First Look at Hyun Bin in King’s Wrath


It is alright for King JeongJo to have SOOOO MUCH MUSCLE MASS?!?!?!!?

*I stole all gifs and pics from weibo, credit to original posters!*

It’s not a complaint, perhaps it is… I am scared shitless, in a good way. because all along I thought his face was more gaunt than SeGa days and it would serve that fateful day when JeongJo became King of Joseon with all this brawn unbeknownst.

AHHHHHHHH BINNIE!   HOW I MISS YOU~!  Official posters are out and we can expect longer trailers to come along.  This looks scrumptious.  Jung JaeYoung will play his ‘frenemy’ assassin turn valiant supporter and Han JiMin’s Queen Dowager, ‘grandmother’ of JeongJo I assume foxy looks quite the part as well.  I will stay cautiously optimistic,  PD of Beethoven Virus does not rock my boat, worst come to worst I can stick with ogling an intense HBinnie.

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