Best Time

AKA, better time is spent watching paint dry and inhaling the carcinogenic vapors instead.

Perhaps it is the workings of the record frigid temps and all the swearing won’t make it easier to get my frozen arse out of house at 6am sharp every morning, but I need a thousand words of grunts.

This drama manages to spark new allergies to previously harmless if inane things in my dramaland.  I do not mind any of the 3 leads, I kinda like 2 of them in some previous works actually.  I have no problem watching a story by TH and I do not have shipper blood, so even the rants of the readers not too happy with the ending not giving them the OTP they want, I totally can go for a ride with interesting enough characters and developments and never gone banshee over my ship sinking, if I ever have a firm ship to begin with.

While I am not a fan of TongHua, she is better than a lot of them C ‘writers’ (oh have a yuma anyone?!), this is so unbelievably insulting to my sex I went and read a few chapters of the original novel with her name attached just to make sure this is not some drama adapt crapping all over an otherwise readable novel.  To confirm my fear, it’s as repulsive, perhaps even more so because I have an irking TH smugly believes her every word of glib is actually morsels of brilliance she is gifting us all.  I have turned a hater of TH after 3 chapters, anyone capable of this shit can not be redeemed in my world.

Out of the three leads I have a mild crush on Janine for years, I have a soft spot for her, even if it’s mostly shallow in the very beginning of her career when she was PD/writer/actor Doze Niu’s muse.  Wayward Kenting was refreshing, and she was one of the good things out of the so-so TW White Tower, even in Black and White as a vase, she did her job, I thought.  I do not think she is cut for an actor, but she looks naturally effortlessly good on screen playing roles within her capabilities, imo closer to her RL persona, brainier professional ladies.  With an episode of Best Time, and her other tries in Cdramaland I’ve seen regrettably, I want give her a big hug and a friendly advice to quit her day job, practice law with her multiple law degrees instead of wasting her time breaking in the C market.  Because this is not the first time she’s stuck in a very moronic female role who can not think one thought as an adult for her own well being, is presenting herself as some functional member of society but so not.   While, Ariel or Joe Chen can make these roles sorta winsome because their girl-next-door average  looks make them easily relateable, harmless for the audience, Janine is more the prettiest wellbred lady in the room that every boy would want to hit on but decided on the spot he has very little chance ever be smart enough to play games with her.  So this kind of stupid heroine so popular in C/TW modern fluff is Janine’s kryptonite, she overcompensates with overplaying the cutesy and it is not cute.  For every job in Cdramaland, she has regressed, and there is not much goodwill left.

It does not help when her character is idiotic but also an entitled B8tch, or supposed to be a ‘white-boned demon’/man-eater that assumes the world should go along with her holey logic.  This is a grown 30ish woman, with a great corporate job, we are told, who is still having wetdreams for a decade (!) over a highschool crush because he played some good bball…as a highschool jock.   Not judging…yet.

BUT when said woman would go all PMS because she was waken up from said stupid wetdream because there is real life obligations to carry out…as in waking up, going to work and stuff.  That had me rolled my eyes one full 360…and I think this is not even a minute in.   Further down we have her taking a stupid bet from her gf with nothing better to do to get a phone # from some random ‘devilishly delicious’ handsome impossibly dapper bachelor on the street by faking her heels broke thus damsel mode on.  I limit my eye-rolling to 2 full rotations.   BUT when her charade is snuffed out and dude refuses to play along, accusing her as some gold digger hooking up guys on the street, she throws the heel at him because that is not what she is doing, in her mind that is.  THROWS. At his face.  With a side of shrilly squealing.  W. T. F?!  I am not even onto the part where she bumps into her HS crush again and decides to throw her promising career into the bund with rotting pigs and gets herself an entrance level position in the company he is working at so as just to prop herself in his vicinity for the chance he WOULD fell for her out of his own will and chase her, logic like any grown ass woman would possess (Not!!!!).  Then there is some faking to be drowning and need rescuing mission to skinship with the crush.  Lord, have mercy.

Said hot devil of a catch almost having a shoe stabbing out an eyeball by a random woman who is craycray because she is 30sth of course DUH<_< … is Wallace Chung.  Let me lay out my entire history of dumbfoundedness with WC.

