Life Ruining Things Pursuit of Happiness is Doing to Me: Ep1

You can not believe how lazy a dramafiend I am.  For one, screencapping is so not my thing.  I also am too lazy to dl things now, streaming everything.  I will shamelessly steal when I can get away with it, or even not (sorry original posters! XD) It is mostly ridiculously tedious considering I spend upwards of mins droolzing at a cap (of Tony Yang for one), and when there are hundreds of them and I do not have an editing eye and am a hoarder of all things sparkly…Not far from Hell.

Here I am, I made hundreds of them caps and I am going to post every one of them.  You know what you are getting into.

1.  I still blame you, Yutaka, the ultimate liferuiner mookiekiller extraordinaire.   You and your GORGEOUS HOT face started it all.

Just to show you all how boringly predictable I am:

It’s me, YiKang.


*OH HELLO~!!!*

Be a hottie, shows up in the very first scene in a drama with bountiful facial hair, then be mistook as a pervie.   Odds are so on your side I would love the drama to death on that alone, but well, just my luck these also happens to be gems that withstand time and obscene amount of rewatching.  ARGH.  Hot hobos in my hood, I will feed you cookies and coffee if u knock.   And I can see you shaking your head this crazy woman must now be madly wanting to rewatch Long Vacation and What’s Up Fox.  That is on top of I have downloaded TPoH HD, how much I watch certain scenes is…embarrassing.

YH is here just to be my hotmeanie rubbing it in.

2.  Sonia is a face twin of Maetel of Galaxy Express 999, a gold old shonen futuristic manga, for me, the anime broke my little toddler heart every episode watching with the train leaving and me whining ‘Why?! Don’t go!’ Sonia makes me tolerate a bit of plastic and circle lens.  Circle lens are usually my big nono, all I see are eyes of aliens with black cancer in them when I can’t see them flickering, emoting humanly.   But she is a PR agency middle management here with projects on beauty products.  So the dolling up adds to the her job, and those workshorts.  How her coworkers get any work done ogling those LONGGG stems of hers, no idea. I do not find it convincing even with male gay officemate(s).   What is winning is Sonia’s LeiLei did not abuse her ungodly charms, she earns her keep has her tribulations like the rest of us.

I don’t think anyone around will know who Maetel is.   Here have a pic.

3. I love how Sonia emotes.  Especially when she is overwhelmed with emotions at the brink of crying.  Horrible of me, eh?  But this is so effective when she can get her eyes moist and redden the instant feelings hit and selling me the melancholy of a breakup with not even a visible tear or a whimper.  Delicious.

‘…so pitiful.’

Nope drama, this is not a visual of anything pitiful:

I am a scornful woman and I would not give this goddess whom God obviously spent more time on the legs alone a hand if she fells on her high heels and hot pants, sorry.  BUT Sonia can make a human out of me and I commiserate with her LeiLei’s every feel.

3.  Even though the actor and WT both are ewww greazy sleazy get 100 miles from me, I would give him one courtesy cap at his most ‘handsome’.   This character is only savagable if it is done by a much better actor with the face of a Yutaka or a Takeshi Kaneshiro.  Sorry ‘free-spirit’ players ie insensitive selfcentered badboys need irresistible moral-shattering faces in my world.

and this cap is here because I can totally buy a happy moment of a guy being nice to an impressible freshman in college with all the sparkling droplets falling like petals all over can make a girl sings a smile like LeiLei:

It does not hurt when she randomly sees their pic she has kept in the wallet and a soft smile will climb on her face:

And all the postcards he sent her brightens her mood with just the thought of him thinking of her at all ends of the world.

Or just because of the thought of him, missing him, having him existing in her heart, could occupy the mind an afternoon lazing around

And the thought of these sweet memories can still give her this gorgeous smile:

And a little boost….

and suddenly she can smell the flowers in bloom.

4. hmmmm

Now the above 2 caps, I will own it as my pervy fangirl mind doing unmentionable things, but this following smile is NOT kosher to throw at your engaged student/ladyfriend, Mr Hottie TA.

5.  Let me try to illustrate how good TY is, making a phone call to the girl he is harboring a crush on:

A ball of nerves. One face

Mentioning her name in the voicemail.  One glowing face that is ALL lit up.

Those fidgety fingers.

That sweet smile, contented he just did the feat calling her or just enjoying the thought of her this very moment.

And a subsequent scene at the bar when he is sulking not getting a reply from the girl:

I will post however many caps of Tony Yang waiting a call, holding a phone, a menu and emoting with it.  Here have an extra for the road:

5.  I ADORE LeiLei’s gfs.  Tiffany is one sexycat always on the prowl but never missing a step caring about her besties first and foremost, saying the darnest truest things.  Jia Yi is the timid sweet one but she has the keenest ears when her bestie LeiLei is concerned.   Often, I find these girl bonding moments a tad contrived and preachy, there to drop future plot points but I thoroughly enjoy the scenes of the trio of ladies as much as I enjoy the OTP scenes.

If there are straight guys reading my blog. *I don’t judge.  I love you too. Imaginary you hahaha* Your treat.

I do think your bones will go a bit soft if she is gifting you this stare with the bonus of that sweet cleavage.

