Legend of Dance and Music

What a surprise.  The most pleasant kind.

Yes, sadly I think a lot of peacocks met a sad demise for their feathers being used.  Even the horses wear these pineapple peacock feathers helmets!  I want one too, just to wear when I am dusting things with my head.  The drama is 舞乐传奇/ Legend of Dance and Music.  There is an obscene amount of gold that must be fake but still glittering sparkling everywhere and peeps are dipped in it like Smaug.  It has a boring off-putting typical Cdrama poster that makes you cringe a little and forget about it the next second:

The true star of the show is writer 王倦.   I will remember his name, forever, keeping him in my go-to pile.   What a lovely piece of drama writing in a SinoBurmese historical wuxia mystery adventure travelogue road drama deemed Journey to the North by the fans, a loving homage to Journey to the West with a virtually hole-less plot, steadily, progressively paced, and laden with such glorious details to authenticity I have been abusing my baidu/chinese wiki, pausing and reading up on the history and its colorful characters, true historical player of the same name in the drama and does not deviate blasphemously.

This is Lin Geng Xin’s best work to date, not that he has done an awesome job in it.  I apologize to his fans,  I just do not see much talent, imo he is overrated, serviceable, but delivering same performances for his varied, colorful characters under his belt.  He has opportunities his peers would mass murder puppies for, but has not been showing me he deserves all of it.  He is very young though, I won’t count him out if he can see the dire need to work very hard, that is before fame gets too much into his head.  He needs tonnes of work on his diction which is grating on my nerves even watching his line-reading with dubbing.  He is not exactly in control of his facial features when emoting, wincing is not expressing a myriad of feelings.  He is the weak link of the entire cast, but he is a great fit for the character with his height giving him enough princely stature plus a bit of wooden clumsy cuteness in his charm.  His just alright performance suits the ‘useless’ prince character who is actually Sherlock without all the antisocial affluenza, the sociopathic smug, mashing with a Detective Conan, inserted into the real historical prince of ~9th century AD Burma, then the empire of Pyu, with a deeply religious Buddhist culture.   The story is loosely based on the true account of Prince Shwenandaw bringing his famed dance troop for a visit to Tang in 802 AD for diplomacy/religion missionary in the form of lyrical musical spreading Buddhist scriptures and teachings.  Tang dynasty was when spiritual enlightenment was in its fullest vigor in the entire continent, rulers have been criticized in social commentaries of the time for too lavishly spending on religious artifacts and ceremonies rather than defense and infrastructure.  Think real deal Journey to the West in reverse and not fictionalized and popularized by a most well known classic literature.  Read more of the history and the making of the drama here.

The acting is solid to very charismatic,  but more importantly all of the characters have a highly functional brain I do not mind exchanging with mine and stay true to themselves and their agenda…and the writing is tight.  Each time I spot a possible tiny plot hole, it actually serves as a veiled clue for future arc seamlessly.  What I was sure it is a booboo,  turns out to be a brilliant twist, ALL THE TIME.  The characters would sit down and explain all that is left out in the narrative, weaved into the storyline.  If you are looking for snerking, no luck here.   This little kitschy silly looking beast is very possibly the best written original Cdrama I have witnessed last few years.  I would rank it higher than the standard of Cdrama preciousness Zhen Huan Zhuan myself if solely on the writing.  It is an understatement that it is not everyday I can sit through a C wuxiaperiod not being insulted intellectually and mentally.   This drama is not perfect but every second of it is decent and sensible to the story it is telling.  The writer never takes a breather, nor dozes off cruising by an episode here or there.  This is a 42 episode goodness, I’ve heard in every comment.  I feel respected as an audience, as if I am truly an honored guest invited to a warm, heartfelt little show put together with care and soul, within his means by Producer/Director Yu in front of my screen, constantly.  I have been loling nonstop at peeps commenting on the streaming hollering why by the same surname of Yu, yuma is a putrid toad of a producer whereas Mr Ringo Yu is truly knight in shining armor saving the industry.  They even go as far as chatting up with yuma in forums he visits nudging him to study this drama as mantra and learn and repent his sins.

