Nikkid Trash

I have won the lottery.   (You too!  Read On.)

Thank you TPTB  (and obviously JUNG!WOO!) for granting me one big, very shallow, silly wish.


Happy to report I now have a collection of ‘stolen ***spoiler*** gifs for SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES’ neatly in a folder.  And these are from the latest episodes.  Always be prepared for a gloomy freezing rainy day, the blues, a Monday.  I still want one where he is patting Binggeure in 2013 on the sofa and the one he shakes off his coat in 3 twitches (and he still have a sweater inside, so this is not pervy.  I do want to study intensely how to shake off a winter coat in three CUTEST wriggles)


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It is extremely tedious watching R1994 for me, especially when I still have not done 10% of my Christmas list.  I have no lights up, no tree, no nothing.  Very bah humbug, which is not my intention when I spent time instead catching up on R1994 (and other dramas!)

Of course I am as normal as any watching and just fell in love some more with SamChunPo in 15.  That is one great character nicely fleshed out.  How our countrybumpkin boy is growing up to be a man supportive of his wayward woman.  SWOON! (from someone who can’t really stand him in the beginning).  Dad is DABOMB.  Sung DongIl, you have moved up several notches on my AhjusshiI<33333 list when you are already up there.  I love how NJ hollers like her Daddy.  I could watch an episode of NJ having a grand word-sparring battle with her Daddy.

Frankly, I still do not love it half as much as its fandom as a drama if I put on my critical hat.   The episodes are too long and feels longer.  An hour and a half is a piece of cake as far as this habitual drama-marathoning loon is concerned, but this ‘drama’ begs judiciary editing from the get-go, copious amount of it every episode except one or 2 (12 and 13).  I think it was Mr.X quipping casually, this material is fit for a daily, a family drama where we enjoy the easy comfort of spending some time with characters everyday, characters we get to know like family instead of driven by a strong narrative.  I mean it when I said it is tedious.   Because I do love these characters very much, but when I have been just enjoying spending time with them, with not much of any investment in the shipping war,  it is not as engaging as it should/could.  I do not find a need to dissect their every action and judge them accordingly or put them on a scale of who deserves our NaJung as if she is a prime prized hog at county fair.  No.  None of that.  Up till this very point I am fine with either or, or none.   Yes I have an irrational fangirl bias for JungWoo, and it is simply the ‘How will JungWoo outcute himself?’ that is driving my addiction.  I, for one, spent most of my teen years being silly, crushing and falling in love, but marrying any of my crushes/loves instead of my now better half, whom I did not even know existed for quite a few years later at NJ’s age?!  No, thank you.  And I am damn sure I am not the only one.  We are all young once, all feelings are genuine and intense in the heat of it, but statistically how many of us marry the first love, our 20 year old self’s ‘love of our life’?

In the nitty-gritty, Trash is not an easy guy to live with and he can drive NJ and other earthlings absolutely bonkers and shouty even when he’s JUNGWOO, the definition of SO VERY CUTE.   I kind of lived like Trash my college years (not as extreme of course, I swear) and I had a hard time daily tolerating my own mess in need of help and interventions.  Cleaning lady is Godsent and despicable!me have not got the Xmas gift.   What I am saying is, knowing how much the writer LUB the Who’s the hubby game *YAWNZZ* he/she will keep at it till the very end.   I just have no interest in any of it because as far as I am concerned, I see NJ happily married in 2013, all the oppas, her yummy bffs are lined up, seating neatly in her living room.  What more can a woman ask, huh?!?

