Happiness is Pursued

GAHHHH!!!  Happy Happy Happy New Year my Loves!

I’ve been stewing in squeals and squees and happy tears for hours since finishing The Pursuit of Happiness and I have given up on words.  I will post whatever the thing my fingers are doing to my keyboard while still not breathing normal.  As a matter of fact I felt my bra size gone up a few cups MUAHAHAHA just from the feels the swelling that is going on inside me.

YIKANG, you can not be real, but your creator extraordinaire Tony Yang made you this perfect breathing specimen setting up the bar WAYYYYYY unattainable now even in idoldrama dreamboats.  I really have not seen a man loving a woman like so with so little deliberate fanfare, none of the bells and whistles to never force it as no viable choice (huh) to not love him and no other dude or not fall in love…all entirely her choice, but the deepest respect and doting from the bottom of his heart, truly pouring every thought on the lady, tenderly, carefully, lovingly putting her a priority above his own feelings, that makes my heart swells to the size of all the 7 seas combined.  Every freaken single scene YiKang/Tony Yang occupies, he manages to swoon me some more when what is transpiring plot-wise is exactly the generic same old, just handled more spot on perfectly beyond imaginable.  There was nothing out to shock us in the final act, it was like I am watching the OTP (which is worth it to FF through the rest) and just when your head only has the capacity other than all the swooning to conjure up the notion, oh, they should hug here, perhaps (because how often do dramas really serve me exactly what I am expecting at the most opportune timing?!  not often and that is why it’s particularly fetching, on top of it happening throughout the FREAKING DRAMA).  And BAM!  It happens as the thought is crossing my head, in the most spectacular natural organic unbelievably subtle yet genuine and honest way that should not be in a drama but happening in real life, to every one of us, one can dream.   And I must be sitting (I am not sure, I lost the feels of my extremities I recall), absolutely dumbfounded in awe how more perfect than perfect beyond my imagination the scene is evolving right before my eyes, every word, every littlest gesture of these brilliant actors ( I will forever bow and fangirl Sonia and Tony.  If they decided to one day do a Saw2046 together, I would clockwork orange to watch every second of it, but I would need constant freehugs from you, TY.)…PERFECTION like I have NEVER seen before.  This is the only drama I savored the BTS with hawk-eye intensity.   On top of the hyperactive clown that RL Tony is, it makes me marvel so much more how professional and insanely talented they both are to able to goof around like silly dorks every moment off camera, at times even when on, or rehearsing, as if Tony Yang has set his life mission, his day job, to make Sonia’s life as the leading lady on set a hernia in making splitting sides in guffaws and 1% of the time stop his jestering and pull a serious face and call it a day, and that 1% of time on set produced more than pitch perfect scene after scene the entire drama long.  There is not a scene I can find a fault in both of them, I am not even sure if the writing is THAT perfect for both the characters or is there a lot of their own awesome at work making their character so genuine and crystal clear understandable.   I am not worthy to have witnessed one fine acting job like either one of them, let alone TWO on top of the SYNERGY.  They clearly bring out the best of each other in their thorough understanding interpreting their characters and that is so crucial in what makes this OTP the best OTP in 2013 AND 2014 (yup, I am calling it 3 days in)  @___@  I am still shell-shocked.

I love you, I mean it.  I know you care for me too…thank you.   Thank you…

It makes me the happiest man, and the most unfortunate because…

you are not ready to let me in. 

Let me hug you.  Just a hug.

And I am going to give you space.

*And TonyYang did ALL that with that face, didn’t he?!??!?!?*

There are dramas perfectly executed in every way but not necessary engaging my heartstrings with every tremble, this drama is not perfect in every way but the OTP and their relationship felt to me like I watched both of them tango on a tightrope from Empire State building, across the globe to Taipei 101 in such grace and ease like they are casually yet cautiously strolling down a beach in Kenting.  The setup is cliched, every step of the way I was expecting things to be shaky, of not quite gelling, but not this pair.  Tony Yang and Sonia Sui made this drama SINGS a lovely jazz.  Without them this would’ve been ITWY redux ie getting on my nerves whenever the OTP says or does a thing, anything.  So Not Here.  This is a drama miracle from start to end.  I have not witnessed a romance built up so thoroughly, so gradually from start to finish, with all these little burst of fireworks weaved in so seamlessly when I was already counting off scene as just a hug, just a kiss, just some fanservice, but they made it the opposite of contrived, so efficacious, so affecting.  When has a simple hug, a repeat at that been so perfect, TWICE?!  Never.  When has every word, every move of the characters making so much intricate, intrinsic sense like mature 30sth adults should.  Not that I can think of.  When did a TWdrama allowed all the cliches to play out by these masterful actors worthy of ALL the awards magically transforming otherwise cheesy scenes and plots just to that pitchperfect special, every moment second of it swell like the newest creation of shiny sparkly precious things my eyes have never set on?!  I honestly can not remember the last time in my drama fiend experience when I sat through the penultimate, then final episode of a drama I am in madlove with expectation off the roof and my nitpicking beast on the prowl literally feeling my skin tingles all my senses overloading in a warmest whirlwind of fuzzy of what must be happiness, glee, utter joy, of only watching the best of escapism dramas can do.  It would surprise me to a stupor if I would EVER see a TWdrama this pitch perfect essaying adult romance and all the intangible messy concepts more boggling than quantum physics to most yet we all have to brave through somehow in our ordinary lives, falling in love.