If you are a fan of the hopelessly romanticized wuxia of yore GuLong, have you ever witnessed anything capturing his essence?  I have not, satisfactorily.  Here I am, seriously not joking this captures the core, the values, the romantic heroic essence, the wu/武and the xia/俠 (and our protagonist is an uncle of the surname Xia/夏!) especially from the world of GuLong, no GL drama adaptation has ever come close.  Every element is nicely balanced, a part of the whole.  This is a show that can be an entertaining road drama with mystery case solving and on location exotic scenery and funny costumes to appease the eyes and engage casually, yet you can abuse your baidu/wikipedia and type in any of the character’s name, locale, vocabulary, make yourself some tea, pause the episode and read your hearts out on that slice of history, its culture and the poetry and prose writer sweetly worked into every detail.   It was not trying too hard, nothing is pretentious, just a nice touch here and there befitting, but when every tiny thing fits, it adds up to rainbows and unicorns.  This is rainbows and gold and unicorns.  Our protagonist’s name 夏云仙(ie our Friar Sand equivalent, and nope from this writer this is not coincidence XiaYunXian sounds like Fri-ar Sand.) and 《云仙》 is the title of a Song poetry, giving a vivid visual of the character:


Leaves barren, raindrops destining from afterlife…Ordained umbrella swaying in the wind as he gazes the clouds of dusk.

Take the names of the 2 pretty servant maids/entourage/bodyguard 小腰 ( Little Waist) and 红泥 (Red Earth)  of the seemingly debaucherous debonair smartass playboy guy2:  characters are never just what they present themselves as, with their stories and secrets…but I swear, every single one of them stay smart or smarter than most wuxia heroes and villains, no dumbo, no lobotomy is allowed, none.   This guy2 is exactly the dude who would call his lovely maid/buddywithbenefits/bodyguard his Little Waist, and her twinie 红泥 must be a name he has taken from a down to earth poem of 白居易, a poem about a guy asking for warm wine and company from a buddy:


Freshly brewed rice wine, fragrant with greenness,  tiny fire pit made of red earth, warm and toasty.


Night is falling, snow may fall……can you drink with me?

Our Prince, the piece of sweet white meat all want a bite, a la Tang Zeng.  He is based on the true Prince Shwenandaw.

The source of my rawring guffaws and boundless joy these days:

Any Pretty! Ladies! here to rescue me, yo~!

Mr richboy spoiled brat Guy2 (ie our Journey to the North Mr. Pig ) is played by 胡海锋/Hu HaiFeng to perfection.  I LURVE HIM!  He says the darnest wittiest things and is deliciously evil, the best wicked prankster kind of a sick bastard with the heart of a sweet but pervie 5 year old whose DaddyDearest is the controlling malevolent Chief of Staff of the kingdom belonging to Prince’s wimpy DaddyEmperor.

This is how he takes a ….


A typical little quip will ask and answer our pondering itself as they go back and forth EVERY FREAKEN TIME.  This one is between our bromance OTP, the Playboy BFF /James Bond of 9th Century AD Burma and Prince:

Burmese James Bond:  I want her!

Le Prince: You said so EVERYTIME.

BJB: No, no.  This time I am serious.  She scolded me, I must marry her!

P: Oh. She yells at you thus you have to marry her!?

BJB: You do not understand.  I have never been yelled at like so since the day I was born.  She is special like no one else!  She said the truest truth:  Other than the son of MightyDaddyDearestGeneral, I am actually a useless piece of silly little ruffian’s ass.  What she sees is only me, the person.  Do you get it?

(Next grab not shown) P:  Sure.  You are (a silly little ruffian’s ass of) a masochist.

Sample quip #2:

Burmese James Bond *concerned*:  You really have to meet that murderess tonight?!

Prince:  What if she has the very important Clue?

StreetSmartSlickLadyThief:  What if she has laid down a webbing of traps for you?

P:  The truth can only be known if I am there.

TeddyBearWuxiaMasterUncle:  Excuse me, can I interrupt?  Your Highness, are you a wuxia master?

P:… ><

P: (I am) Weaker than the weakest weaksauce.

