See the World in A Grain of Sand

…through those lovely fingers, most gorgeous eyes of Yuan Hong.

It happens every single time.  I tried my mightiest to limit my gushing of Loverboy and make a resolution of say shamelessly posting about him once a month or less… and out come a glorious wave of his person, slaying me every way, giving me the pretty and food for thought and meditation…and naked wet hint of muscles in gorgeous places in the world I desperately want to visit like now.

Doggies and Baby elephants (and their moms) love him.   I can’t say more about his preciousness.


Part 1:

This is what is so attractive to me of the inner YH, he manages to instill his massive knowledge from how well-read he is on top of his wit and distill it to simple articulate ardent words.  His take on why Thailand, Chiang Mai is as spiritual is because religion is everywhere, in close quarters of daily lives, sandalwood scent permeates the air, constant droning of prayers.  There is a calmness a ‘jai yen yen‘, he says, imbued in the fabric of living.  Exactly the illumination of his quote from:


一花一世界, 一草一天堂,  A flower is a world,  a grass is a heaven,

一葉一如來, 一砂一極樂,  A leaf is a Tathāgata, a sand is an elysium,

一方一净土, 一笑一尘缘,   A patch is a pure land, a smile is a carnal bond

一念一清靜。                          A thought is a nirvana

Beauty and wisdom and goodness is everywhere in everything to behold if we take the time to appreciate.  To quote William Blake:

To see a world in a grain of sand

And a heaven in a wild flower,

Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,

and eternity in an hour.

Just as he has lost his way, there is a gorgeous and super helpful college student there to be his guide and companion.  Obviously it’s arranged but I would not be surprised he did pick a very cute college lady off the street and charm her to lead him around town,  to take a minute where the bustling market in the heart of the city stood still as the national anthem lauds, be in a travelogue show with him and wine and dine with. What girl in her right mind say no to THAT!?!!

And just so very him, by the very tranquil lake in the midst of  temples, he has to make a point he is having a deep thought, a question on whether turtles hibernate when there is no winter in Thailand.  I mean it is a good question, but this snapped me out from droolzing too much from all the zen wisdom he is living and sprouting.

As I was picspamming yesterday, I asked for a nikkid wet YH pic in swim trunks.  And with my Loverboy voodoo, wish comes true.  You can kneel to me now, fandom. XDDDD

This is exactly the amount of muscle I like on my guys.  no joke.  Just a hint, perhaps a tiny bit more but that is it.  Anything too hunky is too jarring for me…just not my type.  I messed with too many HeMan and comic book heroes figures of my bro growing up.  I want them still able to fake being bookish and dorky and geeky most of the time.  T!M!I!  I know I know.  But let me just say this: he has my hubs exactly wardrobe, EXACT, and it is super weirding me out.


4 thoughts on “See the World in A Grain of Sand

    1. He is! haha but in many ways I am not jealous of his significant other, if he has one, because geez the constant nerve wrecking enormous competition is too much for a sane person to bear muahaha!

      I can’t say it more but I am grateful he is always reliable to give me that little pickmeup in my life. 🙂

  1. Luv this post (I have a lot…I luv) !!! RL had been hectic… the holidays, the short but sweet 1 week visit to my Mom and the back to work catch-up thing.

    YH is handsome and awesome as ever. Woo… he is brave to hug an elephant!? I was scared to even go near them when I visited a park in Thailand years ago. I enjoyed the show though.

    Thanks for the recent posts.

    1. hugz! Glad that you have a sweet holiday, mye. It’s so nice to spend some time with your family.

      He just loves all breathing thing, the doggie he plays with looks like a Bull Terrier and I would hesitate approaching a stray, they can be quite aggressive even though I am a dog person. 😀

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