Happy Year of the Horse

Year of the horse brings in its unique blessings of the catchphrase 馬上.有 (having it immediately, easy to see horse was the fastest mode of transportation in the old days).   The traditional red paper cutting for window dressing has always placed auspicious characters: 福/财  on horses, now we have weiboers placing the object of desire or its wordplay on the horseback in hope of having it immediately.   haha I giggled at a pair of elephants on a horsey hoping for 對象/significant other.  It just so happens my Loverboy’s surname 袁 sounds the same as fate/destiny 緣 as in 馬上有袁/馬上有緣. Putting him on a horsey is well wishing y’all to meet the one in your destiny immediately, may it be romance, friendship or…hotties for fangirling~! XDDD

Reach higher

Delve deeper.

Play harder.  Hang out more with friends.

Take a breather.

Work harder, take notes in life (with hottie by your side)

*Ad Mania has finally snatched a timeslot on a tiny local cable Feb 3rd!*

Life is too short not to wiggle our butt a little (or a lot, and in red pants at that!  Go, Loverboy!).

Slow down.  Take in the view.

Take a journey, a little leap.

Loverboy:  When in China (or elsewhere),  eat our dumplings (and all kinds of auspicious foods!)

Eat more.  Have a healthy appetite for all sweet things in life.

(But never grabbing cotton candy from cute little girls)

I did not grow up watching 春晚/ ChunWan/ Spring Festival New Year Gala,  and I can’t sit through it in entirety.  This is the most worthy performance of the evening, reenacting 同光十三絕 by 8 modern peking opera maestros.

同光十三絕 is a painting by an artist during the Qing GuangXu Emperor rule, a memorial of 13 best opera stars during TongZhi/GuangXu period (a period of reprieve of the ever-declining Qing) in their most colorful character marking the most glorious days or the birth of modern day Peking Operas merging the various elements of Kunqu/Qinqiang/秦腔, Huiju/徽剧.  Third from the left is the grandfather of Mei LanFong:

This is perhaps the most political as well:

寸土怎能够属于他人/  How can an inch of our earth belong to others?

Of the 8 characters, 黄忠/Huang Zhong,穆桂英/Mu GuiYing (of Yang’s clan),佘太君 (the matron of the Yang clan, legend has it still a ladywarrior at 100),双阳公主/the melodramatic love interest and aide of Song hero general狄青/Di Qing) ,薛平贵(Tang capable general from very humble birth) are all warriors in popular legends.

Happy Lunar New Year!

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