Lunar New Year Day 7: Day of Men

Today is 人日.   Legend has it on the 7th day NuWa and FuXi get an enlightenment from Daddy Emperor of Heaven to make babies ie common men. (No, it’s not from Genesis)

It is our birthday, ALL of us!

Happy Birthday to US!

2Cellos: Smooth Criminals

Most gorgeous wuxia lady-mance:

Tony Leung KaFei with Leslie in Eagle Shooting Heroes.  It is not new year if I do not watch an oldie HK movie and laugh my buttocks off:

Ho Po-Wing x Lai Yiu-fai Happy Together:

My first bromance:  AndyXTony begs TWO MVs

Andy’s Emperor KangXi is Daddydearest to Emperor YongZheng, our Prince 4.

4×13 BBJX with a bit of the rest of the caustic BuBu brotherhood thrown in:

Chen SiCheng’s brotherhood of friends singing and dancing to a love ode the luckiest guy (seriously that wifey and THESE friends!?!?!?!) dedicates to his new bride Tong LiYa:

The SCREEN BROMANCE that PWNS ALL BROMANCE: TiLung x David Chiang  Outside the Peony Pavilion by 陈昇/Chen Sheng.  There is no more authentic ‘Chinese folkmusic’ than what this maestro can do meshing Huangmei and Kunqu elements and making it his own.

The best illustration of fangirl love for Sakurai Sho in one MV I have ever seen to the music of Leslie and Anita 芳華絕代/Unparalleled beauty:

Leslie and Anita, themesong of Rouge:

Farewell my Concubine:

I have finally seen the (halfassed) perf of Harlem with bigdeal LMH  *yawnnzzzzz* and I still want those few minutes of mehhh back.

These were just 2 performances from last year, not a terribly remarkable show, but at least it used to be smashing performances showcasing artists’ lifelong passion for their craft and harmonious to leit motif, no?!

Conan and Wolverine singing ‘Give me a kiss’.  See, not to be mean or too picking on LMH, but if Hugh Jackman needs all but 2 months learning to sing an Mandarin oldie quite well and still knows it by heart and CONAN O’BRIEN can do it good enough more than half of the time with better attempt at dancing with heart for his silly little talk show I love for I bet much shorter practice than…you, and you can’t?!  Harlem’s song 情非得已 is a Mandarin song first.  It is not the most complicated and you are singing a few lines, learning a handful of characters by pronunciation and at the CCTV Spring Festival Gala show where tonnes of peeps not knowing you from Adam is meeting you for the first time and that is the weaksauce you are splattering?!   You do know you are participating and gaining an obscene amount of exposure not a day or 2 ahead.  So very Meh of you.  Who can’t sing a line or 2 of any Kdrama OST refrain after a drama?!  I bet if a 5 year old put onheadphones and keep listening to those few lines on the flight from Seoul to Beijing can do it,   And most of us are no professional entertainers.  Let me respect you just a little so I can tolerate you as you are going to be everywhere whether I care or not.  If you want to break into the market, work much mucho harder.  A pair of very long legs is what it is, a very high chiseled nose/jaw is again what it is, not a respectable performance made:

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