Now CB, this gets very personal.  I have never been in a relationship where I felt nothing for the guy but was later wooed into it myself.  I fell in love with whomever I want and whenever I want, if it so happens the other party reciprocated….YES!!  If not, I quite enjoyed my own fun crushing, no problemo.  When I have a craving for dokbokki (I blame you NJ!), there is no use spoon-feeding me perfectly cut up pieces of garlicky stirfried broccoli goodness telling me it’s superfood so very magical for you even when broccoli is a veg I like and would crave when I feel like it.  I do think CB the character suffers from the writing and editing the most out of everyone.  I want to see more of CB other than him pining for NJ and playing baseball.   Why did we not get a scene in the ample 90 mins an episode of CB having a care about his very close cousin Binggeure…..when the boy had a very hard time with school or life in general?  Or when B’s Mom, ie I assume CB’s aunt, is sick?  Or when B is in hospital and we get Binggeuru asking how CB is faring but CB is all caught up with NJ some more?!?!?!  I am not going to judge CB as too self-centered, my gut is telling me it’s more the writer/PD’s lapses omitting him crucial character building scenes, but if we are pitching guys now, on one hand we have the sloppy Trash caring and giving B a pat or a slap at all the most perfect timing and CB brain diagram is all about baseball and how to coerce NJ to spend time with him, keeping his own chances to win the girl.  I also am not too keen on forcing a kiss without consent when the girl has made it clear she has no feelings for you, worse yet when you know she is actively crushing someone else.  I call it manhandling, or assault. It is akin to wristgrabbing really, you are forcing your lips onto hers when she is opposite of asking for it.  It is a big person for NJ to be so concerned with CB’s feelings when the news broke of the Oppa Kiss, but I cringed at how CB reacted.  A bigger person should at least keep the front of happy for her, and wallow in your misery at your own time, you are the person who is in love with her, she is an individual, she has no obligation to do as you want her to.  The person you are supposed to be loving is happy and glowing in love, even when you are hurting and bleeding inside, there must be some heart left to be genuinely wishing her happiness first and foremost, even if you are not her guy.  I do not need CB to be a bigger person, they are all so young and will obviously mature into better, yummier guys but that was not an attractive moment.  The promise he is trying to get out of NJ in a few years?!  Not cool.  Yes, no one know for sure what the future has in store, but I am not as big a person as NJ,  if I were her, I would take it as wishing me misery so you can get what you want at my expense. Many may find the pining of a good catch very romantic, I see it as unwanted baggage.  I just do not find the 20 yo CB swoonworthy.   But that is not saying I am counting out the 30 yo CB, given if he changes his ways.  If a ~30 yo NJ meets a grown up CB that could put NJ’s feelings first and foremost and respect her by not forcing it and she falls for him at her own pace,  I am all for it.   That is, it peeves me with love has an agenda like a baseball game: No, we r not a baseball to be swung around and batted repeatedly to follow the exact curve you want the trajectory, given off as a symbolic token of an object, hard work and perseverance pays off does not gain you a ‘win’ of a girl’s affection.


13 thoughts on “Nikkid Trash

  1. Amen, sister! I am so tired of the gushing love others have for CB, who continues to press his one sided feelings onto poor NJ. Please, give me and her a break!

    1. I tried my mightiest to not even bother reading a thing about the fanwars, other than it was a bit shocking to me still because I actually find the actor playing CB decent, but nothing to write home about and kinda the weakest strictly on the acting alone. He’s cute but not THAT cute, that’s about it, quite a dime a dozen typical guy2 and not even that because I honestly do not see any hint on NaJung even having a flutter for him when usu we see a bit of dilemma of the heart for our girl to pump a few fist for him. Nothing here. So are we obligated to abandon our feelings for a guy we had forever since growing up because some one is laying his crush on us?!?! What rule did I miss?

      It is not that I am a whatever shipper tbh I was only casually watching the drama till ep 12/13. And I thought it was soo obvious Oppa all the way and all the CB clues r the writer’s favorite game since R1997: just to wank with us. And they love it so much so I will never count them out to toy us with an endgame of CB/NJ AND since I thought a lot of folks check this out because of their love for R1997, they should know better not to be so very gullible. That, is the what raising my brow on how rabid fangirls can be because of a cute to them face.