I have seen him as a bit player in TVB WAY back in the days, literally ~ 20 years ago, very unmemorable but nothing hurting my eyes, then I completely forgot about such a person existed.  In the years between I have seen him as forgettable and mundane as he barely left a mark in me decades ago, take his KangXi in Royal Tramp for one, and that is already his most recognized role to the general public, because that is what a JinYung adapt is.  I am impressed with him making a career, as in just working through the decades with nothing much to boast.   I do admit I can not stand 99% of the popular Cdramas available to the International audience, so whatever the rest of the world is watching in Cdramaland, I have not seen much if any.   It was a few years ago, with weibo and my lurking in C forums or I should say my revamped interest in trying out Cidolperiods I come across his bizarre cultish following online.    Not one to miss a hot thing, I checked out a few recommendations of his Cdramas with him as the leading man.  First, none of them were that watchable, all turds in my book.  But I can appreciate a memorably smashing job in crappy stuff.  Young Yang Clan was not written by someone remotely a genius, but YH managed to impress me for years now just with that antagonist role of  YeLu Xie.  Yuma is a sorry disgusting excuse of a human being and his swordman redefines UtterCrap, but there is a Chen Xiao smelling like freshest of roses making a weasel of a side character hearttugging there and be the shining beacon out of the cesspool. WC, however, I have concluded would never see his overrated appeal, ever.   He is tolerable though, he can do decent job, he is not ugly, nothing buggy, but very average.  And for a drama leading guy who is ~40 just cruising by is not good enough.  I will now put him in my allergy pile because when was he last in anything watchable?!  And he has no screen presence to elevate anything.  Every way I look at him, he is average, average in looks, I will give him a few lenient points having a good figure and quite tall, but face-wise, even if he’s younger than the average 40 yo:

This is not a face I consider attractive.  While I’ve openly coined Peter Ho as an ‘actor’ emoting with his nostrils only and not even good at that,  I have only seen WC emoting with grimaces, or frowning or whatever it is he’s doing in his brow eye region.  I think he is trying to smile and project longing here.  Perhaps his eyes are droopy to begin with but he never conveyed to me anything but actively annoyed or needed to poop or both.  But whatever it is, I just do not give a care.  For the few eps I’ve seen of BT, his character is the most typical very tiresome cliched of the very desirable albeit cranky cold prince.   I lost it at the desirable part of the descript.

If I had not seen a second of BT I actually would pick Jia NaiLiang over WC because at least I have seen him memorable in one drama: Sheng Si Qiao, and put in a nice word about him here and there in a post or two back when he was cast in Best Time.   Here, he is such a cipher, just asked to smile and stand around and be pretty.  Sadly, he can’t even do that, not pretty enough a face to fawn and flush a career down the toilet over.  Most of the time I do not even notice him in frame.  That sad.

That is all I got from drama, I wandered off doing other stuff, even to read TH’s book, can’t take any more of it at around ep3.

From a friend to a friend, if you are considering checking this out, go pick out some spiffy new paint color, paint a room with VOCs/vapor less paints, wear a N95 mask, get a Christmas tree, plant a tree, make yourself your favorite beverage, bake a gingerbread house, go for a hike, a swim ….any activity instead of watching THIS. ><


13 thoughts on “Best Time

  1. LOLOLOLOL. The sad part is that all of this is totally true. The opening with the dream was bad enough but it got worse and worse. And that was only the first episode, omg. T___T I just want to forget what I saw in the first few episodes of Best Time. Also wasn’t quite impressed by Wallace Chung (first time I’ve seen one of his dramas actually), I don’t understand the hype about him. o_o””

    1. I really tried to stay away from these C modern ‘romance’ It really is traumatizing every single time.

      I was sooo shocked with Wallace’s online popularity and his rabid fandom and I went and asked his fans what I should check out as his best works. NONE impressive AT ALL. But somehow his fandom has the opinion he is suitable for every hottie period or modern. *shrug*

    1. I didn’t even check out the trailer because I must’ve hit my head unwittingly and thought this at its worst is watchable and I would not want to be spoiled at all. :/