6.  And so we are onto the very very first meeting of our OTP.   I would say LeiLei left an impression on YiKang already perhaps just on her physical attractiveness alone. It is only normal for many guys to harbor a physical attraction right off the bat but have no intention to act on it at all, ever. I think this is the case with YiKang, being a designer with a keen eye on aesthetics. He is not against looking at LeiLei and that is what fueling his keen observations on her and thus the inevitable falling. I love how aware he is of her. He pays the most attention to LeiLei when he has the vavavoom Tiffany pulling all her stops and the bride to be, his student now close friend as the focus of the bachelorette party and practically the only person he knows. But i caught his eyes roaming on the little aunt LeiLei more than necessary and LeiLei takes note too.



*I have shaven*

And my love for Tiffany can only grow. This is the face I am making as well…seriously we can all see you are clean shaven, that hand feeling up your strong jaw is totally uncalled for now.  So no playing fair hottie?!  GAME IS ON. Attack mode latched!


See that face of, I assume, a male stripper/beefcake?  Sorry hon, you are no competition.  And with Tiffany and obviously the wicked little niece at the table, how did we not maneuver some hot Teach stripping for the bride, huh!??!?!?

Again, no looking at female students like such.  It should be in the school rules.

‘Look…at him~!’

You have no idea it’s hard to look away, ok!?  Even though her future hubby is very cute and nikkid.

‘You are about to appear (in my life, my heart and ….stay).’

I dunno, perhaps from the planet of gorgeous supermodel amazons it is everyday when you get splattered by some raindrops and a nice hottie stranger will give you tissues and strip off his coat and offer it to you.  Let me tell you this from my experience, back on earth, it is not an every day occurrence and never a Tony Yang/YiKang in the mix.

How do you do, Little Aunt?

Pretty sure the dude is taken aback by how young and gorgeous his student’s aunt is and not able to think, and I bet regular woman won’t make a bigger fuss out of it other than getting his phone number or stay coz baby it is raining and cold outside.   AnLei gives him a nudge, not rudely, but she has the right to tell a slow guy it’s not ok to call a 30 sth lady an Auntie in whatever context.

Do not call me Little Aunt.

And he obviously remembered the lesson, at least the lady giving him the lesson, fondly.

Looks like you do not remember it at all.

Yup, but the thing is you remember every detail of nothing earth shattering in that first meeting. Hmmm

I totally know what goes on with that glance, Tiffany, takes a perv to know a perv:  Indirect Kissu!

Oh, excuse me.  Huh.

Lets say our blessings for this urchin.

hmm, so she said your exact line and you smile a sweet smile.  hmmmm

Be happy~!

Niece:  Teach said that same line this morning.

Little niece, ‘Gosh.  Such camaraderie.’

hmm hmmm!

Please take good care of me from now on.

Oh there are a dozen ways to translate that general ‘Nice to meet you’, but I just love this one.


Good to know LeiLei is not blind.

The wedding scene is already full of OTP giddiness:

I can enjoy how dorky and adorable our TA is doing his own clap and little cheer for AnLei the little aunt in need of a hole to hide from the embarrassment.

He looks at her first thing after catching the bouquet.

And makes it a much more interesting scene for all in attendance giving it to her, or playing netballbouquet with her.

YK: No guy catches the bouquet.

LL: Yes, there is.  It is you.

(and you will hold the bouquet for her…)


Nice priorities Mommy,  giving a very good look at the great catch of a guy holding the bouquet


He is genuinely happy for her even if it’s just for well wishes or a good luck charm (lucky imo just on the fact he has touched it. )

Here because Tony has perfect teeth and his YiKang is saying, ‘KISS!

She is not completely mad at his well-intended ruse.  She glances at him with a slight apprehensive thank you.

This is here because LeiLei is pretty and genuinely happy for the new Mr. and Mrs.

And there is a very cute Tony Yang with a gorgeous smile at the very corner.

Another foot of camera panning to the right, we will have the visual of their wedding.  NO?!??!! hahaha

Just when LeiLei is having deep happy thoughts of her own of her happiness is approaching her.  We gave the cheesy goodness of a YiKang eyes on her walking towards her.   I love cheesy goodness.

The rest of the ep has a lot of WT.  I do not enjoy him.  Nor LeiLei being hurt by him even when he is only being ignorantly mindless and insensitive and stupid all over again, but I do not buy the naivete of the character with how the actor is conveying, too much game and awareness of his ‘charm’.  Shocking to myself I actually find Aggie’s Helen’s scenes very heartfelt and honest even though she is the short end in the acting department out of the bunch and obviously her mandarin is weird. But she is doing a commendable job.

Have an MV of Tony singing.  Not the best singer.  BUT WHO FREAKEN CARES!

DAMN they look sooo good all glittery dolled up.  I love all that blushing and gushing and fangirl *g* Sonia is doing. And I have counted how many times you have blatantly pat those pecs and I am living vicariously off you, gf! btw TY, it is illegal to lick your lips in public, I say so.  If I get you in a room behind closed doors… obviously different rules.

[fr tumblr, thanks to the original poster!]

I also dug up this 周華健-傷心的歌MV  by the same PD 曹瑞原 of Crystal Boys 孽子.  I will always have a soft spot for ALL the boys in that show.  It slays me so many ways, esp the bittersweet heartbreaking romance between Fan’s AhQing and Tony’s ZhaoYin.  This is an MV once I watch it once, it will stick with me for days.


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    1. I think as worldly as Sonia is and can’t stand looking at Tony much longer than a split second when he cast his smexy stares, or just looking at her or any woman. ROARRRR

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