Yuan Hong Picspam January 2014

Back to my favorite past time.

Loverboy is on vacation, off the grid, as a cyberstalker I miss him like the rest of the redbeanies, it does not help when MickeyD is promoting their red bean pies tying it in with homecoming/ the biggest human exodus of lunar new year when red beans (相思豆/love beans) is symbolic of love and fidelity and mutual longing and the ad slogan speaks the redbeanie’s heart:  Overcoming the distance, how can you bear the red beans alone in the longing?

but I got over it easy by how happy and relieved I am he is getting his long overdued, well deserved break after wrapping up Chang Ge Xing.

Plus, he is attending the very happy occasion, the wedding of Chen SiCheng and Tong LiYa, at Tahiti of all heavenly places on earth.  I can not wait for the wedding pictures to leak out come their big day on the 16th.  So if any of you lucky things happen to be vacaying at Tahiti, look out for him in swim trunks or buttnaked, sporting some shocking new muscles we saw a glimpse of not long ago.  He has been snapped by passerby gushing how more handsome he is in person left and right in transit at airports these days.   Here he is strutting a pose at the counter.

Even young cute actresses (one of them is the latest Lin DaiYu of Dream of Red Chamber fame) can’t help posting selcas with the hottie.

His Love Trouble just started rerunning on CCTV8, it has a delightful first 10 eps, worth it for a dose of the very cute and pleasant on the eyes quartet of leads very precious in C modern fluff.  He also taped a few very cute shows which will be on rotation in these weeks with lunar new year approaching.  He is always a dream on varieties showing off his naturally charming witty hilarious derpy ways.  The ShenZhen TV show 男左女右 has him being the cutest and competent looking manny in a segment.

I mean he got 3 young boys happily sitting properly, drinking their own beverages with his arms around ALL of them because his limbs are just that long and slender on top of holding his own beverage in hand, let alone the looking gorgeous, tummy sucked in and zippers not undone.  The only little peeve is no visible socks, but knowing he is such a hypochondriac clean freak Virgo, I bet he has some no show dress socks between his toes and the shoe.

He is also busy helping out charitable causes he cares, like bringing warm clothing, books to children in very rural villages:

Of his long list of upcoming dramas, I would put my bet on Young Detective Dee seeing the daylight first, especially when articles are trickling out, sign of PR at work.  It is not easy to rock this ornate kinda gaudy outfit with these colors, but of course he nails it:

There is a harmless rumor out of Ruby and YH as an item, ie just silly reporters having nothing better to do but spinning loverboy’s words of himself being so nervous working against Ruby on the set of Young Detective Dee just holding her hands would cause him forgetting all his lines.  He flirts with anything in a skirt-like contraption, male or female on top of  horseys and cows and doges, even fake ones.  So much truth.  Very likely.  All I know and care is I do think they look lovely together, as the Tong emperor and his much more overshadowing consort/empress Wu ZeTian:

The first weibo he posted of 2014 is him, the new uncle, cuddling a baby sooo cute:

It is socially acceptable albeit super annoying for anyone older to butt in private lives of younglings around this time of year, so now that your pals are either happily married or in an open steady romance, when do we get the red bomb HuGe AND YuanHong?!   One single red bomb will do.

HAHAHAHAHAHAAA  Baidu has a new visual search engine that is snerked as so craptastic.  I do not know if the following are real searches or just the cutest redbeanie smartypants at their best poking fun at their idol/idiot.

And I just happen to come across a probably ~20 yr old cap of Kevin in his MV during his early popidol days, and tell me if his backup dancer did not look 99% like Loverboy.  MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA

He will be back to work soon.  There are a few much talked about idol periods still throwing all names on the wall in the heat of casting and generating as much fanwar as possible and I would not be surprise any one of them would fight for a YH on their roster.

Out of everything fresh in production right now, I think HuGe’s 琅琊榜 /Lang Ya Bang is shaping up to be quite decent.  I haven’t thoroughly read the novel, just glimpses and character constructs, but the casting has nothing headdesky going on…yet.

haha I can give brownie points to an upcoming drama just on nice graphics on the cover of script.  In all seriousness, the production company is very solid, state-run by the ShanDong province and have been producing quality dramas through the decades, the opposite of Yu Zheng’s clan, perhaps not responsible of the popular idol hits for the babies, but ratings and acclaims, they have some.  HuGe will reunite with his Young Yang Clan bigbro5,  (he is in the pic of their Egypt trip above), that got my hopes up of them crossing paths outside of the trepidations of TangRen as both HG and YH are working towards bigger better projects, collaborating again in something truly fantastic and memorable deserving their talent and loveliest bromantic chemistry.

He is also lending his face for a cameo in season 4 of the megahit C sitcom iPartment playing a douchy playboy.