      I dunno, if CB was a girl, she would be lynched and yelled at to get lost and not be in the way of the OTP. Sad truth but it is the truth I am sure of.

        1. We r not shown what went on with Trash’s last relationship, but perhaps Dad knew bits and pieces and have his Daddy doubts Trash would make a good bf/hubs material for NJ?! I actually thought Trash and Dad share similar traits, they both put on a front but inside they are more sensitive/vulnerable than they let the world know. I also think they are not too fond of changes in their lives. If things go sour with Trash and NJ, he not only has his heart wrung out to be there for his daughter having a heartbreak, his surrogate son too, and all the mess of perhaps cutting Trash off, losing a ‘son’ again if it went ugly. Things will never be the same for sure.

          And on top of it, I do understand the TeamAgainstOppa saying Naruki is almost fauxcest, they grew up as almost *ie they are fully aware they are not* siblings and now they are seeing each other as man and woman, of course we know from NJ’s pov she has been harboring a crush on Oppa forever, but her Dad is as slow as Trash on the uptake, part of it Dad must be taking on a responsibility or ‘fault’, hence guilt for putting teenagers with raging hormones under the same roof. It is the typical parent’s worrywarting this is an infatuation, a phase and they, the adults, are the culprit for bringing them into an environment where things got out of control.

          I have an irking even if NJ fell for CB, and it was CB in Trash’s place, Dad would be as worried over other issues, like his family bkgd, him being a Seoulite, yes ‘prestigious’, but it would hit him worrying if NJ and her ways is a good fit for the ‘cityfolk’, CB’s overwhelming career… so on.

  2. oh my, i sooooo agree on all of your thoughts here. especially “hard work and perseverance pays off does not gain you a ‘win’ of a girl’s affection.” it’s true that cb is persistent( i think this is the most reason used by cb shippers as to why they love him), but if being persistent on chasing a girl that clearly doesnt like you and already in relationship with someone else is just…….

    1. I am so turned off by that notion, always. I love the element of abandon, of uncontrollable FEELINGS that is not quantitative nor rational about love. Do not rob me of that.

  3. that is why i never get the second lead. they think their love is greater and they treat the heroine better than the first lead that they deserve to be loved back by the heroine. duh

  4. Can I write something in defense for my favourite character, as a Chilbong fan:d, just because I love your writing and dream about someday you can write an awesome entry about him( dream high,lol).
    Well, I know he is always said to be 2D, boring , etc… Yes, his world was only baseball before meeting NJ. No club, no group date ,no bar like other kids , just practices and friends who are baseball and basketball players plus the manager . I am also like those kids at Sinchon, no dream , no passion at that age, therefore, I find his baseball world so beautiful.
    I can love him because not only I find his action swoon- worthy but also he has “potential”to be an interesting character. His broken family, his baseball dream , his “seemed” nice character …But now, what did the writer do? I begged for his subplot stories since the first eps, but ep 9 and since ep 11, he just appeared 15 mins/ ep, frustrating..
    Therefore, I sometimes struggle to understand my favorite one. Why so persistent? But then I read a comment on dramabeans saying that she sympathized with CB. Her family is broken too, which clearly affected her way to approach her love,too hard to let go. plus his not- easy- to- give -up way of an athlete. Still, inappropriate ? Maybe, but not shallow like that. Pls show, just give me a reason! I bet if he is built nicely, you will find him more endurable.
    I also crave for his interaction with his cousin and other kids. But damm it, in 15 mins, 10 for moony gaze towards NJ and 3 for baseball. But I don’t think his relationship with other kids is bad. Bing and CB do care about each other, because of their common thing: their family are the only unhappy ones in that house. Bing , somehow , is difficult to approach. He told CB and his bro: “JUst take care of your business” and only Trash succeeded.
    About NJ, I gave up hope long time ago. However, I want to tell you about the farewell party in ep 14. Seriously, he was not something like” pissed off”,just sad. He knows that NJ is dating someone else and keep a decent distance. The atmosphere that time is akward like hell! No one is happy about NJ ‘s kiss. I bet they even avoid mentioning Trash’s name in front of CB. You see, YJ just revealed only when drunk, not conscious enough and they are angry when SCP ask : “Where is Trash?”
    Now, I think that the writer hates this character / actor more than any fan does. While Trash has many aspects, many great stories to like, I consider CB a plot device and when out of use, he is basically killed off. Owing to him, T confirmed his feeling, kiss NJ and a more important step in ep 15( although after watching this ep, I bet you will hate him more).A show needs to show , not tell but in CB’s case, I am not even told, instead zoom in every detail, overanalyze and imagine,lol.
    Acting wise, I feel sad:(. YYS , in my opinion , is a fine actor, not as good as Jung Woo and Kim Sung Kyun , but no worse than the rest. Well , with limited given material, he can get a large and crazy fandom, you can call it “success”.
    Ah, I am jealous of your cool- headedness. I can never enjoy the show because my favorite character is treated so cruelly, too cruel to ignore. Btw, thank for your politeness for CB even in your personal blog<3 and sorry for my sloppy English. I don't think I can be that sensible in my space,hehe.

