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OK I can’t get the visual of you timeinthegray making this exact lol face of this cutestCUTEST magical pony I am kidnapping and keeping as a pet XD

Sweetie, I can’t soil the honorific of sifu. I will be honored to be the stfu!ahjumma of the ‘sphere.

1. What is one drama you hate that everyone loves?

ONE?! What to do?!

I have closer to a hundred.  No, a thousand.  I am an insufferable bully to my dramas.  I can easily beat a drama to death for a tiny flaw I just can’t get past at that spur of the moment.  I am ever more cruel as to rewatching things I adored but hating in repeat.  Usually I can understand why any drama is loved by the rest of the world but me.  I will name two I truly madly tried to will myself to love but can never:  Coffee Prince and City Hall.

Coffee Prince:  See my new pet I kidnapped mookie’s magical pony?  It has a horn or a bring its own icecream cone and that is what makes it magical.  You can not miss that projection from its…head especially not when you are hugging it, the pony.  There must be a law of physics in magical ponyhood: in closer proximity, the horn/cone will just be more obvious.  Especially if you are yourself a magical pony with your own horn/cone.  And lets put it down in words: blindness and/or not possessing tactile sensory skills nor knowing the obvious what bees and birds do occasionally flying across town and continents does not turn one gay, but  Very bizarrely unbelievably stupid and I demand to see if GongYoo has the magic horn/cone bodypart with a hug in person.

I did like CP up till a certain point, it was fresh and everyone in it is as delightful as a ray of autumny sunshine.  Then it asked too much from me to suspend my belief.  I thought a 30+ yo dude would laughed himself a hernia just being told by a 30sth guy friend HE has a 30+ yo guy friend who has been around the field being as ‘confused’ as GongYoo.  And the laughing dude will just pat his buddy’s shoulder and tell him, it’s alright to come out, ‘I’ve got a friend’.

City Hall:  I tried very hard to scrub the visual of female civil servants in some work-related pageant involving hula hoops.  I could’ve made that entire thing up, it is blurry and traumatic. I was rolling my eyes too much in the first 4, 5 episodes.  Kim SamSoon is my idol, and she is too cool for pageants.  OK*straight face*: I do not know Writer Kim EunSook in person, but my gut is I would rather bathe in essence of manure than sit through a word of her manna of wisecracking dialogue in RL.   And I truly adore what Suna did in MNIKSS, but when she is repeating herself approaching a different character imo with all KSS mannerism, and on lesser material imo, it is a sellout.  I am told a billion times by RL kin and friends it gets better around midpoint but I have sat through those insufferable 4, 5, 6 hours many many times periodically up to a point I just can not click another episode, inflicting self-torture. I love my (in)sanity and I want to keep it.

2. What do you loathe about blogging?

Screen-capping.  Anything too time-consuming.  I want a thought to convey in words and pretty pics and gifs like magic but I do not have that wand.  I am lazy of mundane tasks and this uses up time I’d rather watch another episode or read a chapter…or write. I am too impatient, I can never time writing as such I have the screencaps all set the moment I have so much I wanna say/gush/rant.  I am a hoarder of all things sparkly.  When my hotties are on, I will screen-grab every second their face is perfection.   When and at what angle is say HyunBinnie not gorgeous?!  Tell me.  There follows the traumatic task of DELETING some to my recycle bin and saying forever goodbyes.

3. Suppose that you miraculously become the omnipotent force in your sworn enemy’s life. What is the one drama you’d compel him/her to watch?

I Live in Cheong Dam Dong.  This drama will turn any living thing watching it a monstertarepanda with panda eyes drooped down to the neck and make them look absolutely repulsively a bloated drug addict.

Then there is the horrible cravings of ramyun at 11pm, 1am, 3am, 5am, of the same night.  On top of it, drama gave me a full face of zits because I no longer need sleep marathoning a 120 eps daily in days would.   My nemesis probably would not look like a human by 6am of the 6th day.  It can also be watermelon cravings but it can be no longer in season and a diet of bottomless ramyun and watermelon is evil to bestow upon one’s enemy.  Then there is the FEELS.  Magical pony has rainbow feels coming out from one orifice, watching ILICDD is exploding out of every pore for 120 episodes and you have no agency to express/describe but just drown yourself in it like you are at the bottom of Niagara Falls and stuck there for 120 episodes and no one can hear nor save you but it is what drama heaven is.  The cruel part is this is JUST 120 episodes long and once it’s done, all the rainbows will never be coming out of every pore and never as magically rainbow-y.  However, way WAY deep down I have a soul and faith in mankind.  No one after watching that sweetest thing do not aspire to give free hugs to strangers and dear ones alike and be nice and good and loving and lovable by the playbook of ANY and EVERY character on that show.  Therefore, according to plan I have made my nemesis fug and I have successful transplanted lovely personality traits into my enemy’s psyche, transforming him/her into someone I can’t hate, ie anyone who watched thus madly loving that drama.

