ByeByeBye Now

Another year end.  So how was 2013?!

RL has been a bit funky, nothing seriously terrible, but I am more than ready for a change and a hopeful new year of better things, like sticking with my escapades in dramas.

Have an MV to start a Friday and all that partying shall we?!

I am missing summer terribly.    6osF, sunset SoCal is what heaven is for me about now.

What other things, dramas particularly, brought me a little brief slice of heaven or a taste of delish hell?  I had a terribly few handful, but some are the best TV I’ve seen for a while.

I have gushed about them all here, almost all, except one that is, that is truly amazing but I still do not have the brain capacity to write about.  End of the World shook me, still does a month since I have finished it in entirety.  I took a long break, months long after 8 episodes it was so engrossing so intense and it sneaked into somewhere so deep in me, raw, so haunting I was not mentally sound to continue my watch for months. I know it is my own experience with SARS making this all the more truly frightening and me a nervous wreck, most profound drama ride for me this year.

For fluffy rainbows and puppies and cotton candy, I had my summer fling with ItaKiss, no regrets.  I think 1/10 of my posts this year were on that little show.  That started me thinking on what is my favorite Jdorama this year.  I thought I saw plenty, but I can’t say I love any of them wholeheartedly, perhaps Saikou no Rikon?  Though I caught on the craze of Hanzawa, in all honesty it was not too intriguing a drama I had hoped.  I still have Woman to catch up when the mood hits.  As much as I am crazy about Masato,  I can’t bring myself to go on after an ep or 2 of Legal High 2, that is where a NSFW slashy MV is handy:

Inbound Troubles  got my best vote from TVB from last few years.  I still remember it with a warm fuzzy tickle. It was surprising ly heartwarming touching on quite dicey social issues, not that it delved deeper, but it was tastefully done with all the heart TVB is sorely lacking.

I have lost faith in Cdrama quite a bit this year after a few disappointing years in the running already.  The CN drama scene was eye-opening kickass for me 8,10 years ago.  I guess I just have to brave this unhealthy phase through, but not all is lost.  Zhen Huan Zhuan was awesome.  Tasteful, finest production value, for once I can recommend a drama from my ‘motherland’ of sorts with no snark nor shame.  If you watched one Cdrama last year and it was ZHZ and you loved it, you are my kin.

Then there was Longmen Express.   It was not perfectly written but there were brains and guffaws, things rarer than unicorns in Cdramaland.  And it was so earnestly acted by everyone involved, my eyes were dazzled by the acting everywhere I looked from idols I have discarded (HXM) to new loves (ChenXiao) to peeps I did not even know their names but darn what have I been missing?! (Qian Fong, Guo JingFei, the WHOLE gang) I have old solid comfort reliable lovely faces (Anita Yuen, Yuan Hong, Yan Kuan, Lu Yi…) all proving their worth.  This was the only Cdrama deserving its hype and praise and popularity warts and all for the camaraderie of the actors alone in 2013.

Speaking of camaraderie, I am enjoying Reply 1994 way more than 1997, it is nothing rational, I have been grumbling nonstop about the writing and editing and pace of show since the very beginning, nonstop at tumblr/tweeter/sms to any ears listening, but I just love JungWoo and Go Ara. Acting revelations. Their romance is one of the most authentic in Kdrama for me, nothing is perfect, there is a lot of fumbling but a lot of most glorious cute, humming on the glorious mess of being in love.  It made me reminisce, relive those heart thumping moments in my silly romances when I was as young but sillier. I think the acting of the 1994 gang is a much welcomed improvement, it was very apparent with the 1997 gang’s cameo while I enjoy EunJi being the brash highschool girl still, she is so not doing it for me as a grown woman in 2013, same for SIG, ie my same gripe with R1997 when it deflated as the kids grew up.   I will never see eye to eye to all the tunnel vision lovers of CB, he is really not all that to override everything about the show and the collective awesome of the gang, both the character and the actor, he is good, just nowhere near THAT good.  Nothing is bad in R1994, when I do not have a lot of snark for the show proper, it means in a roundabout way it has a piece of my heart.