    1. Thanks for your reply sweetie. I have nothing against CB flaws and all, but he is just not my type, that is all. And I do think he crossed the line after NJ and Trash started dating.
      I was actually wishing for a rivalry like the Uesugi brothers from Touch the manga and it would’ve been lovely if Trash and CB both love that manga and Trash has it littered everywhere, where CB is modeled after Kazuya and Trash is Tatsuya. *Do not mind my manga fiend rearing its head! XD*

      I do not have shipper blood, so it is not sides I am picking but enjoying what the drama is feeding me. Obviously I have problems with the writing too and wish like you, CB is better fleshed out but he did not get that treatment on the sideline now, so be it. There is no use rattling and filling in the story if we are not given the material from the writer, I do have to respect his/her creation so. If the writer has chosen to focus on NaJung, and hence Trash, he/she has the right to if that is the story that he/she finds more interesting to focus on.

      The biggest gripe I have is now the insane shipper war. While I do understand whatever rocks our boat and we can all have a favorite character, that is bizarre to impose it on the drama and demand it to be the focal point when the writer has no intention to. The thing with a lot of the way more extreme CB shipper (not you) is as if they are writing their own fanfiction on the side and calling it the drama proper. Yes, I am not happy how CB is treated as well, but there are a lot of more interesting (for me) character to spend time on and just because there is not enough CB does not negate the drama entirely for the rest of us. I have seen the latest ep and Trash and NJ are ridiculously genuine and lovely, so when I saw the CB fans of the drama dissing it just because they do not get their way with a fake nicety of ‘don’t get me wrong, I like Oppa, I like NJ’, it’s obnoxious and ridiculous.

      What is so off-putting of NJ now that you have given up hope on her though? She is happily in love making do with not the easiest of scenario, a long distance relationship. She is still a functioning member of the family unit, she is tutoring on the side, balancing all acts.

      CB is a mild mannered guy, at least he bottled up his moods so well. For him to walk out right away as news broke of NJ and Oppa kissed, his face has life sucked out of him…is an extreme emotion he is expressing with that reaction and it is not comforting for NJ to say the least. I do not think it was awkward like hell and nobody was happy about NJ’s kiss. Everyone was just taken back in shock and awkward because CB was present and they all know of his ‘staking claim’ kissing NJ, his reaction is not the most conducive to lighten the mood and bringing the focus back to NJ, but more he can’t take how it is affecting him and him only. That is back to the point I honestly do not see his pining as genuine love for NJ. I see it more as he is in love with that notion of being part of her family and she is in a sense a ‘stepping stone’ for him to be an intrinsic part of her nuclear family. That is my opinion and I do wish much more family psychology was put in exploring him growing up with divorced parents. Where is that element of self-sacrifice that you would want the person you love happiness above all?! He of all peeps know of Trash’s genuine feelings towards NJ, just because he is a threat to Trash does not mean he is contributive to Trash falling for NJ, that is on a separate course with or without CB. Perhaps Trash has CB to ‘thanks’ for that little tiny push at the edge of the falling, but that is about it.