And smartypants fangirl points out one of the key figure 伽罗那 (JiaLuoNa) is not far from Garuda.  Needless to say the symbolism of Garuda being enemy to Nagas and Buddha has to mitigate harps back to the story.  This is JiaLuoNa, we met him as the big bad wolfie (but nothing is as it seems in this drama so I am not sure if he stays bigbadwolfie) or this is symbolic:

We can only describe them as cute white rabbit ears, reminding me of  lamb hat towel do in MNIKSS:

Producer/director Ringo Yu is a familiar face in  HK cinema in the 90s (I have always thought he is a HKer, but he is actually born and bred Beijing-er), appearing in many action movies usually as the formidable antagonist.  His background is a classically trained 武生/wusheng following his Peking Opera maestro dad’s footstep.  That is why the wuxia sequences in the drama, in which Mr Yu did the bulk of, are dazzlingly solid acrobatic martial art performances in the flesh, no CGIs.  The action scenes tend to be a tad too long, but are never boring, good stuff is good, not really a complaint of mine.

Our no nonsense, dependable brawny wuxia master 夏云仙 is played by PD Yu himself saying things like: This world is filled to the hilt with too many evils and scums to obliterate. Buddha has ragey moments, capice?!(Bite ME!)

PD Yu loves Zhen Huan Zhuan, perhaps more than us.  He steals that brooding evil schemes are hatching in the air theme, a lot, to my delight.  The music cues are nicely used.  Theme song and ending song are both music to my ears.

I am TOTALLY nuts about this Cdrama.  Nuts.  Savoring it an episode at a time in rapturous AWE, lest I do not do it justice gobbling it up too hastily.  When is the last time I am so scrupulous at being a spoilerphobe over a C.D.R.A.M.A.?!  I am never as guarded to stay unspoiled whatsoever, making this drama experience hardest.  I almost need to cut my nosyfingers off from clicking, hording up the massive cult-like frenzy this little drama is getting from fanarts and fanvids…always the barometer if this is hitting the sweetest demography of the flailing obsessive coolest talented babies.  I will attach it to the post after I’ve finished my watch.

This one is a teaser, unfinished,  and it is also meshing 2  lesser deserving period cult fluffy hits LanLingWang and Chinese Paladin 3 but it is to Jay Chou’s 伽蓝雨 aka 烟花易冷 which just slays me no matter if I have heard it 99 million times.  I do love Jay’s music, but the magic of poet Vincent Fang’s lushly melancholic lyrics is my kryptonite.  Lovely English subbed cover of song by Terry Lin here.  The title of 伽蓝雨 is pure love, referencing 洛陽伽藍記/A Record of Buddhist Temples in LuoYang (if you are interested in the cn/eng pdf, dl here).  Visual of rain on a congregation of monks (ie 伽蓝)…perhaps the pattering disturbs a forgotten chord in one of them, an old self before the austerity… is too hauntingly beautiful.  A fangirl wrote a beautiful prose of the heartbreaking romance possibly inspiring the song here.

In the tumultuous warring years of the Southern and Northern Dynasties, a general has to leave his beloved for battle.  Badly injured he takes refuge in the Temple of 伽蓝, in hope of one day he is well enough to be back home to his love, but fate interferes.  The fighting worsen and to keep his promise of going back to her alive, he becomes a monk at the temple to wade certain death.   A widespread story of a lady in LuoYang trickles to his ears, waiting by a stone slab by the city wall, day by day, asking every soldier passing by of her betrothed till the day she dies.   The monk eventually makes it back to the fallen wall of the city,  a dreary rainy in search of her, touching every stone slab as if her warmth is still there.

Monk beats the wooden fish in a soothing drone, the same rhythm as rain starts splattering on the stone slab just outside the temple…

The drama is opposite of the devastatingly melancholy mood of the song, I am sure it will have angst and tears and heart-tugging moments in store. I have caught fans sniffling and quickly not read another word in fear of spoilers.   It starts with a steady pace, nothing addictive for a few eps of exposition and character introduction, but by the teens, it is hard to not click the next, yet fear brain would explode from the processing needed to catch up with the wavelength of these smartypants.  We have strong vivid intelligent females, 3 of them, playing Burmese Charlie’s Angels with more brains combined and no see-through tank tops we girls could all approve.

