Period Beauties

 Hu Ge as Mei Changsu in 琅琊榜/Nirvana in Fire  ie HG back to being drop dead gorgeous in a idolperiod that is at least very pleasing to the eyes.  This drama actually seems very promising every step of the way from the crew attached and the cast.  Can not look away.

But first we can get a taste of how he holds up in a serious war epic set in 1937.  The drama is said to air in March.

Hu Ge as young general Dai Tao in 49 Days. Memorial

*Warning:  Not for the faint of heart* Trailer for 49 Days. Memorial/四十九日·祭/ Si Shi Jiu Ri Ji/The Flowers of War.:

The reason I can not wait for my eyes to weep itself out liters of tears till it is blood is:

Song Jia as Yu Mo  in 49 Days. Memorial

Hyun Bin as King Jeongjo in 역린/The King’s Wrath

Lee Y0ung Ae is the personification of the archaic description of 傾國傾城


Before me setting eyes at the pictorial and coveting it like fresh snow since last month, I am fine with Han JiMin as Queen Jeongsun, but dang, Lee Young Ae would’ve been my dreamiest fancast EVER.  She has a nick of ‘Beauty of Air’ in greater China and she was once commented as more disarmingly beautiful than Brigitte Lin by a HK industry insider during her promotion for One Fine Spring Day and really that is as high a praise of sheer beauty as far as that part of the world is concerned.

Fan BingBing as Wu ZeTian in Empress of China

And if LYA’s beauty is as inconspicuously arresting as air, FBB is the loudest biggest reddest peony in the garden wilting, overshadowing everything in her wrath.  Just a few stills from her upcoming drama under her own production is causing a stir even when the synopsis is reading like the typical crappy MarySuetravesty.   But if this level of beauty wanna round up all the boys in the court to kiss her feet, so be it.  A dear fangirl even touted if they ever get inventive with the beaten to death genre of Qing imperial intrigues, especially concerning our ‘busiest’ emperor (who must have been rolling in his tomb last decades constantly) Prince 4/YongZheng, why not have a gender-bender and cast a FBB?!  She made a fanart of her thought.  I do have to agree.

And well, one guess who I still want to be the other half of the uber’bro’mance?!?!

What’s your name Handsome?

My name is…


ie  Your Do MinJoon came from MOI.

This gif is dug out by the cutest YH redbeanies because of the insanely maniac obsession over StarMan, ALL my fandoms have fallen captive. Seriously one of my weibopal commented what is the need for aliens to control say the White House, they just need a Kr TV station.  lolz.  Geez, yes I caught on the craze a bit myself (but I have lost interest… KSH is just soooo very flat he is painfully boring to my eyes when the screen has no MY!GIANNA!!! in it.  And what the freck is e14 but a laziest snoozefest of flashback harping on the sooo stupid sooo predictable story no one freaking cares!!  Memo: WE ALL JUST WANT NEW LINE ICONSSSS!!!  Get your priority straight Ms. Writer, do not try to do ANY heavylifting beyond your means, there was nothing wrong when the script was clearly simply, ‘Goddess, do 15 minutes of random chores around the vicinity of your closet/your bed/your door/your happening balcony.  Improvise. xoxo sincerely, lowly writer  not worthy to kiss your toenails.’  <THAT, was perfection.  So yup, if you’ve never known anyone dropping a drama after 14/16.  Here, nice to meet you.

When I heard of a Joseon Vampire Diaries manhwa production happening and seeing these yummy snaps from the manhwa…:

I was going UH-OH!  I need to watch and it would probably be shitty and none of this pretty.   Especially when my mind immediately jumped to the perfect casting:

Well, JaeJoong will forever get my vote playing ALL the very pale manhwa hot vampires.  The mangaka, manhwaka must all have a picture of him to model after.

Of course I could not look away if JoongKi is interested and he only needs some guyliner and he is good to go!  Scratch that, if someone as perfect and terrific and awesome as JoongKi is signing up for this, there is no way this can suck.   WANT!!!

And of course I can see a WooBin kicking ass in it just posing.  Sorry, his face is still screaming fug to me,  but when he puts on his devilish smiles in say Friend Our Legend 2, I am slayed.   He is charismatic on screen and the topmodel in him knows how to pose and use his body to its perfection.  That is more then enough qualification for the role.

But the ‘forerunner’ KSH?!  I should be thankful if he is cast because story still reeks funky and if he is the pick I can be relieved from shallow fangirl duty.  KSH looks wholesome and most alluring in periods, but his look is so conventionally chiseled bland handsome I do not see manhwa baddiehero in his face at all.  His face is made from the puppy of a boy who would angst 5 episodes just on whether to gift a jade hairpin to a certain someone.  Because KSH can stare at the screen and the world would be under a spell to watch over nothing.  Do you want to sit through a hundred episode of Scholar Vampire Hottie contemplating opening his mouth, showing some fangs…then another hundred of him wincing how to use fangs to…bite with this harmless warm (but boring to me) face?!  YESSSSSS, says World.  But for I do not know what star I am from Me… no, thank you.

6 thoughts on “Period Beauties

  1. Actually i dont think langyabang is considered an idol period… even though it was an online novel it is actually a really serious book with lots of politics, revenge and brotherhood stuff that gained quite a cult following. In fact hu ges character pretty much has no romance subplot at all in the entire drama… so i doubt it would attract the same viewers as a normal idol drama would?

    1. Idolperiod does not equate to cutesy fluffy stuff only though the way I see it…anything that is shoujo-fied as in with a heightened dramatized idolized fantasy world building, ie not historical even in the loose sense of the word…and starring an idol/ 偶像 as a Hu Ge is in that category. Anything Shoujo and shoujo manga has its angsty melo tropes.

      So it is not TW’s 偶像劇 I am talking about which is a genre of its own, when it is in Cdrama context it is anything that is not leitmotif.

  2. I can’t look properly at LYA the beauty makes me nervous like I’m holding this weight of fragile jade that I’ll drop any moment
    四十九日忌:does she kill 胡歌’s char? I dont rmb scene from movie
    ofc, joongki as vampire anyday anyday anyday he would mop all the other potential sucks

    1. She didn’t but 胡歌’s character, that scene is not in the movie,he is that soldier just outside holding his own when his whole unit was wiped out…and died gloriously helping them and killing some IJA. They must’ve added an encounter of HG with SongJia in a drama.

      But then I do not know if everything is pointing at an awful production to begin with, if so, I want JoongKi very very far away…not that he’s silly enough to join anyways. So if this is mediocre and kitschy but entertaining, JaeJoong should be able to handle it.

  3. Fan Bingbing looks awesome in that pic as Wu Zetian. Wow. Stunning.

    Looking forward to seeing Hu Ge head up a period drama again! Haven’t seen him in a while. I heard that Langyabang is like a Chinese version of The Count of Monte Cristo – I haven’t read LYB but if it’s really like Monte Cristo then it’s gonna be awesome.

    Yuan Hong looks good whether in period or modern but he looks especially good in period – it’s like he’s made for those costumes/hair/makeup!

    1. I am all for FBB to overwork this entire year, her looks are at her prime, and she has matured her skills enough to handle periodp0rn.

      OH! I did not know LangYaBang is said to be a CN version of Monte Cristo. This is pushed up my queue! Sigh and I should hide in eternal shame I have started so soo many novels but still can’t find the time to sit down and manhandle them.

      imo he would surprise us with how charismatic he could be in an understatement of tatters oc the revolutionary Manguo peasant farmer look in Ordinary World. *YEs, I am just willing it to happen, PLEASE*

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