      It’s all fine to wish CB has shown us he cared more about B, but we are not shown that at all at the hospital, while B, being even more withdrawn is asking how CB is doing and such. What rubs me wrong is we did see CB showing ‘swoonworthy’ concern for NJ and he is not socially awkward at all being the popular guy. I am just peeved with guys who only show care when it matters and not the most considerate when he does not realize he needs to put effort in it. All in all, imo CB is written as the typical guy 2 with his very good on paper charms and flaws and I can only judge YYS’ acting on the material he is given to work on and how he is performed, he is good, but not great. He is cute, not my type of cute and to me, it is obviously because of his physical attractiveness to a lot of shippers that the most outrageous and baseless fanwar I have witnessed is happening. Sorry this is a bit harsh addressing to you, but that is my opinion. Hugz.

      IMO, there has never been a love triangle, CB has never been a contender to me and as I projected what I feel of NJ with the arm of the story progressing from 1994 as NJ was never interested in him and her entire heart belongs to Oppa all along. Before 11, when Oppa was an annoying snail at expressing his feelings, all I could entertain is NJ is only his dearest little sister he would love and care the most for the rest of his life as he promised her when they were little, but even so, and he rejected NJ, that doesn’t necessarily make CB the only logical endgame just because he has voiced out his feelings for her. NJ’s feelings are her own to give or take. If that is the case drama has been building very forcefully since 11, what happens in 2002 onwards, all the clues and hints are invalid.

  5. Oh, I see. Now when I read your reply, I can see many things new. CB has a long way to go , but I doubt with his screen time, the writer can create a nice story for him.
    I don’t deny his physical apperance, either. I like him first because of his broad shoulder( my type!!), but then I like him because of more things.
    I am less bitter with ep 12, 14 because despite CB’s lack of screen time, those are wonderful episodes. But what’s the heck with 13,15? After freaking 90 minutes, I didn’t know what I had just watched. For example. the parents who can be wonderful and funny, whenever they want, why give them stupid, boring and draggy plot, like the scene with Papa’s first love and with Kim MIn JOng. At that time, I feel that, they have time but insist on mistreating their characters.
    When I said hope about NJ , I mean shipping, but yes, she is kind of boring to me. She is cute and nice , but not enough to be my favourite heroine, not only me, look how Korean media overlooks Najung/ Go Ara, when they love the rest much more, even CB.
    1st, I just see her life , well, full of eating , having fun with friends and loving Oppa. Where are her other personal aspects? Her fangirl craziness, her studying , her dream. She is 3rd year student. Some one told me because she got into freaking Yonsei, she can relax. No, never enough for me. Because I were told by my mom ” WHen you got into uni, your life will be nothing to worry” , just like Hai tai and now I am like Bing, but no drop -out:).I want to witness her life’s serious stories,not related to love. I always demand much from the female lead ,therefore, I am rarely fond of romance things, turned off whenever I see the attitude: ” Oh, love and my life is that okay”. And this is coming- of – age story, not a romcom. In that way, Ayase Haruka becomes my favourite actress, not because she is awesome actress(she’s not) but her characters in my most favourite romcom Hotaru no hikari, Jin makes me” Woah!That the woman I can admire”,.
    2nd, her lack of development, just like CB. I don’t like it when the characters are the same from start to finish. I want to see NJ when she does house chores ,like in ep 4, takes care of her baby brother( where is the kid?), but no?
    I never root for Trash- NJ couple, for obvious reasons, since the beginning,and then many other problems ,with or without CB. I like Trash, but not the way he treated NJ as his love. Ep 15 scared me to death with their lovey dovey scenes. I just appreciate the moment in the ending of ep 12, meeting sunbaes in 14, facing parents in 15, and NJ’s behaviour in 17, understanding and matured.
    Well, with 4 eps to go, I think if the writer can solve the problems of the main couple and with an important event which happened in ep 18, I think I will see more and at that time, I have nothing to criticize.