4. Think of one common drama logic gap and put it to shame, in any way you like.

***Super spoilerish***  of What Happened in Bali, Fashion King, Stairway to Heaven, some other Spring or Summer of those 4 Seasonal Dramas, A Love to Kill, Full House, and some random kdrama where a lady in pure as first snow white skirt is put together on screen with a vast mass of ocean and sand and beautiful blue sky and a bright sun and your gut and years of drama experience is telling you…ohnoes!and you want to watch them dramas unspoiled.  Go have a good day watching any of those drama, come back and have FEELS with me.

Because kdrama loves to cut lives cut short unnecessarily, possibly involving a polar bear.  And it disgusts me as constant reminder I am a horrible rotten human being for laughing my ass off, still.  I can think up of Happy Endings though out of the guilt of still lmao. muahahahaha!

How about ending it here instead?!?!?!  Guy in velvet suit who is probably from PETA reaches out a hand to feel YAI’s… wet polar bear coat which is fake, help him out of the water, tears him off the drenched fake polar bear fur which might risk him be murdered and let YAI have his very absorbent velvet coat instead and they go on discussing the most suitable fabric for a coat in swimming pool but still mostly topless outfit, harping back to the point he is Fashion!King!  H.E.

Catnaps are wonderful but when you are apparently in polarvortex, no, not even when you are rain (especially not when you are rain you will turn to…snow!)  Do it in SUMMER, you can do it in tank tops, very questionable pants and you would not freeze to death, obviously.  H.E.

What not to do, nor wear at the beach.  No singing of Ava Maria in soprano, the dolphins do not appreciate your concert… sharks however with their acute hearing want an encore up close.

Where not to take a nap.  And the seafoam is putting a circle around you making you a target of unknown monsters.  Again, lady we have seen there is a Kdrama option of nap on bench in the arms of a Rain.  There is something called tides and they wait for no man nor woman to wake up from their beauty sleep.  And sharks, if you snore, or fart, they can hear it or sniff it, very good at hearing and the olfactory and they are nosy.  So basically Kdramas, stay away from beaches when the namjas and ladies are not planning to be in speedoes or bikinis, their pick, and happily frolicking.  Sea water is bad for pianos (duh), tux (and any unsuitable outfits, dress shoes…really) not being taken off (duhh) and remember: sharks and tides, and tsunami. They come, it’s Kdrama!

And here Kdramaland revamps itself.  Is there anything terribly wrong doing activities in not too suitable locations in a tux, not really.  A field of yellow flowers do not have sharks, but waves of killerbees,  perhaps.  But yeah, that would not be a pretty death, that is why Kdrama never goes death by a thousand bees.

But Hot guy is having deep thoughts of yellow flowers trampled and ALLERGIES and is forgetting to play the instrument to his audience of nothing but yellow flowers he has not yet trampled.  How did this lanky hottie in a tux save the grand piano FROM THE BEACH to this bed of dense yellow flowers without a track…oh but he happens to have a private jet airlifting that piano to that exact spot so that perfect house of matching color scheme and the hills are nicely framing white piano and him in black tux.  BUT how is he going to get back to the house in time when he needs to pee?!  How about saving lots of drama budget on private jet and pants and have the lanky hottie having a career change as a gardener pianist/conductor as he speaks.  All he needs is take off his shirt. He harvests the flowers to a heartshape open space where the piano is, topless.  He sings a new jingle he composes every day to sell the flowers creating a cult following.  Eventually he gathers his own first in the world topless chocoabs yellow flower field orchestra and finds his own Nodame who loves yellow flowers, and chocoabs.  H. E. Making so much more sense.

Jo In Sung crying over a girl, opposite of pretty.

I have not seen So Ji Sup a happier man in What Happened in Bali ever.  He was not even half this happy when a hot nikkid woman he lurves was in bed with him and uttering, ‘saranghaeyo~!’  JiSup, you can do what we all do and say ‘saranghaeyo~!’ to InSung.  There is really no need fighting over a girl. H. E.

5. Bash your favorite drama for being so awesome, be it sleepless nights or life-ruining withdrawal symptoms.

See 3.

2 thoughts on “Liebster Liebster

  1. Thank you for your in-depth responses, mookie!! This was such a treat to read. LOL @ your allusion to the magical pony’s horn when discussing Coffee Prince. 8D That kidnapped pony’s gonna have a fulfilling life under your wings, that’s for sure. Screencapping’s super annoying, even though it makes our posts all pretty and stuff—btw, I love your TPOH screencap-heavy recaps; they’re so deliciously good coupled with your deft commentary! And I may not be your enemy but I will watch ILICDD one daaay, even if it turns me into a sleeplessly elated zombie.

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