One of them have 2/3 the cunningly hilarious wicked lines as the petty ladythief (probably the MonkeyKing parallel), the role of the self-serving rascal in female form with a gooey shoujo heart:

Next we have the typical socially awkward cold prince personified by the gorgeous primadona dancing queen in a breathtaking vision of white and gold bells, perhaps our goddess GuanYin?  Geez, as the drama progresses, she looks more and more enticing and breathtakingly beautiful.  Her name is 宣璐/XuanLu.  Sigh, why can’t we have her as our New Xiao LongNu?!?!?!?

Her name is 兰玛珊蒂/Lan Ma Shan Di, and the cute fans are nudging Mr writer at weibo if her name comes from his love for maserati and lamborghini

Best Ladydancer of the Land.  The young actress/dancer is a 90er and ROCKS!

Then we have the hotheaded good agent in a young maknae, our Lestrade.   The less I describe the characters the more fun it is to find out who they are a layer at a time as the drama progress.  In all seriousness the detective work here pwns the BestestSmuggestTVEver Sherlock S3E1.  This unknown little funny looking thing with not even a B-lister Cdrama based on ancient Burma.

There is this red mystery man I have not yet see face whom I only know is some big boss but I have no idea what side he is on and is creepy but OH I WANNA KNOW. NOW!   *DO NOT SPOIL. AS I AM TRYING DARN HARD NOT TO SPOIL TOO!*

Love letters of the bros:

In short: if you want glorious Bollywood musical reinvented in good fun Cdrama form + side splitting snarky witty standup comedy that is…side-splittingly hilarious + GOOD shoujo fluffy OTP (and other very shippable pairings) + shameless bromance + angsty misty eyed family makjang + political intrigue + Mystery! WHO DID IT!?HOW?!?!?! +detective procedural by Burmese Sherlock who is tender white meat sweet and nice and moral and cuddly but every bit very sharp and know his deduction and mind palaces and ungodly observation deal with the demon madskills + infernal affairs thriller + travel channel documentary + RPG fantasy getting helpers spells voodoos magical dusts/powers/powess + Kick!Ass! martial art that deserves the word art + adventurous road movie.

These are 2 fluffy OTP MVs not very spoilerish.   I dare not tread the other pairings.

The fanart is so fking CUTE and…..Gorgeous.

Our main ladies: icequeen dancer and slick petty thief

More Dancelady:

The lovely duo Miss Little Waist and Miss Red Earth:

Minor characters are all interesting and some are very hot uncles!  YAY for me!


I have never said this:  if anyone reading has affiliation with fansubbing groups working on Cdramas, this is da bomb.   The dialogue is straight forward and never too archaic, there is no lazy episode, nothing close to a chore to suck it up for fansubbers.

30 thoughts on “Legend of Dance and Music

    1. It is computer enhanced, they lifted it straight from the CCTV documentary 大明宫/ Daming Palace of Tang Dynasty recreating the glory days of the Tang palace in XiAn.

  1. 608 ? I thought Tang was establishedin 618.
    Ringo Yu acted in a lot of HK movies HK movie industry golden days (like Iron Monkey). So no wonder you find this drama so good with a lot of substance. This is the Hong Kong cinematic influence. But is it so much better than zhen Huan ? I should check it. I would have liked Yuang Hong in a role here too by reading the way you described how good the show is but good that Li Gen Xin was landed a nice role in such a rare nice cdrama piece 🙂 .
    I find the lady thief very pretty she looks like a younger and prettier version of Alyssa Chia. What is her name ? The dancing girl looks charismatic also 😀

    1. OH XD Thanks for slapping me upside of head for my booboo! I messed up the dates and now factchecked. TY!

      But I never put any hope on HK action movie stars being talented producers and directors of not just action vehicle. I don’t really like Iron Monkey tbh, I was allergic to Donnie Yen till the brief reprieve of Ip Man but now back to allergic. This has so many more intricate elements that need to be integrated masterfully than fanciful wirefu. I thought this would be the horrible LanLingWang deux. The real star is the writer.

