Hey Drama, Can We Have Some of This The Morrow?!

Or tonight.  I am So Easy to please.  I do not really have use for plaid pants, but I know how to off  them.  Huhhuhhuhhh!  Nor do I really need that red down furry jacket.   I can also do things to the perm with my fingers and make it HAWT like a JungWoo deserves.

If only one thing,  let me have the specs.  Of course also the guy,  just to be very specific (Dear Santa, hearhearhear!)

And Doc, I do need brush up on my HumanBio, I kinda need some hands on what the nomenclature on some of the musculature on this human specie.  I have been tagging them hmm hmmmmm and hmmmmm:

If you put your face close enough to his fingers, ie his mouth, ie his lips you can almost here a TGIF! I swear.  Tried and true.


9 thoughts on “Hey Drama, Can We Have Some of This The Morrow?!

    1. IT is a bit too air brushed for me too. But his abs are legit haha he’s been topless for a few scenes in the drama already and I HAVE LOOKED VERY VERY VERY CLOSELY!!!

  1. 因為我實在太無聊…

    I’m no expert on human bio, but it’s one of my fave subjects in school and when you posted that picture I just couldn’t help myself (LOL) 😀

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