Yuan Hong February Updates

Have a happy relaxing day Lovely Peeps!

He is back to work in ShenZhen on his new modern drama by lady PD 杨阳.  The drama should be centering around the ladies balancing a career and marriage and babies.   He is paired up with Cherrie Ying, a new mom herself.   They look awesome together and Loverboy has already started his mindless flirting at weibo when Cherrie emphasized although she is married with a baby, she is actually younger than Mr. Yuan and she has been this way since she’s 17, he did not miss a beat saying how the boys can take a hold on themselves when she was 17.

There he is posing and looking smashing in a toilet.  haha and the redbeanies are pondering if this is the ladies’ or the gents’.   *sigh* I have a flashback to MNIKSS.  I think my every pore is telling me I need a rewatch.

The lady is MissPD, she has been weibo-ing with excitement often on Loverboy.  That gives me a rest of mind when the PD he is working with is most probably fangirling him. I mean who can still be normal at the receiving end of him looking at you like THIS:

ShenZhen is also home to his bestie who has a doggie obviously in love with him.

And well, since everyone and their Moms and doggies are watching StarMan, including almost ALL the redbeanies I am following at weibo,  this manip of the loyal patriotic general who was always trying to talk some sense to the emperor from Clothing the World and our celibate for first love puppy MoonSun emperor happens:

And this:

February 14th marks the 7th birthday of Yuan Hong fanclub.   Always the sweetheart he recorded a voice message sending his blessing and well-wishes and thank you.

Hello, Redbeanies from my Fanclub, I am your LaoYuan. I am on the set of my new drama in ShenZhen.  I have recovered from my cold, so don’t worry.  I want to say is…sigh…another year has flashed by, it is 2/14 again and our Fanclub is a year older.  First let me send my Year of the Horse greetings, wishing you all a blissful, healthy, smooth Horse year, all your wishes will come true.  Also… wishing you all a happy Valentine’s day.  Have a happy day with your lover or not, hahaha afterall that is how I will be. kekeke.  Thank you y’all for your company and support through the years.  Let me say this, there were so many moving memories from last year, all because of you all.  I truly feel I am a very lucky guy to have you by my side and cheering me on.  This year will be another happening year, I will have a lot of projects out and will be working on more new productions.  I will work very hard, and I hope you will like them.  OK, thank you~!  ByeBYE~!

The darling was back home having a great time with his bffs and family during the holidays but he also got a terrible bout of flu and that woke the writer in him.  This moves me to tears every time I read.  I was going to translate it a few times but…I just can’t, getting too emotional:

Just when I am still in a sobbing mess the craycray redbeanies pointed out he wrote the wrong year by almost 100 years and therefore he must be our Do MinJoon.  And thank you for being from another more beautiful planet but gracing us your presence and humor and lovely prose. OK  I  still can’t translate his prose on the time he spent with his parents and grandmama while he was on his sickbed, it was so simply worded, unadorned, so direct yet so so poignant and I can only be grateful I have no mascara on today.

lolz and the HongShi shippers are still churning out the most breathtaking fanvid, this one is titled 旅行的意义,  meaning of travel.   Of course I jumped to one of the best songs by Cheer Chen.  It can’t be more timely as I am rewatching Pursuit of Happiness and the dreamboat just gave a touching speech on exactly the meaning of being on a trip bringing the love you have for a certain someone with you, and seeing the world with that heightened sense of how he/she would experience and feel.

Cheer Chen’s  旅行的意義:

Loverboy’s modern drama is like a warmup after his well deserved breather post Chang Ge Xin.  Next up he is rumored to be doing a drama that looks seriously epic and terrific:  平凡的世界, World of Plainness, the ordinary world.   There is a Douban translation group doing a few chapters of translation here, hopefully they will continue.  The novel is nothing but extraordinary.  The prose is succinct and vivid illustrating the expansive world of ordinary lives just post Cultural Revolution in the big Northwest, ie if we were born then and there, we would be the exact same poor farmers and their children who aspired to break out of the mold and pick up life in the cultural ‘ruins’  The PD have already posted a character board with YH as  孙少平/Sun ShaoPing.  The character name reads like ‘a little bit of ordinary’ but as a second boy of the typical poor farmer family he craves for education, to prove himself worthy outside of the world he is in.  His life is nothing but ripple-less ordinary.

If this really materializes, this will be Loverboy’s project showing the world every bit he has arrived.   I do not think PRC would allow anyone to F up a MaoDun Literary Award novel and with such a novel that is a modern equivalent of what emperors would commission historian to flourish on in historical records of predecessor.    So either this gets made in its deserved epic proportions with every nail and buckle in place perfection, or it would be shot down.  *PLEASE DONT.  I WANT!!!*

The novel begins with an entire chapter on Sun ShaoPing, the translator names him Fred Sun.


At the instant, from the north end of this empty yard, a tall thin lad is coming. He is hunching over and staggering in the mud, with an empty bowl in his armpit. The lad is thin, sallow-faced, with low cheekbones and an upright Grecian nose.

This year’s Vday is special for Chinese because it collides with lunar Lantern Festival/Chinese Vday, and last it happens it was 19 years ago.  And yes, now I remember I was terribly in love with a boy then.   A Time of Love from TVB is watchable and a nice reprieve from the usual and I think most of my goodwill is because I love 鄭欣宜 and the song:

IMO Joyce Cheng is the best, emotive cantopop  lady singer of her generation. It is one thing to have a lovely powerful voice as your gifted instrument, a Stradivarius for a violinist, and another talent to make the best use of it:

In the old days the singletons could openly mingle in town squares glowing in romantic red lanterns with little riddles on the tassles…and just think of all the little skinships of fingers touching, reaching for the same riddle on the same lantern and what a great conversation opener.

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