      Base on the writing alone, this is faultless, not flawless per se, but everything that perhaps can be tweaked is absolutely logically plausible to begin with. ZHZ may have more brilliant moments but it had a good 10-20 eps in between that the writing was lackluster. Overall, of course ZHZ is still quality stuff, but solely on steady solid deliverance of the writing every scene, every episode this is much closer to 100% than ZHZ. ZHZ is still much better in production values or cinematography and of course the acting of the ensemble of awesomest ladies. I think the music is better here, but this looks every bit kitschy even if endearing.

      Argh, why are you doing this to me Sirey?!?! Don’t you think my craycray obsession over YH should take a break for a day or two!?!?!?! YH would be perfect for LGX’s role. PURRFECT. Why?! Better actor. Xinchan is really not ready for leading roles yet, he needs copious amount of honing, here he should be forever grateful for a wonderful lovely written character and decent directing. But yes, he did not stink this party up and that’s all we can ask from a newbie. Also, YH has always had the slightly western ethnic darker coloring while LGX is every bit the pasty pure blood Northeasterner.

      The ladythief is a Korean actress who has been working very steadily in C productions for years, her name is Choo YaHyun, she is actually 10 years older than LGX but can still play his OTP effortlessly. I remember I have seen her in her early Kdrama days…but I’ve forgotten what exactly. She is very good here, unlike many other K transplants working in Cdramas.

      The dancer lady is perfectly cast as well and she is very good. Bonus, she has believable, almost romantic chemistry with even Mr Yu who can be her grandpa! HOW?!

      1. 😀 hihihihihihihihiihii sorry but I could not help about YH. I think he would have killed it reading through your description.
        Wow she is korean ! first time I see her she looks very cute and young here !! what other dramas did she acted in before ?

        1. She was in Successful Story of a Bright Girl. I have actually downloaded a Cdrama I want to try out a while ago but no time on the subject of the Mu Clan of Yunnan. And now I know that is actually the first drama of the loose trilogy on the area. That one have an even more trustworthy cast with Ray Lui and Pan Hong, along with Ringo Yu and Choo JaHyun, haha on YH, I think he is a doppelganger of a younger Ray Lui, and geez if they have RL playing the DaddyEmperor in DanceMusic…then I do not have to wonder where that prince come from not resembling his Daddy nor his Mommy AT ALL!!!

          AND Mu Saga has SAME WRITER! ! !

  2. Spoilers : Don’t read if you have not yet checked it !!!
    I have just finished episode 1 raw without any sub but gosh Mookiehyun now I am praying somebody will sub the show. I mean just one scene, no two scenes, no three scenes were enough to hook me. first when the prince was attacked in the forest and his two bodyguard girls protected him. I liked his facial expressions here which were a mix of confidence and goofiness. Second when the dancing queen danced on the tree. OMG it revived my time when I had (still have it for Indian traditional dances) indian movies/dances obssession. the actress looks so strong, confident, graceful here ! at first I did not know why she would dance on a tree but I guess it was done on purpose to distract the men. then last but not least when the emprisoned and all nicely made up lady thief, who was ‘ happily’ playing in jail, unchained herself : I shouted ‘BADASS’ on the spot ! it was interesting and unexpected ! I mean check her childlike expression when she was playing and check it again after she remove her chain and open the door (how did she manage to do that ?). After she does it, she still smiles but this looks more… badass 😀

    1. Oh I do not know you need subs Sirey! You are so knowledgeable, and well versed in HK/Cdramas you should need them less than me esp with mandarin dramas.

      Wow, you love it from the get-go?! It took me a few episodes, I thought it was nothing silly and buggy at first and it was when the story takes off and they are on the road that I can not look away!

      haha that Guy2 is so awesome, he is entitled and pompous and nasty but still so endearing and loveable and charismatic. HE does not have the handsomest of faces and I am not sure I am attracted to the traditional clothings and he is quite the womanizer carrying a few STD but he is magnetic and screen-chewing…exactly what a rich playboy good with the ladies should carry himself! How often are we told this person is rich and very attractive with the ladie when we are scratching our heads at the ‘what gives?!>!’