  2. Haha… i watched the first few ep. and was curious if TH leading this on her out off earth tragic style. So i checked the long trailer, and dear i felt like i was fooled. Mookie, i dont want to say this but i did told u told hold on dont let curousity kills the very few hopes u have left for cdrama. For Janice, her acting skill did improved compare to some of her early works in tw. Only is that she either cant really pick role to play or idk something w/ her agiency. For the two male leads, i think their early works are much better than their try ouy for idol drama. For example, WC was much more unteresting as GXC in that drama w/ Chilam Chueng. Not because he looks prime in his youth, but because There were more depth and productivity in his antoganist role than playing a hero. And one last thing, do u think TH could one day write a great story that would make ppl smile, feeling happy and fruitful.?! I guess that would be like begging yuma not to make anymore dumb drama/writing. Impossible

    1. But oh Aries, can you be more specific as to what is the point of holding it till the end?!?! This is not going to make any of the character constructs easier to go down. I do not need hope, I need quality in Cdrama, there are some to be found, just not in this genre.

      I do not need smiley chirpy characters making me happy all over the place and that is not my complaint with TH here. I honestly have a feeling she is oblivious to how unsavory this creation of a heroine is. I could not push myself to read another page, but I did entertain the thought IF there is something insurmountably tragically legit for her to be so obsessed over this guy for a decade and hence all the extreme measures just to plop herself at his feet or else her lungs would collapse and her mother would die, that is not how the acting is hinting at all in how she saw him for the first time in a decade.

      You didn’t read my post carefully. I actually liked Janine in her earlier TW work. She is not the best actress out there, but her package is hard to find these days. I do agree it seems as though the better roles are never to her picking, she needs better backers, but still I do liked her irrationally in Sunny Happiness playing the typical ditzy TWidoldrama heroine. I see heart in her acting even her technique is not there. Here, none of it.

      I actually sat through the entire Ni Shui Han and made a post out of it: As I’ve said, not enough to impress me. I just refuse to give excuse for a veteran in the industry for 20 odd years now not capable to nail sucha role I see no challenge at all for less capable, greener actors. Same for Jia Nai Liang, he did move me in Sheng Si Qiao, yes it was based on the original of a WAYWAYWAYYYYY more competent writer Lilian Li, but again, this should be a walk in the park kinda role. So yup, I refuse to show no mercy.

      1. sorry, i was really busy with my final and project, didnt have time to reply till now. thanks for the insider on Sunny Happiness. My mom used to watch that so, she recognized Janine. Back to your question of what did i meant by hold on, well, i’m not sure how this thing works for most but, to me, if their something or drama or issue that really disrupted me i would hold on and not continue to discuss the issue for a period of time and move on. until the time that i need some thing extreme to spike up my emotion doesn’t matter it’s love or hate, it keeps my energy running. plus i’m the type of person who would be bore to death if i can’t hate or trash talk something. like one lyric said, ” the things that kill me make me feel alive.” 🙂

        wish you a happy holiday~

        1. hugz best of luck with your final and project ! 😀

          wow, ur reply is some food for thought! Quite zen i must say. I do love to hate watch when moods hit, but then then when it is as disappointing as Best Time to the point of offensive and it was not meant to be craptastic holding itself in more lofty serious ambitions, i cant even bother. This is trashcan material and not terribly fun to even snark and mess with.

  3. You know Mookie cheri when I saw the long preview (I could not finish it to begin with) I wanted to prevent you to watch one episode of this “thing”. I am telling you I am not surprised by your “allergy” to this drama especially the “heroiine” bleh 😡

    1. I did not read nor see a thing ahead T___T I mean TH is a decent writer, I am not terribly impressed by her prose, but she can write plausible story, and here I thought with her background in finance and a simple love triangle work romance, HOW impossible is this going to crap on me?! Imagine how traumatizing this is. Do you know if there is some unfathomable twist for why she is soooooooooooooooooooo obsessed with the HS crush?! My problem is this is not normal behavior but TH is presenting it as if this is the most natural thing a 30 yo woman should do in her situation.

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