if the cable channel organizing this can gather the winners for their show, but who knows?  It does not hurt trying. If both HuGe and YH will show face, that is going to be the cutest mayhem and truckloads of hijinks enough to brighten ALL our days through 2014.

16 thoughts on “On the Set of Chang Ge Xing (Again)

  1. My impression after watching the long trailers :
    Yuan hong should stay in period dramas. He looks good and sounds convincing as the emperor especially with pornstache.
    About Ruby she doesn’t convince me in her fight scenes because of her eyes expression. She tries to look “badass” sorry for her fans maybe the actual episode will prove me wrong but in the trailer I still has this feeling she has not improved as an actress after years and she “wants to show she can do this or do that”. She lacks sincerity as an actress so far for me

    1. I think she is serviceable and improved in the trailers, at least her expressions are not consisted of wide-eye and wider-eye.

      It is a very odd theory of mine that actually actors with VERY large globes have harder time honing a perfect control in emoting. Imo ChiLam, ZhaoWei are cases as such which I always only saw very empty void globes instead of deeper pools of emotions. Ruby is a very limited actress so lets hope she will get help with the directing. I do have an impression she is actually a tomboyish toughie under her always gentile/sweet looks and I choose to trust her words she feels like this character is very close to her own personality.

      I just need her to be serviceable. And my only HUGE problem with her through the years is to OTT on the cutesy when playing the younger portion as there is child actress, that is a big relief.

      I disagree YH should stay in period and not venture out, he is just 31, very young and he has raw talent that just need more honing and nerves settling down. I am all for him to keep trying out modern roles esp these few years, afterall the real thespians work in movieland and there is very limited actorly roles in all those flashy popcorn period CGIs overloads, those are more star vehicles anyway, but if you have not proven yourself worthy of a place, you won’t even be considered and he needs more work to show versatility.

      He still have a decade to bump around till there is nothing much to do but settle into a niche like a Nicky or a KevinC or a Wallace Chung/Huo.

  2. I am currently reading Huang Yi’s ‘A Step in the Past’ and I could totally see Yuan Hong rocking the lead even though the lead is such a player.

    1. Oh is it 尋秦記? TVB did a quite popular drama adapt in (gosh!) 2001. Time flies! I rem the ‘hero’ is a pervy player played by Louis Koo. haha I totally am picturing every wandering eye player hero with Loverboy in mind, he made the hottest baddies.

      I didn’t read the book, not a fan of HuangYi myself, but I have watched a few episodes of the drama.

      1. The book is totally better than the show and they changed so many things and made it so cheesy! I read the book first so when I watched it, I couldn’t get passed the first few eps. I like Huang Yi because of his intricate plots and twists although he can tone down the sex.

        1. I stopped after 2 eps after the timejump. Typical TVB stuff, so cant expect too much but at least it was mindlessly entertaining. I think all my guy friends in college who can read Chinese r fans of HY. All. But i guess i had other distractions bk then and my hubs actually have most of his bks, perhaps i should give it another try.

  3. wow, currently YH is in 2nd place, but i saw the guests list and YH won’t be there, there are Ruby Lin, Hu Ge, Liu Shi Shi,.. i wonder it is because he can’t be there that day or what?

    1. You mean you are wondering he is stuck at second place because he won’t be showing face at the show?! I doubt that has anything to do with the ranking of that poll because it is basically fanwar zone now with the LuoJin fandom who has gathered ‘forces’ to spam votes. They are voting for the top 4 promising young leading men anyways and I think YH will surely make a placing.

      Oh, it bums me he won’t be able to attend. :/ Esp when HG (and SS) could be there!!!

      1. Yeah, thanks a lot, thanks to your blog i know more about YH. I check your blog almost everday :p
        I also really really hoped that YH could attend and we could see HG and YH together + the old TangRen Three treasures, and his leading lady Ruby Lin will also be there.
        Actually, i’m fine with his ranking of the poll.

        1. tbh, I was hoping he would place 4th, that is it. Because HG has a large fanbase since Chinese Paladin, ChenXiao has rabid fangirls after his recent rating hits, and there are a few quite popular guys like Li YiFeng who was from one of those idol competitions.

          I think the chance of SS attending is minimal she is somewhere in Africa shooting a movie atm, and she is not particularly lively in awards show anyways. It is the HuGe+YH pairing of naughty boys I want to see.

  4. Hello Mookiehyun!
    I just finished watching Young Warriors of Yang clan and fell in love with Yuan Hong’s acting and portray of Yelv Xie. I have decide follow upwatch others of his movies as well. So hard to follow updates and informaton about him in chinese (I don’t understand chinese). You don’t know glad I was when I found your blog with many updates of Yuan Hong and other chinese actors/actress! Just a question: any idea about what address to send to ask for Yuan Hong’s autograph?

  5. Yes, during the series… I was even hoping that Yelv would win over the Yang clan haha 😀

    A thousand thanks for the email. I’ve now written to her and waiting waiting for the answer 🙂

    1. I think he did his best job in Tian Di Min Xin. He did a flawless nuanced job befitting a historical And the drama itself is a very solid and serious drama, a very drastic detour from his much more popular idol periods. The drama did not garner a lot of popularity and I am sure there is no subs for it. I actually started blogging partly because I intended to spazz about it back then…haha but I got too lazy and dropped the project after a few tries.

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