Dai Kuko 2013 SP

Matani Koki, why you so AWESOME!?

*not terribly spoilerish, I think, hence the lack of Kagawa caps*

One shot, no NG, every character has a presence off the bat.  Secrets, lots of secrets and a nosy busybody (ie any or all of us) in the mix,  some are surprising enough, but we have watched enough quirky comedies to predict it all and that is sweetly satisfying in itself.  Under the hijinks, there is heart and something just warm and fuzzy enough to engage and weirdly feel good about the human condition.   All of them have something, however trivial and silly and crackling and life altering to tell that wreak havoc with my sides, and my sudden onset incontinence.

You know I love this man, Kagawa(BEMINE! To share…) on my screen, anytime, anywhere, all the time and everywhere.

And into our files this goes: Kagawa’s after sex hair (i am not kidding)

And I also like this ojisan, lately I refer to him as Komikado’s boyfriend Choichiro instead of his real name Katsuhisa Namase and I am not the only one, ie the nemesis/true loves of Masato are sharing more than half the time on screen here.  You would be lying if one did not half expect a Masato to pop up as random character, a cross between Hanzawa x Komikado and is boyfriend, real romantic kind of one or both of them.  It is not like the writing is not full on meta, everytime Namase utters, ‘I have a plan…’, ‘ I want…’ to Kagawa, it is asking me to scream at the screen, ‘a plan to off MASATO/HANZAWA/KOMIKADO’.

Often, that is almost through the entire drama, they are certifiable nuts, making these faces:

But I would one-up them making these exact faces along WHILE laughing my ass off, rolling on the floor.  IT is hard, and it hurts.

I am allergic to Toda, I am not alone I know, but she is more than serviceable here, how can she stink up this company?!?!  Nay impossible.  She is actually fantastic, this coming from me.

GOSH!!!! Fangirls of O. Joe. , yes I know most of us are not picky on hygiene and combed hair on our guys after intoxicated by O Joe through the years, and when you are born hot like an O Joe, we are so conditioned by his messy disheveled freshly rolled off bed then gutters hotness that we insist there can not be any hairdo on him as titillating, because he is our hoboAdonis.  BUT DO WE LOVE HIM CLEANED UP IN UNIFORM(S)?!?!??!?!?!

Yes, plural, he has the most number of costumes out of all the characters (huh, but why aren’t we accidentally bumping into a bathroom he is making one of those numerous changes!????????????????????????????????????????????)  I suspect he was in a suit very early on in a you blink you miss second.

You can not stop me from opining this is a very ridiculously hot BAMF!face in a gold wig and a flight attendant’s uniform, and there is even a hint of girly shyness, whiff of it and I would still wanna do notty things to him/her.

Thank you.   THANK YOU.  THANK YOUUUUU!!!!!!!!!


Right when I can feel my lungs again after all the squealing of O JOE FkingHOTinPILOTUNIFORM, he shares a lift with another female character and that very moment I realize I have a crucial life skill I need mastering just in case…how to strand an elevator (thus I can have my way with an O Joe in uniform……more sans uniform).  I fear not the litigation of my subsequent crime, we have Namase Katsuhisa, Komikado/Masato’s nemesis lawyer boyfriend here.   All legitimate, logical thoughts if you have watched that scene, not saying a thing that is not crossing  your own mind watching.

And later on, he has another costume change, and at the elevator again and he throws a wink at Yuko, whom I liked alright in the past but it has never caught onto love.  Here, LOVE.   Oh, and I was hoping for a kiss, you all expected me to gush an obligatory, a What Would Yuko Do (if I were Yuko’s ground staff of this tiny airport of 2 flights a day), the typical kiss the bejewels out of him as the elevator door closes and drag him off to the nearest piece of tarmac and press him horizontal, I have taken note he is wearing an onesie as well, convenient, which inside could’ve been the flight attendant’s uniform, or the pilot’s uniform, or just boxers, or briefs, or nothing.

We also have one of the very memorable ojisan, Toshiki Ayata from one of the loveliest doramas Shinya Shokudo, he must’ve shared a precious scene with Mr Odagiri there, right?

AHHHH what a good fun lovely time I had  (you can not see it, but in my colorful imagination, this is scene post-ravage, and there is a nikkid OJOE flopped down there.)

I dare you not tempted to watch.  muahahaha!

4 thoughts on “Dai Kuko 2013 SP

  1. HOLY CR^%%^*^&*^&PP!!!
    If you could only hear/see my screaming fangurl face as I scrolled down to see each and every screencap!
    Yes, KAGAWA! BE MINE! To share… ^^~

    Btw, have you seen Tea Fight? I d/led it recently, seems like a riot, maybe not on the same level as KoL but near? But there is no Masato, although there is an Toda Erika – booo!
    (But hey, I can always open to her proving us naysayers wrong.)

    But yes, can’t wait to watch this!! xD

    1. I can hear it Supah~! XDDD

      This is worth for the writing and oneshotgimmick alone, but with this ensemble and nobody suck even the ones I thought could.. GOLD.

      I can see myself rewatching this till I know all their lines, in Japanese, and I can’t speak no Japanese.

      I can’t stick with Tea Fight after a few minutes, it had a cute and well done animation in the beginning then it got tedious fast. I sensed this is Toda’s show, early on so I had to stop, that is on top of ZaiZai always manages to put me to sleep, yes, pretty him can not hold my attention on pretty alone, never.

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