I did not write a proper post on Cruel City because I was so caught up in the middle of marathoning the intense noir by the time I stuck my head out from the doom, I have lost the love for it a bit.  The drama deserved a fantastically devastating last act it did not get.  With a bit of time, as the year is winding down, I still remember how much I was hooked with the acting, some of the most memorable jobs well done by Jung Kyung-ho, Kim Yoo-mi and Choi Moo-sung, especially KYM, that was one well written lady you breathed life to.  And this is one of my favorite songs out of Kdrama OSTs this year:

Speaking of well written drama ladies I also loved Kim OkBin’s Princess SoHee.  I loved the artistry of Blade and Petal  it was perfection for me aesthetically until it was invaded by the plastics who can’t act.   But you should know I watch that show for the scorching eyeballs BAMFness of a CHOI!MIN!SOO!

Breaking Bad is still the best drama ever for me.  EVER.   I have made up my mind, in my 30s, I probably will not see anything close to what that last season did to me for the rest of my life.

Pursuit of Happiness is OWNING me, ruining my life the most awesomely soulsearing way as the good ones should.  This is not perfection, but close and VERY close when Tony Yang and Sonia are left alone to do their magic.  I have never had my heartstrings this stirred by a TWidoldrama, ever.

If  I was trapped in a hole and never coming out with only some basic sustenance and one movie in 2013 to kneel me over till my (preferably very hot, a Yuan Hong, if I may) scheduler came knocking when my time’s up,  I would bring along The Grandmaster:

I have watched this bts of WKW on Grandmaster many times, each giving me new chills:

It slays **spoiler**:

Since I somehow sneak in Loverboy in a ‘Year end’ post, he posted a much more befitting MV biding farewell as Chang Ge Xing wrapped up its filming just yesterday:

22 thoughts on “ByeByeBye Now

  1. Seems like quite a few chinese costume dramas are coming out next year. This year’s selection has been rather disappointing in this aspect imo (i think dgsd is coming out on 22?), so I’m hoping next year will be better with long ballad and all. XD And I’m also looking forward to seeing Zhou Xun on tv next year (although it may not air next year? I don’t usually keep up with news rofl).

    1. yup next yr looks a bit more promising but there r all those yuma PoS stinking up the party due out next yr as well.

      I’m pretty sure ZX’s Red sorghum will have an airdate ASAP, she is paid so handsomely as the highest paid actress they would love to reap the returns rt away and it should have no prob nailing buyers and airdates.

      yeah dgsd will be out in a day, but it is none of my biz, no way in hell it could be watchable for me.

        1. Nothing gets bigger than a ZX’s drama, nothing. And Zhu YaWen is VERY good. Then we have Mr. PD, all of them can elbow their way. I am definitely betting on it to come out sooner of 2014 than later tbh.

    1. Really, i still could not stand almost everything ive seen in TWdramaland this yr and actually imo they r getting more insufferable acting wise TPoH is way out the left field an anomaly

  2. You reminded me about End of the World. >__< I think I only got through 2 episodes! Maybe I will pick it up again when I'm in the mood.

    For c-drama this year, I'm still holding onto hope for Sun Li's drama 辣媽正傳. I thought the first few episodes were really funny..but haven't gotten very far into the drama to know if it's a keeper or not.

    And OOOOO I'm definitely a fan of Kim Yoo Mi after seeing her in CC. She was amazing! And Jin Sook was my favorite character HEHEHE.

    1. EotW is no way an easy watch but it was as flawless a production I have seen in Asian dramaland last year. I can not pick one single flaw. I have a lot of problems with 辣媽正傳 myself, I can’t get behind the characters and I am allergic to Ming Dao. Cdramas I saw my parents rabid about are 娘要嫁人and 老有所依 the subject matter are too heavy for me. After CC settling in my head for a while her character is my fav and she is the most consistently spot on out of all the fine acting jobs. New fangirl here.

      1. Aww I really like Ming Dao! Ok I shall be wary while continuing 辣媽正傳. I liked watching Sun Li in all her interesting outfits though!! 😉 Haven’t heard of the 2 you mentioned, I wil have to look them up.

  3. Gosh should I check end of the world because EVERYONE is raving about it 😮
    What makes it not an easy watch (so I can prepare my poor heart :/ )

  4. Thank you! CB isn’t all that much a great character as some claim to be, imho!
    But otherwise for me, the show is a little bundle of defective perfection. Nomnom~

    I honestly want to buckle down and watch a c-drama in 2014. I just don’t know where to start, any possible recommendations? I started Bu Bu Jing Xing last year, like two epis but didn’t get any further, but I think I could get back to it if it’s as good as show as claimed.

