Congratulations to the happy newlyweds!

I am speechless with how gorgeous, the epitome of gorgeousness of very good looking actors to begin with on their wedding day with added utter bliss in the mix.  Ahhhhhhh I am thankful for the most gorgeous snaps they share to the world and the genuine glowing happiness spilling out of them is just infectious.

Tong LiYa is the most gorgeous working young actress in the industry bar none imo.  She has the perfect mix of sweetness, pureness, beauty, talent, femininity, versatility and screen presence.  If only her roles can do her justice.  But I am so happy she finds her happiness in life and it does not have to be megastardom just because she is in this profession.   I always gush out loud how breathtakingly and effortlessly womanly gorgeous she is in photos and stills, but nothing beats these and I can assume these are the most gorgeous pictures ever of the beauty.  I also am brought to sweet tears by her simple eloquent, beautiful love declaration she posted on her wedding day today, it is exactly the YaYa  I assumed who have guts and more brave than her sweet gentile looks can convey:

遇见一个能让你say yes的人,为什么还要等?更何况,思诚和我的爱情,从一开始就是奔着结婚去的。没有观望,没有迟疑,他始终真心待我,我也从未动摇半分。

When you met a person you can ‘say yes’ to, why wait?  Moreover, our love, from the very beginning, is dashing towards the alter.  There is no speculation, no hesitation, he has treated me with utmost earnest and honesty, and I have never wavered.

I have never seen Yang Mi as stunningly beautiful as her wedding day.

All I can put words to is, I am more than happy just looking at how happy very beautiful people are. Congrats Congrats!!!

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