Looks like YH has signed up for a modern drama 天使的城/Angel of the City, teaming up with Cherrie Ying and…Yuan Shanshan.  Argh.  Arghhhhh.  >< This is the loose second installment of the ‘Angel’ series with the theme around having children and the first drama was a decent hit, with the leads (李晨Jerry Lee, 马苏 Ma Su) returning for perhaps cameos or sizable roles.  None of the actors besides Yuan Hong gets me excited about this one bit.   Loverboy will be playing a ‘tall, rich, handsome’ having a bickering angsty romance with the divorce lawyer played by Cherrie who is still tangled with her ex husband.   I can just pray if he is truly on the cast let him have nothing much to do with YSS, please.  The director has worked with YH in Tian Di Min Xin which is reassuring, I love that historical drama, but C moderns habitually have intolerable writing no amount of good directing and acting can salvage.  This will start filming in ShenZhen very soon, hopefully be out end of year.

There are more comments thrown out in forums I came across that he is more and more the forerunner as the lead of the drama adaptation of  平凡的世界/Ordinary World.   This I care very very much because I do not think any production company in it for a quick buck dares touching this piece of literature on top of how laborious it must be to come up with a script for it.  So, this better materializes and be respectably good because this could very well be Loverboy’s best ever drama role to date or ever in his career.

14 thoughts on “Yuan Hong Picspam January 2014

    1. HUGZ and HIGH5 and HALLELUJAH!!

      I have a thing for guys able to carry this exact shade of shocking pink since forever that has nothing to do with Loverboy, just my kink. Just to add another notch why he should be MINE! XDDD

          1. Of course I am not against seeing those pretty eyes and be all over him in RL muahahhaha

            But frankly, I can’t do the fangirl thing of making a trip, waiting for hours just for 5 min of him 10 ft from me, no can do. IF I happen to bump into him on a flight, in the street of course I would scream my lungs out.

            Thing is, I respect him for what he is doing professionally, and now in the business, part of the game is they have to be approachable too, not saying YH is terribly against opening up his RL for fangirls to lurk, but with all the social media, it’s in their job description. So whatever he is willing to share with the world about the real him, his life, I would slurp it up, but whatever he wanna keep private, ie living his life as himself outside the spotlight, I think it’s only respectable to not intrude. It is not like I could keep up a friendship with him even if I met him, and I am most interested in his work anyways and am grateful he shares so much of himself with us already. Can’t ask for more.

  1. Your Yuan Hong posts are always a treat 😀 ! Everytime they get me to watch some YMOTYC only to watch Yelu Xie and cheer for him to beat all the Yang men :-p

  2. The mean problem with TR is she is too much of an actor/actress biased. Before it was HuGe who was casted and promoted as lead in every of her projects even in roles whose he does not fit. Now this is LSS sorry but after reading Da Mo Yao story and character LSS did not fit the role. The girl eyes first are anything but shining -mostly sleepy. And she does not look “exotic”. Gu Lah Na Zi for example fits the character description better. And as a producer, too much of biasness is never good. She took notice of YH quality tooooo late. Even Lin Gen zhi (if I am not wrong on his name) criticized her method before.

    1. Imo as a businessman she is a failure, TR fail to expand at all in resources and with such abysmal resources and she kept everything in house for every production, it’s very limited what the company can churn out.

      I bet there is also the moneybackers asking most lucrative product HG as the lead in everything, he is the best known star, and without proper promotion from the company, I do not think many know YH at all. With their so abysmal resources, and horrible business decision, YH’s dramas outside of TR were not given any attention, some of them he’s leading, the wiser and bigger person should push it to daylight at least, but since it’s not directly making her any $, she just watches on as his dramas outside of TR, which he has leading role, sit and stale on the shelf. Not saying TR can really change things, but a little effort is wise. She is just sooo terribly shortsighted, I do not understand why she can be at the helm of a decent production company and now led it to downfall for all the years.

      LSS has lost her tiny sparkle she has in her eyes long ago. She tried her very best and hardest in BuBu, but everything she did after has no soul and heart in it. But she is lucky, the scene lacks a 20 sth leading lady with her name recognition and aura and she is having kickass opportunities even if she is not suitable for role. Good for her…but she should leave TR, at least do as HG, branch out in his own production company and has more control on his works.

      I agree so much with what you are saying about DMY, but most importantly it looks very crappy just by TR’s standard, GLNZ is super green, she can’t act, BUT I just do not think LSS’ acting can compensate the physicality and GLNZ has that to her advantage from the starting line. And like all newbies, they need opportunities and honing, isn’t it much more sensible of her own management to give her the chance to be better in a befitting role?! I know nothing, but I just know what TR has been doing has been so silly it’s shocking.

      LGX is so so shrewd, i do not know how, I think he’s very overrated, but he is now landing very solid movie role after movie role, from second lead to leading man without much proof of solid skills. I am impressed by his backers.

      1. Lool about LGX 😀
        Yes GLNZ needs opportunities to work on her craft. Now if she does not push herself and improve this will be her problem so

  3. Any post on YH makes me tachycardic. If by chance I see him somewhere, I would probably scream too and rush to him. That is why I am not a fangirl of actors/actresses/singers from my home country because I might become a stalker. LOL.

    HY is a Bel Ami for me.

    1. I am so weird, even with stars I am quite rabid with, when I see them in person, I would get batshit while at it, but after a short while, seeing them as just another person doing things we are doing, I can snap out of it. It’s nice, but I truly rather see them amaze me at their craft.

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