The drama did a so delicate lovely job overall delving into what is love for a freshly broken PTSD heart.   The blunt trauma, the new ‘normal’ living with the scab of the open wound that is still freshly gaping and any poking it can restart the ugly bleeding and pain one is trying best nursing, even when there are butterflies and yearnings deeper down the viscera beyond control.  Time is lost, youth is lost, so is more than all the strength and courage in us to just pick ourselves up and carry on the front of a functioning adult. There is nothing left inside to go gamble with the guts when memories are freshly seared, traumatic, and adults should LEARN from their worst if favorite ‘mistakes’.  There are all these nerve-wrecking disturbing things we call doubts, uncertainties, feelings are by definition intangible and finicky,  new habits is not love…or is it?!  At the end of the drama it manages to perfectly wrap it  up simply as all the doubts, the uncertainties, the habits, the jealousy….all these globs of confusing feels are telltale signs illustrating they are nothing but components of love, making up what love is for grown men and women in their 30s.

What a great drama wrapup/ start for 2014.


22 thoughts on “Happiness is Pursued

  1. Happy 2014 to you too! How’s life? 🙂
    I’ve been waiting for this one to end so I can grab it as a whole. I haven’t seen a good romantic, drama with adults in ages. By all accounts ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’ should fit the bill to a ‘t’.

    1. Happy 2014 Chingu~! Life’s good! Had a great break with family and ready for a fresh start, and you?

      I seldom watch a drama for the OTP alone, because it’s never THAT perfect to counter, but this is so amazing I can tolerate the rest. This is not wart-less, but I have brushed up my dling knack and dusty portable drive, dling this baby for keeps in HD for the OTP alone.

      I think what I love best is this has none of the gimmicks on what love is as most Asian trendies try to romanticize things esp the Jdoramas, which I do love too, but this it the better breed, it is romantic because it felt as genuine as ever possible and huge part of that is the pair is leagues above what TW actors can do on TV.

      1. I had a great time with the family during holidays as well. Otherwise I’ve been kinda busy being a trainee and now there are the approaching evaluations with all the paperwork included (ykes, I’m not ready!). Trying hard not to stress out too much. 🙂

        Well, I don’t usually watch a drama solely for the OTP either as that’s tends to get boring. So, I gather this OTP is worth me time then. Looking forward to the upcoming marathon. Intelligently handled story with good acting is always welcome.

        1. All the best Dear! Good stress is GOOD! ^^ But yes, do not be too hard on yourself. Ganbette~!!

          Yeah, it has never worked out for me if the drama’s only godsent is the OTP, I get bored more and more easily and even my friend the ff-button is a chore to use if I need to do it too often. This is honestly not some acting I have seen for a long while in an understated romance from all of Asian dramaland for so long if not forever, when is OTT kitsch which is generally regarded as cutesy, or attacking the character with verve and heart even the best of TW actresses love to regress to (yes I”m talking about Ariel and Rainie…) not a presence, not even a sniff in a TWdrama?!?!

  2. Ahhhhh haven’t seen the last ep yet, but LOOOOVE YOUR TPOH POST IS LOVEEEEE! Love your header to bits too!

    My Yi Kang where art thou?!

    1. The unfathomable genuis of TY is he makes YiKang perfect, yet real. He somehow grounded the character to be this normal human being who is not outrageously dazzling on paper, to love a woman so. This is truly a falling for a character because of his words and actions, what is inside more than the outward package or all the weird shticks usually attached to these heroes to hammer in the ‘memorable’.

      And this lady PD is so apparently 青出於藍 in making the best use of her talents at hand. PD Winnie is good, but he has his habits and inertias and from everything I have loved him for a clarity of understanding of woman is still not what I would sing praises to about him. I want to say ladyPD got super lucky working with TY and Sonia who can do so much more between the lines of the script but it also takes the humility of a director to be so open to accept ideas and working this closely and meticulously and thoroughly with the actors to perfect every minutiae

        1. They. Just. Are.

          I challenge any TWdrama to even come close to what they did to me. This is what makes an otherwise watchable In a Good Way, which by all accounts is also driven by OTP goodness/cuteness has nothing going on for me.

  3. MY FEELS. Your post encapsulates everything. Thank you.

    They are just so perfect, so perfect together. It’s been awhile since a drama has captured my heart as much as this one – I’m a sucker for co-habiting plots and slow-burn romances, so this drama was a shoe-in, but it really just took my expectations to a whole ‘nother level. Just beautiful. And Tony and Sonia. GODS be damned — they need another project SOON.