    1. The shipping war is sooooo bizarre. All i see is a cute boy one way pining for a girl…and the OTP. If Trash was awful an abusive murderer even though NJ loves him then perhaps there’s basis but as is there is an OTP in love with each other and we have an ep or 2 left then another boy who won’t let go of his crush, yes poor him, but love is not charity, is it?

      I don’t think BBJX is worthy of your time actually. i prefer ZHZ much more, it was imperial court battle around about the same time period but one has a much higher production value all around esp the acting of all the ladies (ZHZ) while the other is basically a melo shoujo manga transported bk to Qing court (BBJX), but BB has quite a handful of hot princes. I think BB will get on your nerves even when the story is intriguing

      1. What’s ZHZ’s full title and I’ll look it up. Now that I think of it, I think there was a mainland drama with CYF as a 40-50s era gangster, The Bund it’s called I think? Would you have any idea on whether that’s any good? Sounds too good to be true…
        Soz I’m ill with fever don’t know whether my comment is making any sense…

        1. oh dear, get well soon! ZHZ is Legend of Zhen Huang, just the name of protag.

          Yes CYF did a Bund thing with Huang XiaoMing, it is a movie not entirely horrible but definitely not worth your time. it is obviously just for a quick buck

          1. Ohrly? Ahwell, forget it then… Haha!
            Will watch ZHZ, will hunt that down, hope it’s subbed…

            Thanks hun, fever’s totally subsided now, my brain’s not feeling as clogged up as it was then.

  5. ohhh mookie how much i misses you and your every witty and funny writing in your every posts 😀 end-of-year RL works has do me and my little-precious-internet-time sooooo busy i cant barely have time to read everything here 😦
    and ahhhh you love jung woo too me too me too *hugs fangirl united* and you have crush on kim yoo mi XD well talking about them, idk if you already know abt this but, jung woo is kim yoo mi RL fiancee LOL talk about fate 😉 that awesome couple 😀
    ahhh so much to catch up later T.T (and nicky and shi shi huhuuu didnt see it comin)

    1. hugzzzzz sweetie! 😀 Hope you can have a break over the holidays!

      IKR?! What gives i fell for both madly and they will have gorgeously talented babies? at first i don’t want to read too much into it, ha, it could be i have lost my mind fangirl ing, u know?!

      I do not mind Nicky and SS dating or anyone dating at all, but i just need all the PDA milking it be tasteful, seems like they have kept a lower profile, lets wait and see what happens come BBJQ.

    1. It was totally worth my time :D, but it could’ve been more kickass with tighter writing, but the acting totally elevates it, well most of it at least, I still am freaked out about NGR’s face.

  6. That’s right! Blade and Petal. I kept trying to remember which one of those “quality” kdramas I missed this year along with Cruel City. I will probably give Blade and Petal a go at some point but Cruel City’s first episode bugged me (specifically the typical “idealist cop” crap that you see in every single Asian drama).

    I so agree about Breaking Bad >.> That show eclipsed everything else I’ve seen or attempted to watch this year.

    Lmao at that slashy Legal High 2 MV. I should try switching to jdramas or something to get me out of this horrible kdrama lull.

    1. Happy New Year to you~!

      I did not get the hang of Cruel City till a few eps in, then there was another few eps of awesome then it deflated for me, still worth the ride for me for the acting, but writing did bug me as well.

      Blade and Petal could be either your thing or not, with or without the stinking up the place plastics later on. It was special and nothing like things I’ve seen since the 60s samurai operas or the 70s wuxia campy epics, so it had that kitschy nostalgia going for me as well.

      BB is perfectly written, perfectly. There are episodes I am I still can’t fault anything. Lets hope Sherlock is still good, I am only asking for it to live up to last season somewhat.

      oh I haven’t seen any dorama that is not buggy in some way, some were very entertaining and suited my mood then, but gosh LH2 certainly is not worth your time. The only good one I’ve heard across the board is Woman, but my gf said she cried 2L of tears, just not my thing right now, if ever.

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