      Oh it was also her dance that absolutely did me in as …wait…this perhaps can be AWESOME! I mean sorry for dragging LSS in here in the discussion, Shishi is a lovely dancer her own right but you can spot all the ballet in her seeping through her every drama dance, it is pretty but not exactly kosher. This young lady is doing authentic dances true to the culture of the land of the story it is faithful to! BEAT THAT. And do not consider it spoiled she has several more dances coming your way and the next one is JAWDROPPING.

      Ladythief also has me at Hello~! haha they never explained why she can get out but you believe she and only she can, it must be she little slick things she did with a flick of a finger when they put those chains on her. She never compromised, she stays this adorably BAMF! IT is just so refreshing seeing the character speaking lines that is exactly our commentary in our head as we are watching. Yet it does not feel too slapstick.

      1. Yes I cannot understand mandarin neither cantonese 😦 . poor me 😛 .
        what episode is her next dance sequence ? I want to watch it now ( but cannot I am working now…bleh) 😀

        I loooove the ladythief your are not wrong to compare her to Monkey King 🙂 . and I checked Mu saga yesterday. the first four episodes. And so far so good ! I hope it stay good because I have had my share of dramas starting with a bang but ending like poo. So far my fav characters are the older generation especially the grandmother chief. I want to have the 10th of her brain 😛 . Ray Liu character so far is intriguing especially after watching episode 4 (and he looks sexier than the younger actors 🙂 ). The young heir Mu Zheng is still naive but he is not so dumb at the same time. He sure knows that one cannot reveal everything to everyone. But I hope he will get more and more smart in this environment filled with intrigues and tricks. I still think Alequie is not cut for revenge : too weak but maybe the next episodes will prove wrong.

        1. Here first dance on tree: http://www.tudou.com/v/UnImF6EpidQ/&resourceId=0_04_05_99/v.swf

          The one I talked about is in e9:

          Some more dance cut (vid quality not too gd):

          I haven’t started Mu Saga myself, but I have visited their mansion in LiJang and read up on their history. The douban rating (like metacritic) is not too good, just middling around a 6/10 whereas DanceMusic is getting high 8 to almost 9 in average, many are quipping the characters are not as interesting as in history, I think it would still be watchable for me, but don’t get your hopes high

            1. Alright !! Thank you Mookie for the vids ! 😀 I guess I should not have high hope for Mu Saga :/ . You got me interested in knowing about who exactly was this family 🙂

              1. haha but it was catching on for the Cnetizens riding off the high of DanceMusic as they have most of the exactly same cast but in very different characters, so that in itself is fun. It is not as tightly written with a great balance of wit and humor and suspense and romance and angst and every emotion as DanceMusic but it should not be headdesky…and I keep hearing the OST is superb! which is again like a unicorn in Cdrama. Their mansion must have been extremely lovely, I visited it a few years ago so it is donned up touristy, still it is not hard to imagine it breathing in its glory.

                1. I have watched Mu saga up to ep 24 and so far it is inoffensive 😀 M seriously I like the acting by almost all the cast and for the first time I feel connection with the cdrama lead actor (which is extremly rare). I think even though he is the typical nice, naif, cute hero I don’t feel he is overshadowed by the actresses(most of the time in wuxia pian actresses shine more than actors). I somehowlike howthe characters are written even though this is not perfect. Chae Joo and the hero (I don’t remember his name) have a warm and nice chemistry. I would have liked this actor in Legend of dance also with Ray lui (did I say I find him sexy?). Ringo Yu character is so immature there ! And the actor playing his son has some weird outfits and style :p . The girl playing Zhao is pretty good too. Ok finish here. Going to watch ep 25

    1. Oh don’t mind me, i am finicky. But he did not give me much more than frowning as if remembering to emote/ the lines, or not. I was shocked i find him this underperforming here.

  3. I am from myanmar…
    & i feel like this drama tried a lot to show the real fashions of old myanmar phyu dinesty…
    Also that kind mind of Prince.
    Most real myanmars still have that kind minds untill now.

