Sweet Tidings from the Bu Bu Gang


We will be happy together, thank you!



IS this the first official outing of the LongShi RL couple?!  That can only be a smile from a girl so so sooo in love.  <3333333333333

Sweet Prince 10 Ye ZuXin gives Prince 9 Han Dong a shout out for his DemiGods SemiDevils which premiered over the weekend.  By all accounts it is spectacularly bloody awful.  The ending song has sax, in a wuxia, and the song is excruciatingly horrible, it would not pass for the super crappy TW wuxiadramas in the 80s and 90s.  Oh Lord have mercy.  Mr Jin Yong, do something.

I am dead serious.  If  you are a fan of anyone involved, a fan of wuxia, a fan of JinYong/Louis Cha, a fan of Cdrama, a fan of C drama periods, no, do not attempt to watch this.  I am swarmed by links to dl properly the 2003 DGSD, most attached with the comment ‘just to flush eyes out from the FUGGG that is DGSD 2013’.  DGSD2003 is still my vote for the best wuxia drama adaptation out of China EVER.  So, skip this and watch that instead.  I am posting a playlist with engsubs as well: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYRGCE_sj_lE0NmQ2Wi_Tzi5OUZ8qG4RE. The production value was stellar and serious, take a look at the aesthetics of this current one and tell me if the 2003 version is not 1million times more spiffy and less dated.  Most scary of all, I’ve seen a lot of comments saying this is worst than yuma.  WORST THAN YUMA.  On what planet is that possible?!

Lets revisit the DGSD 2003 ending song.  MY ears and eyes need it:

Just for a very little taste, there is a minor character 木婉清, gorgeously played by the very young JiangXin (ie My Lovergirl) in DGSD 2003,  the girl is told to cover her face by her sifu because she is too attractive.  This is what DGSD 2013 serves us:

No, it is not actually a gorilla bride asking for free hug.

It was so traumatizingly awful, the fangirls are already at it making fanart to at least have a laugh, like pondering why a 木婉清 played by Jiang Xin needs that veil, with the aid of her RL bf Ye ZuXin

JX’s asked Ye is it because she is too ugly that is why she needs to be in a veil, to which he lied… yes, very ugly, that is why other than me, you can not let anyone else get a look at your face.  <333

It also prompts them to do a serious passive protest of what beauties behind veils are like with visual examples for those blind twats behind this DGSD2013 production.  Notice the beauty at the very bottom?!  That is why I so approve.

There is a hashtag: #袁弘我想和你睡# YH I wanna sleep with you (argh lolz) that has been going on for a while now.  If it is just one or two of his crazypervie fangirls I can chuckle and carry on but now the sillyboy himself has paid homage to it with the wordplay #袁弘鹅想和你#do something (鹅/goose is a homophone to 我/e) ie Goosey wanna do something with you YH …… attaching pics.  It is now a real thing.  And I lost it.  Girls and boys, BEHAVE!

And the handiwork of one of his most hilarious fangirl. I LUB her, always, just more so now.  ROFLMAOOOOOOO!

My hubs, who is obviously of a different wavelength from me, took a minute shaking his head, then looking at the pic that is causing his silly wife literally rolling on the floor holding her tummy and asked me what those 2 red circles are doing.  I can’t break from even breathing, tears in eyes and just scared him off to his den without even a word.  I have a feeling if you thought the above pic is about circling some peculiar points, congrats, I think chance is you are normal.  The rest of us, 1, 2, 3 LOLLLLLLLLLZ

This is quite deep in the psych ward, sweetie:

So, if you are in Chiang Mai and got a sudden urge to pretend to be a masseuse, go ahead, I won’t judge:

A day or so after wrapping up Chang Ge Xing in the wet and dreary Elephant Mountain, Loverboy is off to Thailand bathing in the sun. A lot of his fangirls are giving him a headsup do not go on a whim and do anything drastic with his uhm bodyparts. SO this fandom.

More Chang Ge Xing gorgeousness:

Emperor and his Empress: ...and their Princes

I think this video is taped on the set of Chang Ge Xing, sending his love and congrats to his Bro8 Kevin for his new mandarin album. I have never seen him truly this skinny and boyish. *lick*

He mentioned 3 things he would describe his Bro8 with: 1. Manly 2. Deeply effective in emoting love (even though not to him, he insists, but he loves watching Kevin acting, feeling every bit the intensity) 3. Brother-in-law since he and his Sis14 (we call him Prince14 ie Lin Geng Xin) has a long and steady (b)romance going on strong, still. He hopes Kevin will remember the sweet days on set fondly where he cooked noodles for his Bro8. All is fine but... after he said " 下面 给八哥吃” his sharp-eyed pervie fangirls ALL noticed he can’t hold himself in (erhm, that phrase is still innocently ‘cooking noodles for Bro8…to eat’ but 下面 also means under, below, down under…you get the drift.

Argh, how did I end up in the deep end of the gutters when all I wanna is post sweet gifs of SS and Nicky?!?!?!? HOW!??

16 thoughts on “Sweet Tidings from the Bu Bu Gang

    1. Happy Holidays to you too Peanuts! 😀 Lets hope it’s good first, or else things would get terribly ugly here, heads bitten off blood everywhere from my own headdesking you know?! HAHAHA

    1. Happy New Year to you!

      Oh me too, I loved his Qiao Feng the best, he just is the best fit still. My #2 is Lau KaYan from that super old TVB one (my sentimental fav which honestly have parts so much better than the best DGDS, the 2003 one, eg the music for one)

  1. Lol is this drama as horrible ?
    Lmao Yuan Hong pretty eyes beats all the women’s. And I know what the red circles are doing :-p hehehehehehe : is that good red circles ?

    1. oh the DemiGods and SemiDevils 2013 is sucha trainwreck that is the sole reason why anyone is watching it. I’ve seen 15 min of it and I ended up running holding in my hurting tummy from all the guffaws.

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