    1. Me too, I love slow burn romances, but this one has that extra kick of LeiLei still making a mind of her own, having the control after all the genuine love confession(S). I like wooing, but it’s refreshing to see just wooing and few flipping of heartbeats does not make all the tribulations of relationship dissipate as if magic. I love LeiLei being so honest and in tune with her feels yet still is true to the trauma of an ongoing heartbreak, balancing the jaded heart and all that practicality growing up ‘forced’ on us as adults.

  4. Finally finished it! I couldn’t agree more, Tony Yang is amazing, period. Every word he enunciates feels like they’re his owns words, coming from a part of his own experience, and his face is just…I don’t know how he does it, but he’s a pleasure to watch. I don’t think I need to make much of a fuss over Sonia, I’ve officially joined the ranks of her fangirls XD The drama itself was surprisingly good despite all the predictable stuff, although I still don’t understand what the point of Simon’s whole change was, I could see how Lulu came in as a small hitch in their extended journey but Simon felt like he had a bit of a personality change. It would have been nice, if they’d managed to carry the consistency they built up with the OTP to the side characters. Regardless the drama was super refreshing against the usual tw fluff.

    1. I have seldom been able to love a drama to death just on OTP alone, but this is an exception. I don’t think the side characters/side plots are headdesking dealbreakers per se, we’ve seen way more offensive silly crap from TWdramas through the years as a norm, but the OTP made everything else a non-issue.

      1. I guess the fact that the OTP had plenty of screen time as well as a lot of content to work with, the side characters weren’t as relevant, but I think because everything about the main OTP was so damn perfect it feels like a little bit of a shame by having the sort of stray edges stick out. Either way I’m totally looking forward to Sonia’s next drama that sounds just a tad similar, I hope Tony picks something just as good soon.

        1. I think Tony has a few very big things lined up himself. Talk about Ruby Lin’s amazing taste when he is the lead of Ruby’s new drama which starts filming yesterday. He has a bit role in the upcoming John Woo saga http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Crossing_%282014_film%29 previously named 1949, the cast list is insane!

          I have a habit of ffing my drama, so the fact the side characters do not stink up the place that much just did not add to the narrative as I wanted is sth I can overlook. That is of course because our OTP is just PERFECTION! I honestly have not seen any TWdrama pairing that is such a match made in drama heaven as far as so comparable talent and natural chemistry and given decent material to flourish in.

          1. Ruby Lin’s taste in men is impeccable, that woman must have magical strings after being in the industry for so long. Thank god he has some stuff coming up…damn I just read the cast list for the movie 0_0

            Lol that’s fair enough, in terms of how strong their performance came off, it does outweigh the smaller stray bits. It’s rare to find 2 actors on the same wavelength, so watching Tony and Sonia do their thing with stuff that’s decently written, is pretty much like you said PERFECTION XD

            1. I would make it a new yr resolution to complete everything TY did in 2014. I owe him at least that for the perfection he did in TPoH.

              I was not annoyed by the stray bits to begin with, of course I can do without it and watch an entire drama of distilled OTP goodness with this one and probably this one only. I rewatched the last episode last night and even down to the last scene, where the cheesy dance number was saved by TY’s naturalness immersed in his YK, and making every moment he’s sharing with Sonia’s AL on screen like the happiest most enjoyable eventful time for his character.

          2. Which show is that (the ruby lin productio)?

            Both are good on their own, together, they are better, that is what happend in poh. Of course, the production team has been good to (viz-a-viz) them.

            1. It is 倾世皇妃/The Glamorous Imperial Concubine. I can’t stand the drama myself and did not make it to the part Tony makes his appearance, he’s playing a minor role and perhaps his first foray into C period fluff.

  5. Tony was in this show? It showed on tv here, and I saw bits and pieces, you know on the tv, watch the interesting parts and ignore the rest. I must say that I ignored a lot for this show. And nothing there looks like tony. I think the actors of greater prominence in this show are wallace …, and …… I agree lousy show.

  6. Btw, I just reread your comments dated 5 Feb, and you were talking about tony been the lead for Ruby Lin’s show which just started filming yesterday (would be 4 Feb). Hence, this show cannot be the glamorous imperial concubine, can it? Somehow, I do not think he is Ruby Lin’s type, Ruby Lin’s type is surely more like the Wallace …who starred in the Imperial concubine, a more polished type. I think Tony is more the natural type.

    1. Ruby is a producer foremost and while I think her aesthetics align with mine to say she is restricting herself as to have a particular type/actor for every leading man in all her productions is odd. Wallace is a placid actor lacking command of screen and proper skills imo and a few leagues below what Tony can do, and that was just news I read around Jan5 that the drama is finally in production, Drama is 十六个夏天. I have not heard anything more since so I am not sure if it’s credible and that is why I choose not to talk more about it.

      sources: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/2341251466 http://www.qhtv.cn/a/3838-2.html

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