    1. You lost me at calling Najung cute and nice and boring and stagnant and she only eats and fangirls and loves oppa and hangs out with her friends and takes care of her baby brother…and still it is not enough to deserve love, why? coz ARENT WE ALL GUILTY OF ALL OF THE ABOVE? I am and being much older than a 22 yo NJ still doing the same shit. and oh you are more harsh on your female characters. WHY?! For one despite it all she got into Yonsei out of hardwork and obviously she did not slack to be able to side job as a tutor. Oh and you can’t forget she also is smart and lovely enough to waste her time on tutoring a CB just because he wanna steal time ogling her.. And why cant we connect with and appreciate a young female character for being a normal 20, 22 year old and let her be young and imperfect and immersing herself head over heels in her first serious romance and enjoying her time with it and give her a freaken break and stop demanding her growth and all the extras yet you and all CBshippers do not hold CB that exact yardstick and start calling him boring and yuck and stop the insane loving for once huh?!

      It pisses me off as a grown woman all this sexism we pour on a freaken female character in just a little precious flawed drama that should only be a past time not a cesspit of hate for Pete’s sake. Isn’t life harsh enough for our sex? Have it ever crossed your mind the media hoopla is exactly fueled by this bizarre frenzied unwarranted irrational fanwar out of nothing much? It is dandy to love CB, have him be your favorite thing, but why do we all have to see it through the same rose tinted glass? Instead of channeling the frustration of not getting what one wants with a male character, be it screen time character, growth, plotlines or the distaste of reading anything not praising a CB or YYS and dumping it onto say a Najung or a Trash or how the otp should carry out their romance when i would be frank this is all a non-issue if only drama will show u and other CBshippers how he is swoony in a romanctic scenario which i do believe it needs not be a NJ because who should care about anyone else but CB, who is so underdeveloped and no screentime obviously, huh?! How someone acts or expresses his or her love should be nobody’s business in RL, it concerns those 2 adults and them only. As long as they feel it, and as a dramawatcher i see it conveys full well, i don’t see what is wrong with how he is treating her or how she is carrying herself being in love. It is FALLING in love, for Christ’s sake, for the very first time, to that exact person she has been dreaming about and he loves her back intensely. What is so criminal of Trash and NJ now when they were cute enough before for all watching the show that is so damnable other than taking up the time for possible CB plotlines?!?? It does not happen often even in dramaland. let them enjoy it breathe in it bathe in it Life is too short and u r only 20, 22 once. I am sick to my stomach of the unfair treatment on what still is a cute drama which has various themes to it be it friendships, romance, family and writing + editing flaws from the get go. All the dissing of what it is currently fr your pov has been ongoing even when it put focus on CB earlier. Just because the latest arc zooms in on one aspect and does it spectacularly well, as even you are able to enjoy so many scenes btn the OTP with just 2 wtf eps to u as you’ve mentioned, does not make it awful. It has meandering plots, draggy pace since day1ep1 with the SCP bigfail in directions. From my vantage point, Go Ara has done her best scene in her career with the proposal. It was hands down the best acting I’ve seen in Kdramaland of late. It was perfectly capturing that explosive confusing fluttering complicated mix of happiness and fear. I do watch drama for her acting and she has outdone JW’s Trash in several occasion already making me breathe or stop breathing, cry or laugh exactly as her character should. I have always regard the press and netizens habitually nastier on actresses so I take it as no news is gd news. And as a rule, i heck care about what the world thinks as i have a functioning mind of my own and my own set of opinions and feelings. You should consider that thought too.

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