    1. Hihi~! Nice to meet you?

      I love this drama with all my heart. I am so happy to hear from you they paint an authentic world for your country’s history! It is not easy to do, on top of all the censorship imposed by the chinese government to stick to their regulations. 🙂

      So is the drama available in your country? Do you like it?

      1. oh !!!
        thank you so much.
        i don’t understand chinese langue coz i’m myanmar
        but that’s song melody make me crazy.that’s why i want that song
        thank you mookiehyun

        1. You are welcome. I love the song as well. Just the title: ‘Words from the Heart’ and its first line: Most grateful of meeting you having you by my side on this journey. Very befitting. 😀

          Is this a well-received drama in Myanmar? It is a sleepy hit amongst the CN netizen, has its very rabid young adult following online.

  4. I’d like to know the name of the name of the minor actress acting as the daughter of Xia Yin Xuan, Kwan Lin Aww in this drama. She’s so cute!

  5. Mookiehyun
    I am Myanmar….I am so crazy this drama after brocasting in MRTV…..I like Shu Nada and HaymaSandi….All of acting are well experience…Saw Kyawe and his two body gards well act… In brocast- It show only 30minutes… I never miss any apisode coz I so like it…Please tell me Sawkyawe and his two body gards name…THANK YOU 🙂 🙂

    1. Hihi~! Isn’t the drama WONDERFUL?! 😀

      Do you mean this threesome? (I watched it in Chinese and it is hard to match up the names)

      If it is him, the actor’s name is 胡海锋/Hu HaiFeng, the actresses as his ‘ladies in waiting’ ar 李梓萌 (‘lil’ waist) on he left and 吕易珊 (‘red soil’) on the right in pink.

      Have a cute MV: http://www.bilibili.com/video/av934908/

      This is a thread of his stills in his works, enjoy!

  6. Hey, Mookiehyun!

    I’m glad that I found this article where I can share my obsession about this drama. I AM TOTALLY OBSESSED!!!

    It’s been one year now but I just watched the whole series as I was studying for my matriculation exam in 2014 Feb.

    I found your writing so suit to me. I am totally in agreement with you.
    I think XiaYunXian got my attention more than Prince ThuNada (just a correction: “ShweNanDaw” means “Golden Palace” which would be a very awkward name for a person😂. The real name of the prince in Burmese is Thu(Su) Nan Da). The dancing lady left behind for Mr Yu and that sounds more romantic for me than the affair between the prince and Thieflady. Believe it or not!❤

    However, LGX is very handsome in this drama though his acting is not very good as you said. I even dreamt about him. His role of the prince makes me feel out of my mind.

    The costumes of the real Pyu Dnasty can be more realistic and prettier than they are in this drama. Maybe,they should’ve tried more. (Btw, Kya Law Na wore the same costume of An’ Phinn Yan when he was killed by his adopted son, which is my another favourite character).

    Mookie, if I am about to die now and I’ve got a wish, my wish would be to meet all the casts of this C drama. And Thank you so much Mookie for writing this article. I really appreciate it. (The songs are my favourite too. I could cry only if I listen to them.)

    PS:I am a Burmese girl.

    With Love,

    1. Hi Mary! So delighted you wrote me such a great reply on a deserving drama! I am quite pleasantly surprised it is at least not offensively trampling on your history enough to still be enjoying for you when you are well read of the history.

      Tytyty for giving me the heads up on my inaccuracies, i watched drama in Chinese and almost everything about it i have tried to dig was in that language i had no sensitivity of the proper names.

      This is done by a budget of peanuts, these actors have very limited ‘marketability’ when it was in the making, so as long as it feels genuine enough for the period and region in passing, no monkey business (which happens more often than ever) we had to sigh a relief! This is just a cult favorite, it did not garner wide spread popularity.

      I love the dancing lady very much myself, she is in a new webdrama about the supernatural 灵魂摆渡2. I am too much a wimp to watch it myself.

      The producer Yu is truly earnest about his projects and like to work with almost the same crew, i will keep an eye of his next work hopefully reuniting the team! 😀

      Again, thank you for your reply! Hugs!

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